Business management final project


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Business management final project

  1. 1. Remodeling aBathroom Connie Scott Project Management and Coordination
  2. 2. Contents Project Goal Statement and SWOT Analysis Page 3 Stakeholder Analysis Page 4 Project Charter Page 5and 6 Scope Statement Page 7and 8 Justification of Project Plan Page 92|P a g e
  3. 3. Goal Statement:To completely remodel Tim’s bathroom by December 31st, spending less than $4000.SWOT Analysis INTERNAL EXTERNAL STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES It would increase the Do it yourself projects value of the home. are a major headache. POSITIVE We would have a more We will have to learn to functional bathroom. tile. It would it double our We will have to learn storage space. plumbing skills. WEAKNESSES THREATS Retiling the floor could It will save us money. be a nightmare and we We will be able to pick may end up wasting out our own fixtures more tiles because of NEGATIVE and get what we really lack of knowledge. want. We may spring a leak It will allow us to and ruin the flooring. develop new skills. We may end up calling a plumber in the end; and going over budget3|P a g e
  4. 4. Stakeholder Analysis: Stakeholders for Tim’s bathroom remodeling project Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder3 Stakeholder4 Tim Vandehey Connie Scott Roger North Madison CityOrganization Home owner Home owner Family friend Building Inspector Financer Financer Tear out old I will coordinate Roger will tear out flooring. Will Issue Permit fixtures and plumbing, Install the new and Inspect ProjectRole on project purchase items to install the sink, flooring by cutting, to ensure project is be used in bathtub, and laying, and grouting up to code. bathroom. medicine cabinet. tiles. I have been flipping Is very qualified to Tim doesn’t like Roger is a jack of all houses all of my give suggestions on home remodeling trades.Unique facts about life. I know the how to proceed projects. Roger can makestakeholder tricks of the trade with project to Tim knows how to anything you put in and how to stay ensure that it is cut and lay tile. front of him work. under budget. done properly.Level of interest Low/Medium High Low LowLevel of influence Medium High Low/Medium High Tim has a cabin and Roger will work I will work with likes to go hunting. with me, whenever Roger, whenever his Roger and I will my schedule Has the official saySuggestions on schedule permits. I work on the permits. Roger will on how the projectmanaging relationships consider any bathroom while he try to incorporate may proceed. suggestions that is there. This will my ideas or let me Roger makes. ensure that Tim will know what will4|P a g e
  5. 5. avoid all stress work better. involved with the project.5|P a g e
  6. 6. Project Char ter Project Title Bathroom Remodeling ProjectStart Date:November 1, 2011 Completion Date:December 30, 2011 Budget Reports: The budget for the bathroom remodeling project must maintain a budget that is less than $4000. This will pay for flooring tiles, grout, sealer, a bathtub, sink, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and cabinets. It is to be funded through Timothy Vande Hey and Connie Scott. Project Manager: The Project Manager, Connie Scott is hereby authorized to negotiate for resources, delegateresponsibilities within the framework of the project, and to communicate with all contractors and inspectors, as required, to ensure successful and timely completion of the project. Connie Scott is responsible for: developing the project plan, monitoring the schedule, cost, and scope of the project during implementation; and maintaining control over the project by measuring performance and taking corrective action.Name:Connie Scott Address:2942 Bluff Street,Madison, WI 53705Phone Number:608.698.3990 Email Address:Walgreens3990@yahoo.comThe objective of the Project is:  To have a functional bathroom.  Increase energy efficiency.  Increase storage space.  Solve plumbing issues.  Enlarge bathtub space  Increase the value of the home  Replace flooring that is  Replace broken fixtures starting to fall off  Increase lighting Approach: A completed project plan will be developed and submitted to the Building Inspector for approval by October 22, 2011. Upon approval of the project plan resources will be assigned to the projectand work will commence within eight days. Once the project commences, work on the project will be performed according to the schedule provided in the approved project plan. Connie Scott will obtain approval from the Tim Vande Hey for any schedule changes which impact the project completion milestones. Connie will consult with Roger North as to scheduling changes. 6|P a g e
