Sales Training & Development Assistance Program
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This program ensures you will have:

• A real understanding of the structure that makes an effective sales person & sales ...
Clubwww1’s processes and systems can be adapted to suit both new and highly experienced
salespeople alike. Other modules c...
SALES MODULE                 TITLE

        1              Checking Your Sales Work Habits
        2              An Organ...
35                   Communication: Avoiding Breakdowns
             36                   Salesman’s Philosophy
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Good Sales Habits


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Good Sales Habits

  1. 1. Sales Training & Development Assistance Program Service On Sight Research & Consultancy Inc. Good Sales Habits increase your performance CEO Comments: Welcome to STDP, Clubwww1 learning and development program. The New Year is in the old out and as each year passes we wonder where it went, often thinking what we did not do. This in our view can be attributed to one single factor. Focus. The STDA staff will focus this year 2010 on individual performance that enhances team goals. ‘Sales habits’ training is focused on enabling a sales person to achieve their potential. In our experience, it is your 'habits' what you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that will make the difference. You know how to motivate yourself when you just don't feel motivated, you can take a target which is given to you and take ownership over it, and you can even make the one extra call when all seems lost. We call these 'Success Principles' and our ability to focus on these principles is why Clubwww1 remains a balanced and well managed organization. Leadership is direction. Direction flows from the top down which is great, but the founder of Clubwww1 believes that if direction can be cultivated at the grass roots level, the energy it produces will vibrate through the company and generate the kind of excitement, the kind of buzz that everyone wants to share in. We rely on our skills to see us through but one thing is constant among equals that each of us never plans to fail, most of us…simply fail to plan. This is your chance to put that right. Your choice to get the training and development ideas that will give you every opportunity to be the best that you can be. This is all we ask at Clubwww1.
  2. 2. This program ensures you will have: • A real understanding of the structure that makes an effective sales person & sales meeting • Specific natural techniques that can be used straight away • Understanding about the importance of letting the prospect react first • Confidence that you will be able to help clients solve the “Real Issues” and over come objections • Know when to and when not to talk about yourself / your company / your product • Greater understanding of what makes a great salesperson or sales manager for your business High Performance Sales Habits: The key word here is ‘habits’. In order to have sustainable change and growth, you need to look at a person’s habits – what you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; this affects your ability to win business. When it comes to training salespeople, most organizations spend the bulk of their time ensuring their people are up to speed on product and/or service knowledge and helping their people understand the process or technical skills necessary to sell. There are, however, other areas which are just as important but often overlooked. As a result, to liberate sales potential and create successful sales habits the focus needs to cover all three of the following areas. 1. Process / Skills: Selling is not a “Black Art” and although there will always be those who have a more natural communication style, it is essential to understand the stages of a professional sales meeting and all the top tips that can make or break a sale. Management Selling – The Consultative Sales Process: • Understanding the natural process to meetings with a defined structure • How to create Buying Atmosphere Vs Selling Atmosphere • The power of Third Person validation • Engineer the vision of clients as to “why us” • Identifying buying signs • Moving a prospect to action
  3. 3. Clubwww1’s processes and systems can be adapted to suit both new and highly experienced salespeople alike. Other modules covered in the Sales Process section include: • Understanding behavioral styles • Formula for success in sales 2. Sales Motivation: Increasing confidence and desire You will learn how to make significant changes to your self-image and your level of confidence in a winning business environment. Understanding Self Talk You will learn about how your brain reacts when it locks onto a goal, and how you can use this to motivate you or your people in yours or their work environment. 3. Self Management: How to use your stats as a motivator Here we help you to understand the 4-5 stats which drive revenue. Then we develop a plan which reflects your strengths and areas to grow. Developing your own pipeline and a relationship management document Here we work with team members on their individual pipeline. This helps maintain a constant flow of prospects and tracks the prospects through the sales process. In general terms individuals see training and development as a chore instead of embracing the chance to harness experience and excellence in circumstance that you feel comfortable with. The hotline is open 24/7 and we encourage you to use the system to the fullest. You can never have enough training. Remember the more you earn…the more we earn…and we want more! CLUBWWW1 NOTICE: Please review the weekly online training program. Refer to the membership center and your individual membership classification and take advantage of complimentary sessions. Online seminars are limited, and are on a first come first serve basis
  4. 4. SALES MODULE TITLE 1 Checking Your Sales Work Habits 2 An Organized Agent’s Daily Schedule 3 Ideas For Increasing Productivity 4 Establishing An Individual Agent Development Program 5 10 Good Reasons For Prospecting Among Existing Clients 6 18 Ways That Managers Can Improve Persistency 7 10 Attributes Of A Successful Producer 8 Life Insurance on the web 9 Developing Target Markets 10 A Statement Of Integrity Selling Values & Ethics 11 What Does An Agent Expect From Supervision 12 The Might Of Little Things 13 Client Relationship Management 14 The Top 10 Turn-On’s 15 The Top 10 Turn-Off’s 16 Use People’s Correct Names 17 Maintaining Attention 18 Vanquish The Silent Killers Of Your Sales Growth 19 The Importance Of Mental Fitness 20 Rules Of Great Feedback 21 15 Pointers For Prospecting By Mail 22 28 Ways To Improve Your Sales Performance 23 Professional Development Checklist 24 The Warehouse System 25 Overcoming Call Reluctance 26 The Best of Frank Better 27 Good Reasons For Calling On Policy Owners 28 21st Century Selling: Myths & Facts 29 The 12 Most Fundamental Sales Management Truths 30 Three Keys To Personal Power 31 Ten (10) Rules For Setting Goals 32 The ABC’s Of Effective Time Control For Producers 33 The ABC’s Of A Successful Selling Career 34 10 Steps To Effective Closing
  5. 5. 35 Communication: Avoiding Breakdowns 36 Salesman’s Philosophy 37 Ten Steps To Professionalism 38 Ten Ways To Increase Your Indispensability 39 The ABC’s Of Communication 40 Yes, You Can Sell Ice To An Eskimo 41 Close Sales Confidently 42 Networking Is A Two-Way Street 43 Manage Selling Time 44 Meeting Customers’ Needs 45 Plan For Improving Agent Performance 46 Developing The Thank You Note Habit 47 The Directive Close 48 10 Good Customer Service Habits To Develop 49 The Sales Calendar – Building Monthly Success Day-By-Day 50 Plan Every Day In Advance 51 Relationships Are Everything 52 Be A Doctor Of Selling 53 The 12 Most Universal Sales Truths 54 Stay Brilliant On The Basics 55 Consulting Versus Selling 56 Guidelines For Becoming High Profile 57 The Action Formula 58 21 Rules Of Productivity 59 Develop Yourself 60 Monitor Your Performance Completed The above program forms part of Sales Training & Development Level1, Level 2 and Level 3 program. Completion of all three levels adds an extra 5% to your commission grade.