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2013.07.05   [IBM] Cloud Ecosystem Forum - Atelier Directions Techniques
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2013.07.05 [IBM] Cloud Ecosystem Forum - Atelier Directions Techniques


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Atelier de type "RV des Experts" pour les Directions Techniques

Atelier de type "RV des Experts" pour les Directions Techniques

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Atelier Directions Techniques
  • 2. Claude Riousset – Systems & Technology Group Infrastructures convergées – SDN - Openstack Dominique Lacassagne – Software Group Gestionnaires de Cloud – Service Management - SaaS Vincent Chartier – Software Group DevOps - Développement
  • 3. • Adoption du Cloud: « Conquer complexity and help grow » (Forbes) … • Tendances: SDN, Openstack, DevOps, « API economy », convergence cloud/social/mobile… • Architecture: modèle Cloud « open », systems of record/systems of engagement, cloud-enabled/cloud-centric, patterns… • Initiatives Open: Open Daylight, Openstack, TOSCA, oVirt,… • Acquisitions: UrbanCode, Softlayers,… • Offres… C’est l’occasion de poser vos questions!
  • 4. IBM embraces & invests in open source to foster innovation Cloud Computing Application Servers Service Orientation Service Oriented Architecture Systems of Interaction Social Business Open Cloud Architecture
  • 5. During this ecosystem explosion, the proposal has moved to reality and Open Cloud and OpenStack are at the center of IBM strategy
  • 6. 2010 OCT 21 Release: Austin 44,096 lines of code 2011 FEB 3 Release: Bexar 76,570 lines of code 2011 APR 15 Release: Cactus 108,917 lines of code 2011 SEP 22 Release: Diablo 405,844 lines of code 2012 APR 5 Release: Essex 444,388 lines of code 2012 SEP 27 Release: Folsom 607,502 lines of code 2013 APR 4 Release: Grizzly 832,844 lines of code July 2010: OpenStack launches with code from NASA & Rackspace & support of 25 organizations Sep 2012: Independent OpenStack Foundation Launches w/ 21 Sponsors, 150+ participating orgs & 5600 individual members Platinum Sponsors July 2010: Austin Design Summit 42 orgs, 95 developers Nov 2010: Design Summit 62 orgs, 165 developers, 250 attendees Apr 2011: Design Summit 133 orgs, 217 developers, 500 attendees July 2011: 80 participating orgs, 1200 individual members Mar 2013: IBM announces it will base its Cloud software & services on an Open Cloud Architecture, centered around OpenStack Feb 2011: IBM Joins OpenStack Gold SponsorsTODA Y 50 Sponsor s 8,600+ Individual Members 189+ Orgs
  • 7. IBM is #3 in contributions Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA) Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) LinkedData, OSLC TOSCA IBM’s ecosystem approach to an Open Cloud Architecture OpenStack Open Source Reference IBM is Working to Accelerate OpenStack Foundation Success Because an open interoperable Cloud is critical for flexible cloud deployment and customer success… IBM has 9 core contributors9 IBMers working on OpenStack – from formation of the Foundation to Code Quality & New Function250+ IBMers have signed the CLA 3 90
  • 8. IBM value over OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Folsom - Nova, Glance, Cinder, Keystone) Network (Cisco, Juniper, Big IP, NCNM…) DevOps SmartCloud Monitoring SmartCloud Cost Management Storage (NetApp, StorWize, Sonas, TPC…) Compute vCenter, KVM IaaS Gateway Image Management Patterns Cloud Marketplace Workflow Self service Certified vSys and vApps Service Orchestration extensions Chef Recipes vCenter support EGO placement TSAM AWSEC2 SCEnterprise OpenStack Compatible Clouds IBMTSAM IBM OpenStack IBM extensions OpenStack Third party Storage (NetApp, StorWize, Sonas, TPC…) Compute vCenter, KVM
  • 9. IBM SDN, OpenStack, OpenDayLight • Multi-tier workload patterns with virtual network elements, exploiting enhanced Quantum Service • Monitoring, service assurance for provisioned network services NOVA (Compute) Quantum (Network) Swift (Storage) Quantum SDN Controller OpenFlow other std I/F IBM SDN VE / vSwitch Workload definition & orchestration Intrusion Prevention Firewall Web Servers Application Server Firewall Load Balancer Database Cluster Quantum API  OpenStack Quantum Enhancements • Network Service Patterns: i.e. how Application and Network Services are connected to form multi-tier virtual systems • VM/Application Network Configuration i.e., IP Address, FC World Wide Port Name, … • Middle box Configuration i.e., Firewall, Load balancer, IPS configuration, … IBM CONFIDENTIAL
  • 10. L’architecture Cloud open émergeante
  • 11. Evolution de l’IaaS vers un Software Defined Environment plus dynamique et incluant de l’analytique
  • 12. Plate-forme centrée sur le développeur, place de marché et services dans un CloudOperating Environment
  • 13. Services métiers accessibles aux innovateurs via “l’API Economy”
