2012.11.20 - Revendeurs Cloud - RV des Experts du Club Cloud des Partenaires - Partner VIP


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  • We’ve built IBM’s next-generation service delivery platform to be configured to meet the requirements for enterprises. We call this cloud delivery platform “IBM SmartCloud.” So, what makes this unique is that we’re giving you options. We have three choices for deployment across private & hybrid clouds, managed services or delivered as software as a service. And we are offering unprecedented choice across business design, service levels and deployment models. The SmartCloud Services Platform is specifically designed to serve as an integration point for our Technology Services, Consulting Services, Software, Hardware and Research capabilities.
  • {DESCRIPTION} Cloud Strategy Services Formulate the cloud strategy for the business Cloud Migration Consultancy Only applications that can be virtualized can be hosted on a cloud, so help your client identify and virtualize selected applications Readiness review Following on from your cloud migration consultancy, you perform if going to the cloud is the right path forward BP Assessment Review Subject matter experts to undertake an assessment review to design a roadmap and help the client build their own cloud business case Cloud Migration Implementation Services Project management, transitional and implementation services, education, disposal of legacy assets Networking IBM is “supplying the dial tone” so you can supply the networking services Customer Administration Support Assist the client with help and support to administer the Cloud account Software Licensing Offer your client the right software licenses for the virtualized environment Instance & Image Management Manage the virtualized access and the instances and images (Private and Enterprise community) Security* Establish client security and access policies Business Continuity* Enable business and IT availability and continuity, for both normal day-to-day and unusual/crisis operations. * Indicates additional opportunity for Business Partners to resell GTS channel-enabled cloud services. {TRANSCRIPT} This is a slide that I really like to try and use to get my business partners excited about this offering. As infrastructures a service, you can imagine that there’s quite a bit of services and or additional things that can be tacked on top of this offering. If you think about it in laymen's terms, think about your laptop. If you simply had the hardware and didn’t have anything else on top of it, what opportunities could you do with that particular infrastructure? You could install Microsoft office on it and create your Power Point slides, you could put Lotus Notes on it and collaborate with your team mates. There’s also all sorts of services that you could execute with that infrastructure. We talked about some of the use cases and things like that. But from a business partners perspective, let’s look at the types of services that they could offer to their customers who are interested in using this service. So we’ve got the straight up resale offering that we like to position as a great competitive advantage over some of our competition but we’ve also got additional services that we can resell on top of it. In the left hand side of the slide we’ve got some stars next to business continuity, while we’re talking about backup and resiliency. We’ve got security services that we can tack on top of and encourage those services to be resold at the partner level. But we also like to really encourage the business partners to really start building their own services offerings around this platform. So strategy services, migration, whether or not they are ready, their application is ready for cloud environment, assessments, implementation of actual migration networking, software licensing, management and instant image management. Those are some of those things that in addition to having residual income at the resell level we like to encourage these customers and business partners to look at this as building their own recurring and/or one time services built on top of the infrastructure.
  • The IBM Smart Cloud platform focuses on how optimally enable this type of transformation. One of the strengths of IBM Smart Cloud is it’s underpinnings. It is build on a Cloud Reference Architecture and Common Cloud Management Platforms that embody the collective strength and expertise of IBM Technology – Software and Hardware, along with the unique IBM know-how and expertise garnered from 1) implementing thousands of Cloud infrastructures world-wide and 2) managing IT environments for some of the most demanding companies around the world for decades. It’s a combination that no other vendor can match. The IBM Smart Cloud becomes a platform that spans deployment options from Private, to Public, to Hybrid. It’s a platform that we use to deliver other services, along with applications that come from IBM (Software Group), Industry solutions meant to address specific challenges across a broad array of industries. Additionally it is a platform for Eco-systems to exploit and leverage – whether as a solution platform in the case of integrators or as a platform for ISVs. Additionally ISVs can integrate at the platform level – providing their value-add to applications and solutions on top
  • 2012.11.20 - Revendeurs Cloud - RV des Experts du Club Cloud des Partenaires - Partner VIP

    1. 1. Revendeurs Cloud RV des Expertsdu Club Cloud des Partenaires
    2. 2. Revendeurs Cloud – RV des ExpertsLoic SimonCloud Channel Development ExecutiveGlobal Business Partner & Mid Market Cloud ResellerIBM Franceloic_simon@fr.ibm.com @cluballiances @clubcloudibmBlog: http://clubcloud.blogspot.com
    3. 3. Cloud Reseller
    4. 4. Revendeurs Cloud – RV des ExpertsLobjectif de cet atelier animé par des experts dIBM etdu Club Cloud des Partenaires est de partagerexpérience et expertise sur le développement dubusiness Cloud par des revendeurs, des VARs, desintégrateurs fonctionnels qui sont déjà ou veulent Cloud Resellerdevenir des revendeurs cloud, des cloud brokers, desintégrateurs SaaS et qui veulent donc intégrer,revendre, voire agréger [comme le font certains VADs]des services de Cloud public de type IaaS, PaaS ousouvent SaaS
    5. 5. Revendeurs Cloud – RV des Experts Quelles sont les tendances du marché et lesperspectives pour les Cloud Brokers et lesIntégrateurs SaaS? Comment développer un business Cloud lorsqu’onest VAR Régional et/ou Intégrateur Fonctionnel? Cloud Reseller Quel est le retour d’expérience de vos pairs? Comment profiter des offres et des programmesd’accompagnement d’IBM et de ses Partenaires VADset Editeurs
    6. 6. Explosion des besoins des entreprises et des opportunités Big Data Mobilité 6B 240B Téléphones Mobiles 90% Capteurs en 2016 des entreprises passeront au Cloud d’ici 2015 Social Biz Apps 450B 420M Transactions business / Moniteurs de santéjour sur Internet en 2020 sans fil en 2014
    7. 7. Fort développement de l’écosystème Cloud en FranceDe son côté, Aspaway, hébergeur français,fait appel à un Cloud IBM pour répondre auxprojets d’hébergement et d’externalisationd’applications en mode SaaS de ses clients .
