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  • 1. Chapter 1My eyes slid shut and my head hit the desk below me, faintly in the distance I can hearmy history teacher droning on about some war or something.“Mr. Puget are you with us?” My teacher snapped at me. My head shot up when I heardmy name called.“Yes ma’am I’m listening.” I said putting on my sickeningly sweet teacher voice“Great then you can answer the question I just asked.” She glared at me as I silently triedto think of a way to get myself out of trouble. Just as I was about to make up somebullshit answer the principal came to the door and called my teacher out into the hall.“You’re lucky this time Mr. Puget, but I would like to talk to you after class.”I heard a few of the assholes behind him snicker and make some sort of comment. Thesecomments were becoming a regular occurrence for me, all of the jokes, and all of thejocks yelling queer or fag at me as I walked down the halls, I was used to this by now andit just went right over my head. Oh well at least I can get a few more minutes of sleepbefore the bitch comes back I thought and put my head back down. I was almost asleepagain as I heard my teacher enter the room again.“Class we have a new student joining us today, everyone this is David. Ok David you canjust...”“Umm it’s Davey” I heard a soft voice say.“ Excuse me?”“Umm my name it’s not David, it’s Davey.” I heard the voice say again. I was just aboutto fall back to sleep as I heard laughter from the asses behind me.“Oh great another one!” I heard Nick say from behind me. I looked up to the front of theroom to see what was going on. Standing in front of the class looking incredibly nervouswas one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. He had long black hair that waskind of hanging down in his face. And he had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen; theywere dark brown and lined with smoky black eyeliner. He was truly gorgeous. Shit Ithink I’m staring. Dammit he caught me. At first he just stared back. I tried to look awaybut just looking into his eyes made my heart stop. Oh great now he’s going to think I’msome sort of freak. Wait a second he just smiled at me. And damn does he have a greatsmile if I was standing I’m sure my knees would have given out from under me. Wait a
  • 2. second he’s still staring but his smile went away and he looks kind of sad. I just realized Inever acknowledged him and I quickly smiled back trying not to make to big of an assout of myself. He’s still staring but he doesn’t look upset anymore. We kept staring ateach other like we were the only two in the room. I’d be lying if I said this whole momentwasn’t incredibly intense.“Davey, for the moment you can take a seat in front of Nick” I faintly heard my teachersay, but I wasn’t really paying attention to anything but Davey. “Davey are you listening?Mr. Havok?” She said louder tapping him on the shoulder.“What.. Oh sorry!” He said and his pale face turning a deep shade of red “Umm.. Ididn’t...didn’t hear what you said.” he mumbled under his breath.“I said sit in front of Nick. Now go.” She said sounding mildly irritatedSo he made his way to the back of the class and sat down right next to me. He looked atme again so I decided this time I was going to say something.“Since Davey is new to the school and doesn’t know his way around, do you think youcould show his around today Nick? Your schedule is very close to his.” my teacherasked, interrupting me before I had the chance to say anything to Davey.“Aww man can’t someone else do it?” Nick whined “ What would people think if theysaw me with someone like that?” I saw tears come to Davey’s eyes briefly, but he blinkedthem away quickly. I want to kill the bastard for doing that to someone like Davey. I justmet him how do I know what kind of person he is? I’ve never felt like this before aboutsomeone and I’ve never even talked to him, this is shaping up to be one hella strange day.“No, Nicholas I asked YOU to do it, and you will do it with out complaining” she toldhim and gave him the “and that’s final” look. Nick was about to say something else, butthe bell rang and interrupted him. He looked pissed but got up and walked over to Davey.“Gimme your schedule.” Nick grunted at Davey. “ We don’t have next period togetherbut I’ll show you where to go, then I’ll meet you after and show you where your nextclass is, OK?” Davey just nodded uncomfortably. “Good come on” Nick said grabbinghim by his arm, “fag” he added quietly so our teacher wouldn’t hear him. His tears cameback and Davey looked back at me sadly. God I’d give anything so I’d never have to seethat look again. I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone as badly as I did right now. Nick wasjust lucky he left when he didChapter 2Second period crawled along, I couldn’t stop thinking about Davey, and the look in hiseyes when he left with Nick. I couldn’t help feeling like I should be protecting him. I’dgiven up any hope of actually concentrating on the class. My mind just kept wanderingback to Davey. God he looked so beautiful this morning. He was wearing a tight Joy
  • 3. Division shirt, and black pinstriped pants, his nails were painted dark red, with a fewrings on each hand, and around his neck was a little silver chain with a small silver hearton it. He was perfect.“Mr. Puget are you ok today?” Hearing my name helped me out of my trance,unfortunately I didn’t hear anything besides that.“Umm I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, sir.” I said trying to sound sincere.“I asked if you were ok. You looked like you were lost in your own little world.”“Oh yea I’m fine I was just thinking, I’m sorry I’ll pay more attention.” I told him tryingto push the images of Davey out of my head. Just thinking about him made me smile Ihope my teacher didn’t see it.“Just thinking? I see. What’s her name?” He asked with a little smirk on his face, “comeon I’ve seen that look before who is she?”I was still thinking about Davey when I decided to answer. “Da...” shit I’m sure my faceturned like ten shades of red. Dammit I can still recover. “Don’t know what you’retalking about sir.” I hope no one noticed. How could I be so stupid? Thank god the bellrang when it did, stopping my teacher from asking any more questions.I quickly went to my locker grabbing my bag with my gym clothes in it. Stupid fuckinggym, and it’s stupid fucking shorts! I hated gym I had no athletic ability whatsoever, anddon’t think the asshole jocks ever let me forget it. It was forty-five minutes of cruel andunusual punishment. I was on the way down still ranting in my head when I saw Daveystanding against the wall. He looked kind of nervous and upset. I wanted to stop and talkto him, but if I did I’d be late for gym, so I kept my head down and kept walkingknowing if I made eye contact with him I’d have to stop. Visions of how beautiful he wasflooded my mind again, and I stopped walking and turned around. Oh fuck it, it’s justgym and I won’t be that late. When I went over to him his head was turned the otherdirection, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears again.“Umm Davey right?” I said clearing my throat to get his attention. I guess I startled him,because he jumped about five feet into the air. I couldn’t help but smile at how cute hewas. He turned around and I found myself staring into his eyes unable to look away. Hestill looked upset, but when he saw me he looked relieved and kind of happy. Well maybeit was just my imagination.“Hey!” he said almost cheerfully “You’re in my history class right?”
  • 4. God his voice is beautiful. I could just stand there and look at him forever. Oh damn Iforgot I should probably answer him, I hope my voice works. “Yea.” I managed tosqueak out. Way to make an ass out of yourself .“I’m Jade” I said smiling at him“Nice to meet you Jade.” Davey said holding out his hand.“Yea it’s good to meet you too.” I said shaking his hand. His hands are so soft. I wish Icould stay like this forever. “Umm where are you supposed to be now?” I asked himfinally letting go of his hand. He stared down at the floor for a few seconds, and when helooked back up he had tears in his eyes.“Umm well I’m supposed to be at gym but I don’t know where it is.” He told me. By thetime he finished his sentence a few tears had fallen from his eyes. I had to fight not toreach up and wipe them away.“Wasn’t Nick supposed to show you?” I asked. He looked at me and started crying harder“He..walked me up here, and...he, he told me I was nothing but a stupid fag, and he alsosaid that he refuses to help a fucking freak, and if I try to talk to him again he...he’llmaking my life at this school miserable. Then he kicked me in the ribs and walkedaway.” by the time he was finished he was sobbing uncontrollably. I’m going to fuckingkill him“That fucking bastard!” I said quietly “He didn’t hurt your ribs to bad did he?” He shookhis head and continued to cry softly. “Don’t worry about that asshole Davey. He’s notworth it.”“But I’ll never be able to find my classes by myself.” Davey said. He stopped crying, buthe still looked upset.“Let me see your schedule.” He handed it to me and I looked it over. “We have everyclass together except for second period I’ll be glad to show you.” I said smiling at him.He looked at me and smiled and a few more tears fell from his eyes.“Thank you so much Jade. You really don’t know how much this means to me.”“It’s no problem at all, we’re going to the same places.” I have to admit it felt good toactually have a civilized conversation with someone for once.“No I don’t mean that. I meant you’re actually talking to me like I’m a human. No onestreated me nicely for a long time.” He gave me the first genuine smile I’d had in a longtime.“Thanks for treating me like a human too, I don’t get that much either.” I gave in and
  • 5. reached up and wiped the tear from his cheek. He closed his eyes and sighed softly.“C’mon let’s go we don’t want to be to late.”“Alright thanks again Jade.” He turned and hugged me quickly before we started to walkslowly. Neither of us said and thing for a few minutes, until I decided that I had to breakthe silence.“So did you just move here?”“Umm.. yea. Me and my mom just moved. Her and my dad just got divorced, and shewas afraid to stay in the same city as him.” He said softly“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” I said feeling like a total ass.“Nah it’s no problem he was a dick I’m glad to be away from him.”We walked the rest of the way in silence, but it was actually really pleasant just beingwith him. When we got there we were about ten minutes late, and my teacher just glaredat me. We went into the locker room and started to change. I tried not to stare at Davey ashe pulled his shirt over his head. He turned to get his gym shirt out of his locker, I wasgoing to turn and finish getting dressed when something caught my eyes. I turned to lookat Davey and saw two beautiful wings tattooed on his back. Holy Shit! Oops I must havesaid that out loud, because Davey turned to look at me.“What?” He asked smiling shyly “I know my whiteness is blinding.” He laughed“No it isn’t that. Well you are rather pale.” I laughed, “but your wings they’re awesome.”“Really? You think?” He asked becoming shy again“Yes they are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” Shit I shouldn’t have saidthat out loud. I think I must have turned eight different shades of red. If it was at allpossible Davey was redder than me.“Umm thanks a lot Jade.” He said stepping closer to me. He moved closer reached hishand up towards my cheek.“Come on guys it’s time to go.” My teacher yelled from the door. Davey and I bothjumped about ten feet in the air
  • 6. “Well I guess we should go.” Davey said to me“Yep it’s time to be tortured.” I said and we left the locker room and went into the gym.“So, umm what exactly are we supposed to be doing this period?” Davey asked me“Well what I usually do is, I get a basketball, and I walk around looking like I’m doingsomething the whole period.” I told Davey smiling.“Really? That’s it?” He asked me laughing, even his laughter was beautiful“Yep that’s about it. Oh yea and I gotta warn you every one in this class is a huge assholeit’s best just to ignore them.”“Hey look guys, the fag has a new queer friend” One of the assholes yelled, I can’t evenbe bothered to learn their names“Oh god he wears more make-up than our first fag.” Asshole number one’s friend yelled“Ha! He looks like a Cher impersonator !” Asshole number one yelled againI looked at Davey and he had a tear running down his cheek. “Davey calm down it’s ok.”I told him softly trying to calm him down. He started to cry harder. “It’ll be alright, don’tworry I won’t let them hurt you.” I said touching his shoulder trying to calm him down.God if the guys saw him crying like this he’ll never hear the end of it. He started shaking,and almost sobbing. “Here come with me Davey.” I said leading him over to the corner ofthe room, and I sat him down next to the bleachers. “No one will see you over here,they’ll leave you alone now.” I told him gently wiping the tears away from his face.“I can’t believe they would say that to you.” Davey said, his eyes full of concern“I’ve learned to ignore it by now it doesn’t bother me anymore. It was so much worsewhen I used to let them see it was bothering me. Besides they’re the ones who havesomething wrong with them if they can’t see how beautiful you are.” I said without reallythinking“What? You... you really think I’m beautiful?” Davey asked sounding nervous“Well... uhh...yea I do.” I told him truthfully. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure how hewas going to react. I saw his eyes water again, but this time he actually looked happy.The look on his face gave me a little confidence. “in fact you look better than any Cherimpersonator ever could.” I told him honestly. To my surprise he actually started to laugh“Thank you so much Jade. For everything.” Davey told me. I opened my mouth to saysomething, but he put a finger up to my lips to stop me. “Um just listen for a secondplease?” I just nodded and let him finish. “I know that I’ve only known you for less thana day, but in that short amount of time you’ve done more for me than anybody ever hasand I really just want to thank you. I mean you’ve gone out of your way to be nice to me,
  • 7. no one ever does that for a stupid fag like me, I...”“Listen don’t talk like that.” I said interrupting him “You aren’t a stupi...”“Shh I wasn’t done yet.” He said smiling at me. “This morning when everybody waslaughing at me, and you smiled at me, I bet you didn’t realize how much that little thingmeant to me did you?” I shook my head and let him finish. “And when you came back tohelp me when I couldn’t find my class, you didn’t have to do that either. You had nevereven talked to me before, but you turned around and helped me. And the most importantthing you did for me was you actually seemed like you genuinely cared about me, andyou made me feel beautiful. God I’m rambling aren’t I?” He asked me smiling shyly. Iknew I was crying, but I could honestly care less, that was the nicest thing anyone hadever said to me. I definitely think I’m falling for him.“Davey, that was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, but I bet youdon’t realize how much you’ve done for me too. For the longest time all I’ve wanted wasfor someone to be here for me, and you’ve done that for me. I know just from listening towhat you just said to me that you’ll be here for me, and I’m the one who needs to thankyou.” I knew that was almost sobbing now, Davey reached a hand up and wiped a fewtears away leaving his hand on my cheek. I reached up and put my hand on his andslowly leaned in closer to him.“Jade I really feel like I’m fa...SHIT Jade watch out” I heard him yell out“Hey there’s the fags I was looking for you guys.” I heard someone yell just as I feltsomething slam into the back of my head. I looked up into Davey’s eyes and he lookedterrified. A few seconds later everything went black.Chapter 3I opened my eyes to see my teacher standing over me looking rather pissed. I had no ideawhat was going on or where I was. I sat up and felt a sharp pain shoot through the back ofmy head. I moaned in pain, and leaned my head back against the bleachers. “So whathappened this time Mr. Puget?” my teacher asked me a little too loudly.“We were sitting down over here, and he came up behind Jade and hit him in the headwith something.” I heard Davey explaining to my teacher. I looked over and saw himpointing to Will , yet another asshole from my class. Suddenly I’m starting to remembereverything that had happened. I remember the whole conversation I had with Davey, andI remember the terrified look on Davey’s face after Will hit me. I can’t help but wonderwhat would have happened if Will didn’t see us.“Dammit I can’t take it with you guys anymore! Will get your stuff and go up to the
  • 8. office, and Jade go get dressed and I’ll send you to the nurse.” my teacher said lookingreally pissed.“Umm sir my head is really hurting can Davey come with me just in case I need somehelp?” I asked him. I didn’t want to leave Davey alone after what the guys did to himbefore.“Yea I don’t care. Just both of you go get dressed before you cause any more trouble.”He told us and walked away. “Damn freaks maybe if they’d dress normal everyonewould leave them alone” I heard him mumble under his breath as he walked away.Luckily Davey didn’t hear him. We got up and went into the locker room“God how could he possibly say that what happened was your fault? All I hope is thatWill gets what he deserves.” Davey said looking angry“You’ve got a lot to learn about the way this school works.” I told him. “Will is the beston the football team, and our football team is the only good thing this school has. So inthe eyes of the teachers Will, and his friends can do nothing wrong.” I told him“Oh, well then I guess we should get you up to the nurse, and make sure you’re ok. Doyou need any help getting dressed?” He asked me.“Nah, honestly my head doesn’t hurt that bad. I’ll be ok.” I lied to him. Actually I feltlike I got my head slammed in the door a few times, but I didn’t want to worry Davey anymore than he already was. I slowly pulled my gym shirt off, and pulled my plain blackbutton-down shirt back on. When I stood up to pull my pants back on I suddenly gotreally dizzy and started to fall backwards. Luckily Davey was there to catch me.“Shit are you ok Jade?” He asked wrapping his arms around my stomach to help steadyme.“Yea I’m fine, I just got a little dizzy. I just need a few seconds then we can go.” I tried tostand back up on my own, but instead I just collapsed back into Davey. Stayed that wayfor a few seconds until I felt like I could stand again. “Alright I think we can go now, I’msorry about that.”“No problem. Are you sure you’re ok now?” he asked sounding concerned again.“Yep I’m fine. Let’s go.” I grabbed my bag and started walking slowly out of the lockerroom.“Jade wait. At least let me carry your bag.” He said insistently“Well I really don’t need you to, but since I can tell you won’t listen to me anyway goright ahead.” I said jokingly and handed him my bag“Hurry up and get out of here you two, I’d like to continue with my class now.” my
  • 9. teacher said handing us each a note.“I’ll see you girls tomorrow.” Will’s asshole friend called to us. I had to grab Davey’sarm to stop him from running across the room and kicking the shit out of him. “I’mdefinitely looking forward to seeing you fags again tomorrow. Oh yea, I hope your headfeels better Jennifer”“Let go of me! I’m gonna kill him next time I see him.” Davey yelled and tried to pullaway from me. I laughed quietly, and grabbed his hand pulling him out of the gym.“C’mon let me go please, just let me kick the shit out of him a little then we can go.Please Jade?” He said giving me his pouting face“No that look isn’t going to work on me this time. Now are you going to behave?”“Fine I’ll be good.”“Good. I can let go of you right? You aren’t going to go running back in there are you?”“Yes you can let go. No, I won’t go running back in the gym, and yes I could take him.”He said kinda whining. I could tell he was trying to act like he was upset , but he wasfailing miserably.“Are you done yet?” I asked him laughing at him trying desperately trying to keep astraight face. Finally he gave in and started laughing too.“Yea I’m finished. Oh yea how’s your head feeling?” He asked me suddenlyremembering where we were going.“I’m feeling much better now. Thanks, and Davey.”“Yea?”“It’s probably best if you don’t become an actor.”
