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2011.12.20 - Ready Pack for Cloud and SmartCloud Entry
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2011.12.20 - Ready Pack for Cloud and SmartCloud Entry


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Présentation de la solution pour cloud privé d'entrée composée de IBM Ready Pack for Cloud et de IBM SmartCloud Entry

Présentation de la solution pour cloud privé d'entrée composée de IBM Ready Pack for Cloud et de IBM SmartCloud Entry

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • {DESCRIPTION} This slide contains the topics that are covered by the narration written in the transcription of this slide. {TRANSCRIPT} Cloud is a model for enabling on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources than can be acquired quickly and easily. In other words it is taking all of your resources such as Systems, network, application and storage and pooling them together to function as a single massively scalable resource, where services are accessible via the web. There are different types of clouds. Private cloud is where all the resources are owned, managed and controlled by the enterprise. It is a cloud behind the firewall. Public cloud is the other end of the spectrum. I think we are all familiar with public cloud options like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), or Google Apps. This is a cloud where anyone who pays can have access to those resources. Finally, you can merge options between public and private and create what has been coined a “hybrid cloud”. A hybrid cloud solution is some mix of private and public integrated with your traditional IT to deliver the cloud solution to the end user . IMB believes that enterprises will adopt cloud models to improve employee productivity, deploy new products and services faster and reduce operating costs, because what cloud enables is self-service through automation, so it requires less support to get services needed. Its sourcing options, you have choices and flexibility in terms of how you deploy and consume services. Economies-of-scale through more standard environment. Ubiquitous access to applications which leads to greater productivity and the ability to pay just for what is used.
  • {DESCRIPTION} This slide contains the topics that are covered by the narration written in the transcription of this slide. {TRANSCRIPT} Economic benefits can be achieved at each steps on this journey to cloud. There’s more information in the speaker notes on this slide, but I’m just going to hit the high points here. Let’s start with Consolidate and Virtualize. Typical server in data center is running one application and has utilization rate of 5-25%. As systems are consolidated and virtualized in a cloud environment the number of servers required can drop significantly and utilization increases. Also consider that it means a drop in power and cooling and space utilization. Now, there is cost of virtualization software and service management software, and you do need these in order to provide visibility, control and automation for the virtualized systems. However these costs are partially offset by the reduction in number of operations systems licensed due to consolidation. Based on our own customer studies, we’ve seen a h ardware payback of 30%-70%. Automate and Standardize: Automated provisioning provides the ability to provision systems quickly and without manual intervention. Scripts are created that are then used by automated tools to consistently provision systems without potential human error. The key savings here, is in the amount of time saved for deploying new systems. The use of automated provisioning tools can reduce time required to provision images from weeks or days to minutes. We’ve seen the p rovisioning payback: 48-90%. There’s another here and that’s the standard images. As virtualization increases, the variety of software images that need to be managed can quickly proliferate and this can lead to higher costs. When identified a workload that can be standardized and cloned, and then the maintenance needed for unique images is eliminated. This can significantly reduce maintenance on patches, testing and upgrades. In a nutshell, the higher the clone factor, the lower the labor costs associated with deploying and maintaining virtual software virtual images. So, Optimize/Cloud ready – you are virtualized, automated and standardized. How else does this help you? Overall productivity can be further enhanced. Not only can you deploy resource quickly, but people can access them more quickly. With automated tools, there’s a self-service portal that’s used to choose the environment from a service catalogue. This allows also for determining how long that resource is needed, and then enables automated work flows. The environments are stood up in minutes as we said. Now, if we think about this across enterprise and how this accelerates the completion of work and the dramatic impact it can have on the agility of an IT organization, the effect is significant. We have seen p roductivity payback to be up to 90%. Overall Systems administration and efficiency. As a cloud environment is implemented, hardware is consolidated and systems are virtualized to drive savings. There are less physical servers to manage but the number of virtual servers increases and virtual systems are more complex to administer. This is one of the reasons that a strong service management system is so critical to an efficient and effective cloud environment, without it there is the possibility that cost actually can increase. The key savings metric for system administration payback is the efficiencies that can be gained by effectively managing the virtualized aspect of the cloud environment. With proper service management tools for a highly virtualized environment, the administration savings can range 36% to 45%.
  • System x High Volume systems are ideal for virtualization, and IBM has a long leadership history that clients leverage every day to meet their IT objectives. From virtualization on mainframe systems in the 60’s, to a number of firsts with VMware, IBM uniquely understands what it takes to provide best in class virtualized infrastructure. IBM sells more High Volume servers for virtualization than any other IBM system! IBM continues to lead the IT transition from consolidation to virtualization and into the next generation of cloud computing, providing optimized reliable systems and partnering to create best-in-class solutions that help clients evolve their data centers into the future.
