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CATS Update


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Carolyn Flowers, CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), provides a status update at the 2012 Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit.

Carolyn Flowers, CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), provides a status update at the 2012 Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit.

Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 1. Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit 2012 Carolyn Flowers, CEO Charlotte Area Transit System April 13, 2012City of Charlotte
  • 2. Growth of the Bus System 1998 2012City of Charlotte
  • 3. Bus System Services One of the safest in Country Accident rate less than 0.35 per 100,000 miles 87% of all routes are on-time 90% of customers rate quality of service high Countywide Transit Service Plan complete New routes implemented o Gold Rush Expansion o Matthews/Mint Hill Road Shuttle o Grier Heights route to Walmart on Independence BoulevardCity of Charlotte
  • 4. A New Era: Light Rail Transportation  LYNX Blue Line entered service in 2007  LYNX Blue Line ridership surpassed initial ridership projections by > 60% in less than three years  TOD Impacts o Pedestrian-friendly development o Mix of residential, retail employment and civic development, $1.4 billion Transit Oriented Development (TOD) investment  $18.8 million in new tax revenue (prior to revaluation)City of Charlotte
  • 5. LYNX Blue Line  9.6 miles from Charlotte Center City to I-485/South Boulevard o 15 stations o 7 park and rides  Ridership o 14,000 – 15,000 daily o 27,000 – 35,000 special events o 5 million annual  $462.7 million capital investment was a funding partnership between o USDOT $199.0 m (43%) o NCDOT $115.0 m (25%) o City/CATS $148.7 m (32%)  $10 million annual operating cost is paid from the local half-cent Sales & Use Tax revenueCity of Charlotte
  • 6. Economic Impact on Transit Sales & Use Tax Sales Tax Gap FY2007-FY2035 $400.0 $350.0 FY2007 - FY2035 TotalGap = $2.3 Billion $325.1 $300.0 $260.0 $250.0 $200.0 $207.9 $175.8 $162.5 $150.0 $148.6 $125.7 $130.4 $106.3 $109.3 $100.0 $95.0 $95.8 $85.0 $84.0 $70.2 $73.6 2006 System Plan $50.0 $70.4 $64.5 $57.4 $59.0 Current Forecast $0.0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035City of Charlotte
  • 7. 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan Adopted by the Metropolitan Transit Commission in 2006 o Guide for growth of mobility options in the region 30-year long range plan o Build-out of a multimodal transit system o Introduction of rapid transit modes of transportation Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) are key financial and technical partners FTA is the largest investor in projects i.e. 50% to 80% of eligible projects Every $ received from NCDOT is matched ≥ 100% with local half-cent sales tax fundsCity of Charlotte
  • 8. Our Next Major Project: LYNX Blue Line Extension LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE) o +9.4 miles o Implementation in 2017 o +25,000 daily riders o Improvements to North Tryon Street o Connects UNC Charlotte campuses FTA approved project o Awarded $39.6 million o 1 of 4 projects identified as “ready-to- go” in President’s FY2012 budget Financially sustainable project o $1.10 billion (YOE) o FTA issued Record of Decision in December 2011 o Request to enter Final Design in March 2012City of Charlotte
  • 9. Red Line (Commuter Rail)• Commuter rail from downtown Charlotte to Town of Davidson (or Iredell County)• Currently not eligible for federal funding• Seeking NCDOT participation o Financial partners o Leadership with private railroads• Proposed build-out in 2018 o P3 (Public-Private-Partnership)• Candidate for design-buildCity of Charlotte
  • 10. Red Line Regional Rail• Dual Benefit Corridor o Integrates the efficient movement of both goods (freight) and people (transit)• Economic Benefit o Attract new residents, employment and private business, strengthening the North Corridor as a focal point for the regional economy• Unified Benefits Approach o Maximize regional value creation, value capture and value distribution though a Joint Powers Authority (JPA)City of Charlotte
  • 11. Streetcar Starter Project Presbyterian Hospital to Charlotte Transportation CenterCity of Charlotte
  • 12. ULI-Rose Panel Concepts Limited Access Express Way BRT/Express Bus Street Car Local/Feeder BusCity of Charlotte
  • 13. Combine Busway and HOT Independence Boulevard with Exclusive Busway* Buffer Vehicle Lanes HOV Exclusive HOV Vehicle Lanes Buffer Busway ULI Recommendations with Combined Busway and HOT* Buffer Vehicle Lanes Vehicle Lanes Buffer HOV BuswayCity of Charlotte
  • 14. Potential Development at Park and Ride StationCity of Charlotte
  • 15. Thank YouCity of Charlotte