  • 10. “Hey shut up!” He said laughing harder. I stopped in front of the nurses office. Daveydidn’t notice I stopped and kept walking for a few seconds. He stopped and lookedaround before he noticed I stopped. “ I think you enjoy watching me make an ass out ofmyself.” He said coming over to me.“Well now that you mention it yes, yes I do.” We walked into the empty nurses office,and waited for the nurse to come out from the back“Well Mr. Puget what seems to be the problem today?” I get up and hand her my hallpass.“Well I was in gym and I bent down to pick up the basketball that rolled behind thebleachers, and I must have hit my head pretty heard on the corner of the bleachers cause Iknocked myself out.” I lied to her“With all these injuries we’ll just have to buy you a helmet won’t we?” she chuckled andturned to get my records. Davey looked at me like I had lost my mind. He open his mouthto say something but I quickly shook my head and quietly told him not to say anything.He looked confused, so I leaned over and whispered to him that I’d explain later.“Alright Jade go have a seat in one of the rooms in the back. I’ll be back to check you inone minute. Oh, and who’s this you brought with you today?” She asked noticing Daveyfor the first time“That’s Davey he helped me up here just to make sure I was ok.”“Well Davey, Jade will probably be here for a while so you might as well just go back toclass.” she told him. Davey looked kind of pissed but got up to leave.“Umm actually I got really dizzy a few times coming up here, so do you think he couldwait in case I need help on the way back?” I asked quickly before Davey left the room“Yes that’s fine. You don’t mind waiting do you Davey?” she asked him“Not at all” He said sitting back down and pulling out a black notebook. I smiled at himquickly before I went and sat down in the back“Ok Jade, how’s your head feeling now?” she asked me and put on a pair of rubbergloves“Umm it’s feeling a little better. Now I just have a little bit of a headache. Before it feltlike I got hit with a brick.”
  • 11. “Hmm that’s good it’s feeling better. It’s sounds to me like there isn’t any major damage,but I’ll have to check to see if it’s bleeding, and I’ll have to check for a concussion. Okcan you put your head down for me?” I bent down and I felt her felling around on theback of my head. “Now where exactly did you hit yourself?”“Umm it’s...DAMMIT!” The pain came shooting back as she hit me with her nails. “UhhI guess you found it.”“You do have a small cut back here nothing terrible though. Umm Jade, you said you hityour head on the corner of the bleachers right?”“Yea, why?” I asked her worrying she found something serious“Nothing really, but your cut back here is shaped funny kind of like the top of the letterW or the letter M. But I guess anything’s really possible.” She informed me. So Willmust have hit me with that gaudy jewel encrusted W he wears around his neck. She did afew more tests and shit before she told me that I seemed like I was fine, and I should seea doctor if I start getting dizzy more often. I walked out to the front of the office and Isaw Davey still writing in his note book. I guess he was really involved with what he waswriting because he didn’t hear me come up. I was right next to him and he still didn’t seeme, so I bent down slowly until I was right next to his ear.“HEY DAVE WHAT ARE YA WRITING ABOUT?!” I yelled causing him to drop hisnotebook, and scream at the top of his lungs like I was murdering him.“Jesus Christ Jade you scared the shit out of me!” He yelled picking up his notebook andshoving it quickly into his bag.“I’m sorry it was just too easy.” I laughed. I really wasn’t sure if he was mad at me, butwhen he looked up from his bag he was laughing too.“You are such a dick Jade.” He told me still laughing“Yano sometimes your words really hurt me Dave.”“I know. So what did she say?” He asked with a hint of concern in his voice“Nothing really. She said I was ok and I should rest, and I should go to a doctor if I gettoo many dizzy spells. God I don’t even feel like being here anymore.”
  • 12. “Do you want to leave?” He asked me“Yea, but where would we go?” I asked him, not that it really mattered I’d go prettymuch anywhere if I could spend the day with Davey“We could always go to my house, ya know so you could get some rest.” He told me“Yea that sounds great. Let’s go.” I said grabbing my stuff“Is there like a side door or something so we don’t get caught?” he asked me soundingkind of worried“No you worry too much, the security guards are lazy they don’t give a shit what you doas long as they don’t have to get up.” I told him walking out the front door “Just keepwalking they won’t do anything.”“Hey you two! Where are you going?” the security guard yelled“We’re going home.” I yelled back, and kept walking. “See they honestly don’t care.”Davey laughed and started walking towards his house.“So why did you lie to the nurse about what happened?”“It wasn’t worth it to tell her the truth. She’s Will’s aunt ,and she never believes he didanything wrong. I just didn’t want to hear what a good kid he was and how he’d never doanything like that. So anything that happens I just say I did myself.”“That’s terrible!!” Davey says sounding kind of outraged “Well here we are. Damn! myMom and her boyfriend are home.”“Will they be mad you left?” I asked. I really didn’t want to get him in any trouble“No. It’s just her boyfriend is a huge asshole. He’s like a huge homophobe. So I cannever tell my mom that I’m...” He just stopped I guess he thinks I’m going to be mad. Helooks away and keeps staring at his shoes.
  • 13. “Yea I haven’t told my parents yet either.” I tell him trying to make him lessuncomfortable“You mean you’re.. umm...”“Gay?” I cut him off “Yea I am”“Wow that’s great!” He said turning red “Well let’s go inside.”Chapter 4We walk in the house and I see two people who I am assuming are Davey’s mom and herboyfriend watching TV on the couch. His mom looks startled when she sees us. “Daveyis everything ok? Did something happen?” She asks him sounding really concerned“I’m fine mom. Everything is great. This is my friend Jade. He hurt his head at school soI told him he could rest here for a little while until his parents get home. I hope that’s ok.”Davey said sounding very excited. It was really cute to see him like this he waspractically bouncing off the walls.“It’s no problem at all. It’s great to meet you Jade.” She said beaming at me.“It’s nice to meet you too ma’am.” I said reaching out my hand for her.“Don’t be silly, call me Penny.” She said pulling me into a hug “Would you like to stayfor dinner honey?”“Yea that’d be great. Oh do you think I could call my mom to see if it’s ok?”“Sure sweetie. Davey hun could you show him where the phone is?”“Yep come with me.” Davey said, and grabbed my arm pulling me into the kitchen. “I’msorry about her, I’ve never been good at making friends, so I guess she got kind ofexcited. Sorry again.”
  • 14. “It’s fine. Honestly you worry too damn much. She seems really nice.” I picked up thephone and dialed my number“Hello.” My mom answered“Hey mom it’s Jade. Umm I’m in between classes right now, and my friend Daveyinvited me over for dinner after school I was wondering if that would be ok?”“I’ve never heard of this Davey person before how do you know him?” She askedsuspiciously.“Today was his first day.” I told her“Sure it’s fine. It’s good to hear that you actually have a friend.” God she’s always got tofind a way to take a shot at me“Thanks mom I’ll see you later.” I said and hung up before she could finish telling mewhat was wrong with me. “Alright she said it was ok. Thanks again for having me over.”“Ok well I guess you’re going to have to talk to Bill, my mom’s boyfriend. I’m going toapologize now.” Davey said looking nervous.“I’m sure he can’t be that bad.” I said and followed Davey back into the living room.Davey’s mom and Bill were sitting on the couch so I sat next to Davey on the loveseat.Davey moved a little closer to me. I guess he really was nervous about me talking to Bill“Umm Bill, this is my friend Jade.”“Well would ya look at that Davey’s got himself a friend it’s about damn time.” He said.I can already tell he was an ass. He had that condescending tone in his voice. “So Jade doyou have a girlfriend?”“Umm no not right now.” I said trying to sound pleasant“Well what are ya waiting for? You don’t want people thinking you’re a fag do ya?” I feltDavey tense up next to me. I reach over and squeezed is hand quickly trying to get him tocalm down. It’s a good thing Bill didn’t see me, I’m sure he would have freaked out.
  • 15. “Yea you’re right.” I said laughing politely. Davey was right he was an obnoxioushomophobic asshole.“What do you want to do after you get out of high school? Are you thinking aboutcollege yet?” He asked me“Well actually I’m learning how to play the guitar, and I’d really like to be in a band.” Itold him truthfully“Well I gotta tell ya if you were my kid and you told me something like that I’d have toknock the shit out of you. You have to start thinking about getting a real job one day. It’sbest if you get out of that little dream world now. You aren’t on drugs are you?” Heasked me. God now I was starting to get really pissed“No I’m not. I’m straight edge, meaning I don’t drink or smoke.”“Hey! Me too.” I heard Davey say from next to me“You don’t drink at all? You kids these days always trying new things to be shocking anddifferent. It fucking pisses me off!”“Umm well we’re going to go upstairs and watch a movie or something.” Davey saidquickly pulling me up towards the stairs.“Umm it was nice to meet you both.” I yelled back over my shoulder as Davey quicklypulled me upstairs into his room. His room was painted black and his walls were coveredin posters. In one corner he had an incredibly awesome stereo with about five hundredCD’s piled up next to it. His room was pretty awesome. Davey’s voice interrupted mythoughts.“He’s such an asshole I’m sorry.” He said sounding pissed “I’m so sorry about his fagcomments.”“It’s not your fault Dave.” I told him hoping that I would calm him down“Yea but he’s still an ass.” He said sitting down on the couch thing in the corner of hisroom. “Hey come sit down.” He said patting the seat next to him. Hell he didn’t have toask me twice. “Umm do you want to watch a movie or do you want to see what’ s on theTV?” He asked me. I went and sat next to him, and again he moved a little closer to me.“Umm it doesn’t really matter to me. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.” He picksup his remote and turns on the TV.
  • 16. “Do you want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas? It’s my favorite.” He asksexcitedly“Sure. It’s one of my favorite movies too.” He makes this excited little squeaky noise. Hestarts the movie, and begins to sing along with the opening song. He’s actually got areally good voice. I look over at him and he’s got this excited little sparkle in his eye.“God I’m sorry. I’ll quit.” He says when he sees me looking at him“No, please don’t.” I say and slide a little closer to him. I hear a voice calling our names Iopen my eyes and realize I must have fallen asleep, and from the looks of it, the moviehas been over for a while.“Jade honey dinner’s ready. Can you get Davey up?” she turns and leaves the room. Ilook over and notice Davey must have fallen asleep too. My head must have fallen ontohis shoulder while I was sleeping, and his arm was wrapped around me. I kept my headon his shoulder and watched him sleep for a few more minutes. He was really beautifulwhen he slept, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I watched him for a little while until hiseyes slowly fluttered open.“Hey.” He said sleepily “What happened?” He looked over and noticed how we werelaying, and instead of letting go he pulled me a little closer to him.“I guess we fell asleep while we were watching the movie, and as much as I wish I couldstay like this for a while, we have to go eat dinner.” I told him reluctantly getting up. Ifollowed Davey downstairs and into the dining room where Davey’s mom and Bill werealready eating. I looked at my plate and saw a huge steak. I felt kind of sick looking at it.“Umm I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that I’m a vegetarian.” I told Davey’s mom“I’m so sorry. I had no idea. What do you want me to make you to eat?” His mom askedme“That’s ok I don’t want to cause any trouble.” I told her.“Umm Jade you can have some of my salad if you want. It’s safe I’m vegan.” He told memoving his plate closer to me“No that’s really ok I don’t want to eat your dinner.”“I’m not going to let you starve, Jade.” He said putting some lettuce on his fork andholding it up for me to eat. “Please.” He said looking at me with those pouty eyes again.Damn he knew I couldn’t say no to that look. I reached up to take the fork from his hand,but he just smiled and shook his head. He held the fork up to my lips for me. I lookedquickly to see if his mom or Bill was paying attention before I opened my mouth to letDavey feed me the salad. He smiled and looked into my eyes as I swallowed the lettuce.“Good?” He asked me
  • 17. “Mmm-hmm” I said sounding kind of flustered“Good, now you can have some more.” He said happily.“Bastard” I mouthed at him. He just smiled and stuck out his tongue at me, but we bothknew he had won. I picked up my fork and began eating.“God another one. Don’t you two realize you are supposed to eat animals. That’s just theway it works.” Bill yelled from across the table. Davey looked over at me and rolled hiseyes. “Listen if you weren’t supposed to eat animals they wouldn’t be made out of meat.”He couldn’t honestly be that stupid. I just laughed politely at what I assumed was a joke.We finished eating, and I helped Davey take our dishes into the kitchen.“You’re evil Davey.” I told him as we got into the kitchen“I know.” He said and walked out of the room“Thanks mom, dinner was really good. Me and Jade are going to go upstairs for a littlewhile before he has to leave.”“That’s fine sweetie.” I followed Davey up to his room and sat back down on the couch. Iheard the phone ring downstairs.“So did you enjoy dinner?” he asked me kind of seductively. Well that was all theencouragement I needed.“Yea I really did.” I said in the same voice he just gave me. He came and sat down nextto me on the couch. I slowly reached up and moved his hair out of his eyes. Ok it wasnow or never. I put my hand on his shoulder and leaned in towards him. He let out ashaky breath and his eyes fell shut. Our lips were so close that I could feel his hot breathon my skin“Jade! your mom just called she wants you to go home now.” Bill called through thedoor. I jumped up just as he opened the door. “Did you hear me?”“Yea I heard. Thanks for having me over” I said grabbing my bag. I looked over atDavey he was still on the couch looking startled. “I’ll see you tomorrow Davey.” I saidtrying to get his attention“I’ll walk you to the door.” He said jumping up. We walked downstairs and I yelledgoodbye and thank you to Davey’s mom. Davey held the door open for me. “Wow thatwas really close.”
  • 18. “Yea I know I’m sorry.” I told him“Don’t be. I wanted it to happen as much as you did. It just seems like we keep gettinginterrupted.” Davey said smiling kind of sadly. He was right. In the locker room, thegym, and just now upstairs in his room something had always stopped us. “Well I’ll seeyou in school tomorrow Jade. Thanks again for everything today.”“Yea see you tomorrow, and thanks for helping me, and having me over.” I turned towalk away thinking about what just happened. I turned around and saw him still standingthere watching me. I turned around and slowly walked back up the side walk towardshim.“What’s wrong?” He asked me looking slightly confused“I think I forgot something.”“Oh, what did you forget?” He asked me sounding kind of disappointed“Umm this.” I said wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling him into a deep kiss.He kind of squeaked in surprise then he started kissing back. He parted his lips slowlyand let my tongue glide into his mouth rubbing up against his. He moaned into the kiss,and reached up to tangle his fingers in my hair deepening the kiss. We both pulled awayat the same time. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said softly kissing again quickly before Iturned and walked down the sidewalk. I turned and saw him still watching me. He smiledquickly before he turned around and went back in the house. I looked back at the closeddoor for a minute before I tuned and walked the rest of the way home.Chapter 5I woke up the next morning feeling happier than I’ve felt in a long time. I got up andquickly started to get dressed. I wanted to leave a little earlier so I could stop and pickDavey up on the way. I pulled on a pair of tight black jeans and a Cure shirt, and Iquickly ran into the bathroom. I pulled out my eye-liner and carefully put a dark blackline under each eye. I made sure my hair looked ok, then I brushed my teeth, and I wasready to leave. I looked in the mirror once more to make sure I looked ok, and I grabbedmy bag and went downstairs. “Mom I’m leaving.” I yelled to my mom who was sitting atthe kitchen table reading the newspaper.“Isn’t it a little early Jade?” She asked me looking up from her paper“I guess, but I want to pick Davey up on the way so I want to get there before he leaves.”
