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  • Search engines preso

    1. 1. Search Engines aka let’s talk google!
    2. 2. backrub anyone? Started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 The two met as students at Stanford original search engine called backrub used by stanford students. took up too much bandwidth web/19971210065425/
    3. 3. let there be Google • the goal of google was to organize the massive amount of data scattered on the web hence the name • in 1998 sun co-founder andy bechtolsheim believes in the project and gives page and brin $100,000 • 1998 page and brin open shop in a garage • had its initial public offering in august 2004 • Today google dominates the market with 200 million requests a day
    4. 4. IPO • in 2004 google was growing very fast • with ipo googleans = lotto winners • “bunker mentality” before ipo • culture change within the company. time to be a grown up • “in the tech world at least, the google IPO will define the decade.”
    5. 5. google invasion • google dance • florida • google juice • google whack • google bomb
    6. 6. Google a, “ trick pony?” • ads are source of revenue • google apps. gmail is very successful • in 2006 google buys youtube for $1.65 billion • viacom sues google for copyright infringement digital millennium copyright act (passed in us in 1998) • google wins • public’s image of google changes from benign to ruthless
    7. 7. Can youtube make money? • “...when you go to youtube, you do a search. when you go to google, you do a search.” eric schmidt • more searches = more ads seen • old spice commercial goes viral. • watch?v=owGykVbfgUE
    8. 8. more then just a search engine • schmidt sees google as: • “Advertising system” • “end user system -- google aps” • “supercomputer” • “social phenomenon”
    9. 9. fluffy, fluffy clouds • google cloud is like a super computer on steroids that runs google • Christophe Bisciglia: Data was, “...just out there, somewhere on earth...” • Bisciglia wanted access to this data to build new tools in a virtual lab
    10. 10. Algorithms are everything • MapReduce is software for speed google keeps • Other companies take notice • hadoop is software google gives everyone else • google 101 • Head of ibm research mark dean says about the cloud: “compared to this...the web is tiny.”
    11. 11. Going once...going twice... • Ads are what fuel google • These ads are bought in auctions through a system called adwords which monitors click rates and keywords • “bids are submitted in advance and winners are determined algorithmically in fractions of a second.” • winner pays a penny more then 2nd highest bid • hal varian came up with this system • yahoo follows suit
    12. 12. gunnin’ for google • Microsoft and yahoo, two of google’s biggest rivals, join forces • bing is born deemed a “decision engine” • Microsoft's ads claim google is broken • successful but no google • 2010/07/20/yahoo-bing- search-test/
    13. 13. still number one • “google, which makes most of its money from ads, rarely advertises itself.” google still dominant • seven billion searches a month • yahoo = 20% of the market • Microsoft = 10% • is google too big? • is money from just two product enough?