GreenWorks April Meeting


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  • Founded in 2008 by US Army Veterans, MSMF is a 501 (c)(3) international non-profit organization that creates sustainable communities through empowering individuals.
  • First, let’s talk about micro-lending. What is a micro-loan? At MSMF, we believe that a micro-loan is more than an loan. It’s an opportunity. How is this different than a traditional bank loan? While MSMF takes precautions to mitigate risk, our loan requirement are more flexible, so folks with imperfect credit or those lacking collateral have the opportunity to access capital.
  • Eligibility for different loan types depends on your business plan and your financial need. You will assess these needs throughout the business planning course.
  • Grady Parker has been trying to open a veteran’s shelter for years in Charlotte. After receiving a lifetime grant from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, he needed a small loan to get him started. MSMF gave him a loan of $20,000 and helped him leverage over $50,000 from multiple sources. After years of waiting, the project is moving ahead as planned.MSMF helped Thomas take his idea for an energy audit and weatherization business from idea to reality by helping him build his business plan, and by giving him the money he needed to buy equipment. Thomas was able to use this loan and pay off this loan within 6 months.
  • As you may know, the year abroad has the potential to be a truly outstanding year of your life, academically, socially and personally. Here are a few quotes from recent year abroad students…
  • GreenWorks April Meeting

    2. 2. Agenda  About MSMF  Our Sustainable Focus  Green Business Planning Classes  What is a Green Micro Loan?  Program Details  Get StartedWWW.MSMF.ORG
    3. 3. Our Vision We envision sustainable communities – socially, economically, and environmentally. BUILDING SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable Resources People Economies Sustainable Solutions School for School Green Microloans Promoting the development and of Providing cross cultural Provide financial resources, literacy green technologies and sustainable exchange, volunteer and financial resource to under practices throughout the world opportunities resourced communityWWW.MSMF.ORG
    4. 4. About MSMF Our Mission The mission of MSMF is to create opportunities for individuals and communities by providing financial resources, work-force training, cross cultural exchanges and sustainable solutions to real world challenges. Green Microfinance Mission The mission of the GMLI is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their full potential by providing financial literacy, green business planning classes, and access to capital.WWW.MSMF.ORG
    5. 5. Green Business Plan ClassesBusiness ClassesOur workshops focus on a different aspect of thebusiness plan each class. Each class is designedfor students to actually complete differentcomponents of their plan.Community MentorsMSMF provides resources to small businessesby providing mentorship and connecting themwith other business owner or mentors in theindustry.One-on-One CoachingWork with a member of our team one-on-one toflush out the details of your business plan.WWW.MSMF.ORG
    6. 6. What’s a Green Micro Loan? mi·cro·loan [mahy-kroh-lohn] –noun a very small, short-term loan at low interest, especially to a start-up company or self-employed person. A micro-loan is an OPPORTUNITYWWW.MSMF.ORG
    7. 7. Micro Loan Application Requirements Viable business plan that includes a sustainability plan Financial considerations Character considerations  Satisfactory attendance in Green Business Planning Class  Regularly meet with coach & mentor (as needed)  Active participation in reporting & evaluationWWW.MSMF.ORG
    8. 8. Typical Micro Loans • Business Loans up to $50,000: for established profitable businesses • Start-Up Loans up to $30,000: for businesses with 6 months in operation, but that are not yet profitable. • Transition Business loans up to $30,000: for the purchase of an existing business or a change in business location *Not everyone will qualify for a micro loan. The process is selective due to the nature of business. Because an additional unpaid loan would create financial hardship, it is a disservice to issue a loan to a candidate who cannot repay.WWW.MSMF.ORG
    9. 9. Previous Micro Loans in Charlotte Grady Parker Thomas Elijah Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC Loan Amount: $ 20,000 Loan Amount: $ 2,800WWW.MSMF.ORG
    10. 10. Success Stories
    11. 11. Questions? 2133 SouthEnd Dr , Suite #108 Charlotte, NC 28203 (980) 207-3260 Thank you!WWW.MSMF.ORG