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2012.04.12 - Accelerate Cloud on PureFlex System
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2012.04.12 - Accelerate Cloud on PureFlex System


Presentation of IBM PureFlex System [PureSystems family] with a Cloud angle.

Presentation of IBM PureFlex System [PureSystems family] with a Cloud angle.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Customers are spending…. Impacting the ISV's share of wallet..anything we can do from a technoogy pt of view, opens p share to the ISV. If I can save 2$ 2/3 over schedule…to the dgree we can mke it easier for custoemrs to implement new projects, that's good to That is the Trifecta we are trying to address.
  • Cloud Computing is becoming one of the top areas that CIOs are prioritizing for implementation and investment. It is also important to note that virtualization is ranked #1 and is a key foundational attribute for cloud computing. Placeholder for text (substitute your own text; delete when not used)
  • Main Point: But cloud’s benefits go beyond IT; companies of all sorts see cloud as a significant impact to the way they do business today and into the future In a study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value and The Economist, we found tremendous expectations for cloud to have a significant impact on the way business is conducted from customer’s value props, the value chain, and customer relationships.
  • SmartCloud Entry gives you more time to gaze out the window.
  • These are the top concerns about implementing a cloud solution.
  • The time has come for a new class of systems: systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance Expert integrated systems will fundamentally change both the experience and economics of IT.
  • Main Point: Announcing the first members of the IBM PureFlex family – the world’s first family that truly delivers all the attributes of expert integrated systems. Speaker Notes: Today we are announcing the first members of IBM PureFlex family of expert integrated systems. Each of the systems leverage the expertise and best practices from decades of client engagements and optimizations around the world to address ordinarily complex tasks with patterns of expertise. They are fully integrated by design and tuned by IBM labs and factories. And the experience for you is like nothing every before. IBM PureFlex System Expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure Factory integrated and optimized system infrastructure Integrated management Automation and optimization expertise IBM PureFlex Application System Expert in optimally deploying and running applications for rapid time-to-value Expert designed, integrated and optimized application aware platform Platform patterns of expertise Simplified management with a single console All PureFlex systems are: Fully optimized Born virtualized Have a no compromise design with system level upgradability Are designed for cloud Let me tell you a little more about the secret sauce in these systems.
  • Title options: 1) And traditional lines of separation are blurring/vanishing 2) And integration is launching new opportunities (US) Smartphones now represent 1 in 4 subscribers, compared to 1 in 10 just two years ago. Source: Nielsen report that 31% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of December 2010, and expect smartphones to become the majority by the end of 2011. eMarketer predicts that smartphone ownership will reach 43% of the US mobile population by 2015. According to figures for 2010 released by Gartner, smartphones accounted for 297 million (19%) of the 1.6 billion mobile phones sold that year. That's 72.1% more smartphone sales than in 2009. The same company expects US sales of smartphones to grow from 67 million in 2010 to 95 million in 2011, and become the highest-selling consumer electronic device category. For Q4 2010, the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker puts smartphone sales at 100.9 million, up some 87% over Q4 2009. They report total smartphone sales for 2010 as 302.6 million, up around 74% on 2009. The Coda Research Consultancy predict global smartphone sales of some 2.5 billion over the 2010-2015 period, and also suggest that mobile Internet use via smartphones will increase 50 fold by the end of that period. Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012. Gartner expect over 500 million smartphones to sell in 2012. Source:
  • IBM PureSystems provides a simplified experience across the entire lifecycle of the system. Design is taken care of. With a single entity to order and receive and a system ready to plug in out of the box, the experience from purchase to installation to operation couldn ’t be easier. Management is integrated across the entire solution stack of hardware and software. With a single management console, a single point of contact for support and a single set of integrated patches - administration and maintenance is streamlined. The system structure itself allows upgrades to happen with zero downtime providing uninterrupted service. And the open standards foundation enables a broad ecosystem of solutions to simply optimized to the system.
  • Hundreds of available applications, pre-optimized for the PureFlex System environment available on day one.
