Charlotte Capital Improvement Program Proposal
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Charlotte Capital Improvement Program Proposal



Ruffin Hall, assistant city manager for the city of Charlotte, presents a summary of the draft General Capital Investment Plan (CIP).

Ruffin Hall, assistant city manager for the city of Charlotte, presents a summary of the draft General Capital Investment Plan (CIP).



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Charlotte Capital Improvement Program Proposal Charlotte Capital Improvement Program Proposal Presentation Transcript

  • Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit Summary Presentation of CityDraft General Capital Investment Plan (CIP) April 13, 2012
  • Population Change by Census Tract 2000 - 2010Areas with largest population gains: Southwest, South, North and Northeast Charlotte Northern Towns Declined by more than 251 Declined between 1 and 250 No population Change Gained between 1 and 500 Gained between 501 and 1,000 Gained between 1,001 and 2,000 Gained more than 2,000
  • Shrinking Middle Class?
  • Percent of Persons Receiving Food Stamps 2002 201021% to 90% 9% to 20% 1% to 8%
  • Elementary Schools2011 Elementary SchoolFree & Reduced LunchAnd EOG Proficiency # of % of EOG % Proficiency Schools Schools 23.1% to 60% 49 53.8% 60% to 80% 22 24.2% 80.1% to 96.0% 20 22%Free/Reduced Lunch 61 % to 100 % 31% to 60 % 0% to 30%
  • Mecklenburg County Average Single-Family Tax ValuesRegional Average Single-FamilyTax Values Cabarrus GastonTax Value < $150,000 $150,000 to $250,000 >$250,000 York Union
  • Mecklenburg County Average Single-Family Tax ValuesTax Value Change Depreciated Up to 53% 0% to 19% Appreciated More Than 20%
  • Mecklenburg County 2011 RevaluationApproximately 50% of all residential tax value is generated by E1, S1, S2 and S3 zones. *Qualified Sales thru 12/15/2010
  • Transforming CharlotteCapital budget recommendations: • No capital program is a serious risk • Recommend an 8-year view • Referenda in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 • $900 million program, requiring $32 million annually • Funding options: – Further cuts to the operating budget – Additional revenues • Recommend a 4¢ property tax increase
  • Bond Referenda History with Proposed Bond Referenda ($ in millions) $250 $200 $150 $100 $50 $0* Proposed
  • Distribution of Capital Funding Category 2012 2014 2016 2018 TOTAL Transportation $175.6 $166.3 $106.8 $61.2 $509.9 Neighborhoods 20.0 40.0 40.0 20.0 120.0 Affordable Housing 15.0 15.0 15.0 15.0 60.0 Sub Total Bonds $210.6 $221.3 $161.8 $96.2 $689.9 Facilities & Equipment 155.5 24.0 29.2 27.8 236.5 TOTAL $366.1 $245.3 $191.0 $124.0 $926.4in millions
  • Comprehensive ApproachInvesting in Corridors • Airport/West Corridor • East/Southeast Corridor • Northeast Corridor
  • Investing in Corridors Airport/West Corridor These investments facilitate economic development as recommended in the Dixie-Berryhill Area Plan and the Westside Strategic Plan: • Garrison Rd Extension – Section I: Old Dowd to Walker’s Ferry ($10M) – Section II: Walker’s Ferry to Existing Garrison ($13M) – Section III: Existing Garrison to Berewick ($7M) • Dixie River Rd Widening/Improvements ($13M)
  • Investing in Corridors East/Southeast CorridorThese investments implement the Independence BlvdArea Plan and facilitate reinvestment by focusing on: • Connections to neighborhood services for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit users • Streetscape improvements along Monroe Rd • Development of key catalyst sites
  • Investing in Corridors Northeast CorridorThese investments will help implement severalarea plans including Center City, UniversityResearch Park, North Tryon and station area plansalong the Blue Line Extension. They include:• New bridges over I-85• Transit connections for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists• Key development opportunities• Streetscapes and connectivity improvements• UNCC Informatics and Innovation
  • Investing in Corridors Northeast CorridorNew Bridges over I-85 Connecting:• North: Research Dr to JW Clay Blvd• South: IBM Dr to IKEA Blvd and University Pointe Blvd
  • Investing in Corridors Northeast Corridor Applied Innovation Corridor • Streetscaping along Graham St and Matheson Ave • Woodward/24th St Connection • Connections identified in the Tryon Street Area Plan for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists • Energy infrastructure at Statesville Ave Landfill • Key development opportunities
  • Comprehensive ApproachIncreasing Connections • Road/Infrastructure Projects • Cross Charlotte Multi-Use Trail • Streetcar Expansion • Traffic Control & Bridges • Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety
  • Increasing Connections Road/Infrastructure Projects• Prosperity Church Rd Northwest Arc• Eastern Circumferential/ Railroad Bridge• Park South Dr Extension
  • Increasing Connections Road/Infrastructure ProjectsProsperity Church Rd Northwest Arc• Completes the northwestern leg of the I-485/Prosperity Church Rd interchange as envisioned in the area plan• Corresponds with the 2014 opening of I-485 in this area to ensure that the interchange functions properly and traffic does not back up onto I-485
  • Increasing Connections Road/Infrastructure ProjectsEastern Circumferential/Railroad Bridge• Constructs the Eastern Circumferential from Hanberry Blvd to Back Creek Church Rd• Includes bicycle lanes and sidewalks• Built to urban street standards for improved safety and traffic flow• Coordinated with NCDOT’s railroad project that proposes to build a railroad bridge over the future road and a future NCDOT project to build the portion of the Circumferential between NC 49 and Hanberry Blvd
  • Increasing Connections Road/Infrastructure ProjectsPark South Dr Extension• Extends Park South Dr as a 2-lane street from Fairview Rd to a new roundabout at Carnegie Blvd• Extends existing eastbound left-turn lane on Fairview Rd• Enhances street network in the area and reduces delays at other signalized intersections along Fairview Rd• Consistent with two recent rezoning approvals which will build a portion of this alignment and the roundabout
  • Increasing Connections Cross Charlotte Multi-Use TrailCamden at Tremont alongthe Lynx Multi-Use Trail Kings Drive – along the Little Sugar Creek greenway
  • Increasing Connections Streetcar Expansion
  • Increasing Connections Traffic Control & Bridges • Upgrade Traffic Signal System and Control Devices • Repair and Replace Bridges Highland Ave – AfterHighland Ave – Before
  • Increasing Connections Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety Sidewalks and Pedestrian SafetyAshley Road Raintree Lane
  • Comprehensive ApproachImproving Communities• Public Safety Facilities• Maintenance Facilities• Affordable Housing• Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program
  • Next StepsBudget Process Next Steps • May 9: Recommended Budget Presentation • May 16: Budget Adjustments • May 29: Budget Public Hearing • May 30: Straw Votes • June 11: Budget Adoption
  • Comprehensive ApproachFull capital investment proposal on City’s budget website: