Laborelec  - Evènement siemens (novembre 2011) 2
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Laborelec - Evènement siemens (novembre 2011) 2






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Laborelec  - Evènement siemens (novembre 2011) 2 Laborelec - Evènement siemens (novembre 2011) 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Tweed Cluster “Smart  Energy & Smart Grid”Michaël De Koster – Product line manager Electricity Grids & end-Use “Smart  Energy  :  From  Hype  to  Reality   Challenges  and  Opportunities”
  • LABORELEC IDENTITY KIT Technical competence centre and laboratory:  Métier = electrical power  Power generation  Transmission and distribution  Energy end-use  255 researchers and technical specialists Applied research and technical expertise support:  Turnover € 47.5 M  Strong growth driven by growing international demand for technical expertise support services  For shareholders and third-party customers LABORELEC ©
  • Smart Energy / Grids – General Context Energy policy "20-20-20" encouraging distributed generation and renewable 20% reduction in emissions, 20% renewable energies and 20% improvement in energy efficiency • More and more intermittent production leads to new flexibility requirements (production and demand) • Adaptation of T&D networks to cope with less predictable flows and connection constraints of distributed generation • New investments and new technologies in the context of the replacement of ageing infrastructures EU-27 LABORELEC ©
  • Toward a Smarter Grid Automation and grid optimization Smart Meter A smart grid is the combination of an electrical power system and a Energy Box telecommunication network supporting the deployment of an integrated control of the Distributed electrical system, allowing: Generation ! (1) The advanced management of generation (centralized and Aggregation decentralized) and loads (or DSM) Virtual Power Plant ! (2) The remote control and the automation of the system, including the Demand implementation of automatic restoration Management actions and protection again back-out. Electrical Vehicle Storage / V2G LABORELEC ©
  • Smart Grids – Hype or reality • Basic technologies is available • Multiple barriers (Economical, Regulatory, Societal and Technological) • Although the deployment of smart grids is slow, heterogeneous and incomplete, it still presents opportunities (and riks) • Importance of demonstration projects to better understand the real potential and the costs / benefits LABORELEC ©
  • Smart MicroGrid @ Laborelec2007 LABORELEC ©
  • The LABORELEC smart grid team meeting2008 - 2010 8 LABORELEC © 8
  • …  leading to the realisation of the first zero-emission energy systems of the Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica11/04/2011 LABORELEC ©
  • Electrical Grid: Design – Smart MicroGrid BMS P load > 3 x P production Controller PLC SMA Schneider Synchro check & ctrl GENSETS SAPV L3 SAPV L1 SAPV L2 BIPV L3 BIPV L1 BIPV L2 17 x solar energy GS GS DC DC DC DC DC DC AC AC AC AC AC AC For garage tools AC AC AC AC AC AC DC DC DC DC DC DC & welding DC DC DC LOADS 4 Batteries AC AC AC 2000Ah 48V C10 +300kVA 6kWp 6kWp 6kWp 12 Sunny L1 L2 L3 Islands 9 Wind turbines Net stabilisators 10 LABORELEC ©
  • The Demand Power Management System – DPMS © Kitchen Office Office Blocked Idle Living Pending kitchen room On Kitchen Office LABORELEC ©
  • 11/04/2011 LABORELEC ©
  • Opportunities - How does DPMS fit in a smartgrid vision ?Holistic - monolitic  Everywhere at Once Organic - fragmented  Top-Down Planning  Multiple functionalities for DSOs and Suppliers  Deployment per Segment DPMS SLEM B2B Smart Home B2C Grid Automation Behind Meter Before Meter 13 LABORELEC ©
  • B2C - @ HOME Distributed Even though the energy Generation consumption of an average household is declining for the time being, we expect an important increase in power consumption due to new applications like heat pumps and electrical vehicles. Smart Applications Distributed Generation is also challenging (No simultaneity between generation and consumption and low equivalent hours (+/- 850h for PV) 14 LABORELEC ©
  • Heat Pumps integration in the distribution grid When the outside temperature drops below – 5 0C the booster elements are needed to fulfill the heat demand of the house.21/11/2011 15 LABORELEC ©
  • Push method Control signals Pull method Send price signals to smart appliances11/04/2011 LABORELEC ©Copyrights etap
  • “SMART  HOME” Distributed Generation Concentrator Smart meter DSO Smart grid system New market model MUC Information Smart Terminal Applications Supplier dB 17 LABORELEC ©
  • Electrical Vehicles – Pilot Project Work Program  Monitoring facilities: integrated in the vehicle  Performance (incl. impact of climatic conditions), behaviour of driver and wear over time  Control of charging infrastructure21/11/2011 18 LABORELEC ©
  • …and  the  Customer’s  “Flexibility”  ? "Anything that wont sell, I dont want to invent. Its  sale  is  proof  of  utility,  and  utility  is  success.”     (T.A. Edison) LABORELEC © Copyrights emindyourcustomers
  • LINEAR collaborative project in Flanders 2009-2014 - Smart grids for retail market Main Goal: demonstration of the smart grids philosophy in an existing residential area  Pilots implementation of smart metering andorks and Energy Active Regions”  :  Pilot  project  on  the  large  scale   energy management systems in >100 buildingve demand in de distribution network  Test of active demand management withrs’  ticket  to  the  top-5 innovative regions within Europe, concerning (μ)CHP,  heat-pumps, thermal and electrical of May 2009, total budget of 42M€ energy storage concepts  Energy consumption profilesS (23M€ including Hombeek-Leest), INFRAX (6M€), SPE (1M€),  …    Understanding of the technical, social and economic aspects of consumers flexibility LBE contribution:  Participation in the development of algorithms & control software: time of use case, smart heatpump,…  Logging & monitoring design  Labo setup of all equipments 20 LABORELEC ©
  • Smart Local Energy ManagementSmart grids for B2B marketIt consists of a control system which determineslocal load scheduling, generation scheduling anduse  of  storage  (electrical,  heat,  cold,…)  in  such  a  way that: Industrial •  The  profile of net power import from the process electricity grid is as smooth as possible •  The flexibility in consumption and local production is increased and controllable (day-ahead / Intraday) to respond to energy offers of dynamic pricing (or aggregation), •  The  local  renewable  electricity  generation  is   as high as possible for a given capacity of the grid connection LABORELEC © 21
  • SummaryThe Smart Grids Value Chain Regulated Transport Distribution Customers Retail Tertiary Liberalised Generation Trading Supplier Services Industry Technology - Smart Metering SM - Data - Smart Sub- - Smart Home Concept Aggregation - Substation clearing metering or - Smart local Virtual Power automation Billing interface energy Plants - Load flow Smart Box management management Value - Avoid some Creation Flexibility investments - Energy Efficiency Balancing -Reduce OPEX - Demand side management Grid services - Reduce Fraud - Integration DG - Integration DG - New energy services LABORELEC ©
  • The business case of the Smart EnergyAllocation of Cost vs. Value Creation New Geneation Portfolio DSO < > supplier roles International Supergrids Distribution System Automation Smart Integration (PV, CHP, EV, …) ? Smart Meters (.. and new market models) Smart Energy Management : DSM + aggregation ? Smart Customers : adapt behaviour B2A B2B B2C Smart Cities LABORELEC ©
  • Implementation Succes Factors • Technology  Affordable technology  Data Management  System Integration / Interoperability / Standardization • Market Model  “Borders”  Generation  - Distribution - Supply - Services  Allocation of Cost vs. Value Creation  Business cases: in some Business Segments vs. All users  Offers and New Price Structure (Supply + Grid) - capacity market ? • Customer Take-Up  Economical  Rationale  vs.  Blue  Ocean  (“Must  Have”)  ? 24 LABORELEC ©
  • LABORELEC at your serviceThank You !11/04/2011 LABORELEC ©
  • From innovation to operational assistance in energy Laborelec is a leading research and services centre in energy processes and energy use, with almost fifty years of experience. We are part of the Research and Innovation Division of the GDF SUEZ Group, a world leader in the energy sector.Laborelec BelgiumRodestraat 1251630 LinkebeekBelgiumT. +32 2 382 02 11F. +32 2 382 02 41RPR/RPM Brussels 0400.902.582BTW/TVA BE 0400 902 582www.laborelec.comnfo@laborelec.comLaborelec The NetherlandsAmerikalaan 356199 AEMaastricht-AirportThe Netherlands FIVE REASONS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE LABORELECT. +31 63 88 26 022  One-stop shopping for your energy related services  More than 45 years of experienceLaborelec Germany  Increased profitability of your installationsBrombergerstrasse 39-41,  Independent and confidential advice42281 Wuppertal  Recognized and certified laboratoryGermanyT. +49 202 250 27 13T. +49 202 250 27 15 © LABORELEC