  • Main Point: IBM has the broadest open ecosystem of partners ready and able to provide industry expertise and solutions to clients and they now can take advantage of PureFlex System to deliver value even faster. Speaker Notes: IBM has the broadest open ecosystem of partners ready and able to provide industry expertise and solutions to clients. We have developed a PureSystems Centre catalog and solution showcase that simplifies deployment of partner applications Clients will be able to access l inks to direct downloads and find such items as: ISVs application patterns Acquire licenses and download of code or fixes Partner “ Ready for PureSystems” offerings A single entry is searchable under multiple IBM offerings  PureApplication System, SmartCloud Application Services… A repository of unified content with simple to find new content by category (industry, solution, geo etc)
  • Animated- view in screen show
  • Animated- view in screen show
  • Main Point: Expert integrated systems enable you to transform your business by improving agility, efficiency, simplicity and control. Speaker Notes: What do expert integrated systems mean to you? They fundamentally enable you to shift to transforming your business to ignite innovation. They provide agility by not only helping you to deliver new offerings and services faster, but also by enabling you to have the elasticity you need to handle today’s market variability – whether or not you choose to implement cloud. They provide a whole new level of efficiency – vastly improving the productivity and enabling you to shift dollars and resources to transform the business They provide simplicity – from pre-integrated and optimized solutions that are easier to deploy to streamlining management and administration after deployment – all using open standards to make integration into your environment easier. They provide control – leveraging the expertise and best practices from the industry to intelligently tune and manage environments and leverage cloud while ensuring mission critical reliability. Expert integrated systems truly represent a significant shift update in computing value.
  • IBM offers solutions to help customers at all stages of their cloud journey. Starting with a cloud foundation using the industry leading virtualization of PowerVM coupled with the platform & virtualization management capabilities of IBM Sytems Director VMControl, then starting self service with IBM SmartCloud Entry for Power, an easy to use add-on to SD/VMC and finally progressing to advanced cloud capabilities with TSAM, ISDM & CloudBurst.
  • As clients scale their private clouds across more physical resources, I think #3 becomes increasingly important, because they will need some type of solution to manage and monitor all of the underlying physical resources (servers, memory, CPUs, energy usage, networks, storage, etc.). Currently, users of VMware vCloud Director and other competing products are forced to use multiple third-party tools to fill that gap.
  • Communications Contact – Please route all press requests through the IBM relationship owner, Stephanie Pettinos (Stephanie Pettinos/San Antonio/IBM ; 512-243-7661) URL:
  • So here is an example of some early work by one of our ISV partners working with this new NGP platform. Fiserv , is a leading Banking industry ISV, based in the United States . Their Premier suite is used by thousands of American banks, savings institutions and credit unions. Working with the IBM San Mateo lab, Fiserv was able to compare the same workload compared to their earlier (12 months ago) benchmarks and were able to observer the following (preliminary) performance improvements. Type of Enablement: Workload optimized on IBM i with integrated CRM Windows / Intel application Environment (Power, x86, Hybrid) / Storage / OS Level / Hypervisor / Middleware / DB: Hybrid Power node , external v7000 storage, virtualized IBM I OS, DB2/400, Intel node with Windows image of ATM test application driving IBM i transactions.
