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This case study describes how Cloud9Media has influenced the buying behaviour of consumers of Keells Foods India using social media as an integral tool of marketing.

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Cloud9Media Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study Social Commerce For Keells Foods India Influencing buying behaviors using social media By Cloud 9 Media
  2. 2. Situation John Keells Foods – Sri Lankan Food & Hospitality Giant Enters Indian Market – January 2008 Category - Processed Continental Meat Products Key Competitors: Venkys, Godrej, Meatzza etc. Objective : Create product awareness in the category and generate sales
  3. 3. Internet – Overview India Internet Penetration: 60 Million (Current) On Social Networks 50% 30 Million 75% of online users belong to aspiring & consuming class & half of them belong to SEC ‘A’ & SEC ‘B’ i.e. 45 Million (Source: Juxt Consult, Online Survey’ 2009)
  4. 4. Login India – Reach of Social Media Over 60 million users are online That’s over 5 times the readership of the largest selling English daily ,Or 5 times the combined readership of the leading 3 newspapers in India, Or 4 times the combined readership of India's leading 5 English magazines
  5. 5. Meet Consumer 2.0 Demographics : » 18 – 29 years 55% » 30 – 49 years 54% 27% 55% » 50 – 64 years 40% 40% » 65 years and older 27% 54% 18-29 30-49 50-64 65 and above
  6. 6. Solution Brand Messenger – Sasha Keells Cloud 9 Media personified the brand on social media with a character called Sasha Keells
  7. 7. Why Facebook…?? • Facebook noticed a growth of 89% users over last year • 109% growth of the users between 18 to 35 years • Most preferred network by females • Perceived as most secure social media site for females (Source: Comscore, July 2007)
  8. 8. Solution Love & Food – Gourmet Affairs Cloud 9 Media created awareness around the Keells brand by creating interest around food, occasions and different recipes that could be created using Keells Products on Sasha’s Blog ‘Gourmet Affairs’
  9. 9. Logic - Cloud9 created a character who represents the food lovers - Share information, trivia and brand and food talk - Join existing groups and networks - Pull the audiences to blogs and communities created by Cloud9 for Keells - To keep the symmetry of thought, the tweets, facebook and blog entries are synced together
  10. 10. Creativity We Made Sasha Real!! From her job to her maid, from the making quick bites for dinner to driving in Delhi traffic; Sasha’s conversations were crafted carefully keeping in mind the target audience and the desired response from them.
  11. 11. Response
  12. 12. Response Over 200 Positive comments in 30 days
  13. 13. APPROACH STEP 4 STEP 3 STEP 2 STEP 1 Create Food lover Create Content on Blogs Join existing Fan Direct the attention of Characters & Micro Blogs as a start Conversations the fans back to Blogs Point to build dialogue Build on Foods, Cold and Micro cuts, recipes and Blogs created by Cloud 9 allied conversation To measure effectiveness
  14. 14. Result Reached 2,74,000people Via Over 800 Friends Over 200 Keells Loyals Over 1300 Blog Visitors Over 15000 Twitter Followers 10,00,000 Unique messages In 30 Days
  15. 15. Welcome to World 2.0! Did You know? 2/3 of the economy is now influenced by Personal Recommendations Source McKinsey & Company Only 14% of people trust ads 78% of people trust consumer Recommendations Source: Neilsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 2008
  16. 16. Investment Return on Social Media 1/4th At less than the cost of your Total Marketing & Communications Budget You can use Social Media to Enhance •PR •Customer Service •Loyalty Building •Collaboration •Networking •Thought Leadership •New Customer Acquisition
  17. 17. So what’s the BEST way to communicate on Social Media? View Cloud 9 Credentials
  18. 18. Two Ways to do it Option One: Do it yourself a) But it’s time-consuming b) You’ll need to pay someone to create the conversation c) You’ll need to pay someone to monitor the conversation d) If you want to respond you need to speak the ‘language’ e) If you miss something, too bad f) Great for small businesses without many conversations Option Two: Professional Social Media Communications from CLOUD 9 a) Get the benefit of PR, advertising, promotions, events etc b) Cost of per message as low as 1 paisa c) No need to chase CONSUMERS , they come to you d) You can see who is doing the talking cloud e) You can get advice on how to respond 9 f) You know you won’t miss anything because someone else is doing the watching a) You can benchmark against your competitors and chart data
  19. 19. Lets get your brand talking! WRITE TO US Nipun Kapur (Global Sales) Ritesh Mathur (India Sales) 9818450157 9717775750 Log on to