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Evaluation question 1
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Evaluation question 1


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  • 1. In my production opening my group and I incorporated generic conventions of a thriller film successfully. By using a black and white filter over majority of our scenes, it creates a more dark and sinister feel to the opening. We also incorporated enigma by making the antagonist unknown. This is evident in our thriller opening through the mystery feet walking off. In this scene also we can see the shadow of the antagonist character. Shadows within a thriller film help to exaggerate the use of darker tones on top of lighter tones which in a way increases the anxiety for the audience, as well as increasing the uncertainty as shadows only gives the outlines of a person and so you wont know who it is. Majority of thriller films start off slow in order to build anticipation, this is another generic convention which my production opening includes. Many of the filmed footage is separated by opening credits which slows it down, however quick cuts are use between scenes in order to create the suspense needed. From the opening it is evident that the sub-genre, which our film will conform to, is mainly a crime thriller, however it may also fit into the sub-genre of a psychological thriller. By having a mystery antagonist, it indicates that through out the plot one of the main storylines will be trying to find out who this character is. The generic convention of mystery is also enhanced for the audience when the final scene of the opening is of a mobile phone ringing 999. This mobile phone has previously been seen in the beginning of the opening sequence, when it was being used by one of the schoolgirls. This indicates that it is going to be a crime thriller also as it is evident from these scenes that something has happened to one of the schoolgirls.
  • 2. The are also elements within my thriller opening that challenge the generic conventions of a thriller opening. For the opening credits we used a simple font. Usually within a thriller film, the credits may have some form of distortion to them depending on the sub genre of the thriller. As a group we decided to use a plain font in order to help the audience keep their attention on the actual opening sequence and not be distracted by anything else. The sound (music instrumental) used with in the opening sequence is synchronous with the pace as they are both fast.
  • 3. Here are 9 clips from the opening sequence of my thriller media clips. These 9 clips represent a thriller genre film as majority of the clips are in black and white which is a typical convention within a thriller. The antagonist is represented through a special effect which also enhances the enigma within the opening sequence. As for the title it challenges the typical title for a thriller film as it is very plain and not distorted.
  • 4. The title of the film helps to establish the narrative because the title is called “Lost Footsteps” which gives a big clue to the audience that the film storyline may be based on someone being kidnapped. The title has a similar style to the British based films “Kidulthood” and “Adulthood” as they both use a bold square edged font. The title enters the opening sequence by flying in.This mid shot of the two female characters helps initiate the storyline and the fact that the narrative may have something to do with them as these are the first characters we are introduced too.
  • 5. A zoomed in mid shot, helps the audience to see the characters costume and props used. The camera angle is a long shot so we can see the two female characters walking down the pathway. In terms of mise-en-scene the costume is a school uniform which makes it evident they are going to school, the setting is of an ordinary park to bring realism into film and the lighting is quite bright , however the black and white filter tones it down to conform the generic conventions of a thriller.
  • 6. 1 2 These screen shots show the thriller genre within my opening sequence. Both shot 1 and shot 2 are close ups which create enigma with in the scene.3 This is because shot 1 we can not see who’s leg/feet it is walking which leaves the audience to wonder and shot 2 we can only through the bush the outline of the school girl walking, however the way it is filmed makes the audience wonder who is watching the girl, who’s eyes are we seeing through. Shot 3 is a long shot of a bush, within the opening sequence the bush is shaking randomly. This creates suspense and tension for the audience which is generic conventions for a thriller film.