Protect your family with life insurance california estate planning dpoa dnr 4088541883


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Protect your family with life insurance california estate planning dpoa dnr 4088541883

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Protect your family with life insurance california estate planning dpoa dnr 4088541883

  1. 1. Protect your family, your dying wishes, your asset andothers with Life Insurance, Estate Planning, DurablePower of Attorney Healthcare CaliforniaConnie Dello Buono California Financial Rep LifeInsurance Lic 0G606211708 Hallmark lane San Jose CA 95124 cell 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.comWhat is a Durable Power of Attorney Healthcare(California)? Here is where you specify your wishes in the eventthat you are incapacitated and you want to die in a normal way (inaddition to the DNR Do Not Resuscitate doc you signed with yourprimary doctor) and just need comfort measures. It is different froma Durable Power of Attorney (Finances, properties...)What is Estate Planning?Estate planning is the process through which one is able tomake certain his or her property and health care wishes aremet in the case of death or incapacitation. Estate planninginvolves making decisions concerning the transfer of one’sproperty at death as well as various decisions concerninghealth care, retirement, and other personal matters.What is an Estate?An estate is all property owned or controlled by a person,either in his/ her name, a partnership, a trust, or a jointownership. It also includes any other money generated in theevent of the person’s death, such as life insurance. An estateincludes: • Real estate and all things attached (a house, barn, etc.) • Personal property (bank accounts, stocks and other securities, cash, automobiles, jewelry, etc.)
  2. 2. • Businesses and business interests (corporations, joint ventures, business property, etc.) • Powers of appointment (the right to direct who gets what) • Pension benefits, annuity contracts, life insurance, etc. • Debts • ClaimsWhy You Should Plan Your EstateEstate planning is important because it ensures that yourwishes will be carried out in the event of your incapacitationor death. You should consider planning your estate if you: • Have a child, or children that are minors • Possess property that you care about • Care about your future health care treatmentIf you meet any of the above descriptions, planning yourestate can benefit you in many different ways. Potentialbenefits include: • Being able to provide for your immediate family. Life insurance is a key way to provide for a surviving spouse or minor children. • Deciding guardianship for minor children. In order to ensure that your children receive the education and upbringing you want, be certain that you choose potential guardians instead of leaving it up to a court. • Providing for other relatives who need financial help or direction. Establishing a trust fund ensures that relatives will have the money and aid that they need. • Avoiding probate and make sure that loved ones get property quickly and without trouble. • Planning for your incapacity. Powers of attorney or living wills ensure that decisions concerning your health care are made in accordance with your wishes. • Minimizing expenses due to property transfer.
  3. 3. Choosing executors or trustees for your estate, which givesauthority to individuals which you would like to administeryour estate. • Planning your funeral ahead of time to ease emotional or financial strain on your loved ones. • Supporting charitable causes while taking advantage of tax laws which encourage philanthropy. • Reducing the amount of money the government takes from your estate and ensuring your loved ones get as much as they can. • Making certain your business or businesses continue to operate correctly.