  • Internal-remove the secondary bullets for Customer level These question are designed to get the customer to discuss their environment, associated with the pain points Last two question open the door to introduce elements of Smart Computing (Tuned to the Task, Designed for Data)


  • 1. Accelerate Cloud withIBM PureFlex SystemCloud-Ready, Cloud Enabled Systems © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 2. AgendaCurrent EnvironmentIntroducing PureFlex SystemPureFlex System and SmartCloud Entry Features & BenefitsNext Steps © 2012 IBM Corporation2
  • 3. Current Environment © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 4. IT inefficiencies effect project schedules and impact budgets The mean time to deliver 2/3 of companies go over a new (or expanded) IT schedule on their Service from the time of project/solution request was 10 weeks. deployments 2 Nearly 40% take more than 90 days 1 More than 70% of IT budgets on average are spent on operations and maintenance – and this percentage is growing 3 1 IDC’s Server Team Survey, July 2011 2 IBM SWQ Time-To-Value Topline Report, October 2011 3 TBD © 2012 IBM Corporation4
  • 5. Cloud and Virtualization: Top of Mind Solutions Gartner 2011 CIO priorities Cloud has rocketed to #1 CIO priority in just 3 years Source: Gartner – Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda © 2012 IBM Corporation5
  • 6. The most forward-thinking companies also see cloud as a force that will impact their business models Expect significant increase in substantial change resulting from cloud 13% 41% Expect to reinvent their customer value propositions with cloud 10% 29% Expect to create / transform value chain through cloud Today 16% 2015 43% Shift focus to driving substantial impact on customer relationships 14% 57% *Source: Institute for Business Value / The Economist study 2011 © 2012 IBM Corporation6
  • 7. Many clients start the cloud journey with a private cloud • Higher availability of systems and applications Clients are looking for benefits • Lower total costs and better utilization of hardware from private clouds • Labor savings and improved quality of IT services • Secure start behind enterprise firewall • Highly standardized infrastructure And are preparing infrastructure • Virtualization to build the foundation • Multi-tenancy • Service catalog • Dynamic resource scaling Half of leading cloud adopters are planning to include multiple systems in their cloud infrastructures © 2012 IBM Corporation7
  • 8. When assembling piece parts, there are concernswhich need to be addressed Integration Security Time to Value Management What if these were taken care of for you? © 2012 IBM Corporation8
  • 9. The time has come for a new breed of systems Expert integrated systems: Systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance Cloud Ready, Cloud Enabled Systems Born Virtualized and ready to go on Day 1 © 2012 IBM Corporation9
  • 10. Announcing IBM PureFlex SystemThe first members of a new family of expert integrated systems with:• Built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically• Integration by design to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency• Simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance IBM PureFlex System Expert at: sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure • Factory integrated and optimized system infrastructure • Integrated management • Automation and optimization expertise • Optimized for performance and virtualized for efficiency • No compromise design with system level upgradability • Designed for cloud with flexibility and simplicity © 2012 IBM Corporation10
  • 11. PureFlex System is Integrated by design Expert Tightly integrated compute, storage, networking, Integrated Systems software, management, and security Storage Networking Compute Virtualization Security Tools Applications Management Flexible and open choice in a fully integrated system © 2012 IBM Corporation11
  • 12. Built-in Expertise in IBM PureFlex SystemAcross all system resources Expert Integrated Systems Engineering expertise: Choice of architectures, hypervisors and operating systems No compromise design with system level upgradability Compute & Runs Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM iInfrastructure Optimization expertise: Balance performance and cost with intelligent tiering Increase utilization through virtualization of new and existing storage Storage Critical application performance increase of up to 300 percent Scalability expertise: Respond to changing requirements by adding bandwidth on demand Eliminate bottlenecks for demanding applications Networking Up to twice the application performance with reduced latency Automation expertise: Speed time to market through faster service deployment Manage workloads while the system automatically manages resources Management Days to minutes reduction in VM deployment time © 2012 IBM Corporation12
