Cloud Computing is a Breeze


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  • As your business develops and the world changes around you, your I.T. needs to keep up. WinWeb Business Cloud includes unlimited updates, customisation and unlimited customisation adjustments - at no extra cost.
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Cloud Computing is a Breeze

  1. 1. Cloud Computing is a Breeze
  2. 2. What is Cloud Computing• Accessing & running applications directly over the Internet• ‘Application Provider’ hosts the software on their servers• Kept in a physically secure location• Built-in resilience against outages to deliver 24×7 availability• Maintenance & support included• Automatic software updates at no extra cost• Automatic back-up of your business-critical data• Long awaited merger of telephony and computing
  3. 3. Common Cloud Use…• Facebook• LinkedIn• Twitter• Amazon• Dropbox• Gmail• Microsoft 365• Google Apps• Hotmail• YouSendIT
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Trends• Represents opportunity to change the way we do business• SMBs need to respond to economic uncertainty• SMBs waking up slowly to security of data in the Cloud• SMBs most worried about the short-term, logistical issues linked to I.T. security breaches• SMBs need to consider their disaster recovery options• Peace of mind, performance & reassurance continue to be top priorities for SMBs
  5. 5. Typical Apps Journey So Far…. • Started with QuickBooks , Sage or MS Dynamics • Added Excel for analytics • Added Act, Goldmine, or • Multi-site operation • Employed more staff • Home working • BYOD
  6. 6. So,Why Can’t We Still Do This….? • Get a clear picture of bookings, billings, backlogs • Reduced spreadsheet based accounting • Scale up to support the growth in sales orders • Provide same visibility to all • Reconcile versions of data • Integrate front and back office processes
  7. 7. Mobile Working is High on the SME’s Agenda…• Mobility solutions are among the most likely to be considered by SMBs• More SMBs are allowing remote access• Growing use of mobile devices, including tablets (including BYOD)• Typical remote worker now spends 1 day a week accessing the network away from the office
  8. 8. The Connected WorkplaceBusiness owners are burdened with demands to be expertsin….• Accountancy • Product design / innovation• Social media • Stock control• Credit control • Content writer• Selling • Human resources• Projects • E-Commerce• IT • Web designer• Legal • Customer service• Marketing • Bookkeeper• Blogging • Operations / production• Public relations • Exporter …whilst at the same time balancing the need to makeTHEIR ENTREPRENEURIAL VISION WORK AND TO GROW
  9. 9. Cloud Computing; The All-in-OneSolution to Manage your Business• Run your business more efficiently & productively• Concentrate on your business with no IT worries• No capital outlay for software & servers• Payments made on a monthly fee basis• Means better cash flow management over the year• All you need is a broadband service & web browser• Operate on Laptops; iPads; Android Tablets & Smartphones
  10. 10. Cloud Computing; The All-in-OneSolution to Manage your Business• User interface familiar & consistent• Anywhere, Anytime and by Anyone• Opportunity to offer an improved, fast & reliable service• Seamlessly share data between different applications• Enables the delivery of a joined-up service• Reduces the admin burden• Places SME’s on the same footing as larger competitors
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