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Crown lake sports ple1

  1. 1. Crown Lake SportsPlexExecutive SummaryThe Crown Lake SportsPlex concept and conceptual drawing of the campus plan has been approved byits Board of Directors. The plan will be unveiled at a special seminar for potential investors on March 15.C oncept The SportsPlex is envisioned as a three-tiered venue. The tiers match users and type of sports offered. The tier structure is based on revenue-generating potential, with the individual and corporate users expected to produce the bulk of the revenue. Students, competitive athletes, and the general public are expected to produce the highest volume ofuse but the lowest level of revenue. Students and General Public Competitive Atheletes Individual and Corporate UsersThe SportsPlex will be divided into three components venues—the Aquatics Center, the Golf Center, andthe Olympics Center—based on the type of sporting venue. Supporting facilities, including restaurants,pro shops, boutiques, and family-oriented activities, will be provided with each of three venues.
  2. 2. 2 Golf Center Auquatics Olympics Center Center Crown Labs SportsPlexVenuesEach of these venues is designed to appeal to the three types of users. Venues will be carefully arrangedto ensure that conflicts among users will not occur. The lake is located in the center of 285 acres ofproperty. High usage acreage located on the north side of the lake, and the upscale private-membership facilities are located on the south side of the lake.Estimated Project Costs Venues will be carefully arranged to ensureLand and existing facilities, including the Crown Lake Special that conflicts among users will not occurEvents Center, have been purchased by the Crown Lake SportsPlexfounders at a cost in excess of $10million. The estimated costs ofthe facilities are shown in the following table.
  3. 3. Total Estimated Cost by FacilityVenue and Facility Facility Costs Venue CostsAquatics Center Sailing Club $1,375,000 Swim Center 225,000 Marina 165,000 Total $1,375,000.00Golf Center Golf Course 5,350,000 Practice Areas 250,000 Walking Trails 195,000 Clubhouse 1,600,000 Total $5,795,000.00Olympics Center Courts 1,275,000 Fields 1,325,000 Track 890,000 Total $2,600,000.00Total CostThe total cost is projected to be $12,650,000. Detailed costs of each facility and venue are provided inthe comprehensive report. Conceptual designs are also available.Investment OpportunitiesQualified investors are being offered the opportunity to invest in the Crown Lake SportsPlex. Extensiveproformas have been prepared, and investment professionals will attend the March 15 seminar toexplain the investment opportunities and offer professional opinions about the project. They willdiscuss the projected return on investment and other benefits associated with the project. In additionto the return on the investment, all levels of investment include private club membership benefits.The reward provided with this investment opportunity is significant, but it is important to understandthat the risk involved in this project is also significant.This document contains confidential and proprietary information that is provided only to investors andpotential investors of the Crown Lake SportsPlex. Do not copy, distribute, or share this information.