2012.11.20 - Comprendre IBM SmartCloud Foundation - Zoom sur PureSystems - Partner VIP - Claude Riousset

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Présentation préparée par Claude Riousset d'IBM à l'occasion de l'atelier "Comprendre IBM SmartCloud Foundation" dans le cadre de Partner VIP 2012

Présentation préparée par Claude Riousset d'IBM à l'occasion de l'atelier "Comprendre IBM SmartCloud Foundation" dans le cadre de Partner VIP 2012

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  • 1. Les ateliers du business Cloud et Saas – PartnerVIP Comprendre l’offre IBM SmartCloud Foundation ‘Zoom sur PureSystems’
  • 2. IBM’s cloud capabilities are built upon a common platform,with a commitment to open standards Business Process as a Service Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Design Deploy Consume Cloud Enablement Managed Cloud Cloud Business Solutions Technologies Services Enables private/hybrid cloud service Secure and scalable cloud managed Pre-built Cloud SaaS business delivery and management services platform applications and solutions Common Open Standards Technology and Industry Ecosystem
  • 3. Providing flexibility in delivering, integrating, and consumingCloud capabilities Private Clouds Hybrid Public Clouds Flexible business service delivery and consumption models Accelerate Immediate access Evolve existing Access 60+ public adoption with to a managed infrastructure cloud SaaS integrated systems platform with to Cloud solutions flexible cost Common Cloud platform built on an open standards reference model
  • 4. IBM Offer overview - Branding management IBMSmartCloud Foundation IBMSmartCloud Services IBMSmartCloud Solutions
  • 5. FoundationInfrastructure as a Service Platform as a Technologies Service TechnologiesA policy-based, scalable Cloud middleware & tools toenvironment for managing build, integrate and run cloudcloud computing resources servicesand services “on demand”
  • 6. IBM SmartCloud Foundation:Build and rapidly scale private cloud environments with unparalleled time-to-market, integration and management• Resilient to the velocity of changing business needs• Choice & Flexibility in hybrid delivery & consumption models• Built-in Expertise enabling workload awareness & optimization• Secure & Scalable smoothing evolution from existing environments• Integrated analytics improving QoS and responsiveness
  • 7. Clients are not sure where to start on the journey Infrastructure as a Service Technologies Infrastructure Manageme Platform nt Availabil ity and Security and Usage and Orchestrate and Perform Complian Accounti This is not always a Administra ance ce ng tion linear progression. Service Some clients begin by Orchestration optimizing their and Integration Automate virtualization foundation for a workload, then Basic cloud Basic cloud (Self- gradually move to service, admin, VM cloud. Integrate (Self-service, admin, VM provisioning) provisioning) Others require cloud Virtualization & Virtualization & Virtualization & capabilities from the platform platform platform beginning and may start management management management with advanced cloud or entry cloud solutions. Virtualized Virtualized Virtualized Servers, Storage, Servers, Storage, Servers, Storage, Networking Networking Networking A client may be in all of these stages w/ different workloads7 SVC and IBM IBM across their data center. IBM Systems SmartCloud SmartCloud IBM Director VMControl Virtual Entry PureApplication Storage System Center System z Solution zEnterprise Starter Edition for Cloud IBM PureFlex Edition for Cloud & Standard and Enterprise Power Solution Active Cloud Engine on IBM IBM System x, Power, IBM Flex System SONAS & Storwize V7000 and System z Edition for Cloud
  • 8. As the basis for providing flexible deployment options to enableenterprise cloud platforms
  • 9. Client Cloud Roadmap as a tool to develop your Business New Business opportunities Reinvent Business Industry Solutions Business Application Services Time to Market Gain immediate access Rethink IT Business agility Innovate Business Model Cost efficiency Workload analysis & business case An a t ic ly s Co labo a io r t n Devel p o mentTes / t Deskt p o R OI analysis ex am ple- Ba nking (l arg e # of ser vers) Co mpute Pa ybac k Period ( mont hs) To al n t ial Investmen t for Tes t Cloud t I i 4. 5 8 $1 ,313 ,95 8 . 3 3 Cm ativeC t Cmp i s --Wtha w ou C u u ul os o ar on i nd ith t lod Storage 5. Assessment of Cloud- Ne t Pre s t Value ( NP V) en Es i mated R OIov e 3 y ars t r e $6 ,172 ,32 5 . 4 6 4 6 9.75 % $3 00 00 0 0, 0,0 .0 E o ratory xpl D p e artmental Enterpri e s E cu x l sive enabling Capabilities O n pe Es i mated avg. ann ualR OI t 1 5 6.58 % $2 00 00 0 5, 0,0 .0 $2 00 00 0 0, 0,0 .0 Scop of services e • Where are you now? Cm t v E en s u ula ie xp se • Where do you need to be? Ya r1 S a n gs b Ca e e vi y t gory $1 00 00 0 5, 0,0 .0 T esting $1 00 00 0 0, 0,0 .0 Har d are w Product v 4% i ity 15% $ 00 00 0 5, 0,0 .0 • Which initiatives will be aided Softwa re $0 0 .0 by closing the gap? D eliv ering Busine ss V lue t hrough C oud Comput i g a l n Pr o o ni g visi n Co t s 38% -3% T no an r f rmo a s i Pi t on t Ya 1 er- Ya 2 e r- Ya 3 e r- 4. Common Cloud Reference Sys.A dmi . n Cu n ITM eAcu ula dCs Tet C u M eAcu la dC ts rret odl c m te ots s o d odl c mu te os l Architecture • 120 – 180 minutes