  • Transcript

    • 1. IBM Ready Pack for Cloud with IBM SmartCloud Entry Get started to implement the advantages of Cloud Computing on System x servers IBM Ready Pack for Cloud is validated by: /cloud
    • 2. Cloud computing is a model for enabling on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be acquired quickly and easily. Cloud enables :
        • Ubiquitous access to applications
        • Measured service/pay-per-use
        • On demand self-service
        • Sourcing options
        • Economies-of-scale
      Types of cloud:
    • 3. Transformation to cloud begins with 3 key steps: virtualize, automate and optimized management Physical hardware Virtualization management Systems management
      • Consolidate and virtualize across Servers, Storage and Networks
      • Monitor the virtualized environment
      • Integrate virtualization management with IT service delivery processes
      • Simplified deployment with virtual appliances
      Self Service Metering and Charging Elastic scaling
      • Record and test provisioning scripts for deploying cloud services
      • Capture and catalog virtual images
      • Pool standardized virtualized building blocks
      Automate provisioning tools Standardize applications and processes
    • 4. Optimize/ Cloud Management Consolidate and Virtualize Automate and Standardize
      • Payback through:
      • Higher utilization and avoidance of capital expense
      • Reduces depreciation expense
      • Energy and facilities
      • Payback through:
      • Time saved deploying new systems
      • Reduced maintenance through image cloning
      • Payback through:
      • Self-service provisioning with service catalog
      • Automated workflows
      Efficient overall systems administration
      • Payback through:
      • Monitor the virtualized environment
      • Manage the virtualized environment
      • Discovery, dependency and change tracking
      Economic benefits can be achieved along the way
    • 5. IBM Ready Pack For Cloud + IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x = The Perfect Solution to start with Cloud computing in a Simple and Easy Way
    • 6. Ready pack for Cloud System x Solution Juniper Switch DS3500 storage VMWare Ready pack for Cloud System x Solution Juniper Switch DS3500 storage VMWare Foundation Virtualized Infrastructure Entry Cloud SmartCloud Entry NEW! Easy Transformation to Cloud with System x
      • Optimized Virtualized platform
        • Integrated Solution built on IBM System x servers
        • Validated by IBM, VMware & NetApp
        • Scalable Solution from 48 to 100s VMs
        • Flexible upgrades (Server and/or Storage,..)
        • Sizing guide developed for the « Ready Pack »
        • Infrastructure « Cloud Ready » below 50.000 € list price.
      • Optional Software to build Entry Cloud
        • SmartCloud Entry for System x proposed as Optimal Software to build basic cloud functions
      * Alternative configurations are available on request
    • 7. 4UPack Ready Pack 3vPack BladeCenter Foundation For Cloud Investment 50 VMs 100 to 1000 VMs 100 VMs NetApp VMware BNT VMware Qlogic Juniper NetApp Emulex Brocade Amount of virtual servers Starter packs for Cloud for System x and BladeCenter * Alternative configurations are available on request
    • 8. A shared , secure and redundant infrastructure, for a wide range of applications Ready Pack for Cloud * Alternative configurations are available on request
    • 9. Cloud: Entry IBM SmartCloud Entry for Systems x : Add the essential functions of the Cloud to your Ready Pack Integrated and simplified management of resources and users, Authorizations, Deployment, Usage, Invoicing. Accelerate the deployment of your new offerings 65 essential functions to support cloud usage scenarios for Administrators and users Self service portal Simplified Installation. A flexible and modular design NEW! SmartCloud Entry Ready Pack for Cloud System x, Juniper Switch, DS3500 Storage VMware
    • 10. IBM SmartCloud Entry Kit for System x : Add essential functions to your Ready Pack A simple and intuitive Self Service portal "Self-Service" portal for Provisioning VMs (Create,Clone, monitoring) "Self-Service" portal for deployment of images (Create,Clone, monitoring ) Essential functionality to measure and manage Authentifications and Autorizations Measure the usage for invoicing purposes For effective management of the cloud IBM SmartCloud Entry
    • 11. IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x : A Self service Portal for the Users – Example of Functions
      • Visualizes Virtual Appliances
      • Deployment of Virtual Appliances
      • View or remove applications
      • Managing workloads
      • Managing Projects
      • Create new Projects
      • Manage access to projects
      • View account information
      • View Events
      • View the status of the Cloud
      Application deployment User Management Manage usage and invoicing Simple and efficient interface for rapid deployment
    • 12. IBM SmartCloud Entry For System x : A Portal for Administrators – Examples of Functions
      • Resource connection
      • User management - Create / remove - email alerting - Languages and time zones
      • Configure resources - Definitions of configurations
      • Manage network connection - Association of Vlan ID’s - IP address Ranges
      • Manage requests - Approvals / Rejecting - Modify requests requests - Changing policies
      • Manage accounts - Create / Remove - Add creditsts and Set limits
      • Manage the Cloud - Dashboard - Event Management
      Manage deployments Dashboard To improve infrastructure efficiency Manage requests Manage accounts
    • 13. IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x : A flexible Open and Scalable Solution
      • Integrated Software solution
      • Integrated API
      • Integrated User Interface
      • Flexible: Supports VmControl and VMware vCenter
      • Open solution for integration in a customer environment
      • Upgrade possibility by adding servers or functionality (eg: using TPM for Images)
      Architecture Components SmartCloud Entry Management stack
    • 14. IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x v2.2 A 100% Integrated Software solution that turns your virtualized platform from a “Ready for Cloud” state into a“Cloud operational” state.
