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Solar Energy Solar Energy Presentation Transcript

  • Solar Energy Cluster Technology ofWallonia Energy, Environment Industryand sustainable Development 1
  • Introduction Cluster Technology ofWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 2
  • Solar Ressource• Solar energy is one of the most abundant energy source in the world World Solar Resource map illustrates average daily solar insolation in Watts/square NB: Solar energy available per year in Belgium: 1000GWh/m2 3
  • Solar Energy AdvantagesSource: Solar Generation 6, EPIA & Greenpace 4
  • Renewable Energy Technologies: solar sources • Solar Photovoltaic: photovoltaic systems & panels. • Solar Thermal Energy: solar water heater, solar refrigeration, solar drying, concentrating solar power 5
  • Solar Energy in Belgium: figuresPHOTOVOLTAIC• Installed capacity in 2011: 1597 MWc o Installed capacity in Wallonia 2011: 190 MWc (98% concerns private installation) 57Wc/inhabitant o Installed capacity in Brussels 2011: 7 MWc 6Wc/inhabitant o Installed capacity in Flanders 2011: 1400 MWc (45% concerns industrial installation) 221Wc/inhabitant• Employment in 2009 (Direct and indirect jobs): 7800 for a turnover of 1200 M€Source: Apere, Renouvelle January 2012 - Eurobserv’er, Etat des énergies renouvelables 2010 6
  • Solar Energy in Belgium : FewNumbersTHERMAL ENERGY• Installed capacity in 2010 : 260 MWth (370.000m2)• Employment in 2009 (direct and indirect jobs): 500 for a turnover of 45M€  10% manufacturing  80% distribution and installation  10% Operation and MaintenanceSource: Eurobserv’er, Etat des énergies renouvelables 2010 7
  • Photovoltaic Cluster Technology ofWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 8
  • PV technologies in WalloniaSilicone PV : R&D, consulting, Concentrated PV + Tracker: Organicsystem production, installation production and R&D solar cells: R&D and monitoring 9
  • PV technologies : Crystalline Si Today, it is the most used technology This technology is based on silicone wafers, different type of wafers are available depending on the cristallinity degree of the siliconeProduction steps: Lingo Si02 MG-Si SoG-Si Wafer Cells Module t Example of Walloon actors: 10
  • PV technologies : Thin film Different type of technologies are available for thin film modules: amorphous Si (a-Si), mixture of amorphous Si and microcrystalline Si, CdTe and CIGS (copper indium, gallium, selenium and sulfur) or CIS (copper,indium, selenide/sulfide)Production steps: Substrat Substrat+ (glass- Substrat+ TCO+ Cells Module polymere, TCO Active acier,..) layer Example of Walloon actors: 11
  • PV technologies : Concentrated PV (CPV) This technology is based on Si or GaA wafers. The interest of this technology is to increase the intensity of the incoming ray of light with the use of lenses and tracker.Production steps: Si02 MG-Si SoG-Si Ingot Wafer Cells Module CPV Tracker system Example of Walloon actors: Lenses / Mirror 12
  • PV Technologies: Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) and Dye sensatized Solar cells (DSSC) This technology used organic derivatives as semi-conductors and has the advantage to result in flexible cells.Production steps: Material Integration/ (substrat, active Deposition cells end layer, electrode, tehniques application etc.) Example of Walloon actors: 13
  • PV industry : Value Chain Developement InstallationMaterial and material Cells Modules Integration and Recycling production Maintenance For each section we can find at least one actor from wallionia. The most represented is the Installation and Maintenance. 14
  • PV industry: value chain Tweed members • Tracker suppliers• Raw material • Electronique suppliers (Si, Cd, • Components and balance Te, steal, integration of system polymers, etc.) (BOS)• Gas suppliers • inverter • integrators Developement Installation Material and material Cells Modules Integration and Recycling production Maintenance • Software for • Frame • Installer Simulation of suppliers • Energy ingot growth • Cable suppliers • Wafer suppliers suppliers • Semiconducting • Encapsulant tape suppliers suppliers • Purified material • Lense/ mirror suppliers suppliers • Subsrate • Fixing tape suppliers suppliers 15
  • PV Industry in Wallonia 62 companies and R&D centers in wallonia are working for the PV industry + more than 200 installers They can be divided between these 9 professions R&D Components InstallationTraining + Consulting Finances & & Management Recycling Services Technologies Maintenance Training (1%) R&D+ services (3%) Consulting (1%) Finances (2%) Components and Technologies (11%) Installation and Maintenance (79%) Management (2%) Pourcentage of industries for each profession 16
  • PV Project including Tweed Cluster Technology of as a partnerWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 17
  • Organext Project Nano-Materials and Innovative Deposition Techniques for Next-Generation Opto-Electronic Applications and Thin-Film Solar CellsPartners : Scientific Economic 18
  • Organext Project: Objectives • New nano material • Innovative deposition techniques • Nanomaterials analysis lab • Demonstrators and lifetime • Innovative solutions for a sustainable future • Valorization • Education and 19
  • PV Industry: Actors from Wallonia Cluster Technology of Tweed membersWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 20