  • 13. IBM PureSystems simplified experience New client experience: • Single product streamlines ordering, tracking, receiving, installing and running • Factory installed, fully packaged solutions drive simple setup (pull it out of the box, plug it in and boot it up) • Management integration across system • Single point of contact for support • Upgrade with zero downtime based on integrated patches and system design • A broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions © 2012 IBM Corporation13
  • 14. Management Integration across physical and virtual resourcesMove from operational expense to innovation Workload Cloud-ready management integration across compute, storage and networking resources leveraging decades of IBM management expertise • Enables new capabilities such as virtualization- aware compute node maintenance automation Virtualization Fully virtualized platform that changes how you can deliver applications and services Virtual • Delivery of new services and applications in Security minutes and hours instead of days and weeks Compute Applications Single skill set across leading industry hypervisors and operating systems, processors, storage Storage and networking protocols Physical • Skills used with one hypervisor Management Networking today can be applied to another hypervisor tomorrow © 2012 IBM Corporation14
  • 15. Virtualization expertise to enable new application and servicedelivery models Image Virtual Import repository appliance Software Deploy application Virtual Software Machines + Operating application Operating system system Capture + Virtual Machines Metadata Metadata Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Discover and manage heterogeneous image repositories • Import, capture and catalog new VMs from existing systems Simplified virtual image deployment and customization • Dynamically provision virtualized server, storage and network resources Leading “Ready for Pureflex” application providers supporting virtual application service deployment • Leverage open standards packaging for interoperability © 2012 IBM Corporation15
  • 16. IBM PureSystems Centre- Expansive Partner Ecosystem • Optimized solutions from 100+ leading ISV partners • Search by solution area, industry or system. • Gain access to ISV application patterns for trial and production. • Certified through ‘Ready for IBM PureSystems’ program. • All of your existing AIX, IBM i, Linux and Windows applications will run on IBM PureFlex System © 2012 IBM Corporation16 The SAP logo is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries and is reproduced with the permission of SAP AG.
  • 17. Consider the AlternativeReduce time, effort and risk throughout the solution lifecycle Expert Integrated Systems Top of rack Network Switch Self Integrated Solution Network Advantages Management Low acquisition price Established ecosystem Readily available components Single Architecture Interchangeable vendors Servers Server Management Disadvantages Management costs Security Compatibility SAN Multiple support structures Storage Management © 2012 IBM Corporation17
  • 18. Consider the AlternativeReduce time, effort and risk throughout the solution lifecycle Expert Integrated SystemsStarts at Acquisition: One vendor, one purchase, one support structure IBM PureFlex System Pre-configured, pre-integrated infrastructure systems with compute, storage, networking, physical and virtual management, and entry cloud management with integrated expertise. Advantages Up & Running Quickly Integration by Design Enhanced Security Included SmartCloud Entry Reduced Management Costs © 2012 IBM Corporation18
  • 19. What does it mean for you? Agility Efficiency • Get up and running in hours, cutting • Deploy twice as many applications per months off deployment time of new square foot of data center space application projects. • Cut lifecycle maintenance time in half • Accelerate industry capabilities with with minimal downtime solutions from a broad open ecosystem • Manage a cloud as easily as a single • Elastically adapt to workload workload spikes without overbuying Simplicity Control • Free up time from procuring, • Lower risk and costs with automated supporting, testing & deploying assets provisioning and seamless scalability with security and resiliency • Avoid delays due to limited IT skills or complex integration with factory integration • Maximize flexibility with choice of and built-in expertise architectures, and open standards • Maintain more quickly and easily with • Intelligently manage cloud integrated system patches environments © 2012 IBM Corporation19
  • 20. IBM PureFlex System & SmartCloud Entry:Cloud-Ready, Cloud Enabled © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 21. IBM Cloud Solutions Private Cloud entry points at any level Orchestrate with advanced cloud Automate with entry cloud  Automated IT service deployment Integrate your virtualized  Full lifecycleIT without Boundaries foundation management,  Deliver self-service metering & chargeback provisioning  Automated  Automate IT service resource deployment balancing  Simplify  Virtual image administration management Cloud Capabilities © 2012 IBM Corporation21
