The Plot (CLRC) Aug 2011


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Cheshire Land Rover Club magazine issue for members

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The Plot (CLRC) Aug 2011

  1. 1. Cheshire Land Rover Club August 2011The PLOT Mow Cop: Family Camping Trip to Southwest England Billing LRO Show
  2. 2. CLRC COMMITTEE 2011 Chairman/Events Vice Chairman/MSA Paul Bayley Richard Fear 8 Hawthorne Close, Congleton, 19 Belmont Avenue, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW12 4UF Cheshire, CW11 1BU 07834 364801 07808 822424 Secretary Treasurer / Shop Eddie Knorn Hilary Williams 5 Railway Terrace 3 Whitefield Paddock, High Street, Ruabon, Wrexham, LL14 6DH. Bagillt, Flintshire. CH6 6AP 07801 498399 07718 995727 Membership Press Rob Rogers Jon Hoole 3 Whitefield Paddock, High Street, 1 Rose Cottage, Brineton, Shifnal. Bagillt, Flintshire. CH6 6AP Shropshire,TF11 8NQ 07971 550205 07976 068424 Website / The Plot Editor Charity Ian Richardson Mark Birkitt 48 Wistaston Rd, Reasemere, Reaseheath College, Willaston, Nantwich. Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 6DG Cheshire, CW5 6QL 07771 536749 07847 338703 Small Shows Peter Curbishley, 07944 123185 © 2011 Copyright - All rights reserved. Cheshire Land Rover Club No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic, recording, photocopying, or otherwise, without the prior written authority of a current Cheshire Land Rover Club committee member.2
  3. 3. Here we are more than halfway through2011 and in the middle of Land Rover Show Contributors:season. The club meeting on Tuesday 9th Mark BlinkhornAugust was well attended and it was a pleas-ure to see familiar faces and new members Hilary Williamsalike. Eddie KnornPaul, the Chairman, presented a review of Michelle Ashour recent events and about planned shows Paul Baileysuch as Peterborough. He gave an review of Sharon Hallthe the club weekend at Mow Cop and re-counted the story of Little Miss Ellie Prince, Roger Charlesworththe charity we have chosen for this year.Mark elaborated further and announcedthat our trip to the South East of England(Devon/Cornwall) is first fundraising eventand certainly, if last years visit to Lackham is anything to go by, should be a goodone.Hoping to see some sunny weather and hope that we have a little bit of rain some-times to keep the gardens watered,..... I mean make conditions a bit more entertain-ing. Ian Richardson.Thanks to all who contributed photosand articles that makes my job so muchsimpler! Welcome New Members Steve and Sandra Long, Mike Wain, Mark Jones Matthew Lawrence, Keith Marsh, Team Tin Can (Car 23) awaiting ferry! Barry Blakeley Ray Yeulet, Richard Tolley Joanne Jarnell 3
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  5. 5. Reggie’s ramblings (International!)Paul Bailey, Michelle Ash and Georgiana took part in Help for Heroes European rally in June 2011. Team Tin Can(car23) were one of 45 teams that started out in Wiltshire and finished at Berchtesgaden, site of Adolf Hitler’ssummer retreat. Overall 3000 miles was travelled through France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and into Ger-many.Michelle’s elder brothers serve in thearmed forces so Help for Heroes is acharity that means a lot personally.Paul, Michelle and Georgiana fundraisingmeasured over £5,120 on the total and theRally raised £148,000 to give to Helpfor Heroes.En-route, the rally visited PegasusBridge in Normandy, Utah Beach one ofthe D-day landings and Saint-Mere-Egllise, the first town liberated by theAllies on 6th June 1944.Following Hell’s highway, the route usedto supply troops trying to take bridges,Team Tin Can crossed the Rhine intoGermany.Ten days meant to travel the distanceof the rally meant a hectic schedulepunctuated with off road challenges andvisits to landmarks with camping over-night and driving stints of up to eighthours during the day.Help for Heroes raise money to help thewounded soldiers upon their return fromwar. 100 miles from home :( 5
  6. 6. By, Eddie Knorn:This year marked the 21st Anniversary of the BillingShow, and the Club had a stand there with six LandRovers on display: - Keith + Paul Disco 2 Td5 Eddie Disco 2 Td5 Lee Disco V8 Pete and Chris Disco 300Tdi Uncle Graham Defender 90 Steve and Sam Series 3In addition, Rich Fear and Steve Dunleavy were on site, hard at work selling Whitbread Off-Road goodies.By the time I rolled-in on Thursday night,the stand and marquee were set-up and soonit was time to explore the on-site curryhouse. The main memory of the evening wasour Chairman, Paul, attempting to prove howmanly he was by trying the Chicken Madras,only to find it was “a bit warm”….Friday was a bit quiet but allowed us all tohave a good look round and seek out somebargains. Keith’s Disco was treated to one ofthose Foxwing awnings, that was fitted in notime, while my Disco was treated to a bit of“show and shine”, (though it was not as shinyas Rich’s Disco 4 parked near the Whitbreadstand). Young Sam’s Short Wheel Base Se-ries 3 was displayed prominently with onewheel on a metal stand, and it seemed toattract the most interest from passers-by.We found out that this extreme axle articu-lation may have been due to the crack in thefront dumb iron…After Friday’s sunny weather, Saturday was a bit of a wash-out, but at least the Club marquee was a good shelter from the rain. Other tentswere not so good at keeping the weather out, as Keith and Lee found out, but a spot of tent exchanging or tent buying soon gave them dryaccommodation again.The customary CLRC barbeque/camp fire session took place on Saturday night (we even had a practice run the night before). A new cookingdevice was used for the first time, a tripod with a grill hanging from it, suspended above the trusty fire plate. This almost cooked Keith’s steakto perfection, though for the finishing touch he dumped the impressive slab of sirloin into the fire itself…By the time we departed Billing on the Sunday afternoon, I think everyone agreed that we had enjoyed the weekend; plenty of interesting LandRovers, some bargains to be had, some pleasant company, some visitors to our stand and not dampened by the weather.6