IT D e a nds m Cost = Servi e Management c Bus ine s Ch a nge s lle s Do m o e with le s r s Im p o e s v ic e r v e r M a g ris k na e Bre a k h o t r ugh agilit y 4 % 0 dr i en savings v • Describe foundation m odel S ervice D elivery/ Cloud Re ady R O projec ons from IBM Res arch Study 2 00 I ti e 9 for building cloud solutions Managem ent Op ra o n , c m e titio e ti s o p n De v /te s t De s top k • Understand applicability to Da ta n f rm ti n , i o a o S tora ge … – Co nsolidate selected work loads Ana ly tic – Vir tual z i e C om pute – St andard z e – Au tomate i • 60 minutes Da ta c nte c ts e r os De o pl yme nt C o la l bo ra ion t W or k oa s l d 3. Cloud V alue Options P ublic H y id br Pr v at i e •Using case studies, Cl o S e v c ud r i e Cloud Se rv ic e Prov ider Cloud S e rv ic e C u t me so r e x c tions pe ta Se urity c /pr iv c y a Se v e qua t r ic li y F unding/Cos t “Change ” understand potential returns Con sum e r De v elope r on investment in cloud I a i i C loud S e vices r T ca p b l t y p r vi e o C o u S r c e Co su me o d d t l d ev i n r •60 minutes 2. Cloud Workload Cl u d Se c e o In g ti o te ra n rvi ( Virt ua iz ) n fr a ructure – S erver, Storag e,N etwor k Fac li ies l ed I st g o d rv i s n n l u , i t In a stru tu fo h sti n Cl u Se ce a d Co mmo Co d Ma n g me t Pl tf rm fr c re r o a e n a o Prioritization To s ol Co mmo n C lo ud M anag emen t Pl atfor m Se r ce vi • Select client motivators and B SS – B us ness Supp ort S ervices i B si n ss -e e l fu n o a t y fo ma a e e t o Cl o d S rvi ce s u e l v cti n l i r n g m n f u e D ve o p e t e l m n To s ol barriers for moving to cloud IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Co su me n r In - o se T h u I OS S S er vi e D l i er C t aog c e v y a l O pe rai ona l t 1. Cloud Positioning • Prioritize workload using S upp ort S ervi ces S evi eT empl t es r c a S i ce R u st M nagement er v eq e a P ovi si n i g r o n S vi eA uo m i nManage m n er c t ao t C n e& C i ur at i n ha g onf g M a agement n n i d e t & P obl m I c n r e o et m a eL i ecycl eManage m n I g f et M a agement n T S i ce Level Man a ement I er v g •Open discussion of cloud them E M nt or n g& oi i vent M n gem nt aa e T A e t & Li enseMan a ement I s s c g V r ual zat i nMgmt it i o C p i t y& aac P er f oman e Managemen t r c •Linked to business • 60 m inutes Se c i ty & Re s e n y ur ili c challenges, IT drivers, Pu b lic barriers Deployment model •90 minutes P rivate Hybrid A n y tics al Collaboratio n D ev opment/Test el D e k o e c es s t p/D v i Inas f r tructure Inf astructure r Compute St rage o W orkl oad 9
  • 10. IBM SmartCloud Foundation infrastructure solutions Capabilities to support varying customer needs Integrated service management platform with automated IT service deployment, lifecycle management, metering and chargeback Rich capabilities allowing middleware deployment TSAM/ISDMDeliver IT without Boundaries Automated provisioning designed for cloud; Parallel scalability with integrated fault tolerance. IBM Workload Deployer Basic cloud functions including Industrial-strength intuitive self service interface, virtualization coupled administration, and infrastructure with automated management designed for cloud resource balancing IBM SmartCloud Provisioning IaaS - existing and virtual image management IaaS - new Virtualization and Management (IBM IBM SmartCloud Entry Platforms + Systems Software) PaaS - existing Service Assurance, Service Defense, Hybrid Cloud IBM Platforms STANDARDIZATION Cloud Capabilities 10
  • 11. Movement From Traditional Environments to Cloud One Step or an Evolution Leverage each step as a selling opportunity and a client call-to-action to prepare for cloud CLOUD Dynamic provisioning for workloads SHARED RESOURCES Common workload profiles AUTOMATE Flexible delivery & Self Service STANDARDIZE Operational Efficiency VIRTUALIZE Increase Utilization CONSOLIDATE Physical Infrastructure Traditional IT11
  • 12. Clients struggle to overcome barriers of time, cost and risk Typical IT Project Time and Budget Top Causes of Project DelaysPhase Time (days) Budget Hardware Troubleshooting and tuning 45%Specify/design 73 - 96 14% - 16% production environment Integration, configuration and 45%Procure 57 - 112 19% - 21% testing of the infrastructureImplement 74 – 93 12% Installation, cabling and network 29% access for the environmentConfigure/test 74 – 80 10% - 11%Cluster & HA 66 – 104 11% - 12% Software Integration, configuration and 41%Backup 44 – 108 10% testing of applications Integration, configuration and 35%Tune 89 – 98 9% - 10% testing of middlewareManagement 67 – 110 9 – 10% Configuration, build and 34% deployment of applications 34% of new IT projects (US) deploy late From a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM
  • 13. Only 1 in 5 can allocate more than half their IT budget to innovation Least efficient data centers Most efficient data centers Use of new technology: Use of new technology: 43% first and fast technology adoption 86% first and fast technology adoption 1% move virtual machines to meet 58% move virtual machines to meet desired outcomes desired outcomes 21% use storage virtualization 93% use storage virtualization 3% use a storage service catalog (tiered 87% use a storage service catalog storage) (tiered storage) Results: Results New New projects projects Maintaining 35% Maintaining 53% existing existing infrastructure infrastructure 65% 47% Source: 2012 IBM Data Center Study: www.ibm.com/data-center/study ( http://www.ibm.com/data-center/study )
