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  • Byggmax, Hi-fi klubben, Menigo, TOFS
  • Advanced self-learning search engine that adapts to history and remembers every new search, display, click, add-to-cart and purchase made on the site. 


  • 1. Behavioral Merchandising Presentation Cloud Nine Jan 30 2013
  • 2. Apptus The Company • Founded in 2000 • Head quarter in Lund, Sweden • Sales office in UK • Number of employees: 45 • Turnover 2012: ~50 MSEK 2011 2012 2005
  • 3. Easy to Work With = Happy Customers
  • 4. Challenges 1 Marketing to the online shopper
  • 5. Evolution of marketingFace to faceLocalMass
  • 6. Customer experience using segmentation Used to deliver limited personalisation
  • 7. But today’s customer is more demanding A tailored shopping experience for me for now!
  • 8. Challenges 1 Marketing to the online shopper 2 Information is power, but context is key
  • 9. Using multi-dimensional context to improve results Sales numbers Timeframe Conversion Related sales Stock level Price Trends .. Sold: 125 Sold: 90 Sold: 25 Sold: 110 Sold: 100 Over: 6 months Over: 1 week Over: 3 weeks Over: 1,5 week Displays: 240 Displays: 200 Displays: 600 Related: 10 connections Related: 4 connections
  • 10. Challenges 1 Marketing to the online shopper 2 Information is power, but context is key 3 Getting use of all behavioral data
  • 11. How Apptus delivers “intuitively human” content Ʃ Actions = 3 Ʃ Non-actions = 31 Universe of actions Universe of non-actions
  • 12. Customer Lifetime Value Relevance Relevance Relevance ££ Attract Convert Repeat
  • 13. Detaching Marketing From IT
  • 14. eSales Main Features• Search including Autocomplete and Did you mean• Faceted navigation• Product recommendations• Context sensitive banner ad management• Tools to optimize merchandising• Reports and analytics with actionable results• Site overlay with performance rates• Available as on premise and as cloud service (SaaS)
  • 15. Search – Find What You Are Looking For Match Self-learning Behavior Relevance Auto-optimized Error tolerant -50% € 7,50 (€15) € 15
  • 16. Autocomplete – Predicts Visitors Intent Guide visitors Less errors No non-hits
  • 17. Did You Mean – Understands What Visitors Mean Guide visitors Error correction Remove non-hits
  • 18. Faceted Navigation Auto-optimized Improved findability Increase sales in longtail
  • 19. Optimizing Search & Navigation Optimizes Same with Faceted panel order Navigation
  • 20. RecommendationsPresent the panel most likely to result in sale Recommendation zone
  • 21. Ads on Start Page Static Ads 3 specific ads Behavior Driven Format specific CarouselBehavior Driven Format specific
  • 22. Ads on Search Page, ’high heels’ Search Driven Search specific
  • 23. Ads - Live Banner BOOTS Banner background static. Live products placed on top.
  • 24. Dash board and metrics
  • 25. eSales ManagerWeb based toolkit for merchandisers Folder-like system Drag and drop
  • 26. eSales ManagerSite overlay with live performance rates See how your merchandising zones are performing
  • 27. Search statistics with suggestions for improvement There should be a synonym for ’ripassa’ See your top and worst performingsearch phrases andact on suggestionsfor improving your conversionProposal for words to Proposal of buy from Google products that could be valuable to have in stock
  • 28. Information from behavioral dataSelf-learning business intelligence driven by realtime behavioral data:• What products/ads/campaigns/content am I not showing enough – right now?• What products/ads/campaigns/content am I exposing too much – right now?• What is the persona/profile of this user – based on observed history/behavior?• Which micro-segments are boosting/lowering my conversion rate – right now?
  • 29. eSales ManagerSynonym editor Synonyms can be added globally or for each language
  • 30. Channel Independent
  • 31. Example of What eSales Can DoMy page / Personalized start page Personalized recommendations based on visitor history. New products that have been added since last visit. Recently viewed products and recommendations based on this.
  • 32. Example of What eSales Can DoPrice range depending on shipping rules You get free shipping if you spend an additional 21kr so let’s show recommendations based on cart within a range of 30-130kr.
  • 33. Example of What eSales Can DoSearch also for other than products Search also for other content besides products. This example from where you get search results from Customer service, About IKEA, Newsroom etc.
  • 34. Testimonials
  • 35. Nelly – The Fashion GiantChallenges• Extreme growth• Continuously need of expanding assortment• Rapid expansion to new markets• Low conversion rateResults with Apptus eSales• Almost unlimited scalability• Great language support has helped expand to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, England and EU Mikael Olander, CEO• Increased conversion and lowered return rate by relevant presentation and filtered navigation Jarno - Founder • 4.000% growth 2007-2011 • Over 800 brands • 3rd fastest growing company in Sweden
  • 36. IKEA EKTORP Armchair €259Challenges• One solution to handle 42 different countries• Overloaded IT organization with long release cycles• Need for customized functionality for Colour Search• Performance issues in both queries and update flowsResults with Apptus eSales• Outsourced solution that offloads internal IT and speeds up time to market for new business critical functionality• A uniform solution for managing colours in all 42 countries• Better accessibility to relevant product exposures through a simple API accessed by numerous satellite applications in a multi-channel environment • 210.000 base products • Over 20.000.000 visits per day • Over 7 million queries per day, with a peak of 85 concurrent queries/sec
  • 37. CDON – The Amazon of the NordicsChallenges• Slow response times• Unstable IT environment and service disruptions at peak load• Irrelevant products shown to visitorsResults with Apptus eSales• Lightning fast response time regardless of load• 99.97% uptime and excellent reliability during peak hours• Record sales thanks to relevant products exposed to the visitors in different contexts Mikael Olander, CEO • 12 million products • 4.2 million searches/day; peak 2,000 searches/sec • 5 million attribute updates/day
  • 38. Said about Apptus and eSales"When you decide to outsource a critical part of the system, you need to find a partner that is as passionate aboutyour business as yourself. For CDON, Apptus has proven to be that partner.“CDON.COM - Mikael Olander, CEO"Being the Scandinavian leader in e-commerce solution development for retailers, we needed a partner withtechnology that we could rely upon to deliver exceptional performance and functionality, regardless of the size ofthe client. After extensive market research we selected Apptus as our ideal partner. Since joining forces we haveimplemented several online stores together and our clients really appreciate their superior technology andprofessional commitment. The results speak for themselves as our clients are now experiencing higherconversion rates, increased order values, reliable performance, intuitive navigation and happy customers.“Avensia - Robin Gustafsson, CEO”Apptus technology help customers to get a unique and personalized shopping experience where they instantlyfind what they are looking for.” - Peter Rosvall, CEO“With more than 7.000 of our own products and 5.000 external products we provide accessories for, it is extremelyimportant that customers immediately find what they’re looking for. We chose Apptus because it gives ourcustomers fast, accurate responses: it shortens their search by suggesting relevant products based on what otherconsumers with similar interests have bought. Apptus reinforces Kjell & Company as Sweden’s best site for homeelectronics accessories.”Kjell & Company - Ulrika Klinkert, Head of Marketing
  • 39. For more information contact: Louise Burman Partner Manager, Apptus THANK YOU!