  • 22. SmartCloud Entry The industry’s only end-to-end solution for physical, virtual, and cloud resource management…. The only entry cloud offering that spans multiple hardware platforms One of the few cloud offerings that spans multiple hypervisors The only cloud offering with integrated servers, memory, CPUs, energy usage, networks, platform management storage, … … with true single-pane-of-glass integration and simplicity © 2012 IBM Corporation22
  • 23. PureFlex System: Designed for Cloud with resource pooling andautomated provisioning expertiseDramatically improve system utilization and administrator productivity• Manage Services instead of Servers, Network and Storage• System Pools are a set of resources that make up a service and can be acted upon as a group for Placement, Maintenance, etc.• Provisioning of CPU, memory, storage and networking with automatic virtual machine placement and optimization• Utilization monitoring and policies to support performance, with Management Virtualization utilization optimized pooling Mobility SW SW SW OS OS OS Software Operating System Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtualization Optimized for …. • Availability • Performance • Energy* Networking Compute Storage Networking Compute Storage Systems Virtual Systems System Pools / Cloud Manage a pool of system resources or a cloud as simply as managing a single system © 2012 IBM Corporation23
  • 24. PureFlex System and SmartCloud Entry deliver an optimized platform for cloud solutions Cloud-ready, cloud … Deploy a cloud enabled systems with workload in IBM SmartCloud Entry 4 clicks included Converged server, … Completely storage and network integrated solution resources with on day 1, no tuning integrated platform needed management … Resource Pooling & … Manage a cloud as Automated Provisioning easily as a single Expertise … system Certified Trusted Computing Standards … Centrally control all system to ensure a user permissions secure cloud and access environment … © 2012 IBM Corporation24
  • 25. Accelerate cloudPrepackaged virtual appliance for x86 / KVM Accelerate CloudAlphinat® SmartGuide application Results:X86 KVM 10x Increase in automation processAlphinat’s® SmartGuide PaaS Editionprovides: Accelerated cloud deployment process•Enterprise class scale and agility Reduced risk and cost•Rapidly develop & deploy user-centricinteractive web dialogues for the IBM Cloud “Alphinat prepackaged SmartGuide solution as a DMTF OVF lower compliant virtual appliance and accelerated cloudification, to risk, cost and cut automation process by a factor of 10. ” — Curtis Page, Chief Operating Officer, Alphinat © 2012 IBM Corporation25
  • 26. Accelerate cloud with PureFlex SystemPrepackaging virtual appliance for x86 / KVM Accelerate Cloud Results:Stingray: Application Delivery Controller Accelerated application deployment•Reliability with load balancing from hours to MINUTES•Scalability through server offload Improved agility, efficiency &•Accelerated user experience with caching simplicity•Security with cloud-enabled firewalls•Deep application intelligence Reduced costs, energy and administrative time•Powerful scripting tools “ Riverbeds Stingray software is the ideal tool to help customers migrate to virtual and cloud infrastructures. Stingray and IBM PureFlex System deliver huge savings on capital investment and operating costs, energy, ” and administrative time. - Apurva Davé, VP Marketing, Riverbed © 2012 IBM Corporation26
  • 27. Getting There: Easier than you think! © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 28. Step 1. Choose the right partner IBM provides the right hardware, software and expertise and global reach to help your organization fully leverage the cloud. A next-generation combination of technology, expertise and reach helps you advance your cloud deployment. 2000 cloud engagements in the first 6 months of 2011 alone. 1M managed VM machines. 4.5M daily client transactions through public clouds. “IBM has one of the most comprehensive cloud portfolios.” – Jeff Vance, Datamation IBM SmartCloud Center IBM Cloud Labs © 2012 IBM Corporation28
  • 29. Things to think about Is your current structure delivering all of the available data points and insights required to run your business? How long does it take you today to add a new server or VM instance to your existing application landscape? How many new servers or VMs are you adding per week or month? Do you have the integration and management skills available to meet the required timeframe? Once this implementation is successful, how many more cloud services would you like to deploy in the next 12-24 months? Will you have the budget to manage, and the skills available to deploy them? Do you have the skills available to achieve your desired security level within the desired timeframe? © 2012 IBM Corporation29
  • 30. Getting to Cloud! Next Steps: Meet with IBM Client Representative or PureFlex System sales specialist for a deeper discussion of PureFlex System’s virtualization and cloud capabilities Review virtualization implementation plans & considerations Determine timeframes and schedules to meet your needs SmartCloud Entry © 2012 IBM Corporation30