Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. 4) Who would be theaudience for your media product ? At the beginning of our thriller title sequence I think that my target audience would be between safety and security because the characters are in the house and safe. In the middle they may feel physiological needs.
  2. 2. • Considering the age and gender of my target audience I think that our narrative and style of film fits. The reason why I think it fits because I think that the storyline is interesting, I feel that it will engage the audience and make them want to know what happens to me when I get driven off in the car. Leaving our thriller title sequence with a cliff hanger at the end is a good and effective technique to use as it draws the audience in. the style of our film is mystery mixed with thriller. It is all about revenge the narrative has a equilibrium that gets disrupted when I get kidnapped, then there becomes a problem, Lamarr who kidnapped me wants to kill my boyfriend because years ago my boyfriend killed Lamarr’s brother now he wants revenge. • Out target audience would watch our film if it was to produced. I think this because the TV programs and the films they like to watch are similar to our title sequence. After doing my questionnaire and getting the results, we included aspects that they said they liked e.g., build up to thrill, dark scenes and the soundtracks. The audience listen to R&B,The life style of my target Garage, Bashment, Rap, Slowaudience is that they go to Jams, Funky house and Afrocollage, get together on the Beats.weekends, have fun listen tomusic. Some have the habit For some of the pre- production Iwhere they leave their work to the connected it with my targetlast minute but still get it done. audience. I connected them with the questionnaires I createdThey shop in shopping and the results. I uses thecenters such as Croydon, questionnaire results to decideLewisham, west end etc in what we could do to make it fitwith the fashion what they like in a thriller film. This helped so that our thriller title Favorite TV programs: Eastenders, big bang theory, waterloo road, jersey sequence would appeal to shore, only was is Essex, sun sex and suspicious parents… them, as we incorporated what they like. A film that is similar to ours is kidulthood and the follow on to Adulthood I think this because at the end of kidulthood Sam kills Trife and in adulthood trife’s close friend want to kill Sam when he comes out of jail for killing Trife. I think that this film had the same target audience as our thriller title sequence. Although that film isnt a thriller part of the storyline is similar.