    8. 8. Transformation de l’Ecosystème IT… Client VAR ISV MSP CSI Technologies
    9. 9. Principaux Business Models Cloud Client Client Cloud Reseller VAR ISV Applications MSP Cloud Provider CSITechnologies Infrastructures Cloud Builder Technologies
    10. 10. Etes-vous un Revendeur Cloud? Client Aujourd’hui Intégrateur Fonctionnel SSII VAR Cloud Reseller Dans le Cloud Fournisseur de BPaaSIntégrateur de Services Cloud ApplicationsAgrégateur de Services CloudDistributeur de Services Cloud Cloud ProviderRevendeur de Services Cloud Cloud Broker [Agent] Infrastructures Cloud Builder Technologies
    11. 11. Le portefeuille d’offres Cloud IBM Business Process as a Service Software as a Service Smarter Commerce Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Social Business Design Deploy Consume Business Analytics Smarter CitiesExisting Infrastructure Engagement dans les normes ouvertes et vis-à-vis d’un large écosystème
    12. 12. … pour un Revendeur Cloud Client SmartCloud Solutions SmartCloud for Social Business IBM Commerce on the Cloud Cloud Reseller SmartCloud Services SmartCloud Enterprise Applications SmartCloud Enterprise+ SmartCloud Application Services Cloud ProviderSmartCloud Enterprise – Object Storage Managed Security Services Infrastructures Cloud Builder Technologies
    13. 13. … et aussi… Client Cloud Enabled SolutionsSolutions d’éditeurs portées sur IBM SmartCloud Enterprise et SmartCloud Application Services Cloud Reseller Applications Cloud Provider Infrastructures Cloud Builder Technologies
    14. 14. Additional Business Partner services that support and complement the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise services. Cloud Strategy Cloud Migration BP Assessment Consultancy Readiness review Services Review Only applications that can Following on from your Subject matter experts to undertake Formulate the cloud strategy be virtualized can be hosted cloud migration an assessment review to design a for the business on a cloud, so help your consultancy, you perform roadmap and help the client build client identify and virtualize if going to the cloud is the their own cloud business case selected applications right path forward Business Continuity* Cloud Migration Plan Implementation Enable business and IT Services availability and continuity, for Build Project management, transitional both normal day-to-day and and implementation services, unusual/crisis operations. education, disposal of legacy assets Security* Deliver Networking Establish client security IBM is “supplying the dial tone” and access policies so you can supply the networking services Instance & Image Software Customer Administration Management Licensing Support* Indicates additional Manage the virtualized Offer your client the right Assist the client with help andopportunity for access and the instances software licenses for the support to administer theBusiness Partners to and images (Private and virtualized environment cloud accountresell GTS channel- Enterprise community)enabled cloud services.
    15. 15. Opportunités avec l’écosystème IBM SmartCloud Application ISVs, other partner ecosystems IBM Delivered Anchor Industry Ecosystem Other IBM / SaaS Solutions Enablers ISV Plats Services Platform ISVs ISVs ISVs Common Cloud Management Platform Cloud Reference Architecture
    16. 16. Support IBM: de la génération d’opportunités au cash flow Predictability of margins Guaranteed margins for value Financial Increased Higher offerings to marketing funds Partner Profit improve cash flow linked to ROI drives future investments Skills and Technical Specialty Resources – programs to drive Resources for our BPs value“champions for growth” dedicated, aligned, feet on the street communities
    17. 17. Nos experts à votre disposition à Partner VIP Infos – RV Anna Armillotta – Camilla Hougaard Revendeurs Cloud IBM SmartCloud Solutions Loic Simon Christophe Laurence Christophe Laurence IBM SmartCloud Services Editeurs Nicolas Baron Jean-Pierre Descamps Christophe LaurenceIBM SmartCloud Foundation MSPs Claude Riousset Patrick Bouillaud Florence Marcel Cloud Builders Loic Simon Yves Blanchet
    18. 18. Autres ateliers, RV d’affaires, Stand IBM A la demande toute la journéeRV d’affaires avec des Experts et Dirigeants IBM 12h10 Stand IBM & Club Cloud des Partenaires Revendeurs Cloud RV des Experts 14h10 - Retour d’Expérience Managed Private Cloud [MSP & Editeur] 13h20 Editeurs RV des Experts 12h10 - Comprendre l’offreIBM SmartCloud Foundation 14h10 Zoom sur PureSystems MSPs RV des Experts 11h00 Cloud Builders RV des Experts
    19. 19. Documents et présentations de partage d’expérience etd’expertise sur le site du Forum du Club Cloud des Partenaires:www.forumcloubibm.comActualité, curation, points de vue sur l’écosystème Cloudsur le blog du Club Cloud des Partenaires:http://clubcloud.blogspot.com Loic Simon Cloud Channel Development Executive - IBM clubcloud.blogspot.com loic_simon@fr.ibm.com +33 6 76 75 40 71