Cloud Net's Product/Service Offering


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Cloud Net providers of business telephone services have put together a breif presentation on their products and services.

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Cloud Net's Product/Service Offering

  1. 1. Cloud Net Introduction
  2. 2. The Elevator Pitch Why Cloud Net?
  3. 3. simplicity control freedom The Elevator Pitch The system represents a giant leap in functionality, is totally future-proof, has no maintenance charges and is at a fraction of the price of previous models. Cloud Net is changing the future of business telecoms. We have a unique telecoms offering based on internet technology which allows companies to replace their telephone systems without any capital expenditure and gain the benefits of free calls within our network and less expensive calls outside of it.
  4. 4. simplicity control freedom The Elevator Pitch Cloud Net is a unique brand. We are the only company to concentrate purely on our internet based solution - the “switchboard in the cloud”. Our team has developed our platform and the technology behind it. It is fully tested and operational and in use commercially. We own our own hardware and servers.
  5. 5. Cloud Net Limited The Company
  6. 6. The Company Support Team Danielle Cochrane Business Development Manager David Pilditch Linux Support Engineer Aksi Shiraz Technical Support Manager Kevin Box E-Commerce Coordinator
  7. 7. simplicity control freedom The Company • To be recognized as the dedicated Business VoIP service provider in the UK. • To provide small business and start ups with a full professional virtual PBX service which can grow in line with there business for a low monthly cost. • To rapidly grow our client base through satisfied client referrals and our network of Associate Partners to add the benefit of free voice calls within the network. • To embrace and promote IP telecoms as the fastest growing technology within the UK. Business Strategy
  8. 8. simplicity control freedom The Company • Cloud Net Connect - Hosted VoIP service • Voice Broadband (Quality of Service assured) • CLASS (Cloud Net Live Answering System) Products & Services
  9. 9. simplicity control freedom The Company “I approached Cloud Net and they sorted everything out - even coming out to check the connectivity when I first started. The comfort I feel from having them there is fantastic - I just wish I'd saved myself a lot of stress and done it years ago!” Testimonials
  10. 10. simplicity control freedom The Company “I’ve had mixed experiences with several internet telephone systems, but none of them have provided the call quality or the level of customer service that our business needs. Switching to Cloud Net has delivered us a substantial improvement in the quality of our calls, an amazing amount of control via the internet based switchboard which I can manage myself at anytime and a substantial reduction in our costs.” Testimonials
  11. 11. simplicity control freedom The Company "The problems with our old system were high call costs and expensive features. Cloud Net helped us with flexibility due to being able to take the handset anywhere in the world whilst still paying standard call costs and having free features. We made huge savings on the cost of our calls, and the free features help make our company look more professional." Testimonials
  12. 12. Technical Overview A brief introduction to how it all works
  13. 13. simplicity control freedom Technical Overview • Voice over Internet Protocol. • Quite simply, a method for carrying voice calls over the internet. • Hosted PBX is a service whereby the switchboard (PBX) is located on the internet rather than in your building. • Huge cost savings can be realised due to: • Lower rental • Cheaper calls • No hardware • No maintenance • Increased efficiency What is VoIP?
  14. 14. Cloud Net Connect
  15. 15. Comparison - Old vs. New Old Telecoms System Backward technology • Complex setup • Expensive switchboard / phones • Limited features • Difficult to make changes • High maintenance charges • High capital expenditure • Becomes obsolete • Fixed in one place • Expensive calls to branches • Line rental about £14.10 per month • No integration with data systems • Limited telephone numbers • Multiple suppliers Cloud Net Connect Internet based system • Plug and Play • Free switchboard and phones • Feature rich • Changes made easily on screen • No maintenance charges • No capital expenditure • Connects regardless of location • Free calls to branches • Subscription from £8.50 per month • Unified with data systems • Choose any UK phone numbers • One friendly supplier
  16. 16. simplicity control freedom Sales & Marketing • FREE quality internet phones, • FREE internet based switchboard (PBX), • FREE management portal, • FREE calls on our network, • FREE geographic telephone numbers, • FREE voicemail & fax boxes, • FREE call forwarding, • FREE call recording, • FREE ring back, • FREE conferencing, • FREE caller identification, • …and much more. All for just one low subscription – 40% cheaper than a standard BT line! The Offer…
  17. 17. Thank you… For taking the time to view this presentation