  • 14. The time has come for a new breed of systems Systems with integrated expertise and built for cloud Built-in Expertise Integration by Design Capturing and Deeply integrating andautomating what experts tuning hardware and do – from software – in a ready-to-go the infrastructure patterns workload optimized system to the application patterns Simplified Experience Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier - with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions
  • 15. Built for cloud and part of IBM SmartCloud Foundation IBM PureApplication System Business Process as a Service 20-30X faster deployment Software as a Service with application patterns expertise Platform as a Service IBM PureFlex System Infrastructure as a Service Accelerate adoption of private clouds with Design Deploy Consume built-in virtualization & superior automation
  • 16. PureSystems brings unique capabilities to cloud services solutions Flex System Competitive Sector GBE/MM Sector/GBE BladeCenter Blade Infrastructur Infrastructur Application Installed Installs e e Cloud Clients Cloud Cloud • Advanced Blade • Integrated • Integrated Application architecture Infrastructure Platform • The entry point into the System • Factory integration of Pure family with • Factory integration infrastructure + upgrade path to of Compute, Storage, middleware (DB2, PureFlex Networking, and Websphere) • Client or partner tuned management • Application ready • Separately purchased • Broad support for (Power or x86 with components x86 and POWER workload deployment environments capability) • General purpose system for x86 & UNIX, • Cloud ready for • Cloud ready application management and infrastructure platform storage optional
  • 17. Entry V2.4 Heterogeneous and Multi-Cloud Support17
  • 18. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Get Started deploying a Virtual Image SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 19. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Self service scenario Click #1 1. Click Appliances Tab SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 20. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Self service scenario Click #2 2. Click Desired Appliance SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 21. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Self service scenario Click #3 3. Click Deploy SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 22. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Self service scenario Click #4 Enter Information & 4. Click Deploy SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 23. IBM SmartCloud Entry: Self-service scenario: Deployed! Deployed!! SmartCloud Entry on PureFlex example
  • 24. PureSystems brings unique capabilities to cloud services solutions Flex System Competitive Sector GBE/MM Sector/GBE BladeCenter Blade Infrastructur Infrastructur Application Installed Installs e e Cloud Clients Cloud Cloud • Advanced Blade • Integrated • Integrated Application architecture Infrastructure Platform • The entry point into the System • Factory integration of Pure family with • Factory integration infrastructure + upgrade path to of Compute, Storage, middleware (DB2, PureFlex Networking, and Websphere) • Client or partner tuned management • Application ready • Separately purchased • Broad support for (Power or x86 with components x86 and POWER workload deployment environments capability) • General purpose system for x86 & UNIX, • Cloud ready for • Cloud ready application management and infrastructure platform storage optional
  • 25. IBM PureSystems extensible with “patterns of expertise” Including built-in cloud capabilities IBM PureFlex IBM PureApplication System System 100+ ISV business applications Application Patterns & Available Images Images Business intelligence through available for Business process management PureSystemsAvailable patterns images from IBM and Partners client tuning Web experience Centre More to come in 2012… Images Web application deployment Platform Patterns available for Expertise across the Database deployment client tuning middleware and infrastructure Cloud platform management Built-in with flexibility Provisioning Infrastructure Patterns Storage optimization Expertise across the compute resources Scalability Upgradability 25
  • 26. What is PureApplication System? Patterns of Expertise • 100+ ISV business applicationsApplication patterns from • Business intelligence IBM and partners • Business process management • Web experience (Portal) Application PlatformIntegrates an application Application Optimization Security System wide Management Monitoring platform optimized for Automation & Scaling App Lifecycle Management enterprise applications Caching & Elasticity License Management Application Centric Provisioning Self-service Usage Metering Data management System Infrastructure Inherits the capabilities Integrated Server, Storage, Network Provisioning of PureFlex System Power Management Security Storage & VM Optimization Monitoring Virtualization IT Lifecycle Management Integrated System Management System design PureApplication System adds deep application- aware value to its PureFlex foundation!
