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Jenkins User Conference Kick Off
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Jenkins User Conference Kick Off


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Opening slides for the Jenkins Conference

Opening slides for the Jenkins Conference

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Good morning!I am Harpreet and work at CloudBees. I am the guy who introduces the guy who introduces Kohsuke.As I was putting this together – I realized that everyone using Jenkins has a story that often describes when and why they started using Jenkins. And as I thought why – it became apparent that Jenkins often brings in such radical change in the day to day life that there clearly is a before Jenkins and after Jenkins moment for people.My story is that I used to work on the same floor with Kohsuke at Sun. To me – he was the guy who was engaging in numerous security violations with a machine sprawl in the office. I mean you could not get around a corner without seeing some machines labeled Kohsuke – and I was casually dismissive of it. Then I became the tech lead for GF and inherited tinderbox – long story short a few weeks later I donated my tinderbox infrastructure to Kohsuke. I subsequently moved into Product Management and when my boss mentioned that there is no product management for Hudson – I volunteered to be one and be one beyond my day job. We brought Hudson to market a few months before Oracle bought us. I have been working with him since then.As we setup for KK to speak – I would like you to think back on your story with Jenkins.
  • A few months back, we@CloudBees were brainstorming on how we can contribute back to the Jenkins community and the idea of Jenkins User Conference germinated. Cut to today to see the conference take birth is indeed very special. So on behalf of the community – I welcome you all at this momentous occasion. The butler got a makeover and had a baby and it is time to celebrate It is now our job as the community to make sure that this baby thrives as the butler has thrived.
  • Your commitment to being here on a Sunday absolutely underscores the enthusiasm and high level of interest in the use of Jenkins as a development platform, as well as the vibrancy of the community – and we are a very global community, with users in every part of the world. To give you an idea on where the community is coming in from. We have people from all over the world register and fly in for the event. I remember seeing an email from someone in South Korea who mentioned that they had their tickets booked but were on the waiting list for the conference. Don’t worry we did’nt turn him down The response from the community has been truly mind-blowing. We set a goal of 150 participants and 1 track – given that we had only 9 or so weeks to prep. We had so many good submissions (30 in the last count) that we had to open another track. And boy did we go over 150 participants goal. We estimate about 350 participants here.
  • Big shout out to our sponsors – they have made it possible for you to be here for FREE today! Not only are THEY here on a Sunday, but they PAID to be here on a Sunday. These vendors are all excited about Jenkins as a platform for their offerings and their presence here today underscores their commitment to Jenkins. Each of them enhances and extends the value and functionality of the Jenkins environment. Our sponsors each have a table here day - during lunch or the conference breaks or tonight at the social hour, be sure to stop by and learn more about them. Acknowledge each sponsor and sponsorship level:CloudBees – platinumLiferay – goldRed Hat – silverNew Relic, Sauce Labs, Chariot Solutions, eXo – bronze
  • Before we get underway, I have a few logistical and conference announcements for youRestrooms – locationRefer to printed agendas for session detailRooms for Track 1 (Crystal Ballroom) and Track 2 (Crystal Lounge) – both are on the 11th floorRoom for opening keynote, lunch, afternoon break, evening social hour (Commandants Ballroom – here – 10th floor)
  • You each should have received a hard copy at registrationThe goal of the survey is to get qualitative and quantitative input on Jenkins usagePlease fill it out – your input will be considered for future Jenkins enhancementsYou can turn in hard copies at the Registration table or at the CloudBees table throughout the day, but before the social hourThere will also be an online version launched after the conferenceResults will be emailed to all who participate in the surveyTwo lucky survey responders will receive Apple TVs – TONIGHT, at the social hour. So fill in and return those surveys BEFORE the social hour begins at 6:35pm! Another Apple TV will be raffled off once the survey goes online – so your odds of winning are much higher tonight!
  • Both designed to enhance the Jenkins platform AND to harness the muscle power of the Community in the effort! Handouts available at the Registration Table or the CloudBees table.Bring Me Some Bugs8 weeks – starts now, ends November 30All you have to do is submit a bug via the normal process on the website.Then email the bug tracking reference number to bring-me-bugs@cloudbees.comPrizes: each week, we will draw a winner of a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.comGrand prize: At the end of the contest, one lucky winner will receive a Kindle (3G + WiFi)
  • Bug Bounty12 weeks – starts now, ends December 31For this contest, you must submit a bug AND its resolution, via the normal process on the website; Note: You cannot introduce regressions only to fix it Alternatively, you can also submit a resolution for an existing/open bugThen email the bug tracking reference number to bug-bounty@cloudbees.comRecognizing that it requires a bit more effort from the Community than simply reporting a bug, the contest duration is four weeks longerPrizes each week, we will draw a winner of a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.comGrand prize: At the end of the contest, two lucky winners will receive an iPad (16GB, WiFi)
  • Jenkins Community – Video CompositeAs I metioned earlier – every Jenkins user has a story. We would love to get 15 or so Jenkins users to provide a short sound byte about why they love developing on the Jenkins platform – can be serious, humorous, or somewhere in-between! It just has to be clean! We will have a FlipCam set up in either the Heritage or Regimental rooms (10th floor) starting at lunchtime and continuing through the conclusion of the afternoon break.We will edit the responses together into a three minute +/- video and publish it on the web/make it available to the Community. Please sign up for a 15-minute spot at the JUC registration desk.
  • Sponsored by our friends at CloudBees, specifically for the Jenkins CommunityThe newsletter will have lots of great content, including useful and educational content targeted at developers, DevOps and QA folks who are using JenkinsWe’d love your help in naming it – you can vote for the name of your choice on the Jenkins survey and also subscribe to it at the same time. So there are two more reasons to fill out the survey!
  • Finally, there will also be an opportunity to win some books, donated by our Conference Supporter, Manning Publications. Michael Hüttermann, Jenkins Community member, is the author of one of the books – Agile ALM. Michael is also a JUC speaker today. If you attend his session you will have an opportunity to win one of the books -- and to even ask him to autograph it! The second book is Specification by Example. Several copies of each of these books will also be raffled off at the social hour tonight.
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    • 1. WELCOME!
      • Harpreet SinghSr Director, Product ManagementCloudBees
      • 2. Andrew BayerGovernance BoardJenkins Community
    • 3. 400+
    • 4. Lunch – courtesy of…
      “There is no such thing as a free lunch”
    • 5. Conference Housekeeping
      Track 1: Crystal Ballroom – 11th Floor
      Track 2: Crystal Lounge – 11th Floor
      Lunch, Break, Social Hour: Commandants Ballroom – 10th Floor (here)
    • 6. Turn in before Social
      Jenkins Survey
    • 7.
      8Weeks - Nov 30
      $50 Weekly Prize
    • 8.
      12Weeks - Dec 31
      $50 Weekly Prize
    • 9. Why do you use Jenkins?
    • 10. Newsletter for Jenkins…
    • 11.
    • 12. Thanks to the organization committee
      Andrew Bayer
      Michael Hutterman
      Kohsuke Kawaguchi
      Tyler Croy
      Alyssa Tong
      Lisa Wells
      Heidi Gilmore
      Andre Pino
      Harpreet Singh
    • 13. Let’s Get Started!
      Keynote Speaker:Kohsuke Kawaguchi
      KK is the original developer of Hudson and the co-founder of the Jenkins Community
      Elite software architect
      Spent 9+ years at Sun
      World’s premier expert on Jenkins