  • 19. “I think it’s great that you’ve made a new friend. Why don’t you bring him over afterschool? He can stay for dinner since his parents were so nice to have you over yesterday.Besides I’d really like to meet him.”“Umm ok I’ll see if he wants to come over. Thanks mom.” I told her walking over andgiving her a quick hug before I walked out the door. I walked towards Davey’s house. Iwalked up the driveway and only saw one car. Great maybe Bill wasn’t there. I walkedup and knocked on the door. A few seconds later Davey’s mom answered.“Morning Jade.” She said smiling warmly “What are you doing here this early sweetie?Not that I’m not happy to see you.” She told me pulling me into a quick hug.“I came by to pick Davey up on the way to school. He didn’t leave yet did he?”“Oh that’s wonderful. No he won’t leave for another twenty minutes. Come on inDavey’s in the kitchen.” She told me stepping aside so I could come in. “Actually youknow what can I talk to you for a second?” She said stepping outside and pulling the doorshut“Sure. Is something wrong?” I asked“No nothing’s wrong. Umm last night when you were leaving I went to turn the porchlight on for you since it was dark, and when I walked past the door I umm...” Shit I havea feeling I knew where this was going, and she’s going to kill me. “Umm I saw whathappened between you two on the porch.”“Listen I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, and I...”“It’s ok Jade I’m not upset with you. You really like him, you aren’t just screwing aroundwith him right?”“Yea I really like him a lot, I would never do anything like that to hurt him you don’thave to worry.” I told kind of relieved that she was taking this so well.
  • 20. “I knew you wouldn’t. I could tell by the way you were looking at him at dinneryesterday that you really care about him. And you don’t have to worry about me I’m notupset at all. All though I wish Davey would have come to me, but I understand with Billand everything why he didn’t say anything. Oh speaking of Bill, I don’t think he’ll bequite so understanding about his. So it’s probably best if none of us tell him about it yet.”“Yea that probably a good idea, I really don’t want to get Davey in any trouble.” I toldher. “Umm does Davey know you saw us?”“No I didn’t get a chance to talk to him yet. Jade, I can tell he really cares about you.He’s one of the only things I have. Please take care of him for me.” She tells me pullingme into another hug“Don’t worry I won’t ever let anything happen to him.” I tell her as I follow her into thekitchen“Davey, there’s someone here to see you.” His mom tells him“Who?” He turns around, and his face lights up when he sees me. “Jade!! What are youdoing here?” He asks me getting up and pulling me into a hug. “I missed you.” hewhispered in my ear“I came to pick you up for school.” I heard the door open and a few seconds later Billappeared in the kitchen“Hey Jake, what are ya doing here?” he asks me.“Well I came by to walk Donnie to school.” I told Bill, and he looked kind of confused.“C’mon I have to finish getting ready.” Davey laughed and pulled me towards his room.“Now Penny are you sure that boy’s a good person for Davey to be friends with? I meanhe doesn’t even know his name.” I heard Bill ask from the kitchen. Me and Davey bothcouldn’t stop laughing“So is he really that stupid?” I asked Davey“Yep pretty much. You look really good today Jade.” Davey tells me. He sits down at hisdesk and starts to do his make-up.“So do you Dave, you look really great.” I tell him. Today he’s wearing tight blackpants , and a Misfits shirt, with a black fishnet shirt underneath. I watched him finish hiseye-liner, then he put bright pink eye shadow on, and finally he finished with some darkred almost black lipstick. “Beautiful.” I told him. He smiled at me and then motioned forme to come over and sit next to him. I went over and sat down in the chair next to him.
  • 21. He walked over and sat down on my lap. He looked at me thoughtfully before he leanedin and kissed me on the lips. He pulled back quickly before I had the chance to kiss himback.“Yea just what I thought.” He said, and he grabbed his lipstick and put some on me. Heleaned back and admired his work. “You’re beautiful.” He told me, and leaned in to kissme again. He pulled away and got up from my lap. I looked in the mirror, and it actuallydidn’t look that bad. “See I told you, you’re beautiful.” He told me. “Damn it’s time togo.” We walked downstairs where Bill and Penny were eating breakfast. “I’ll see youafter school mom.” Shit I forgot to ask Davey about coming over.“Umm actually my mom said if you wanted to you could come over for dinner afterschool. She also said to tell you thank you for having me over, Penny.”“It’s no problem at all sweetie, I enjoyed having you. You two have fun at school, andcall me when you get to Jade’s.” She said smiling at us.“Ok thanks mom. I love you. See you later Bill.” Davey said and turned to walk out thedoor.“I love you too baby have a good time.”“See ya Dave. It was nice seeing you again Jake.” Bill yelled after us. We started walkingsilently. I had the feeling something was bothering Davey. He was walking slowly withhis eyes on the ground.“Hey what’s wrong Davey?” I asked“Well I really like you a lot Jade, and I don’t think it’s fair to you that I have to keep thisa secret from my mom.” I forgot that Davey’s mom didn’t tell him that she saw us. Ireached down and grabbed his hand lacing our fingers together.“It’s ok your mom told me this morning that she went to turn the light on and saw us, andshe isn’t mad. She said Bill came home and she didn’t get a chance to talk to you, butyour mom isn’t mad.”“That’s so great. I had been so worried about how I would tell her.” He looked relieved.Then he reached up and pulled me into a quick hug. “Thanks again Jade.” We walked therest of the way to school silently. I stopped quickly at my locker and grabbed my historybook. Then we went into the room and sat down next to each other.
  • 22. “Hey! There’s my two favorite fags! Aww and they’re wearing matching lipstick that’sjust darling! How’s your head feeling Jadie?” Will yelled from across the room. I wasgoing to go over there and kick the shit out of him but I got a better idea. I walked over tohim.“Aww I missed you too Willie. Thanks for being concerned about my head.” Then Igrabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. To my surprise he kissed meback quickly before he pulled away.“Eww fag germs! I’m gonna kill you!” He screamed. I looked over at Davey. He had hishead down on his desk, and he was laughing uncontrollably“Dude that was great!” Davey leaned over and whispered to me“You know he enjoyed it! He kissed me back.” I told Davey who was still laughing. Therest of the day went by pretty uneventfully. The last bell rang, and I quickly made myway to my locker where Davey was already waiting. I leaned in and kissed him softlysliding my tongue into his mouth. He moaned quietly, and slid his hands under my shirtrubbing my back.“Ahh god my eyes! Stop it you stupid fags.” I turned to see Nick and Will watching us. Iwant to kiss Davey again. When I heard someone calling my name.“Mr. Puget. Weren’t you supposed to come talk to me after school yesterday?” Myhistory teacher was standing there looking pissed off. “I need to see you now. Come withme”“Shit I’ll be right back baby.” I told Davey, and kissed him once more quickly before Ifollowed my teacher into the room.“Mr. Puget I’ve noticed that you have been falling asleep more often in class and yourgrades are starting to slip. You’ve always been a good student until very recently. Issomething going on that you want to talk about?”“You try concentrating with everyone calling you a fag for everything you do. It’s a littledifficult.” I told her getting kind of pissed off.“Well before I did see you in the hall kissing that new boy.”“So it’s ok for them to make my life hell cause I’m gay? I don’t really understand thepoint you’re trying to make.” I said and I got up and left. I got out into the hall just in
  • 23. time to see Davey grab Will’s head and slam it into a locker where he collapsed on top ofan already unconscious Nick. “Holy shit Dave, what happened?” I asked him. I grabbedhis hand and pulled him away from both of the unconscious guys.“They were asking for it.” He said.“I’m sure they were. Now let’s go home before you get in trouble.” I said lacing ourfingers together, and leading him out the door.Chapter 6I can’t believe he just did that. I really had no idea he had that in him. “So whathappened?”“It’s not really important, Jade. I shouldn’t have done it, I’m going to get in trouble andmy mom’s going to kill me.” He told me sounding really upset. He said it wasn’timportant, but I knew he wasn’t telling me something. I put my arm around his shoulderand led him over to a bench.“You don’t have to lie to me Davey, you can tell me what happened I promise I’llunderstand.” I took his hand, and squeezed it reassuringly.“Ok.” He said letting out a sigh before he continued talking. “Well after you went into theclass room, I decided I was going to run to my locker. When I came back down no onewas in the hall except Nick and Will, they didn’t notice me come back. I really didn’twant to talk to them so I waited over by the door for you. I wasn’t trying to listen to whatthey were saying, but I heard your name, so I had to hear the rest of what they said. Iwalked a little closer to them so I could hear, but so they wouldn’t see me, and I heardthem...” He was kind of shaking. So I pulled him into a hug trying to calm him down. Hewrapped his arm around my waist, and put his head on my shoulder. “Jade? Please don’tlet go.” He said sounding scared. I wrapped my arms around him the rest of the way andheld him close to me.“Don’t worry baby, I won’t. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I won’t beupset.” I started rubbing his back slowly trying to get him to calm down, only stoppingbriefly to flip off a few people who were staring as they walked by.“No it’s ok I want to tell you.” He took another deep breath before he finished “So Iheard them say your name, and I went over and I heard them saying how we disgust themand they should get some kind of revenge on us. Will said that he got an idea when youkissed him in class today, which is why he kissed back. He said they were going to try toget you to break up with me to go out with Will. Then he said after you trusted him hewas going to dump you in front of everyone at school so you learn a lesson, and he saidthat he was going to, he said...” He started shaking again, I held him tighter hoping thatnothing serious was wrong. He reached up and took my hand looking deeply into my
  • 24. eyes. I could see the pain in them, and I knew whatever he said next was going to be bad.“Jade, he said he was going to rape you. He said then when he did that I’d never want tobe with you again.” I was going to kill that mother fucker next time I saw him . I was soangry, but I didn’t want to let Davey know.“Shh baby it’s ok. They are stupid if they even think for one second that I’d ever want tobe with anyone but you. And you aren’t going to get in trouble. You three were the onlyones in the hall, and I’ll say you were with me when it happened. I promise I won’t letanything happen to you. You’re worrying over nothing.” I told him. I lifted his chin upand pulled him into a quick kiss. “We should probably get going.” I told him standing up.Davey grabbed my hand and pulled me back down.“Not so fast.” He said pulling me into a deep kiss, immediately sliding his tongue into mymouth. I moaned softly into his mouth. We continued kissing for a few minutes, hishands were running over my chest. I forgot we were in public until I heard a car slam onit’s breaks, and I heard some inaudible yelling from inside the car. I looked up and sawBill inside his car staring at me like he could kill us both. “What’s wrong Jade?” Daveyasked“Shit we gotta go now.” Davey looked up and saw Bill staring at us from inside his car.Davey froze. “C’mon we gotta get to my house.” I said pulling him along behind me. Itonly took us about 10 minutes to run to my house. We were both panting as we got intothe house, and Davey collapsed onto my couch.“Fuck what am I going to do now?” Davey asked sounding like he was on the verge oftears. I sat on the couch with my back against the arm. I pulled Davey back so he wasresting against my chest, and I wrapped my arms around him tightly.“Well you’re going to call your mom later, and explain what happened, and then you’regoing to sleep here tonight, and every night until I fell that it is safe for you to go home.OK?” I asked him beginning to rub his shoulders.“What about your mom? She doesn’t know does she?”“Not yet but I plan on telling her when she gets home. You’re too important to me tokeep it a secret .” I leaned down and started to kiss his neck slowly. I sat up and pulledhim into my lap and started kissing him again. His tongue was rubbing up against mineslowly. I could feel his erection poking me in the stomach. I slowly moved my handsunder his shirt and began to rub his chest, moving my hands down to the top of his pants.I moved from his lips to the skin behind his ear, sucking gently and leaving a small redmark. “Do you want me to stop?” I whispered softly in his ear. I stopped and lookeddeeply into his eyes, looking for any sign of hesitation.“No, please don’t.” He said softly. I pulled him back down into a kiss, as I slowlyunbuttoned his pants. I slowly reached into his pants and began rubbing him through hisboxers. I was a little unsure of myself, I had never been with another guy before, not that
  • 25. Davey was just any guy, and I wanted to make sure it was perfect for him. He wasmoaning my name softly in my ear. “Jade please.” He said softly, I looked up into hiseyes to make sure he wasn’t having second thoughts. His eyes were full of lust, I kissedhim once more before I slowly started to pull his pants the rest of the way down. I heardthe key turn in the lock, fuck, my mom was home early. “Shit!” Davey said jumping upto fix his pants. I quickly got up and moved over to the other chair. Davey just got hispants back up and back down on the couch before my mom came in. I looked over atDavey his hair was slightly messed up and he was still panting softly.“Hey boys.” My mom said“Hey mom.” I said in a squeaky voice. “This is Davey.” I said my voice returning tonormal“It’s so nice to finally meet you.” My mom said shaking his hand. I noticed his hand wastrembling slightly.“You too. Mrs. Puget.” He said sounding kind of nervous.“Umm mom can I talk to you it’s important.”“Sure baby what’s wrong?” She asked sitting down on the couch.“Ok this is kind of hard to say. Please don’t get mad at me.” I honestly had no idea how Iwas going to say this. I looked over at Davey who smiled reassuringly.“MomI’mgayandmeandDaveyaretogether.” I said in one breath. From the look on herface I think she understood me. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Are you mad?”“Of course not honey. I’m just a little shocked. But I could never be mad for somethinglike that.” I let out the breath I had been holding in. Then to my surprise she leaned overand pulled Davey into a tight hug. “Jade’s a great kid you’re very lucky.”“Mom there’s one more thing.” I got up and sat next to Davey. I grabbed his hand andsqueezed it softly. My mom looked down and saw our hands. She looked up and smiledat us happily. “Davey and I were sitting on the bench outside of school, and umm, I washolding his hand and stuff, and his mom’s boyfriend drove by and saw us. He’s ummkind of a homophobe, and he flipped out. I don’t think it’s safe for Davey to go home yet.Would it be ok for him to stay here tonight?”
  • 26. “Of course. Davey, you are welcome here anytime. When you do go back home ifsomething happens don’t ever think twice to come here.” She said smiling at us.“Thanks so much Mrs. Puget.” Davey said looking relaxed for the first time since we gothome.“Yea mom thanks. I love you .” I gave Davey a quick kiss before I stood up“You know you two really are beautiful together. I honestly don’t think there is anyonemore perfect for you Jade.” My mom said with a tear in her eye“Yea he is perfect.” I said hugging Davey tightly. “Umm I think we’re going to goupstairs until dinner. Is that ok?”“Of course. Have fun.” She said winking at us. I’m sure my face was just as purple asDavey’s was. We were just getting ready to go upstairs, when I heard pounding at thedoor.”“DAVEY I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE YOU LITTLE FAG! NOW GET OUT HEREWE’RE GOING HOME.” Davey looked terrified as Bill continued to pound on the door.“Both of you go upstairs and lock the door I’ll take care of it.” My mom said angrily“C’mon baby it’ll be fine I promise. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”Chapter 7We ran upstairs quickly, and Davey collapsed onto my bed. “Fuck, what am I going to doJade?”“You’re going to give him some time to calm down, and you also aren’t going to worryabout it, and if he doesn’t calm down in a few days I’ll send a pack of mutant bunniesover there to eat him.” I said trying to cheer him up.“God you’re such an idiot, Jade.” He said laughing. I went over and sat on the bed next tohim.“Yes, but I made you laugh.” He moved closer to me and lays his head on my shoulder. Imove so I’m laying back on my bed, pulling Davey down with me. I wrap my armsaround him, and give him a quick kiss on the top of his head.
  • 27. “What do you think he’ll do to me the next time he sees me?” Davey asked“Nothing. I won’t let him. I made a promise to your mother that I wouldn’t let anythinghappen to you, and I don’t ever plan on breaking that promise.”“Jade, please don’t let go.” I kiss him lightly and pull him closer to me.“Never in a million years, baby.” We lay there silently for a little while. I turn to saysomething to Davey, but he was asleep.“Jade sweetie? Wake up.” I open my eyes to find my mom shaking me lightly. “I’m sorryto wake you up honey, but your father just called , and he wants to take everyone out fordinner. He said it was ok to bring Davey, if you guys want to go.” I look over and seeDavey still curled up by my side, with his head resting on my chest.“Yea that sounds good let me see if he wants to go.” I leaned down and softly kissed himon the lips. He opened his eyes slowly, and leaned up to kiss me. “Did you sleep ok,baby?” I asked him“Yea, better than I have in a long time.”“Oh yea.” I said remembering why I woke him up in the first place. “My dad wants totake us out for dinner, do you want to go? If you want to go back to sleep that’s okthough.”“No, that sounds great, are you sure it’s ok for me to go too?” Davey asked.“Yea he wants you to go.” My mom told him “You should hurry up and get dressed, he’sgoing to be home soon.”“Umm Jade?”“Yea baby?”
