Overview Cloudwords for Marketo


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Cloudwords automates and streamlines your entire localization process within Marketo, empowering you to:

+ Generate more global revenue through global demand generation campaigns
+ Simplify the process of localizing all types of marketing materials
+ Decrease global go-to-market timelines to reach more multilingual audiences faster.

All your emails, landing pages, and forms can be easily translated into any language with just a few clicks. Forget about copy and paste and start planning your next global campaign today.

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Overview Cloudwords for Marketo

  1. 1. Generate More Worldwide Demand – Faster and Easier Introducing Cloudwords for Marketo - Campaign Localization Automation Localizing marketing campaign materials to engage and convert multilingual audiences can significantly impact your bottom line. One industry study found that Fortune 500 companies that translated communications were two times more likely to experience revenue increases. What’s keeping you from globalizing your marketing campaigns? Probably old school approaches to translation. Cloudwords for Marketo Cloudwords for Marketo accelerates and automates the delivery of high-quality translated campaign content. Prior to this solution, marketers have had to individually copy and paste the content in their marketing automation platform – emails, landing pages, even snippets – into a document they send to their translation vendors, and then copy and paste all the translated materials back into Marketo. The sheer time and error-prone nature of this made translating global campaigns painful at best, revenue-growth-stunting at worst – until now! With Cloudwords for Marketo, Global impact is as easy as 1-2-3 1 2 3 400 Mon tg o mery Str e e t Ste 1200 | San Fra ncisco, CA 94104 U SA | p h +1 415 394 8000 | CLO U DWOR DS.COM
  2. 2. Cloudwords’ best-in-industry integration with Marketo has made translating Marketo content dramatically faster and easier (getting your campaigns to market sooner), while significantly reducing costs (and therefore your cost per lead). Through the cloud-based, no-install required module you can immediately get to work localizing your campaigns for your key markets, in three easy steps: 1. With a click, pick which Marketo content (emails, landing pages, snippets and more) that you want to translate. 2. loudwords automatically retrieves your selected Marketo content, and routes it to your translation vendor(s) via an XLIFF file C (a translation industry XML standard that simplifies the process to drive down translation costs and time). 3. fter your vendor delivers your translated content to Cloudwords, the translated content is seamlessly synced back into Marketo in your A desired format, ready to deploy! Throughout the process, you have full visibility into the status of all of your campaign translation projects – putting you, not your translation service providers, in control. Since the Cloudwords for Marketo module manages your translation process via Cloudwords’ market-leading globalization platform, you enjoy all the standard Cloudwords features: • Time-saving workflow automation and project management. • Valuable reporting and insightful analytics – on translation spend, project efficiency, and ROI. • Cost-saving, and message/brand consistency benefits, of having your own Translation Memory centrally hosted. • ranslation service provider selection and management – we’re vendor-agnostic, so you can use your preferred vendors, or find others best T suited for a given campaign. Reach your global customers in radically less time – turning weeks into days! Lower your total cost of localization by as much as 60%! Cloudwords overview Cloudwords is a 100% cloud-based globalization platform that significantly streamlines the process of localizing your marketing content, campaigns, websites, and products for all your audiences around the world. Automated workflows, translation vendor management, hosted translation memory, and full visibility into progress, spend, and ROI, mean reduced costs, faster turnarounds, more marketing control, and no more management by email and spreadsheets. Content flow from your marketing systems is automatic and seamless—no import/export or cut and paste—as you can directly Cloudwords to your marketing automation, content management, and other applications. “With Cloudwords, We Have Reduced Our Project Timeline For Translations By 50%” – Chick Webb Senior Global Marketing Manager Power Integrations 400 Mon tg o mery Str e e t Ste 1200 | San Fra ncisco, CA 94104 U SA | p h +1 415 394 8000 | CLO U DWOR DS.COM