Nv sw for distilleries


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Nv sw for distilleries

  1. 1. BENIFITS OF USING NatureVel-SW FOR COMPOSTING. 1 NO ENRICHMENT CULTURE IS NEEDED AT END OF COMPOST CYCLE. IT IS GREAT SAVING OF MONEY AND LABOUR. 2 FOUL ORDER IS CONTROLLED AND HENCE THE POPULATION OF FLIES AND MOSQUTOS IS CONTROLLED. 3 NatureVel-SW COMPOSTING IS FERMENTATIVE TYPE SO THE EMISSION OF GREENHOUSE GASES ARE CONTOLLED. THE GASES LIKE CO2, NH4, H2S AND CH ARE SUPPRESSED AS THEY ARE USED BY PHOTOSYNTHIC BACTERIA AS FOOD. THUS HELPING FOR CLEAN ENVIRONMENT AND PLEASING THE NEIGHBOR RESIDENTS OF COMPOST YARD. THIS IS GREAT SERVICE TO MANKIND AND LOCAL PEOPLE BY CONTOLLING GREAN HOUSE GASES IN LARGE SCALE COMPOSTING OF PRESSMUD. 4 FINISHED PRODUCT QUALITY IS SUPER WITH COMPARE TO COMPOST PREPARED BY AROBIC MICROORGANISMS. 5 VERY LESS TURNING IS REQUIRED IF NO SPENTWASH OR ETP WATER USED TO EVOPARATES (DAILY SPRAYING). 6 NO PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND GEARS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE APPLICATION OF THE NatureVel-SW. 7 VIP VISITORS CAN BE INVITED TO SEE THE COMPOSTING FACILITIES WITHOUT ANY FEAR OF FOUL ODOUR.Above all, we hope you know very well that Pressmud basically contains Fungi, Bacteria andActinomycetes. The important microbes are Aspergillus Fumigatus (Fungus), BacillusSubtilis (Bacteria) and Streptomyces Flavidivirens and S.Violacens (Actinomycetes) insufficient colonies. Compost yard people know that without any addition of extra culture,there is development of fungus and heat generation in the windrows within first five-six days.This happens because of the above mentioned microbes, fungus and actinomycetes only.These are all aerobic species. So there is no need to add any extra culture of same kind. But asthe composting is an open air process and when the windrows are moist with the ETP treatedwater; there is lot of chances for development of pathogens, particularly on low temperaturezones. Here NatureVel-SW plays very vital role. The Lactobacillus plays a big roll incontrolling pathogen and making compost more reliable. Other microbes in NatureVel-SWplay their rolls in lean area of oxygen. Please note that after half an hour of turning, the corearea of the windrow or pile becomes LEAN OXYGEN AREA (SHORTAGE OF OXYGEN).Here Aerobic Microbes fails to function properly but the Facultative Microbes of NatureVel-SW function with high efficiency. Thus whole pile is under process of mineralization. Andthis is the reason why NatureVel-SW makes superior quality compost. A copy of test reportfrom G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar is attached for your kindinformation.