  • 28. “I uhh don’t have anything clean to wear. Do you think I could borrow something?” Heasked“Sure. Help yourself to whatever you want.” I said pointing to the closet. I pulled on aplain black button down shirt, and sat down to fix my eyeliner. I looked over and sawDavey pulling on my cure T-shirt. Shit he looked good. He turned around and continuedto look through my closet. I heard him let out an excited squeak.“Jade, you should wear this tonight, it would look so good on you.” I looked up and sawhim holding up a pink tie that I forgot I even had.“You think it’ll look ok?” I asked finishing up my eye-liner“Are you kidding? You’d look so sexy.” He said coming over and put the tie on for me.“See?” He asked wrapping his arms around my back and resting his chin on my shoulder.“How can people not see that we are perfect for each other? Who cares that we are bothguys. I care about you and that’s all that matters.” He said studying our reflection in themirror“It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, all that matters is that we’re happy. Itdoesn’t matter to me what anyone else thinks. I’m happy as long as I’m with you.” I toldhim. I pulled him into a deep kiss my tongue immediately sliding against his. Daveypushed me up against the wall, and moved his hands down to my belt buckle. Just thenmy mom opened the door.“Oh shit I’m sorry. Umm your dad’s home. It’s time to go.” My mom said looking aboutas embarrassed as I felt.“Sorry Mom. I didn’t realize.” I said“Don’t worry about it hun I’m not upset.” I grabbed Davey’s hand, kissing him one moretime before we went downstairs. My mom and dad were waiting for us at the bottom ofthe steps.“Well this must be Davey. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s nice to meet you.” My dadsaid holding out his hand. Davey let go of my hand and quickly shook my dad’s hand.After he shook my dad’s hand, he grabbed my hand again. He was really cute when hewas nervous. My dad looked down to our hands, and smiled quickly at my mom.“It’s ok” My mom mouthed to me. “Well are you two ready?” She asked cheerfullyAfter about an hour waiting at the restaurant, we finally got seated. The waiter came overand quickly took our orders. Davey and I both ordered a salad. “So Davey how are youliking school? Jade said you just mover here right?” My dad asked“Yea me and my mom just moved. Umm school’s ok I guess.”
  • 29. “Have you made a lot of new friends?”“Umm just one.” Davey said. He reached over and squeezed my hand under the table.“But that’s all I need.” He said smiling at me. My mom looked over at us with a hugesmile on her face. After our food came things got pretty quiet. My mom was in themiddle of telling me something that happened at work, when I felt Davey hand let go ofmine. He put his hand in my lap, and started to rub me through my jeans. I looked over athim with every intention of making him stop, but the look of lust in his eyes made meforget everything I was going to say. He unzipped my pants, and reached into my boxersslowly starting to rub me. “Yea.” I heard Davey answer my dad, although I had no ideawhat he said. Davey started to rub me faster. I knew if I didn’t make him stop soon that Iwas going to cum.“Guys we are going to run to the bathroom before we go. Ok?” I just shook my head. Iknew if I opened my mouth I’d let out the moan I was holding in.“Fuck Davey, don’t stop.” I moaned quietly as my parents left the table. He lookeddeeply into my eyes before he slid under the table. I felt his kiss his way up my thigh,before he took my whole cock in his mouth. “Mmm God Davey I’m so close. Pleasedon’t stop.” I felt myself tense up, and I knew that I was going to cum. I moaned hisname one last time before I came. He quickly zipped my pants back up, and returned tohis seat. I pulled him into a deep kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth tasting myself onhis tongue. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of this when we get home.” I told him, reachingdown to lightly rub his erection.“Ready to go?” My dad said cheerfullyWe got into the car, and I immediately wrapped my arm around Davey’s waist. He puthis head on my shoulder and was asleep before we were out of the parking lot. I musthave fallen asleep as well, because when I woke up, I heard my mom and dad talkingabout me and Davey.“You were right dear they are great together. When you first told me I didn’t think I wasgoing to be able to handle it that well, but you were right it is about love and not gender.Did you see them trying to cover it up at dinner, but you could tell every time they lookedat each other. I’m just happy Jade found someone to make him so happy.” I heard my dadsay. I smiled to myself and pulled Davey closer to me. I heard him moan quietly in hissleep, and wrap his arms around me tighter.Chapter 8I woke up the next morning with Davey still wrapped in my arms, though now that Ithink about it I have no idea how I got into bed. My mom came in the room with a hugesmile on her face. “Morning honey.” She said still smiling. “Umm I think you guysshould stay home today, with everything that happened with Bill yesterday, I think it’s
  • 30. best for you two to take a break for a day.”“Yea that’s probably a good idea, mom. Thanks”“Well I’m going to work, I’ll be home around five, and your father won’t be home untillate. I love you honey.”“Love you too mom.” I watched Davey sleep for a little while, before I turned myattention to the rain that had started to fall. I hated the rain, it was so gloomy anddepressing.“Morning baby.” Davey said sleepily“Morning.” I leaned down and gave a him a quick kiss. “I didn’t wake you did I?”“Nope. Besides we have to get ready for school don’t we?” He moves s he’s leaning backagainst my chest. I wrap my arms around his shoulders.“No, my mom said she thinks we should take the day off. We can go if you want tothough.”“No, I’d much rather spend the whole day with you. Hey look Jade, it’s raining!” he saidsounding excited “Can we go out in it? Please baby?”“Alright, you know I can’t resist that face.” He looked really excited. “You really are toocute.” I cupped his cheek lightly, and pulled him into a deep kiss. His tongue rubbedagainst mine quickly, he lightly bit my bottom lip before he pulled back.“C’mon let’s go.” He said getting up and pulling on a pair of my sweat pants. He randownstairs and out the door quickly. I went over and sat next to him on the wet grass.“Isn’t it beautiful?” I had never really thought about it before. I had always just assumedthat the rain was very depressing, but the more I looked around the more I noticed howbeautiful everything was. The leaves on the trees had drops of water running off them,
  • 31. and somewhere in the distance I saw a bolt of lightning.“I have never really noticed it before, but yea it is really beautiful.” Davey laid back, andpulled me down with him.“Look baby, a rainbow!” He said pointing up to the sky. “Wow I’m sorry I bet I soundreally childish.”“Not at all.” I said pulling him close to me. We laid silently until it started to rain muchharder. “You think we should go in?” I asked sitting up.“No, let’s stay out here longer. We’re already as wet as we can get.” I looked over at him,his hair was soaked, and kind of stuck to his face, and he had drops of rain running downhis face. “What’s wrong Jade?” he asked looking concerned“Nothing.” I said taking his cheek in my hand. “I was just looking.” I pushed him backdown on the grass. I straddled his waist and kissed him gently. “I never got to thank youfor yesterday.” I whispered“Here? Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous?”“Not as dangerous as the middle of a crowded restaurant.” I kissed down to his neck, andsucked gently leaving a red mark. I reached into his boxers, and began to rub him gently.“Do you want me to stop?” He moaned softly. I slowly pulled down his pants. I slowlykissed up his thigh, and began to rub him gently.“Jade please.” he moaned as I started to rub him faster. I took his whole erection in mymouth and he started to moan loudly. “Shit Jade!” He moaned loudly and started to pullon my hair. I start to suck him faster, his finger nails are digging into my scalp. I feel likeI’m bleeding, but I don’t care. The pain makes me moan loudly around his dick. I run myteeth along his dick before I start to deep throat him. “Fuck Jade, I’m gonna cum” Hemoans loudly. He moans my name one more time before his cum fills my mouth. I moveup and kiss him gently letting him taste himself on my tongue.“C’mon let’s go inside baby.” I said pulling him up with me“See Jade, I told you the rain is beautiful.” We had just come back inside.“Yea, you’re right. I had always just thought it was really depressing.” I said pulling on adry t-shirt.“It is! But don’t you think that something can be depressing and beautiful at the sametime? I think some of the most beautiful songs ever written are also incrediblydepressing.”
  • 32. “Yea I guess you’re right I never thought of it that way” We went downstairs to watchTV, I laid down on the couch with Davey wrapped in my arms, he fell asleep almostimmediately. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened over the lastcouple of days. Being with Davey made everything seem perfect. Even school didn’tseem so bad, because he was there with me. As much as it scares me, I think I’m fallingin love with him. The phone interrupts my thoughts“Hello?” I answer it quickly so I don’t wake Davey up“Hi Jade, it’s Penny is Davey there?”“No, he’s sleeping. Do you want me to give him a message?”“Sure.” Her voice sounded different, almost forced. “Tell him I’ve talked to Bill, and hecalmed down a lot, and we would like Davey to come home.”“Umm yea I’ll bring him home after dinner.” I honestly couldn’t believe she was stillwith Bill after how he treated Davey. She told me herself that Davey was one of the onlythings she had.“Well actually Bill wants to take Davey and I out for dinner, so if you could bring himhome now that would be great.” She said and hung up. Something definitely didn’t seemright, but I didn’t want to cause any problems so I had to do what she wanted.“Davey wake up, baby.”“Damn I can’t keep my eyes open for five minutes, sorry baby.” He said sleepily “Issomething wrong baby?”“Your mom just called, and she wants you to come home” He looked kind of nervous.“She said she talked to Bill, and he’s calmed down. She also said he’s taking you two outto dinner so we should probably go now.”
  • 33. “I don’t want to go back if he’s there.” Davey said sounding scared.“I know, I wish you could stay with me, but your mom must think it’s safe.”“Yea, I guess you’re right. Alright let’s go.” Davey was quiet the whole way to his house,I could tell he was scared, because, because he was holding onto my hand tightly thewhole way.“Don’t worry, Dave, everything will be fine.” I pulled him into a quick kiss. I reachedinto my pocket, and pulled out some money. “I want you to take this, and if somethinghappens I want you to get your things, and get over to my house as fast as you can. OK?”“Ok, thank you Jade. I’ll see you in school tomorrow, I kissed him again before I turnedto walk away. “Jade?” I heard him call softly“What’s wrong baby?” He looked like he was on the verge of tears.“I love you.” He said as a tear slid down his cheek.“I love you too baby.” I kissed him deeply, his tongue slid into my mouth massagingmine gently. “So much.” I hugged him tightly before I turned and walked home. Icouldn’t help feeling like I betrayed him by letting him go back.Chapter 9I woke up the next morning in a hurry to get to Davey’s house. I know it had only beenover night, but I really missed him. I took a quick shower, and threw my clothes on. “I’mleaving now mom. I’m going to pick Davey up. I love you.” I yelled in one breath as I ranout the door. I ran all the way to Davey’s house to find the whole house dark, with nocars in the driveway. Damn I must have missed him. I walk the rest of the way to schoolthinking about Davey. I shouldn’t have let him go back, I have a really bad feeling thatsomething is going to happen.“Hey Jadie? Where’s Davey today, I want to talk to him?” Will said walking over to me.“Yea I want to talk to my dear friend Davey too.” Nick added“Shit, you mean he isn’t here yet?” They both shook their heads. “That god damn son ofa bitch! I’ll kill him!” I yelled leaving the two assholes standing there shocked as I raninto the school. I ran to the payphone and dialed Davey’s number. The phone rang abouttwenty times before I gave up. I was really worried now. I went to my first period class. I
  • 34. honestly didn’t care about anything that was going on, I just wanted to get out of here.“Jade? Is everything ok?” My teacher asked. At first she sounded pissed, but I guess Imust look like shit, cause now she sounds concerned.“Yea I’m fine.” I lie“You aren’t paying attention. Didn’t we just talk about this?” I think I must have spacedout again. “Jade, please wait after the bell rings I need to talk to you.” She said angrily. Ididn’t hear another word that anyone said the rest of the period. When the bell rang Islowly walked up to the front of the room.“Yea?” I said dully“Sit down Jade.” I took a seat quickly, hoping I would get out of there soon. “Now Jade, Ican tell something is wrong, it will help you to talk about it.”“Dammit you don’t know anything.” I yelled at her, “Talking about it won’t help me findhim, talking about it won’t protect him. Fuck, I need to get out of here.” I said breakingdown into tears.“Jade, calm down. Who do you need to find?” she asked putting her hand on my shouldertrying to comfort me.“Davey.” I said quietly“What happened?”“He’s gone, and I don’t know where he is. I need to find him. Shit, I love him so fuckingmuch, and I let this happen.” I said crying harder“Please just tell me what happened.” I take a deep breath, and the whole story comespouring out. I tell her everything that happened between me and Davey. By the time I’mfinished I’m shaking uncontrollably. “Jade, I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t be here today,why don’t you go home.” she said hugging me tightly.“Thank you so much.” I say and walk out the door. I stop at Davey’s on the way home,but the house is still empty. I got home and collapsed on my bed. I stayed in my room allnight ignoring my mom and dad’s attempts to get me up.It has been almost two weeks since I’ve seen Davey. I stop at his house everyday on theway to school, but the mail piled up outside makes it clear that no one has been there forweeks. My grades at school have dropped, and they are making me see the schoolcounselor every day. It doesn’t do any good. I can’t even talk to anyone about it. So hereI am now, sitting in a damn counselors office, when I could be looking for Davey.
  • 35. “Come on Jade you’re going to have to talk to me sometime. You’ll feel better once youget it out.”“God, all you people have no idea what the fuck I’m going through, and talking abouthow bad I fucked up my life as well as Davey’s won’t help a fucking thing. Can I pleasego now?” I yelled getting up“Please Jade, I just want to ask you a few questions about Davey.” She said pleading withme“OK I’ll tell you. Davey was my boyfriend, his mom’s boyfriend is a fucking asshole. Hetook Davey away from me. I’ll probably never see Davey again. I love Davey so fuckingmuch, and he’s gone. And I’m going to kill the asshole for taking Davey away from menext time I see him.” I yelled at her breaking down into tears. “No, whatever bullshitanswers you’re going to give me won’t help. Now I’m leaving.” I said getting up andwalking out the door. On the way home it started raining, and the rain made me think ofthe last time I was with Davey. I got home and sat down in the grass outside just likeDavey and I had done two weeks earlier. I felt weak, I hadn’t been eating or sleepingsince Davey left. To be honest I hadn’t really been dong much of anything. I sat out in therain for hours just thinking about how bad I had fucked up.“Jade what are you doing? It’s freezing. Come inside please?” My mom said. She hadjust got home from work I guess. She pulled me inside, and wrapped me in a blanket.“Jade please talk to me honey, it kills me to see you like this.” She said pulling me intoher arms on the couch.“Davey’s gone. His mom called two weeks ago, and told me to bring him home, and Ihaven’t seen him since. No one has been in his house since I saw him last. I knowsomething bad happened. I just can’t stand the thought that I let him go back there andnow he’s gone. I love him mom, and now I’ll never see him again.” I said hugging hertightly.“Shh baby, it’ll be fine. I promise we’ll find him.” I laid on the couch silently with mymom until the phone rang. I hurried up and grabbed it.“Hello?” I said into the phone. At first all I heard was silence, I was about to hang upwhen I heard Davey’s voice“Jade, is that you?” He sounded weak, and like he was in pain.“Yea, I’m here baby, are you ok?” I said my voice coming out in a mixture of excitementand fear.“I’m ok now that I talked to you, I need help though, please come get me.”Chapter 10
  • 36. “Where are you Davey?” I felt tears come to my eyes, I was so happy to be hearing fromhim, but he said he needs help. I feel so guilty.“I’m not sure. I got off the bus somewhere downtown.” He said sounding scared. “I knowI’m by a grocery store. Does that help you at all?”“It will have to. I want you to go wait inside the store until we get there. Ok, baby?”“I don’t want to cause any trouble for you or your mom. I’ll just find a place to sleeptonight, it’s too late or you to be driving around, Im sorry I bothered you. I’ll just...”“Davey, do you actually think that I would leave you out there at night? What makes youthink that I don’t want to see you? Fuck I missed you so much. Just wait where you are,and we’ll be there as fast as we can.”“I missed you too Jade, thank you for helping me. I love you.”“I love you too, Davey, more than anything.” I told him and hung up the phone.“Jade, what’s wrong?” My mom asked coming in the room“It’s Davey, he’s somewhere downtown, he needs help, we have to go get him.” I saidpulling my mom to the car. “He said he got off the bus and he’s by a grocery store. Doyou think we’ll be able to find him?” I asked my mom as we quickly drove away“Honey, I’m not going home until we find him.” She told me reaching over to squeezemy hand. “I promise.”“Thank you mom.” I leaned my head against the cold window.“You really care about him don’t you?” My mom asked breaking the silence“I love him, mom. I love him so fucking much, and I can’t stand the fact that I let him get
  • 37. hurt.” I said wiping away the tear that had rolled down my cheek.“He’ll be fine honey. Now he shouldn’t be too hard to find there are only two grocerystores downtown, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be here.” She told me pulling into the parkinglot. “I don’t think you can get to the other one by bus. I’ll let you go in and check ok.”“Ok mom. Thanks.” I said getting out of the car and running into the store. I didn’t seeanyone in the store. I looked around quickly.“Jade?” I heard a voice say. I looked down and saw Davey sitting on the floor leaning upagainst a shelf. He looked terrible, he looked weak and exhausted. He looked like he hadlost at least twenty pounds since I saw him last.“Davey are you alright?” I said dropping to my knees next to him. I grabbed his handgently, and helped him to his feet. As soon as he stood up he pulled me into a tight hug.“I thought I was never going to see you again, Jade. I thought you forgot about me.”Hearing him say this brought tears to my eyes. I tilted his head up and kiss him gently.“I would never forget about you, Davey.”“Hey can you two take that outside? You’re making me sick.” The redneck behind thecounter yelled. I was about to say something to him, but Davey stopped me.“Let’s just go baby.” I grabbed Davey’s bags and walked to the car. Threw his things intothe front seat, and I went and sat next to him in the back seat. I pulled Davey into my lapand kissed him gently.“Do you want to talk about what happened?” I asked rubbing his back gently“Not right now, but I promise I will soon. Ok?”“That’s alright, baby. But I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.” I told him wrappingmy arms around him.“Thank you, Jade.” He said hugging me tightly. “Jade, you’re the only thing I have leftnow, please don’t leave me.” I look at him and see fear in his eyes.“Davey, I don’t think I could live without you.”