  • R&D & Engineering services De Cube ConsultELIOSYS offers the services of its climatic solar simulator to all companies active in the thermal solar or photovoltaic energy business for :• Solar testing• Certification• Characterization of any material under specific environmental conditions• Engineering services• … 21
  • R&D & Engineering servicesThe solar energy applications unit of CSL provides design, prototyping and test capabilities for solar energy developments (photovoltaics and thermal).Assets:• High quality standards of the space industry.• Other CSL units: microfabrication, coating, smart sensors, holography, crystal growth,…• Specialized in Concentration PhotoVoltaics. 22
  • R&D & Engineering servicesResearch consultancy dedicated towind farm and photovoltaic plantstudies: connections with thegrid... 23
  • R&D & Engineering services FEMAGSoft software products are used De Cube Consult for the development and optimization of the following bulk crystals: • PV-grade mono- and multi- crystalline Silicon • III-V compound semiconductor crystal materials (e.g. GaP) • LED applications • … 24
  • R&D & Engineering servicesARCEO, a subsidiary company of ArcelorMittal, islocated in Liège (Belgium) and has an industrialproduction line totally dedicated to PVD (PhysicalVapour Deposition) technology.This technology enables many different types of newdevelopment that can be applied to every market inwhich the Arcelor-Mittal Group is active: energymanagement (solar andlighting), automotive, construction, industry etc.Products for solar industry : Selective coating forsolar absorber (solarceo on copper & solarceo onaluminium) 25
  • R&D & Engineering services Materianova : Technological PlatformR&D :Plastic materialsSurface treatments and interfacial characterizationWhite biotechnologyAnalyses and TestsSurface CharacterizationBiodegradationDegradation/ Corrosion/ ageingGuidanceThree Research Centers (CRM, CoRi and Materia Nova) areassociated together to form an association of scientificinterest, the GIS surface and materials 26
  • R&D & Engineering servicesEnergy solutionsProduct examples :-Derbisolar® combines a highly durable roofingmembrane, Derbisolar base®, with integratedamorphous photovoltaic solar cells for generatingelectricity.Eco SolutionsProduct example:Derbipure®, the membrane’s raw material is mainlycomposed of « green » substances, this makesDerbipure the first vegetable roofing membrane in theworld.Roofing SolutionsDerbigum has a life span of 30 years 27
  • Preliminary phase (studies)GDF Suez Energy Services inBelgium (Fabricom, AximaContracting, Axima Services,…):• Installation of PV systems for industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors (< 500KWpeak)• Engineering services• Preliminary phase (Studies)• Co-financing• Maintenance 28
  • Financing & insuranceGreen-invest is a third-investor in thefield of the energy efficiency andrenewable energies.· AGC Cuneo (Italy): 4 MW-PVinstallation on industrial roof· AGC Roccasecca (Italy): 1.5 MW-PV onindustrial roof· AGC Salerno (Italy): 3 MW-PV onindustrial roof and rubbish tip 29
  • Construction of the componentsDe Simone is a solar trackermanufacturer. 30
  • Construction of the components De Cube Consult ISSOL is a PV solarmodules manufacturer Europe’s biggest architectural BIPV 4.400 m2 PV (semi-transparent) Galaxia - Euro Space Center (Redu, BE) 31
  • CSP - construction of thecomponents 32
  • Installation & assembly • Biggest Walloon PV installers • More than 400 MW PV installations in Belgium in 2010 • Innovative monitoring 33
  • Installation, assembly and Financing • 1000 installations in Wallonia • Monitoring systems • Offers third-party investment 34
  • Third –Party Investment Solinvest is a third-party investment company. They offer financing for solar photovoltaic projects dedicated to individuals and 35
  • Consulting Freemind is a set of innovative solution to manage energy perfomance along the entire energy life cycle- from renewable energy production to distribution, down to end use in buildings, industries and data centers. It is a multi- vendor solution provided by independent third- party specialist in enegry and information 36
  • MonitoringReading system Meters and Sensors Services and support Count for more savings 37
  • Research and developement :R&D centers and Universities Most of the projects developed in these entities are in collaboration with industrial partners 38
  • Solar Thermal Cluster Technology ofWallonia Energy, Environmentand sustainable Development 39
  • Solar Thermal TechnologyThe solar thermal energy is a technology for harnessingsolar energy for thermal energyApplications:• hot water for houses• hot water for large installations• Cooling systems 40
  • Solar thermal technologies: Actors form Wallonia 30 years experience ESE is a solar heating systems manufacturer Chevetogne Swimpool: Built in 1979 Surface: 2200 m2 Still producing heat in 41
  • Solar thermal technologies: Actors form Wallonia: R&D AC System : thermally driven cooling processLaboratory tests inaugurated in June 2011 42
  • STHEP• TWEED has its "solar thermal energy platform"• R&D platform (industrial heat production, solar cold, electricity production, heat management, etc.) 43
  • TWEED Asbl Rue Natalis 2 – 4020 Liège – Belgium Cédric Brüll Michael Corhay Directeur Responsable Projet Cluster Technology of Maxime Beguin Dr Julie LeroyWallonia Energy, Environment Ingénieur projet Projet Organextand sustainable Development 44