      • One solution for Users and Administrators
        • Your Users will be able to quickly size an environment through a Webinterface.
        • Administrators can monitor and manage this environment to improve the efficiency and utilization
      Article numbers and price 00D4658 IBM SmartCloud Entry Kit x86 Ed V2, Per Managed Srvr w/1 Yr S&S List price € 1320,00 00D4659 IBM SmartCloud Entry Kit x86 Ed V2, Per Managed Srvr w/3 Yr S&S List price € 1840,00
    • 15. Infrastructure IBM Ready Pack For Cloud + Software Option IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x* = The perfect solution for an easy and efficient start for a Private Cloud Web Interface and Self-service Automatic provisioning Measure usage Easy to manage * IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x can be deployed with the VMware vSphere Essentials Plus edition, which allows System x clients to rapidly deploy a low-cost private cloud solution (subject to the licensing limitations of vSphere Essentials Plus) , Contact your reseller.
    • 16. Reduced risk with a shared architecture, jointly validated A flexible and scalable solution allowing IT to address the needs of today and tomorrow A reduced TCO and gain in efficiency An easy move to cloud computing Begin you journey to Cloud … … with the Ready Pack Optimized for virtualization, combining performance, security and availability IBM Ready Pack for Cloud and IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x
    • 17. Virtualization  Cloud Computing Virtualizing with IBM System x IBM invents the first hypervisor in 1967 Virtualization Leadership 40+ year history of world-class innovation with virtualization
      • IBM System x Virtualization firsts:
      • First VMware system vendor
      • First VMware joint development partner
      • First to leverage VMware SDK
      • First to offer comprehensive VMware support
      • First embedded hypervisor
      • First VMware managed desktop offering
      Cloud Computing VM IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business with x3650 M3
      • Over 40,000 clients exploiting IBM system-level virtualization 1
    • 18. Why IBM? Recognition
        • #1 in overall satisfaction 1
        • #1 in HW quality and reliability 1
        • #1 in overall value 1
        • #1 in ease of doing business 1
        • #1 in availability and reliability 2
        • #1 in raw performance 2,3
        • #1 in observed performance 2,4
        • #1 in volume mainstream business servers 5
        • #1 in technical innovation 5
        • #1 in sales support 5
        • #1 in marketing support 5
        • #1 in training 5
        • #1 in ease of doing business 5
      1: Source: Technology Business Research – x86-Based Servers: Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study February 2011 2: Source: Gabriel Consulting Group, 2010 GCG x86 Server Vendor Preference 3: Defined as speed on benchmarks and normal workloads 4: Defined as best performance on customers’ own workloads 5: Source: CRN The fact that IBM took top honors for Partnership and Support wasn't surprising to Jeff Wohlfarht, president and CEO of Advanced Concepts Inc., Milwaukee, who noted the personalized attention he receives. “ IBM makes us feel like we ‘ re the most important customer, ” he said. “ They really treat us as if we ’ re a top earner, when in reality, we ‘ re molecule-size.” CRN “ IBM notches a solid victory, topping all competitors by a wide margin. Raw performance is a category that IBM has won for the past three years – and last year, the margin was even wider.” Gabriel Consulting Group, 2010 GCG x86 Server Vendor Preference “ IBM built its rack servers to be rock-solid reliable. The servers deliver high availability with redundant, hot-swap power supplies as well as cooling fans. They feature IBM Predictive Failure Analysis and Light Path Diagnostics. Together, these features significantly reduce server downtime and in some cases, avoid failures altogether. The high reliability offered by System x servers means that businesses stay ahead of the competition while benefitting from enhanced investment protection and extended server lifespan.” John Spooner, Technology Business Research “ Customers see IBM’s System x brand as offering the best availability and reliability feature set.” Gabriel Consulting Group, 2010 GCG x86 Server Vendor Preference