  • 38. “I love you.” Davey says laying his head on my shoulder“I love you too, baby. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you again.” I lean downand kiss him on the top of his head, and pull him closer to me. I grabbed Davey’s handlacing our fingers together. I noticed that his hands were shaking badly. “Baby, what’swrong?”“Oh, nothing. I haven’t eaten anything today, so I guess I’m just hungry.”“That’s not nothing, you have to eat something.” I told him “Mom, do you think wecould stop somewhere to get something to eat?” My mom pulled into the parking lot of arestaurant, and handed me some money.“I just ate so I’m not very hungry. I’m going to let you two go by yourself. ok?” My momasked“Ok, thanks mom.” Me and Davey were waited on quickly, and there weren’t manypeople in the restaurant. “Do you want to talk about it now?” I asked squeezing Davey’shand gently“Ok” He said “Umm well when I got home my mom was waiting at the door for me. Assoon as I got in the house she started screaming at me that I don’t love you, and that Ineed help. She had all my things packed, she told me that we were moving back to Bill’shouse to get me away from you so that she can help me.”“I thought your mom was ok with us?” I asked“She lied. She said she had this planned since the first time she saw us together. When wegot into the car Bill started screaming at me the whole way that I was nothing but a stupidfag. and that he would kill me if I didn’t fix myself.” He told me with tears in his eyes. Igot up and sat next to him in the booth wrapping my arms around him.“It’s ok now baby. I won’t let anything happen to you again.” I said holding him tightly“When we got there, Bill went through all my things and threw away everything he saidwas too gay. He threw away almost all of my clothes. Then he said that he was refusingto feed me the shit that I ate, and I would have to eat normal if I was going to eat at all.So I actually haven’t eaten anything since I was at your house.”
  • 39. “Why didn’t you leave sooner?” I asked him“They had me locked in my room the whole time. They said they weren’t going to let meout until I admitted that I was better. So I told them that I wasn’t gay, and I had made amistake.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes again. “I told them that I didn’t love you.Even though it was a lie, it was still the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It was horrible,the only thing that kept me from killing myself was knowing that you were waiting forme.” I couldn’t believe what he was telling me.“It’ll be ok now. I promise I’ll take care of it for you. I’ll never let anything hurt youagain.” I told him kissing him gently.“I know you won’t. I love you.” Davey said kissing me gently. He wrapped his armsaround me and let his tongue slide into my mouth. He moaned softly.“I love you too. More than anything.” I looked up and saw our waiter standing therelooking embarrassed.“Shit I’m sorry. I should have said something.” He said handing us our food“It’s alright. I’m sorry too.” I told him. I looked over at Davey who was laughing quietly.“What?”“I don’t think he was too bothered by us.” He said still laughing“And how do you know that?” I asked him. At this point we were both laughing so hardthat Davey couldn’t finish his sentence.“All I’m saying is that it was hard to miss. Didn’t you notice?” He asked trying not tolaugh again.“I did. And might I point out you excellent word choice.” Davey was laughing so hardthat people at other tables were starting to stare. “Damn it wasn’t that funny. Be goodhere he comes.” He buried his head in my neck to try to stop laughing.“Is he ok?” Our waiter asked handing me the check“Uhh something just set him off. It doesn’t really take a big thing to do that to him.”“I dunno Jade, I thought it was pretty big.” He said seriously causing me to start laughingagain.“Shit I’m sorry.” I told the waiter handing him the money.“It’s alright.” He said still looking mildly confused. “Hey don’t I know you?” He asked
  • 40. “Umm I don’t think so.” I told him“Oh yea, you were that dude who flipped out on the counselor on Friday.”“Oh yea I do remember seeing you there. I’m Jade, and this is Davey.” I told him“Nice to meet ya both. I’m Hunter. Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”“Yea, nice to meet you too.” I told him“Why were you at the counselor?” Davey asked me as we walked back to the car.“I was worried about you, and they made me go talk to her. She just made things worse.”I told Davey wrapping my arm around his shoulder.“Well you two look like you’re in a better mood.” My mom said smiling as we got in thecar.“Yea we are.” I told her. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. I rode the rest of the wayhome thinking about everything that Davey had told me, and what I was going to do thenext time I saw Bill. I fell asleep for the first time in over a week with Davey wrapped inmy arms.Chapter 11I woke up the next morning to find Davey sitting at my desk writing in a black notebook.“Morning beautiful.” Davey said getting up and kissing me quickly.“Well someone’s in a good mood this morning.” I said kissing him again “So what wereyou doing up so early?”“I woke up about an hour ago, and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I was writing.”“Oh, what were you writing?” I asked laying my head on his shoulder.“It’s a surprise.” He told me. “Now get up, we’re going to be late for school.” I got up,and got dressed quickly. I went in the bathroom to fix my hair. When I came out of thebathroom Davey was still putting on his make-up.
  • 41. “Weren’t you the one who was rushing me cause we were going to be late?” I askedsmiling at him.“Well now you know my secret, I am a hypocrite! Can you ever forgive me?”“God you’re such an idiot, Davey” I said laughing“Yes, but I made you laugh.” He said turning to finish his make-up. I laughedremembering our conversation about the mutant bunnies we had a few weeks ago. “HeyJade? Since Bill threw away most of my clothes, do you think I could borrowsomething?”“Sure baby, help yourself.” I told him picking up my guitar from next to my bed.“I can’t believe that bastard threw away my Joy Division shirt, you can’t even get anotherone like that anymore.” He said bitterly“I’m sorry baby.” I told him. I started to play Lovesong by The Cure while I was waitingfor him to get dressed. Davey came over and sat next to me on my bed.“I really love that song. It’s beautiful.” He said as I finished playing. “You’re really good.Will you play something else for me?” He asked laying his head on my shoulder“Sure, what do you want to hear?” I asked“Anything. Surprise me.” I thought for a minute before I started to play the song I hadwrote for Davey while he was gone. “Wow, that was really beautiful. I don’t think I’veever heard that song before. What is it?” Davey asked me“Umm, I wrote it.” I told Davey nervously“Really? It’s beautiful.” Davey said wrapping his arm around me “What’s it called?”“Ever and a Day.” I told him. “I wrote it for you, do you like it?” Davey looked at mewith tears in his eyes. He leaned in and kissed me gently.“Jade that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, I love it.” He kissed meagain. “And I love you.”
  • 42. “I’m glad you liked it baby.” I leaned in and kissed him softly. My mom comes in theroom, and I pull back slowly. “Morning mom.” I say“Morning sweetie. C’mon you two are going to be late.” She said smiling. I sit my guitardown on my bed, not bothering to put it away. I pick up my bag and walk downstairswith Davey behind me.“Love you mom.” I said kissing her on the cheek“Love you too honey. Have a good day Davey.” She said hugging him tightly before weleft. I wrap my arm around Davey’s waist as we start walking to school. We get to schoola few minutes early.“I’m going to stop at my locker real quick, baby.” Davey tells me“Alright. Love you.”“I’ll only be gone a few minutes.” He tells me laughing softly“Yea, I know, but I still love you.”“Oh ok. I love you too.” He tells me, kissing me quickly before he turns and walks to hislocker. I walk into my first period class with a smile on my face.“Morning Jade.” My teacher says “How are you doing today?” She asks me worriedly“I’m great.” I tell her. She looks confused, but she doesn’t say anything else. I think shedoesnt want to upset me. I had been kind of on edge since Davey left, and she doesn’tknow he’s back. I go sit in my seat and pull out my notebook that is covered in heartswith Davey’s name in them.“Morning.” Davey says to her as he comes in the room.“Davey! How are you doing? We’ve missed you these last two weeks.” She said smilingat me.“I didn’t miss him ma’am.” Nick said causing his friends to detach their lips from his asslong enough to laugh.“That’s enough Nick.” She said. Davey came and sat down next to me, I smiled at himquickly before I went back to drawing on my notebook. Today I was drawing a flamingheart with Davey’s name in it. I was almost finished when I felt something hit me in thearm. I looked up and saw Davey staring at me.“Whatcha drawing?” Davey whispered to me. I handed him my notebook. He looked at it
  • 43. thoughtfully for a few seconds before he picked up his pencil and drew something. “It’sbeautiful” He said handing me my notebook back. I looked at it and I saw that underneathhis name he wrote mine. Now it said ‘Davey and Jade’ inside the heart. I looked over athim again, and this time he handed me a folded piece of paper. I opened up the note, andstarted to read it.‘Dear Jade,I started writing this for you after the first day we met, while you were in the nursesoffice, and I finished it while I was at Bill’s house. I was really scared to actually let youread this, but I figured that since you played me the song you wrote for me this morningit was only fair that I showed you this. Well I’m kinda rambling.’I looked over to Davey having no idea what he was talking about. When I looked at himhe handed me the notebook he was writing in this morning. “First page.” He whispered. Iopened it up to the first page and saw what turned out to be a song he wrote for me. Istarted reading.‘To my beautiful Jade,Lie in the comfort of sweet calamity with nothing left to lose.Lie in the darkness, I’m slowly drowned to sleep with nothing left to lose.Three tears I’ve saved for you.I’d retrace the steps that lead me here but nothing lives behind me.So I lie in this field bathed in the light that loves me, with nothing left to lose.Three tears I’ve saved for you.Will you be my beloved? Will you help me to get through?Will you be my destruction? Will you help me to be through?’I reread it a few times, and each time the beauty of his words hit me a little more. “Didyou like it?” Davey leaned over and whispered in my ear“It was beautiful, baby. Thank you so much.” I leaned over and kissed him gently.“Ma’am can you please ask the fags to stop? They are making it hard for me toconcentrate.” Nick said“Yes, that is enough you two.” she told us
  • 44. “Sorry” Davey mumbled quietly pulling away from me“Yea, sorry” I said“And that’s enough out of you, Nick” She said smiling at me. The bell rang, and Daveygrabbed my hand pulling me out of the room. As soon as we got out in the hall he pushedme up against the wall and kissed me deeply sliding his tongue in my mouth. I moanedsoftly as he began to grind his hips into mine.“Not now Davey.” I moaned in his ear. He bit down on my neck gently causing me tomoan loudly.“Then let’s go I need you now.” Davey said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of thedoor.“Where are we going?” I asked“Umm, I don’t know.” He said “Around the back of the school?” He asked me“Yea that’s good.” I said as he started to pull me towards the back of the school. As wegot closer I could hear voices and groaning coming from behind the school. “Damnsomeone’s already back there.” I said walking closer to see what was going on. When wegot around the back we saw Hunter with his face buried in some guys lap.“Shit Hunter don’t stop.” The guy moaned. He had his back to us so I couldn’t tell who itwas. Just as me and Davey were about to walk away Hunter looked up and saw usstanding there.“Shit!” Hunter said jumping up“What’s wrong, Hunter?” He asked zipping up his pants“I’m so sorry.” I said apologizing to them both.“Well I guess we’re even now.” Hunter laughed “Davey and Jade, this is my boyfriendAdam. Adam this is Davey and Jade. I met them at the restaurant yesterday.”“Uhh, it’s very nice and very awkward to meet you both.” Adam said laughing.“Yea you too.” I said shaking his hand. “Umm well we’re going to go, and let you to,uhh, finish.” I said turning to walk away.“Hey guys?” Hunter yelled after us“Yea?” I asked“Tomorrow do you want to come out here with us? Ya know talk and shit?” He asked“Sure that sounds great. See you tomorrow.” I yelled
  • 45. “Yea see you tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Adam.” Davey yelled as we walkedaway. “Shit that was totally awkward.” Davey said laughing. Davey wrapped his armaround me as we walked home. “Is it wrong to be as turned on as I am right now?” Daveyasked me laughing“Maybe, but I’m just as turned on as you , so it’s ok.” I said wrapping my arm around hisshoulder“Hey, did you leave the door open this morning?” Davey asked me“No, why?” I asked confused“Well, your front door is wide open.” He said sounding worried. I turned and saw that mydoor was open, and I saw Bill speed out of the drive way.“That son of a bitch.” I said with running down the street to my house.Chapter 12I ran in the front door and looked around. I didn’t see anything missing or even moved.“Is everything alright?” Davey asked“I’m not sure, everything seems fine down here.” I told him“I’ll go check upstairs for you. Ok?”“Alright thanks, baby.” I told him. I walked into the kitchen, a few drawers were opened,but nothing looked like it was missing.“Shit, Jade come here.” I heard Davey yell from upstairs“What’s wrong?” I asked running up the stairs“Just come here, please?” He said sounding upset. I found him standing in my roomholding a piece of paper.“What’s that baby?”“Shit Jade I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” Davey says. I come over and wrap my armsaround him“What’s your fault? He didn’t do anything. I checked, and everything is fine.” I told him“No, it’s not fine. Look.” He said pointing over to my bed. I looked over and saw myguitar laying on my bed smashed into pieces. “I’m really sorry, Jade.” Davey said
  • 46. wrapping his arms around me.“Baby, it’s not your fault.” I said hugging him tightly“Yes it is. He said in the note that if I don’t come home, he’s going to come back. I’mjust going to go back, I don’t want to cause you any more trouble.” He started to gatherall his things together. I walked over to him, and took his bag out of his hands.“I’m not letting you go back there. It’s not safe.” I told him sitting down on the bedpulling Davey into my lap.“I’m not staying. I’m not going to let anything else happen to you.” He told me trying toget up.“Davey, he just broke my guitar. Yea I’m pissed, but I care about you a little more thanthe guitar.” I picked up the pieces of my guitar and sat them next to my bed. “I promiseI’ll make this better.” I told Davey pulling him down next to me on the bed.“Hey guys, how was your day?” My mom asked walking into the room.“Umm, it was alright.” I told my mom“Shit, what happened to your guitar.”“Bill was here looking for Davey, and I guess he got pissed when he couldn’t find him.” Itold her“That’s terrible. All this shit has to stop.” My mom said sounding angry.“It doesn’t matter, mom. I don’t care as long as Davey is safe.” I told me mom pullingDavey close to me“Hey baby?” Davey said as my mom left the room“Yea?” I said“I have to go do something I’ll be back later.” He said getting up“I’ll go with you.” I said. “I don’t want you to go by yourself.”“You can’t.” He said“Why not?” I asked pretending to be upset“Because your birthday is next week, and I want to get your present. And that face won’twork so don’t try it.” He said kissing me before he left the room. Damn, I had been so
  • 47. worried about Davey, that I forgot that his birthday was also coming.“Hey Jade, can you come here for a minute?” My mom said“Yea, what’s wrong?” I asked“I’m really worried about everything that has happened with Bill. I didn’t want to sayanything in front of Davey, but i think we should call the police.”“Yea, that’s probably a good idea. I’ll see you later.” I said“Where are you going?” My mom asked“It’s almost Davey’s birthday, and I want to get him a present. It’s on the 20th so I’malmost out of time.” I told her“That’s great. I think we should celebrate both your birthdays on the 24th.” My mom saidexcitedly “Is that ok?”“Yea that’s fine.” I said laughing at how excited she was.I got off the bus, and started wandering around the mall trying to find a present forDavey. I had no idea what I was going to buy him, but it had to be perfect. I walked pasta music store, and saw a Joy Division shirt like the one Davey had hanging above thecounter. “Can I help you with something?” The guy behind the counter asked me.“Uhh yea, how much is that Joy Division shirt?” I asked“Sorry, it’s not for sale.” He said“Please, I’ll pay whatever you want.” I said“Sorry, you can’t even get another one like this anymore. I can’t just let it go.” He saidgetting angry. After a few more minutes of begging he finally let me have the shirt fortwo hundred and fifty dollars. “Alright now get out of here.” He said handing me theshirt. I walked past a jewelry store. and I saw a beautiful silver ring in the window. Iknew Davey would love it.“Can I help you with something hun?“Yea, I want to see the silver ring you have in the window.” I told her. She opened one ofthe cases and handed me the ring.“Is this the one you want?” She asked me“Yea it’s perfect.” I told her looking at the ring closely. It was a small silver band with a
  • 48. black stone in the middle.“Alright, and what size do you need sweetie?” She asked me“Umm I’m not sure.” I told her. I slid the ring onto my finger. I figured that it wouldprobably fit Davey, if it fit me. “This one is good.” I told her“Alright. You can get something engraved in it, if you want.” She said taking the ringfrom me“Yea that sounds great.” I said“Ok what do you want it to say?” I though for a minute trying to think of something.“I want it to say ‘However far away I will always love you’.” I said remembering howmuch Davey said he likes Lovesong by The Cure.“That’s beautiful. This must be for someone pretty special.” She said“Yea, he is special.” I told her“It’ll only take about ten minutes, you can wait here if you want.” She told me. I satdown in a chair in the corner of the room to wait for her. I heard a familiar soundingvoice come from the back of the shop.“It’s really beautiful sir. Anyone would agree to marry you with a ring like that.” I heardone of the salesmen say.“Yea, well she’s been going through a lot lately, and I want to make my proposalspecial.” I heard the voice say. I realized that it was Bill, he must be buying anengagement ring for Davey’s mom. I sank down in my chair a little so he wouldn’t seeme. “Yea she just found out her son was a fag, so she’s been pretty upset. But I’m gonnatake care of that little fag then next time I see him. He’s been hiding at his littleboyfriend’s house since I found out about them. All I can say is I hope they’re enjoyingthemselves now, cause when I get my hands on em they won’t be so lucky.”“Here’s your ring, sir, and good luck with everything.” The guy told Bill.“You’re all done sweetie.” The lady told me coming out from the back. I got up to payfor the ring. I turned and saw Bill staring at me with a big grin on his face. He waved atme quickly before he turned and walked out of the store. I paid the lady, and turned toleave.“Thanks again for all your help.” I told her. I ran out of the mall quickly. I wanted to gethome to Davey as fast as I could just in case Bill was going to find him. I felt a hand slidover my mouth and someone grab me around my waist as someone pulled me behind thedumpsters.