  • 27. What the business What’s required… wants… Monitoring Lifecycle Management
  • 28. PureApplication System Supports Multiple Types of Patterns Virtual Appliance HTTP Server VirtualAppliance Virtual Appliance Operating system Software Metadata application Software Operating Virtual Appliance Virtual Appliance application system Application Application Server Server Operating Operating system system Metadata Metadata Metadata Virtual Application Virtual System Patterns Virtual Appliances Patterns • Highly automated deployments • Standard software installation and • Automated deployment of using expert patterns configuration on OS middleware topologies • Business policy driven elasticity • Images created through • Traditional administration and • Built for the cloud environment extend/capture management model • Leverages elastic workload • Traditional administration and • Application and infrastruture management services management model driven elasticity • Infrastructure driven elasticity Virtual Application Patterns Virtual Appliances Virtual System Patterns Standard TCO Improved TCO Best TCO existing applications virtualized applications cloud applications
  • 29. Initiates a fully scalable Web Application Monitoring Lifecycle Management Deploy Software application Monitoring Lifecycle Management
  • 30. Continuous application level Optimization and Management Application Optimization Monitoring Lifecycle Management • Policy-based placement •Minimize license cost •Minimize energy •Maximize resiliency •Maximize performance Deploy Software application • Application level prioritization • Dynamic scaling of applications and VM resources Virtual HTTP Server Appliance Operating system Deploy Metadata Virtual Application Virtual Application Server Appliance Server Appliance Operating system Metadata Operating system Metadata • High Availability of VMs & apps Software • Mobility of VMs for performance, Deploy application management and maintenance • Performance optimization • Application level isolation
  • 31. Extensibility from the broadest ecosystem is made easy New IBM PureSystems Centre: Gain access to a broad community of IBM and certified Business Partner expertise Download optimized, deployable application patterns from 150+ leading ISV partners Search by solution area, industry or system Download fixes and patches Access to developer community ibm.com/puresystems/centre
  • 32. IBM is working to accelerate OpenStack Foundation success OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists that seek to produce a ubiquitous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. OpenStack was founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly in July 2010. 190+ companies and over 5,600 http://openstack.org/ members IBM Power Systems IBM Storwise V7000 IBM XIV IBM played key role to establish OS Foundation, contribute to code development, and provide greater infrastructure choice
  • 33. Managed Service Providers are leveraging SmartCloud Foundation Three PureFlex standard hardware configurations A North American MSP delivers IaaS –Entry systems starting at 128 VMs scaling to nearly 3,000 per POD Client need: Standard software configurations with ASL service • Secure and intelligent systems with high degrees of automation provider licensing model • Flexible systems that can quickly scale –Cloud Service Delivery based on SmartCloud up and down support existing and new customer business Provisioning, Monitoring, and Cost Management IBM solution: • IBM PureFlex • IBM Smart Cloud Provisioning • IBM SmartCloud Monitoring • VMware Help Desk Client benefit: • Quick time to market with pre-integrated Managed Storage, Backup, and pre-built ready to deploy systems and Disaster Recovery • Shift from service ad-hoc client needs to highly scalable and repeatable common Patch Management cloud services Cloud Service Delivery IBM PureFlex
  • 34. IBM is helping clients and partners leverage the power of Cloud totransform their businesses Helping clients integrate their environments and move beyond virtualization Providing choice and flexibility in hybrid environments Delivering Enterprise-class, workload aware infrastructures Helping service providers accelerate adoption of Cloud with integrated solutions 80% 4,000+ Of IBM Major Clients are Successful client Cloud Open Services for Lifecycle on a Cloud Roadmap Collaboration transformations
  • 35. riousset@fr.ibm.com37