  7. 7. Milestones Building Permit has been Obtainedfrom the Building Inspector: 10/ 23/11 Disposal Of Flooring Tiles, Bathtub, Sink and Cabinets has been arranged by the 10/25/11 method of a dumpster disposal system. The Sink, Tub and Flooringhave been torn out. 11/01/11 Flooringhas been installed and Flooring has been sealed. 11/05/11 Tub and new lighting has been installed. 11/11/11 New cabinet and vanity are installed 11/19/11 New Sink is installed 11/22/11 Approval of the Building Inspector has been received. 11/24/11 Roles and ResponsibilitiesName Role Position Contact Information 2942 Bluff Street, Madison,WI 53705 Tim Vande Hey Flooring Installation Homeowner 608.231.1938 Design, Purchasing, and 2942 Bluff Street, Madison,WI 53705 Connie Scott Installation Homeowner 608.698.3990 P.O. 205 Kamarath Rd Dalton, WI Installation of sink, tub, Roger North vanity, and mirror Installer 53946 920.394.3436 Madison Municipal Building 215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite LL 100 Madison City Will issue permit and Inspector Madison, WI 53703 Building Inspector inspect completed work. email: TEL: 608/266-4551 FAX: 608/266-6377 Comments TimeLine for Installation is not set in Stone. All Parties will Work on This Project at their own convenience, as time will Permit, with the exception of the building inspector...Signature Of Project Manager :_______________________________________________________________________Signature Of Project Sponsor :________________________________________________________________________Signature of Major Stakeholder:______________________________________________________________________Signature of Key Stakeholder: ________________________________________________________________________ 7|P a g e
  8. 8. Scope Statement Scope Statement Date: November 16, 2011Project Name Bathroom Remodeling Project The Project Justification meets the requirements for:  Replacing loose flooring by installing new tile.  Replacing faucets that leak by installing new faucets.Project Justification  Replacing a toilet that leaks by installing a new one.  Enlarging a bathtub that is too small.  And, adding storage space that is greatly needed by adding a vanity and larger medicine cabinet.  A Subfloor must be laid before the bathtub, sink, toilet, or flooring is installed to ensure a solid foundation. Flooring must be durable and last the lifetime of the house.  Quality fixtures and plumbing must be installedProduct Characteristics and Requirements so that we do not have to go through this process again five years down the road.  All remodeling projects must be up to standard code as we intend to flip the house.  We must stay under a $4000 budget as we want to sell the house and maintain a profit.  The plan has been presented to the inspector to sign off on; indicating the types of the materials being used, size of the room, and any additions that are being added on.  Approval is received and the work has proceededDeliverables and is completed.  At which time we will be able to present the inspector with a finished product allowing him to sign off on the project.  The deliverable is a newly renovated bathroom that will enhance the value of the homes resale value.8|P a g e
  9. 9. Project constraints are:  It is not easy to take a sledgehammer and knockout a bathtub.  Removing old tiles that have been cemented to the wall is time consuming.Project Constraints  Laying a subfloor is time consuming.  Pulling old piping that is broken off in the wall is tricky. (Will we have to trace it back further and cut out piping?)  Cutting tiles is time consuming.  Will we be able to stay within our budget? The project is complete when:  The bathroom has been completely gutted of the bathtub, tiles, flooring, toilet, sink, fixtures, and plumbing.  Old materials have been removed from the site.  Materials have been agreed upon.  A subfloor has been installed.  A larger bathtub has been installed.  The shower and floor tiles have been installed.Project Acceptance Criteria  The sink has been replaced.  Old plumbing fixtures have been replaced.  A new toilet has been installed.  A new vanity has been installed.  A new medicine cabinet has been installed.  The flooring has been grouted.  All parties involved in the projected are satisfied with the work and ready to call the building inspector.  The building inspector has signed off on the work completed. The project will exclude:Project Exclusion  Replacing the water pipes throughout the house.  Updating the second bathroom as a result of left over supplies.9|P a g e