  • 49. Chapter 13“Well, look who it is.” Bill said pushing me onto the ground. “Don’t worry we’re goingto have a lot of fun.” He said. I tried to stand up, but Bill pushed me back down into theDumpster. I must have split my lip open, I could feel the blood running down my face.“You’re going to listen to whatever I tell you. NowStay the fuck down.” He yelled.“Do whatever you want to me, but please don’t hurt Davey.” I said“That wasn’t part of my plan, sorry.” He said. “You see what I’m going to do is, I’mgoing to beat you within an inch of your life, and then I’m going to drag your bloodybody back to your house. Then we’re going to find Davey, I’m going to prop your lifelessbody up in the corner so you can watch while I slit the fags fuckin’ throat. And when he’slaying there bleeding to death, I’m going to finish you off the rest of the way, so the fagcan fucking watch you die.” He said laughing. “Unless of course you go back home, andtell him you never loved him. Break the fags heart. It would be much worse than killinghim.”“Please don’t hurt him. Do whatever you want to me, just please let him be safe.” I saidfeeling helpless.“How far are you willing to go for that stupid fag anyway?”“I’d die for him.” I said with tears in my eyes“That works for me.” He said turning around and pulling a knife out of his bag.“Of course I’d also kill for him.” I said jumping up quickly grabbing Bill by the throat. Islammed his head back into the dumpster. I tried to get the knife out of his hand, but heended up making a deep cut on both our arms.“This will be so much easier on you if you just fuckin’ cooperate.” Bill said trying to pullaway.“What makes you think I’m not going to kill you? After everything you put Daveythrough. Why do you think you even deserve to fuckin’ live?” I yelled with tears runningdown my face. “Don’t you realize how much I love him, how much I fuckin’ need him?And you were going to end it. You were going to kill one of the most beautiful, sweet,and caring people I’ve ever met, just because he is gay. And for that you deserve to die.”I said sobbing. I grabbed his head and slammed it into the dumpster. He dropped theknife, and fell to the ground. He ended up landing with the knife lodged in his side. I was
  • 50. so scared, there was blood everywhere. I pulled the knife out of his side, and threw it intothe dumpster. He wasn’t dead, and I didn’t want to be there when he woke up. I grabbedmy bags and got on the bus ignoring the horrified looks people gave me, because I wascovered in blood. I got off the bus and ran quickly back to my house. I saw Davey andmy mom sitting at the table. I had never been more grateful to see anyone in my entirelife.“That was a wonderful idea sweetie.” My mom said not noticing me.” Jade will love it,you are both so lucky to have found each other. Oh my god! Jade what happened?” Mymom said seeing me for the first time. Davey ran over to me and wrapped his armsaround me tightly.“I saw Bill at the mall.” I said simply. I pulled Davey closer to me. “You know howmuch I love you right Davey?”Chapter 14“Of course I know.” Davey said softly pulling me down onto the couch. He laid down,and pulled me back against his chest. “He didn’t hurt you did he?” He asked soundingscared“No, not too bad.” I said closing my eyes, and laying my head on his shoulder.“But you’re covered in blood.” He said wiping some of the blood from my lip“Most of it is Bill’s” I told him as my mom came back in the room“What happened, sweetie?” My mom asked wiping the blood off my face. I told them thewhole story while my mom cleaned my arm. I finished telling them with tears in my eyes.I looked at my mom who also had tears running down her cheeks. “That’s it. This has gotto end now.” She said getting up“What are you going to do?” I asked“I’m calling the police.” She said and left the room.“I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Davey said gently running his fingers through myhair. “If you knew he was there why didn’t you wait until you were sure he was gone toleave?” Davey asked“I was worried that since he saw me alone that he was going to try to find you. I wantedto get to you as fast as I could.” I told him. I turned and kissed him. “I love you, and Ipromise I’ll mkae this better for you.”“I love you too. More than you’ll ever know.” He said wrapping his arms around metightly. “Did you mean what you said to Bill before?”
  • 51. “What do mean?” I asked“When you said you’d die for me?”“Your safety is the most important thing to me right now, and I’d do anything to makesure that you were safe.” I told him. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes.“Jade, baby wake up.” Davey whispered shaking me lighty. I opened my eyes and lookedat him. “Honey the police want to talk to you. Is that ok?”“Yea that’s fine.” I said “I’ll be right back.” I kissed him lightly and went in the otherroom. I saw my mom talking to two police officers.“Jade honey sit down.” My mom said. I sat down and the first police officer got up andshook my hand.“It’s nice to meet you, Jade.” He said“Uhh, yea you too.” I said nervously“Ok Jade, we want to ask you a few questions. Is that ok?”“Yea that’s fine.”“Ok, so I want you to tell me what happened up until today.” He said pulling out anotebook.“Ok, well uhh about three weeks ago was Davey’s first day at school. And so I helpedhim find his way around school, and everything. So one day I went to his house afterschool, and I got to meet Bill, and everything he said was totally homophobic. After thatDavey and I started dating, we told his mom and she said she was ok with it, but weshouldn’t tell Bill. And umm one day Bill saw me kiss Davey outside of school, and hekinda went nuts.” I stopped talking for a minute.“And when he ‘went nuts’ as you said, did he hurt you or Davey?” The second policeofficer asked me
  • 52. “Well, not yet. When we saw him we both ran to my house. Davey stayed with me a fewdays until we thought it was safe for him to go home. Then one day Davey’s mom calledand told me to bring him home. I walked him back home, and gave him some money, sohe could get to my house if something happened. I went to pick him up for school thenext morning, and no one was there. When I got to school I found out that Davey wasn’tthere either. He didn’t show up for school in two weeks, and no one was at his house inthat long either. Then one night he called me and asked me to come get him. When I gotthere he told me that Bill refused to feed him, and kept him locked in his room. Bill saidhe was trying to change him. We saw him leave my house on the way home from school,he had broken in and he smashed my guitar. And after that we hadn’t seen Bill orDavey’s mom until I saw him at the mall today.”“Ok, and did Davey ever tell you about Bill physicaly hurting him?” He asked writtingsomething in his notebook.“No, he never said anything.”“So what made you do what you did today if it was unprovoked?” He asked me“It wasn’t unprovoked. He fuckin told me that he was going to kill Davey while Iwatched, and then he was going to kill me. That’s fuckin unprovoked?” I said starting toget angry. “He pulled a damn knife on me.”“All right, and if he pulled the knife on you, how did he get stabbed?”“I tried to get the knife from him. I had him pushed up against the dumpster, and hedropped the knife. I slammed his head off the dumpster when he tried to pull away fromme. And I guess he got knocked out or something, he fell on the knife.”“So you’re saying this was self-defense?”“Yea, I was trying to stop him from hurting Davey.”
  • 53. “Ok Jade, i think we’ve got all we need. I’m sorry if I doubted you.” He said shaking myhand again.“So what’s going to happen now?” I asked“We’re going to do our best to keep Bill away from you and Davey.”“How’d it go?” Davey asked as I came into the room.“Well I’m not sure if he believed me, but if he did then he’s going to keep Bill away fromus.”“That’s great baby. Thank you so much.” Davey said kissing me gently“You don’t have to thank me. Damn you look exhausted. Do you want to go to bed?” Iasked“Yea, if you don’t mind.”“Not at all. I could probably use the sleep anyway.” I said. Davey grabbed my hand andpulled me upstairs. I pulled on a pair of black sweat pants, and climbed into bed next toDavey. “I love you baby.”“I love you too.” He said. Davey brings his hand up to my face and kisses me gently. Iopen my mouth slowly, and he slides his tongue against mine. We both moan at the sametime. Dvey pulls away slowly. I look into his eyes, and he panting softly.“Good night baby.” I said pulling him close to me.“Night.” Davey said wrapping his arm around me, and laying his head on my chest.I wake up the next morning to find Davey staring at me. “Morning beautiful.” I saidkissing him on the head. “How long have you been up?”
  • 54. “Only about an hour.” He said kissing me softly before he went to get dressed.We got to school about a half-hour later. “Davey, Jade could you guys come here for aminute.” Mrs. Smith, the counselor, called to us.“Yea?” Davey said“I heard what happened yesterday, and I think we should talk about it.” She said leadingus to her office.“I honestly don’t think that’s necessary.” I told her“It will only take a minute.” She said“Fine.” Davey said following her into her offce.“All right, so tell me what happened.” She said sitting down at her desk.“Ok, I saw Bill at the mall. He pulled me behind the dumpster. He said he was going tokill Davey and me. I told him not to hurt Davey. He said ‘ok’, and he pulled a knife onme. I slammed his head against the dumpster he dropped the knife, and fell on it. I lefthim there and went home. That’s about it can we go now?” I asked“No, wait a second. Now you weren’t there right Davey?”“Right.” He said“Ok, and Jade if he wasn’t there why were you worried about Davey’s safety?”“Well Bill knew where he was, and he’s a crazy motherfucker, so he would have wentand killed Davey.” I said standing up to leave again.“Hold on.” She said again. “You’re telling me you were only concerned about Davey notyour own life?”“I’ll tell you the same thing I told him. I love him, and I’d die for him. If Bill would leavehim alone then yes, I’d let him kill me.” Davey grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently.“So you’re willing to give up your life to save someone else’s? Let me ask you this...”
  • 55. “No, wait let me ask you something.” I said getting angry “Have you ever been in love?”“Well yes, I am married.”“No, that doesn’t mean shit. I mean have you ever been so in love with someone thatyou’d give up anything to be with them? Have you ever cared about someone so muchthat it actually hurts you to see them in any pain? Have you ever loved someone so muchthat you’d do anything to keep them safe or make them happy?”“Well no, I guess not.” She said“Then there is no way you can possibly have any idea what I was going through.” I saidstanding up. “Now this time I really am leaving.”“You want to leave?” Davey asked me as we left her office“Yea let’s go.” I said grabbing his hand and lacing our fingers together. “Oh shit weren’twe supposed to go see Hunter and Adam?”“Oh yea. Well we can go for a few minutes and then we can leave.” We started walkingtowards the back of the school when we heard Hunter moan loudly.“Damn not again.” I laughed. “Alright guys we’re going to be there in a few seconds, soif you want to make sure you’re decent.” I yelled to them.“Don’t worry everything’s away.” Hunter laughed “Hey I heard about what happenedyesterday. Is everything alright?”“Yea everythings fine thanks.” I said “So does everyone know?”
  • 56. “Uhh yea pretty much.” Hunter said. We stayed and talked for a few minutes before wedecided we were going to leave.“Well you both look a little, uhh, uncomfortable so were going to let you uhh finish.” Itold them“Alright I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Hunter said getting on his knees in front of Adam.“Christ let us leave first!” Davey said laughing“They’re such bunnies.” I told Davey as we started to walk home “So where do you wantto go?”“I don’t know. Do you just want to wander around, and see if we can find something?”He asked“Sounds good to me baby.” I said wrapping my arm around his waist. We walked past afew stored not really finding anything interesting.“Oh Jade, can we go here?” He asked excitedly stopping in front of a tattoo parlor. “Canwe please? I really want to get a new tattoo. Will you come with me, please baby?”“Alright let’s go.” Davey pulled me inside with a huge smile on his face.Chapter 15I wandered around looking at all the different designs while Davey talked to the tattooartist. “Hey, baby? Come here.” Davey said“Yea?”“Can I see your notebook?” Davey asked“Umm. sure.” I said. I gave him the notebook, and he opened it up to the front cover.“I want this.” He said pointing to the heart I drew the day before.“Sounds good.” He said writting something down. “Alright, you can follow me. Myname’s Alex.”
  • 57. “I’m Davey, and this is Jade.”“Nice to meet you both. Ok follow me.” Alex said“Can Jade come with me?” Davey asked sounding nervous“Sure.” Alex said walking into another room. Davey grabbed my hand, and followedAlex into the next room. “Ok, Davey you can sit here.” He said pointing to a chair in themiddle of the room. “Where do you want the heart?”“Umm, here.” Davey said pointing to the middle of his chest.“All right you’re going to have to take your shirt off.” Alex said pulling on a pair ofgloves. I went over and sat next to Davey. Davey grabbed my hand and squeezed ittightly as Alex started to do the outline.“You ok, baby?” I asked“Yea, just great.” He said squeezing my hand harder .It took about two and a half hoursfor Alex to finish.“Ok, you’re all done.” Alex said wiping the extra ink off his skin. “What do you think?”He asked handing Davey a mirror.“Holy shit! It’s awesome.” Davey said looking in the mirror. “What do you think, Jade?”“Beautiful.” I said leaning down and kissing him quickly.“You should get something.” Davey said to me.“I don’t know.” I said trying to think up an excuse. “I wouldn’t even know what to get.”“Aww, you’re scared. That’s adorable.” Davey said laughing“I’m not afraid. I just don’t know what to get.”“I know, we should get matching tattoos.” Davey said excitedly. “Please Jade?”
  • 58. “Fine.” I said giving in. “What should we get?” I asked sitting back down“I want your name right above my heart. Is that ok baby?” He asked me“Yea, that sounds good.” I said“Ok, who’s first?” Alex asked pulling another pair of gloves in.“Uhh, I think you should go first, Jade.” Davey said getting out of the chair. I sat downand pulled my shirt off.“Is it spelled, d-a-v-i-e?” Alex asked“No, it’s d-a-v-e-y” Davey told him grabbing my hand. Alex started to do the outline, andI felt like I was going to pass out. I had always had a fear of needles. I didn’t want to sayno, because Davey seemed so excited. “Are you ok sweetie?” Davey asked squeezing myhand gently“Oh, yea just swell.” I said squeezing my eyes shut“It’s ok, baby. You’re almost done.” Davey said leaning down and kissing me soflty.“Ok, you’re done.” Alex told me.“It’s beautiful.” Davey said gently tracing his finger along the letters. “I love it.” Daveysaid kissing me again. “Thank you so much for doing this for me. I love you.”“Alright, it’s your turn Davey.” Alex said. I stood up, and let Davey sit back down. Wefinally left after close to two more hours. Davey had talked me into getting a black heartwith the letter D in the middle on my wrist. He got the same heart with the letter J in themiddle. Davey laces our fingers together, and hold both our hands in front of his face.“Beautiful.” He said looking at our heart tattoos together. “That wasn’t too bad was it?”He asked me“Well no, not too bad. The one on my wrist didn’t hurt too badly. But the one on mychest hurt like a mother fucker.” I said“I knew you were afraid.” Davey said laughing“Hey guys.” My mom said when we got home. “How was your day? What the hell is thaton your wrist, ade?”“It’s uhh a tattoo. Davey and I got them after school today.” I told her holding up ourhands. “Are you mad?”
