Cloudbakers' Presentation at Jobg8's Job Board Summit 2013


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The Consumerization of IT has allowed people to work the way they live. Take a look at the trends in cloud computing to see if your company can benefit from all that the cloud has to offer!

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Cloudbakers' Presentation at Jobg8's Job Board Summit 2013

  1. 1. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Trends in Cloud ComputingThe Consumerization of ITJob Board Summit 2013: North AmericaMitch GreenwaldFounder,
  2. 2. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013What IS cloud computing?● Flexible● Scalable● Multi-tenant● Resilient● Utility model
  3. 3. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Types of Cloud Computing● Infrastructure as a Service○ Hardware replacements/forklift● Platform as a Service○ Application development environment upgrade● Software as a Service○ Desktop applications ++
  4. 4. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013What cloud computing...● Hosting● Outsourcing● Pain-free● Nirvana...ISNT
  5. 5. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013OpportunitiesWhat are some efficiencies/revenue opportunitiesfor businesses using cloud technology?● Ability to focus on your business● Simplified maintenance● Reduced capital expenditures● Automatic disaster recovery and security● BYOD - device independence● Mobility● Integrate w/ job boards to build unique offering
  6. 6. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013The Cloud Today● Messaging● Collaboration● Customer Relationship Management○ Marketing Automation○ Industry Data○ Analytics● Job Boards● Workflow-Operations● Human Resources● Accounting
  7. 7. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Future of the CloudWhere is cloud computing going and what arethe opportunities for the SMB marketplace?● Unified experience● Transparent technology● Global● Multiple levels of engagement● Collaborative● Lego-block integration value proposition foryour business
  8. 8. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Consumerization of ITHow you can work the way you live byleveraging the cloud.
  9. 9. 95%using cloud services230kYearssocial media per month40%own a smartphoneproprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013
  10. 10. 53%of employees are using theirown technology for workpurposesSource: Forrester, 2012proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013
  11. 11. 100 Billionqueries per month on google.comSource: Google, 2012proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013
  12. 12. 10proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013
  13. 13. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Click the image to watch a short video about us!
  14. 14. proprietary and confidential, Cloudbakers 2013Thank YouQuestions?MitchGreenwaldFounder,