Backup & Disaster Recovery on AWS - An overview of our Approach


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This presentation highlights the requirements and advantages of a fully functional Back up and Disaster Recovery System. We tell you why & how AWS Cloud can help you implement better BackUp and DR at lowered costs. We share with you a few of our sample solution architectures and tell you how exactly the Blazeclan Solution can fit to your Business requirements.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery on AWS - An overview of our Approach

  1. 1. Thank youBackup andDisaster Recoveryon AWS
  2. 2. Disaster Recovery: Why it Matters = Business Without Continuity Plan Business at Risk Severe Disasters every year - 1 out of 500 data centers 43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open 29% close within two years 93% businesses went bankrupt that lost their data center for 10 days Source :McGladrey and Pullen and National Archives & Records Administration
  3. 3. Overview Human Error Max Time Duration -Service In the event of a disaster, quickly Hardware Failure must be restored launch resources in Amazon Web Computer Virus Max Tolerable Period -Data Services (AWS) to ensure business Natural Disasters might get lost continuity. Service Level Agreement Regulation & Compliance Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery on Disaster Threat Business Objective AWS Disaster Recovery and Backups Fully Automated backup and On demand quick restore are complex and expensive to recovery solution on AWS Pay As You Go implement Minimal effort in testing Simple Fall back Easy to handle smaller outages Traditional Solution Challenges BlazeClan Solution AdvantageBlazeclan 3 Cloud IT Better
  4. 4. Challenges in existing solutions Hardware dependency Need standby hardware for Different solutions for different doubles cost & increase faster RTO availability tiers complexity Repurposing servers at time of Separate procedures for different disaster is labor-intensive and types of system and data disks time-consuming Multi-step recovery processes Require Identical Hardware For Slow, Complex Recovery Idle Hardware Recovery ProcessBlazeclan 4 Cloud IT Better
  5. 5. AWS cloud for Disaster Recovery How is AWS Cloud suitable for Disaster Recovery?AWS is available in Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Elastic Cloud Cloud Formationmultiple geographical - High durability design. Compute (EC2) Chef IntegrationRegions Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Amazon EC2 VM Import Auto ScaleMultiple Availability Zones – Point in time snapshotsin each Region AWS Storage Gateway AWS Import / ExportRegions Storage ComputeAmazon Route 53 Amazon RDS Regulatory ComplianceElastic Load Balancers Dynamo DB and CertificationsAmazon VPCAmazon Direct Connect DeploymentNetworking Databases Security OrchestrationBlazeclan 5 Cloud IT Better
  6. 6. BlazeClan Solution Restore Operation at Primary Site Service restore Automated script to recover data from S3 and start application Small instance running for database mirror in the instance AWS with stopped application instances under Auto Scale applied with current configuration. Continuous backup to the AWS cloud from enterprise data center. Node Configuration backup on S3 RPO RTO TIMEDAYS HRS MIN SEC SEC MIN HRS DAYS EVENT Maximum Acceptable Business Outage RPO : Recovery Point Objective RTO : Recovery Time Objective Blazeclan 6 Cloud IT Better
  7. 7. Backup To AWS Node Configurations Configuration Internet Configuration Virtual Machine Management Image Tool Secure S3 Internet Bucket iSCSI AWS Direct Connect Application Servers Storage Gateway VM AWS Storage Gateway Database Servers AWS Import / Export Corporate Data center AWS Cloud For BackupBlazeclan 7 Cloud IT Better
  8. 8. DR Solution - Architecture Data Archival Node Configuration Node Configuration Configuration Management VM Image Tool Import AMI Machine Image Cloud Configurations Formation iSCSI Application Server Storage Gateway VM EC2 Storage Gateway File System EBS Data Database RDS Server Corporate Data centerBlazeclan 8 Cloud IT Better
  9. 9. DR Solution – Restore To AWS Configuration Management Tool Machine Image Cloud Formation EC2 Instance Template S3 Bucket File system restore EBS DB Snapshots DB Mirror / Read Replica Database Restore from S3 RDSBlazeclan 9 Cloud IT Better
  10. 10. Solution Features Protect configurations Scripts to create flexibility Backup Machine Images rather than Servers at init stage. Configuration Self Configuring Backing Up Backup Instances Machine Images Snapshots on S3 bucket Mirroring ,Quiesce and Volume Manager Level Read Replica, RDS backups backup with Metadata Database “Hot Multi Volume File Servers Backup” BackupsBlazeclan 10 Cloud IT Better
  11. 11. Advantage BlazeClan Pre-build Faster Time Cloud Focus Solutions to MarketBlazeclan 11 Cloud IT Better
  12. 12. Thank youSource of image : Thank you