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  8. 8. Family Camping Weekend 2011Written by: Eddie Knorn (CLRC Dog Section)The annual Club Camping Weekend took place at the end of July. It combined Land Rovering and a bit of compe-tition with socialising and relaxation.This year’s venue was Mow Cop, near Congleton, a large site spread over a hillside with a selection of interestingoff-road challenges for those that wanted them, but also a secluded field for us to camp. When Tracey, thedoggies and I rolled-in on Friday night, it was already clear that we had a good turn-out of Club members, andmore arrived over the remainder of the weekend. Friday night’s camp fire session was the usual relaxed event,with a good-sized circle of members enjoying a drink and a chat.Saturday morning was when the competitive element of the weekend started – a punch hunt, but with a twist!For those who have never tried this, the usual method is to hide punches around the site, and attach cards tothe Land Rovers; the Land Rover has to drive close enough to the punch to be able to punch the card. This time,though, the punches were attached to the Land Rovers and the cards were hidden around the site. People knowthat there are usually twenty punches on site (well, nineteen after we hid one so well we could not find it afterthe April event at Mow Cop…); this way round, competitors have no idea how many cards there are on site! As afurther twist, Freya the German Shepherd and I entered as “Team (K)9 – Off-Road Mutt” – walking round insearch of punches…. To make things even more interesting, more cards appeared during the course of the week-end, including a sneaky one on the rear of Colin’s truck! 8
  9. 9. Saturday afternoon had a diversion from the punch hunting – the time trial. This involved a blast through amuddy hole, a lap of some trees, avoiding a wooden stake (mostly) and returning through the muddy hole. Someattempts were notable, including Paul Bayley having to cut some branches off a tree so the roof box in his Disco,“Tin Can”, would get through, also Rhys’ first attempt with “Cuthbert” the V8 powered 90, with low fuel pressureresulting low power. Ray was convincing winner in his Tdi 90. Afterwards,there was an informal challenge truck challenge where Rhys/Jon in“Cuthbert” took on Rich Fear in his Whitbread Off-Road “Thug” in trying toget through a really muddy hole- good job they could winch each other more competition on Saturday evening, starting with the compressed aircanon! Steve Dunleavy had gathered together an old air reservoir, an airvalve, some steel tube and some pipe fittings and put them together, withthe aid of Rich Fear’s welding skills. Using an external compressed air supply,the tank could be pressurised up to 50psi, and the contestants had threeshots at the targets with a tennis ball. Additional targets were available inthe form of club members on ball-collection duty, with bonus points for adirect hit! After the competitive session, there followed a series of“Scrapheap Challenge” style experiments with increased air pressure andmultiple tennis balls…The air canon was followed by the familiar favourite – welly wanging! Therewas both a junior competition and an adult one, and most of the attemptstravelled a good distance down the course, but a few throws went straight up Thanks to Mark Blinkhorn, Roger Charlesworth and Sharon Hall for pics.or even backwards.After the excitement, the rest of Saturday evening promised to be a relaxing social session around the Discov-ery bonnet camp fire. …..Or so we thought. A pair of Discoveries drove out of the camping field, presumably forsome “night laning” around the site. A while later, one returned, with a plea for help as the other had found ahidden ditch and slid sideways into it. Within minutes, most of the Land Rovers in the camping field had departedto go and have a look. They came back, with the stricken Disco left in the ditch, and a plan for a recovery opera-tion in the morning. This was based on: - It was dark Everyone had been enjoying a “lemonade” or two …Why waste valuable camp fire time?Sunday was another fine day, and after breakfast many went to witness the recovery of the ditched Disco. Be-fore long, it was winched out and back at camp for repair, which for that day comprised reshaping the back 9
  10. 10. bumper with a big hammer, though theminor damage on the rear body cornerand front wing did not look too hard tomend. Punch hunting continued until itwas time to do the trial section.Colin was first through the trial sec-tion with a clear round, and made itlook easy. Others followed, but noteveryone escaped without penalties.With this being the family weekend,there was also a junior trial sectionwhere the children could compete ontheir own or on a parent’s knee, thoughI must add that this was a slightlyeasier course!After clearing up the camping field itwas time to award the prizes for the weekend. Obviously all of the children who took part were winners, and Iam sure the sweets were appreciated. The adult winners were: Colin (Discovery Tdi) Baz (Range Rover bobtail) Rob (Ninety)There was a special vote of thanks to Steve Dunleavy for his efforts in masterminding and implementing theevent. Finally, I must finish with the award of the highly coveted WOODEN SPOON award – although there hadbeen a few contenders, the outstanding candidate for the award was Cockney Paul, for his “Disco in the ditch inthe dark” achievement. 10
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