  • 59. “Well I’m not thrilled, but it’s not too bad.”“I thought she was going to kill me.” I told Davey when we got upstairs“I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about her reaction.” Davey said“Don’t worry about it.” I said pulling Davey into my arms. “But I don’t think we shouldtell her about the other one yet.” I said leaning down to kiss Davey’s neck gently. Hemoaned soflty. “So what do you want to do for your birthday tomorrow?” I asked stillsucking on his neck“Uhh, I have a few ideas of what we can do.” He said moaning loudly laying his headback aganst my shoulder.Chapter 16I woke up early the next morning while Davey was still asleep. I went downstairs. Idecided I was going to make Davey breakfast before he woke up. I decided to make himpancakes, since they would be the hardest to screw up.“Son of a Bitch!” I yelled throwing away another pile of burned pancakes. I turnedaround to make another attempt at the pancakes. I felt two arms wrap around my waist.“Morning baby.” Davey said placing a soft kiss on the back of my neck. “What are youdoing?” He asked laughing softly“Well I was trying to make you breakfast, but I completely overlooked the fact that Ican’t cook.” I said turning around, and kissing him quickly. “Happy birthday, baby.” Helaughed, and laid his head on my shoulder.“You know, you’re really cute when you’re frustrated.”“Shut up! Pancakes are tricky.” I said wrapping my arms around his back.“Move out of the way.” He said taking the box of pancake mix out of my hands. I satdown at the kitchen table and watched him cooking. He turned around and caught mestaring at him. “Love you.” He said before smiling quickly at me and turning backaround. Hearing him say that brought a huge smile to my face. Davey came over to meand sat down on my lap. He sat a stack of pancakes on the table in front of us.“Hey those actually look edible. How’d you do it.” I said wrapping my arms around his
  • 60. waist.“I’m just awesome.” He said“Yea, that must be it.” I said laughing quietly. I leaned in and kissed him running mytongue along his bottom lip. He moaned quietly and slid his tongue against mine.“I love you so much.” He said pulling back and looking into my eyes. He took my hand apulled me up the stairs.“Wait a second.” I said getting up and going over to my closet. I pulled out the bag thathad Davey’s presents in it. “Happy birthday, baby.” I said handing him the bag.“Aww thank you baby.” He said pulling out the shirt first. “Holy shit! Where’d you findthis?”“Well it took a lot of begging and whining.” I said“Thanks so much I love it.” He said kissing me quickly.“Wait there’s one more thing.” I told him handing him the box with the ring in it.“It’s beautiful, Jade.” He said with tears in his eyes. He took the ring out and slid it on hisfinger. “I love it.”“Take it off and look at the inside.” I told him. He took the ring off and read theinscription. He looked up at me as a tear slid down his cheek.“It’s perfect, baby. Will you put it back on me?” He asked handing me the ring. I slid iton his finger, and leaned in to kiss him quickly. “Thank you. I’m never going to take itoff. Can I give you your presents now?”“My birthday isn’t for over a week.” I said“I know but I can’t wait that long. Please?”“All right.” I said. He got up and left the room.“Ok close your eyes.” He yelled from the hall.
  • 61. “OK.” I said. He came in and I felt him sit next to me on the bed.“Ok you can open them.” He said as he sat something heavy on my lap. I opened my eyesand I was shocked to see a guitar just like my old one sitting on my lap. I was speechless.I tried to thank him, but no words would come out. Davey laughed softly. “You’rewelcome.”“It’s just incredible. I never expected you to do anything like that. You really didn’t haveto.” I told him kissing him gently.“I know, but you loved your guitar. And I wanted to get it for you.” He took the guitarand put it back in its case. He sat the guitar next to my bed and grabbed my hand. “I haveanother present for you.” He handed me another small box. I opened it, and inside was asmall silver band. “Do you like it?”“It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”“Read the inscription.” He said handing me the ring. I turned the ring over and inside theword ‘forever’ was carved.“It’s perfect. I love you.” He took the ring and slid it on my finger.“You’re perfect.” He leaned down and kissed me gently. I wrapped my arm around hisneck and deepened the kiss. He pushed me back on the bed and straddled my waist. “Ilove you so much, Jade.” He said and leaned in to kiss me again. He slid his tongue intomy mouth, and started to grind his hips into mine.“I love you too, baby.” I moaned his name softly. “More than anything.” He pulled myshirt over my head, and traced his fingers over his name.“Forever.” He whispered before he leaned down placing soft kisses on my neck. He satup and I pulled his shirt off. I flipped him onto his back and I straddled his hips. I leaneddown and traced his tattoo with my tongue. “Please Jade?” Davey moaned softly. I ranmy hands down his chest, and stopped at the waist band of his pants. I slid his pants downslowly looking deep in his eyes. He looks back at me with his eyes full of love. “I needyou so bad, Jade.” He said cupping my cheek gently.“I need this too baby.” Davey flipped me over, and slid my pants down slowly. Hereached his hand into my boxers and started to rub me slowly. He slid my boxers down,and I kicked them off quickly. He looked into my eyes before he bent down and took myerection into his mouth. He runs his tongue along the tip of my dick. I moan loudly.
  • 62. “Davey please.”“I don’t want to hurt you, this is my first time.” He says rubbing his thumb on my cheek.“It’s my first time too baby. You won’t hurt me, I know you’ll be perfect.” I say takinghis hand and lacing our fingers together. He slides his other hand up to my mouth slidingtwo fingers in. I suck on his fingers for a minute before he pulls away. He leans up andkisses me gently. I feel his slid his fingers into me stretching me gently. He starts tothrust his fingers into me gently. I moan softly.“Are you sure about this baby?” Davey asks“More than anything.” I tell him squeezing his hand gently. Davey hooks my leg over hisshoulder. He looks into my eyes deeply.“You’re beautiful.” He said with a tear sliding down his cheek. I feel him start to pushinto me slowly. He moans quietly as I feel him all the way inside me.“More.” I moan softly still looking deep into his eyes. He starts to thrust into me slowly. Imoan his name louder as he thrusts deeper.“Oh god...Jade.” He moans loudly as his eyes slide shut“Shit...Davey” I moan loudly as he hits my spot “Harder...please Davey.” He starts tothrust harder. Davey reaches down and grabs my erection, and starts stroking me at thesame time as his thrusts. “ I love you. I moan loudly as I feel myself about tocum.“I love you too baby. Oh god I’m so close.” Davey moans. He moans my name loudly asI feel him cum inside me. I scream his name as I cum all over his hand and my stomach. Ifeel him pull out of me and collapse onto my chest. I open my eyes and look down athim. He has his eyes closed and he panting softly. He’s got a small smile on his lips. Hereaches his hand up and licks my cum off of each finger. “God, that was amazing. I loveyou so much.” He wraps us both in a blanket, and wraps an arm around my stomach.“I love you too baby. Happy birthday.” I whisper turning towards him. I kiss him slowlysliding my tongue in his mouth. I pull back and wrap my arm around him, and driftslowly to sleep.Chapter 17I woke up a few hours later with Davey still wrapped tightly in my arms. His head waslaid on my chest, and his hand was over my heart. He had a small smile on his face. Iwatched him sleep for a few minutes.“Hey” He said sleepily as his eyes slowly fluttered open. He sat up and kissed me gentlybefore he laid back down curled up at my side. “This is real right?”
  • 63. “What do you mean?” I asked rubbing his back gently. He reaches his hand up and rubsmy cheek softly.“I mean everything that has happened with you. It’s not a dream right? You’re reallymine?”“Forever.” I said pulling him close to me.“I love you Jade, more than anything.” He said looking into my eyes. “I don’t think Icould ever live without you.” I leaned in and kissed his soft lips.“I know I couldn’t live with out you.” I told him“Hey guys, dinner’s ready.” My mom said from the doorway“Alright we’ll be down in a minute.” I told her. Davey and I got up and got dressedquickly.“Thank you for everything today.” Davey said wrapping his arms around my waist.“I hope you had a good birthday.” I said kissing him on the top of his head.“Better than I’ve had in a long time.” I kissed him again quickly before we wentdownstairs for dinner.“Well look at that, there are two other people living in this house.” My dad laughed.“Nice to see you too.” I said laughing softly.“So what did you do today?” My dad asked“Umm, nothing really just hung out here all day.” I told my dad.“Umm Jade honey?” My mom said. “Where you trying to cook again this morning?” shelaughed. “The whole house smelled like burned meatloaf.”“That’s not good, I was attempting pancakes.” I said laughing. “But I gave up, and Daveyended up making them.”“Did you get distracted?” My dad asked. “When I came home there was an untouched
  • 64. plate of pancakes on the table.”“Yea I guess we did get kind of distracted.” I said squeezing Davey’s hand under thetable.“Yea Jade wanted to give me my presents.” Davey said“What did he get you?” My mom asked excitedly“He got me a new Joy Division shirt to replace the one Bill threw away.” Davey saidgrabbing my hand and lacing our fingers together. “And he also got me this.” He saidholding our hands up to show her the ring.“That’s beautiful, Jade. That was really sweet.” My mom said sounding excited.“Thanks, mom.” I said “Davey got me this one for my birthday.” I told her showing herthe ring Davey got me.“What’s that on your wrist, Jade?” My dad asked grabbing my wrist“Oh. Uhh me and Davey got them done the other day. Do you like it?” I asked hoping hewouldn’t freak out too bad.“It’s not too bad.” He said letting go of my wrist “It’s gonna be there forever you know.”“Yep, forever.” I said squeezing Davey’s hand again“I think we’re going to go to bed.” I told my mom after I helped her clear off the table“Ok. Love you, Jade. Good night Davey, happy birthday.”“Thanks. Good night.” Davey said. I got into bed next to Davey and pulled him close tome.“I love you.” I said kissing him gently“Love you too.” He said wrapping his arms around meI woke up the next morning to find the bed empty next to me. “Morning Beautiful.” Davesaid coming out of the bathroom. “Hurry up and get dressed, we’re going to be late.” Heleaned down and kissed me quickly. I wrapped my arm around his waist, and pulled himdown into my lap. I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck and deepened the kiss.Davey slid his tongue in my mouth rubbing it against mine. I bit his bottom lip gently.
  • 65. Davey moaned softly. “I’ll be downstairs whenever you’re ready.” He said standing upand walking to the door.“Davey?” I called“Yea?”“I love you.”“Love you too, baby.” He said pulling the door shut. I got up and got dressed quickly. Iwent downstairs and saw Davey sitting at the kitchen table with my mom.“Morning.” I said pouring myself a glass of soy milk. “I’ll see you after school, mom.Love you.” I said“Love you too.” My mom said.We were walking up the stairs to biology when I heard Hunter call us. “I don’t think I’veactually ever seen you two in school.” I told them as Hunter and Adam caught up to us.“Yea well we have to make an appearance every once in a while. So where are yougoing?” Adam asked“Biology.” I told him“Cool, us too.” Hunter said.“Well Adam and Hunter it’s nice of you to join us today.” Mr. Roberts said as we cameinto the room.“Yea, we had nothing better to do.” Hunter said as we sat at a table in the back. Daveylaid his head on my shoulder as Mr. Roberts explained some lab we had to do. I leaneddown and kissed him quickly, and Hunter laughed softly.“What?” I asked“You two are just so cute together. It’s absolutely adorable.” He said laughing harder.“Are you four paying attention back there?” Mr. Roberts yelled.“Yes sir.” Adam said trying not to laugh. I felt Hunter move his hand to my lap and slideit slowly up my thigh.“Hunter, that’s me.” I said grabbing his hand.“Oh shit! Sorry Jade.” Hunter said laughing.“What happened?” Adam asked
  • 66. “I was kinda groping Jade there for a second.” Hunter said laughing harder.“That’s great, Hunter.” Adam said pretending to be upset.“Seriously babe, I thought I was groping you.” Hunter said innocently causing all three ofus to laugh uncontrollably.“Gentlemen, what is going on back there?” Mr. Roberts asked sounding irritated.“I’m sorry we’ll be good.” Hinter said.“Good.” He said, and continued to drone on about cell division. A few minutes later Iheard Adam moan softly. I looked over and saw Hunter disappear under the table.“Bunnies.” Davey said laughing softly. Adam started to moan louder.“Mr. Carson, are you paying attention?” Mr. Roberts asked.“Yes!” Adam moaned loudly. A few seconds later Hunter reappeared with a huge grin onhis face, they were both panting softly.“And where were you Hunter?” Mr. Roberts asked angrily.“Dropped my pencil.” He said simply.“What was that moaning I heard?”“Head.” He said with a goofy grin. I heard Adam hit him. “I uhh, mean I umm hit myhead.” Hunter said with a satisfied smile causing Davey to bury his face in my neck tostop laughing. I wrapped my arm around Davey’s waist and pulled him closer to me.“Love you.” I whispered in his ear. I ran my tongue along the edge of his ear.“They’re such bunnies.” Adam whispered to Hunter causing them both to giggle loudly.“That’s it!” Mr. Roberts said slamming his book down. “I want all four of you to stayafter school.”I was the last one to arrive back at Mr. Roberts’ room at the end of the day. “Take a seat,Jade. I don’t want to hear a word out of any of you.”I sat down next to Davey at a table in the back of the room. I looked around and sawHunter and Adam asleep at a table in the corner of the room. “Hey.” Davey whispered as
  • 67. I sat down“I said not a word.” Mr. Roberts said angrily. I pulled out my notebook and beganworking on my history homework. Davey grabbed my pencil out of my hand and wrote ‘Ireally want to kiss you now’ on the corner of my homework. I laughed softly and reacheddown to squeeze his hand softly.“Mr. Roberts, you are needed in the main office.” The secretary called over theloudspeaker.“I’ll only be gone a few minutes. I want you all to behave.” He said getting up andleaving the room.“Hot damn it worked!” Hunter said jumping to his feet pulling Adam up with him.“You really are incredible, Hunter.” I said laughing softly“Thank you.” He said pushing Adam up against the wall.“God, I’m glad he’s gone. I was worried I was going to go nuts.” Davey said“You are nuts, love.” I said leaning in to kiss him gently.“Shit Hunter” Adam moaned loudly. I pulled Davey into my lap and slid my tongueagainst his. Hunter and Adam both moaned loudly and collapsed into a tangled pile onthe floor. I slid my hands under Davey’s shirt and traced the pattern of the wings on hisback with my finger tips. Davey moaned softly into my mouth and wrapped his armaround my neck deepening the kiss. Mr. Roberts came back a few minutes later. Helooked around and saw Hunter and Adam laid on the floor in each others arms stillpanting softly, and Davey still in my lap. He just shook his head and sighed loudly.“Just get out of here.” He said sitting back down at his desk.“See you guys tomorrow.” I said to Hunter and Adam taking Davey’s hand and walkingout of the room.I wrapped my arm around Davey’s shoulders as we walked home. We got to my houseand saw Davey’s mom standing on the porch. “Hello David.” She said sternly. “Can Icome in for a minute? I need to talk to you.”Chapter 18“Yea, come in.” He said nervously. He opened the door and let her in.“Don’t worry everything will be ok. I promise.” I told him before we went inside.“Thank you.” He said. Davey grabbed my hand and took a deep breath before he wentinside. I sat next to Davey on the couch. “Yea?” Davey said dully“Well, I uhh...” she paused and looked at me.
  • 68. “I’m going to go. I’ll be in the kitchen.” I said standing up“No.” Davey said grabbing my hand. “Please don’t go.” I sat back down and Daveygrabbed my hand lacing our fingers together.“I’d really like to talk to you alone, David.”“He isn’t leaving.” Davey said sounding irritated. “So just get on with whatever it is youhave to tell me.”“I miss you honey, and I want you to come home.” She moved to the seat next to him onthe couch. Davey back up closer to me. “I just want us to be a family again. You, Bill,and I.”“Mom, you know he threatened to kill me right?”“People change, Dave.” She said. She was almost pleading with him.“No, mom. He threatened to kill me, he locked me in my room for two fuckin’ weeks, hetried to starve me, and he pulled a knife on Jade to try and break us up. He’ll neverchange, and as long as Bill’s around we will never be a family.” Davey told her angrily.“Please, Dave come back home. If you don’t this will be the last time I see you.”“And why is that?” Davey asked.“Well Bill and I are getting married, and we’re moving to New York.” She said grabbinghis hand. “We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Will you please come with us?” I couldn’tbelieve what I was hearing. I promised him that I wouldn’t let anything happen to himagain. How can I keep him safe if he’s on the other side of the country? I looked over atDavey he had a tear running down his cheek.“How could you do this to me mom?” Davey asked“What do you mean honey?” she asked squeezing his hand.