  • 14. Les gestionnaires de Cloud d’IBM IBM Cast Iron IBM SmartCloud Provisioning IBM SmartCloud Entry Base Virtualization and Management IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Amazon EC2 Private Clouds Public CloudsVirtualization Capacités Cloud Maturité Cloud Transformation possible Foundation Advanced Hybrid • Infrastructure-oriented IT culture • Entry image management • For IBM hardware • Infrastructure-oriented IT culture with advanced image management and governance requirements • Basic lifecycle management • Multi-platform • Internet-scale hypervisor manager • Service-oriented IT culture • For the more complex Cloud cases • Transformation enabler with advanced lifecycle management and openess Intermediate OpenStack DevOps
  • 15. Les différents niveaux d’orchestration Offre1 Create Server Catalogue de service 1 Customer A Team A.1CSA TA TU Customer B Team B.1 Team B.2 Offre n Add disk … … Workflows end to end (approbation, réservation, quotas,…) Pattern (gestion capacité, placement,…) Workflows techniques Pools de ressources logiques … Catalogue de service n… créer serveur ajouter disque Toutes les VMs d’un service peuvent être gérées ensemble! Orchestration de service Orchestration technique Orchestration d’application
  • 16. Moteur de Cloud Network Domain Storage Domain IT Managemen t Monitoring Domain Data Availability Domain Compute Domain Monitorin g IT Asset Manageme nt Service Desk Storage Domain Change Management Provision PatternProvision Pattern Networ k Domain Workload Orchestration Workload aware placement, optimization and operation Resource Orchestration Onboard, provision, manage CPU, Storage and Network Service Orchestration Manage the lifecycle of business applications DBAppWeb En résumé l’orchestration permet de:
  • 17. A DevOps Approach DevOps Foundation Open Lifecycle and Service Management Integration Platform DevOps Lifecycle Operations/ProductionDevelopment/TestCustomers Business Owners Continuous Innovation, Feedback and Improvements Ecosystem BestPractices Monitor and Optimize Plan and Measure Develop and Test Release and Deploy OSLC
  • 18. UrbanCode fills gaps Expand DevOps capabilities and accelerate plans Release and Deploy
  • 19. Application Deployment Automation • Manage application components and versions • Manage environment configuration from dev/test through production 20 Deployment of Applications across Environments  Compliance: audit trails quality gates  Easy to use process designer  Inventory: what is where
  • 20. The API-centric, as-a-Service delivery is disrupting the consumption of business services as Cloud disrupted the IT consumption model Dedicated IT Cloud Integrated Business Functions As-a-service delivery Composable Web Short Innovation Lifecycle API-centric Business Services API API API API API API Dedicated IT investments Contracts & Negotiations People & Hand-offs Packaged Applications SOA Based Custom Development Long Project Planning and Development Pay-per-use and other models Standard Contracts DevOps Business Solutions Infrastructure
  • 21. Virtual Appliance Operating system Virtual Machine Patterns: de l’IaaS au PaaS Virtual Application (vApp) • Highly automated deployments using expert patterns • Business policy driven elasticity & management • Built for the cloud environment • Leverages elastic workload management services Virtual System (vSys) • Automated deployment of middleware topologies & application • Traditional administration and management model but all VMs can be managed as single object • Application and infrastructure driven elasticity Virtual Appliances • Standard software installation and configuration on OS • Images created through extend/capture • Traditional administration and management model • Infrastructure driven elasticity Virtual Appliance Metadata Software application Operating system Virtual Appliance Virtual Appliance Metadata Application Server Operating system Virtual Appliance Metadata Application Server Operating system Virtual Appliance Metadata HTTP Server Operating system Software application Policies Maturity: most enterprises are here. IT culture. Maturity: more advanced needs. More business aligned. Maturity: innovative. Development shops. IaaSIaaS IaaS+IaaS+ IaaS++IaaS++ PaaSPaaS Cloud-enabled appsCloud-enabled apps Cloud-centric appsCloud-centric apps
  • 22. Les applications virtuelles (vApp): alignées sur les besoins métier
  • 23. Gain access to a broad community of IBM and certified partner expertise Download optimized, deployable application patterns from 100+ leading ISV partners Search by solution area, industry or system Download fixes and patches Access to developer community Also run your existing applications today* L’écosystème de patterns certifiés (IBM PureSystems Centre) 25
  • 24. SmartCloud Orchestrator Orchestrate Services across multiple environments and domains Différents modes de déploiement SmartCloud Provisioning Automate Optimized Workloads SmartCloud Entry Automate IT Delivery SmartCloud Provisioning Automate Optimized Workloads SmartCloud Entry Automate IT Delivery Customer integrated hardware PureFlex System PureApplication System Automate Optimized Workloads Virtual Appliance Metadata Application Server Operating system Virtual Appliance Metadata Application Server Operating system Virtual Appliance Metadata HTTP Server Operating system