  • 69. “How could you ask me to leave the one place I’m actually happy?” He asked pulling hishand away from her. “You want me to leave the only person who cares about me, to golive with someone who tried to kill me.” He said sounding angry.“Please honey? If you don’t come I’ll probably never see you again.” She tried to grabhis hand again, but he pulled away.“Then I hope you have a good life.” He said standing up and walking upstairs.“Please talk to him for me, Jade.” She said sounding upset.“You should leave.” I said standing up.“Please Jade? He’s my son, I need him.”“You probably should have treated him like it, then.” I told her following Davey up thestairs.Chapter 19I walked into my room, and saw Davey sitting on my bed. “You ok?” I asked sitting nextto him.“Actually I am.” He said laying his head on my shoulder. “I know I should be upset, but Ifeel relieved that I can be myself without worrying about my mom or Bill’s reaction.”Davey crawled into my lap and leaned in close to me so our faces were just inches apart.“I love you.” He whispered. I could feel his breath on my lips.“I love you too baby.” I leaned in and kissed Davey softly. Davey sighed softly andwrapped his arm around my neck. I parted my lips, and Davey ran his tongue slowlyagainst mine. I moaned deeply and wrapped my arms around his waist. I pulled back afew seconds later as my mom came into the room.“Hey guys.” She said smiling brightly. “Why aren’t you ready to go?”“Go where?” I asked“It’s your grandmother’s birthday. We have to leave in a half-hour. You both need tohurry.” She said pulling the door shut behind her.Davey and I both got dressed quickly. “Wait a second, Jade.” Davey said grabbing mywrist“Something wrong?” I asked
  • 70. “Well no, not really. I was just wondering well uhh...since I’m going to be meeting therest of your family. I was wondering if we were gonna tell them, you know, about us.”He mumbled quietly“It’s up to you, love. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.” I told him“Umm I don’t think we should say anything right away. Give them a chance to get toknow me first. That ok?”“Sounds good to me. But that does mean that I’ll have to keep my hands to myself thewhole night.” I said sliding my hands under Davey’s shirt.“It’s time to go guys.” My dad yelled from downstairs. I grabbed Davey’s hand andpulled him downstairs with me.We got to my grandma’s house fifteen minutes later. “What if they don’t like me?”Davey asked nervously as my parents got out of the car.“They‘ll love you. Don’t worry.” I leaned in and kissed him quickly before we got out ofthe car.“Jade!” My grand ma said excitedly as she opened the door.“Happy birthday, Grandma.” I said hugging her tightly.“And who is this?” She asked smiling warmly at Davey.“Oh this is my bo... umm this is my friend Davey.”“Nice to meet you sweetie.” She said hugging him tightly. We went inside and Iintroduced Davey to the rest of my family.“Dinner’s ready.” My uncle Charlie called from the kitchen. “I even made some of thatrabbit food you like, Jade.” He said sitting something green and leafy in front of me. “I’msorry, I didn’t know you were bringing someone with you, Jade. So I didn’t make a steakfor him.”“It’s alright, he doesn’t eat meat anyway. I can just share my umm.. green stuff withhim.” I said sliding my chair closer to Davey.“That’s ok, Jade. I’ll get something when we get home.”
  • 71. “Don’t start.” I said handing him a fork“So Jade, what is that thing on your wrist?” My cousin Brian asked turning my arm overso he could see my tattoo better.“It’s just a tattoo. I got it about a week ago.” I said putting my arm under the table.“Well let’s see it.” My aunt Barb said. I held up my arm for them to see. “Well that isn’ttoo bad.” She said as I put my arm back under the table. I reached over and squeezedDavey’s hand lacing our fingers together.“What made you decide to mutilate your body like that?” My uncle Bob asked me.“Umm me and Davey stopped in after school one day, and I decided to get somethingwhile I was waiting for him.”“Oh really? What did you get done?” Brian asked Davey“Oh, I was uhh... finishing my wings.” Davey said thinking for a second.“Where is that?” My aunt asked“Umm on my back.” he said. Davey turned in his chair to face me, and slid his shirt up inthe back to show them his tattoo. Davey sat back down, and I slid my hand slowly up histhigh. I slid my hand into is lap and started to rub him slowly. Davey tried to push myhand away. I looked into his eyes and started to rub him faster.“Umm we’ll get the dishes for you . Why don’t you all go watch TV or something.” Isaid quickly.“Ok, Jade. Thank you.” My grandma said as everyone went into the living room. Daveyand I piled the dishes into the sink.“You’re evil.” He says pushing me up against the kitchen door. He leans in and kisses meslowly running his tongue along my bottom lip. I wrap my arms around his neck andslide my tongue in his mouth. Davey moans my name quietly as I start to gently suck onhis neck. I moan loudly as Davey grinds his hips against mine. “I love you.” He sayslooking into my eyes.“I love you too.” I say as a smile creeps over my face. I cup his cheek gently, and tracehis bottom lip with my thumb. He takes my finger in his mouth and sucks it gently. Imoan his name softly. I grab the back of his neck and push my lips against his roughly.“Jade please.” He moans into my mouth. I run my hands down his chest and slowlyunbuckle his belt. I pull his pants down and lift him up so he’s sitting on the counter. I
  • 72. kiss up his thigh and take his whole erection into my mouth. He starts to moan loudly.Davey tangles his fingers in my hair and pulls roughly causing me to moan loudly. Hedigs his fingernails into my scalp, it feels like he drew blood. I suck the tip of his dickgently, and he whimpers softly. I take his whole dick in my mouth and start to suck himroughly. “Fuck baby I’m cumming...shit Jade.” He moans in my ear. I feel his body tenseup before he arches his back and spills into my mouth. He collapses with his head on myshoulder panting loudly.“I love you so much, Davey.” I whisper stroking his hair gently. “You’re perfect.” I saidplacing a soft kiss on his forehead.Chapter 20“Do you really mean it?” Davey asked“Every word of it.” I wrapped my arms around him as he slid off the counter. “We shouldprobably get back in there.”“Yea, I wouldn’t want someone to come looking for us.” Davey said laughing softly.“Wait a second.” I said stopping at the door when I heard my name.“It’s good to see that Jade has such a good friend.” My aunt said“Oh yea, Jade and Davey are practically inseparable.” My dad replied laughing. “I don’tthink I’ve seen them away from each other in over a month.”“Yea, we love having him around though. Jade’s been so much happier since Daveystarted staying with us.” My mom told them“He’s living with you?” My uncle Bob asked suspiciously“Yea. He’s had some problems with his parents, so I told him he could stay as long as heneeds.”“They seem like they’re really close.” My uncle continued“Yes they’re really good friends.” My mom said emphasizing the word friends.“No, but I mean they seem like they are...”
  • 73. “Good friends.” My mom said interrupting him.“God dammit, I hate this.” Davey said wrapping his arms around me. “I’m sick of havingto watch everything I do, becuase some people might not like it.”“Then don’t” I said leaning my head on his shoulder“What do you mean?”“You’re happy right?” I asked“Of course. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”“Then fuck ‘em. As long as you’re happy who cares what anyone else thinks.” I saidgrabbing his hand gently“Doesn’t it bother you the way people look at us when we’re together though?”“It did at first, but then I realized how happy I was with you. Nothing matters to me whenI’m with you. I wish you’d start to think that way, and just let yourself be happy.”“I’ll try.” Davey said. I leaned in and kissed him gently.“Alright, let’s go.” I said lacing our fingers together as we left the room. We walked intothe living room and I sat next to Davey and my aunt on the couch.“I’ll be right back I have to get something out of my car.” Bob said looking down at meand Davey’s hands.“So Jade, how’s school going this year?” My aunt asked me“It’s alright I suppose.” I told her. A few minutes later my uncle came back in covered insnow.“Christ there’s almost two feet of snow out there.” He said taking his jacket off. “Looks
  • 74. like we’re all stuck here for a while.”“Where will we all sleep?” My uncle Charlie asked“Well, I have two spare rooms, and then umm I’m not sure.” My grandma said“Davey and I can sleep down here.” I told her. “Will that help?”“I think it will, sweetie thank you.” My grandma said walking over and kissing me on theforehead. “I think I’m going up to bed now. Good night everyone. It was nice meetingyou Davey.”“Nice to meet you too.” Davey says as my grandma leans down and kisses him on the topof his head. Everyone says goodnight, and they follow her upstairs until Davey and I arethe only ones left downstairs. “Finally.” He says before he leans in and kisses me softly.Davey pushed me back on the couch and straddled my waist. I reach up and pull Davey’sshirt over his head.“I love you.” I whisper before I lean in and kiss his soft lips again. Davey pulls back andpulls my shirt over my head. “We probably shouldn’t be doing this here.” I moaned asDavey ground his hips into mine.“Yea you’re right.” Davey moaned. He started to stand up, but I grabbed his hand.“That was just an observation. I didn’t want you to stop.” I smiled before I pulled Daveyback down into my lap. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him roughly.“That’s good, ‘cause I wasn’t going to.” He said leaning down to gently suck my neck.Davey reached his hand up to my cheek and looked into my eyes. “You’re beautiful,Jade.” Davey leaned in and kissed me slowly sliding his tongue in my mouth. Daveyreached down and started to unbutton my pants when I heard a soft moan from the doorcausing us both to jump. I looked up and saw my cousin standing in the door lookingshocked.Chapter 21“Shit!” Davey said under his breath climbing out of my lap. Brian just stood there quietlystaring into space for a few minutes.“Brian?” I said cautiously after a few minutes.
  • 75. “It’s wrong.” He mumbles under his breath. “My dad has told me my whole life that it’swrong.” He said with tears in his eyes. Davey started to say something, but Brianinterrupted him. I don’t think he knew we were even in the room anymore. “I just can’t.”He says collapsing into the chair.“Can’t what?” I ask as he starts to shake slightly.“I can’t be gay. He’ll kill me. I know he will.” Brian says softly staring at the floor.“Don’t worry it’ll be ok.” I said getting up and sitting next to him. “It wasn’t easy forDavey and I, but it got better. It will be alright I promise.” I told him wrapping my armsaround him.“It won’t be alright. My dad will never accept it. He’s gonna fuckin kill me.” He saidburying his face in my shoulder. Davey came and sat next to us. He put his hand onBrian’s shoulder gently.“Did you tell anyone yet?” Davey asked softly.“No,” he said with tears in his eyes “I wasn’t even sure until a few minutes ago, when Isaw you and Jade together. I can’t really explain it but when I saw you, I could tell howmuch you loved each other, and I knew for sure then. I’m so scared.”“I know you’re scared now, but I really think you’ll feel better if you tell someone.”Davey said rubbing his back gently.“I can’t. They’ll never understand.”“What if Jade and I tell them about us first? See how everyone reacts, and then you candecide what you want to do from there.”“Alright” Brian said softly.“Is that ok with you, baby?” Davey asked me.“Yea, if that’s what you want to do.”“Well I think I’m going to go back to bed. Thank you both so much for all your help.”Brian said hugging us both tightly before he went back upstairs.
  • 76. “Did I ever tell you how wonderful you are?” I ask pulling Davey into my lap.“Yea, but you can always tell me again.” Davey says leaning in to kiss me quickly.“I’m serious. It’s so sweet what you’re going to do for Brian.” I told him wrapping myarms around him.“Well I know how hard this can be. I also know it’s so much easier if there is someone onyour side. Just so he knows that he isn’t alone.” He said laying his head on my shoulder.“I’ll see you in the morning baby.” I say laying back on the couch pulling Davey withme.“Love you baby.” Davey says sounding exhausted.“Love you too.” I say kissing him on the top of his head.I woke up a few hours later to find my grandma standing over me with a huge smile onher face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you sweetie.” She said covering Davey and Iwith a blanket. Davey moaned quietly in his sleep and pulled himself closer to me. Mygrandma smile at us brightly and said, “Don’t let anyone tell you that your love is wrong,ok? Never let anyone convince you that it is anything but beautiful.”“That really means a lot to me. Thank you. ““I love you sweetie. Go back to sleep.” She says leaning down and kissing me on myforehead.“Love you too.” I tell her pulling Davey closer to me.I woke up a few hours later to the feeling of Davey pressing his lips against mine gently.“Morning, love. Your grandma said I should wake you up.”“Morning beautiful.” I said pulling Davey into a deep kiss. He moaned softly and bit mybottom lip gently before he pulled away.“C’mon they’re waiting for us for breakfast.” Davey said standing up and pulling on hisshirt from yesterday. “So when are we going to tell them?” Davey said sounding nervous“Umm I think as soon as we get in there. Are you still ok with telling them?” I asked himpulling my shirt back on.
  • 77. “Yea I want to tell them to help Brian, but I’m afraid. I don’t think I can handle beingcalled a stupid fag again.”“I don’t think that will happen, but if it does remember that if it does my mom and dadand my grandma are all on our side. Ok?”“Alright then I guess I’m ready.” Davey said grabbing my hand.“Ok, let’s go.” I said pulling him into a quick kiss. “Morning.” I said as we walked intothe kitchen.“Good morning.” My uncle Charlie said and handed us each a plate. “I made you bothsome grass and sticks like you like.”“Thank you so much.” I said laughing softly. “Umm Davey and I need to talk to youabout something” I said as everyone sat down. “Well I’m not really sure how to say this,so I’m just gonna say it.” I said smiling at Brian quickly. I took a deep breath and feltDavey squeeze my hand gently under the table. “Umm Davey and I are together. I’msorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but I wanted you to get to know him first.” I said quickly.“Yea, we kind of figured.” Charlie said laughing softly. “You both aren’t very good athiding it.”“Yea, you could see it every time you looked at each other.” My aunt said laughing“We were that obvious huh?” I said laughing softly “So you’re ok with it then?” I asked.I looked around and everyone was smiling happily at us. I looked over at Brian’s dadwho hadn’t said anything yet. He was staring back at me with no emotion in his eyes. Icouldn’t tell if he was going to congratulate us or jump across the table and kill us. Ilooked at Davey and Brian, and what relief they had on their faces when everyoneseemed to be fine with our relationship had completely disappeared with Bob’s silence.“Please say something, Bob.” I said as his eyes caught mine.Chapter 22“Well no wonder his parents don’t want him anymore, he’s a fuckin’ fag.” Bob said aftera few minutes. I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I wanted to jump across the table and
  • 78. kill him. I looked at Davey, he was staring at the floor.“Davey?” I said softly. He shook his head slowly and continued staring at the floor.“Look at me, baby.” I said lifting up his chin so he was looking into my eyes. “I love youwith all my heart you know that right?” I asked him. Davey nodded his head slowly. Hetook my hand and moved it from his face squeezing it gently before he stood up.“I’m sorry I ruined your breakfast, I just can’t do this right now.” He said before heturned and walked out the front door.“How the fuck could you say that to him?” I yelled“It’s wrong, and he needs someone to tell him how bad he’s fucking his life up. Actuallyyou’re both fucking your lives up.” Bob said.“You don’t fucking know what you’re talking about. I love him so much, he’s the bestthing that ever happened to me, and I’m all he’s got right now. Fuck, I need him so bad.”I said standing up.“Where are you going, Jade sweetie?” My grandma asked“I have to go find him.” I said turning around to face everyone.“I’m sorry.” my cousin mouthed to me. I squeezed his shoulder gently as I walked pasthim, so he knew I wasn’t mad at him. I walked outside and saw Davey sitting on the frontsteps with his face buried in his hands. I put my hand on his shoulder causing him tojump slightly. “You ok baby?” I asked sitting down next to him pulling him into myarms.“I love you so much, Jade. You’re the most important thing in the world to me right now,and you’re the only thing getting me through this.” He said laying his head on myshoulder. I leaned down and kissed him quickly.“I’m going to make this better, I promise.” I told him.“You already did.” He said kissing me again. I wrapped my arms around him and pulledhim closer to me. “Love you, Jade.” Davey mumbles quietly closing his eyes.I woke up to the sound of yelling coming from the house. I looked down at Davey, hewas laying in arms with a peaceful smile on his face. I hated to wake him up. I hated tomake him go back in there, but it was getting dark, we must have been sitting out on theporch all day. “Davey baby.” I said kissing him gently. “Wake up, angel.” I said as heslowly opened his eyes. He sat up and stretched.“Damn, how long have been out here?” He asked leaning back against my chest.“Well, I’m not sure exactly, but it is dark. So umm all day.” I said wrapping my armsaround him. I hear the door open, I turned and saw Brian standing in the doorway.“Hey.” He said quietly. “Look, I’m really sorry about everything that happened before.
  • 79. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault.” Davey said standing up and hugging himquickly, before he sat back down next to me.“Well, I still really appreciate what you both did for me. Your mom talked to my dad,well actually she did a lot of yelling, and she explained what happed with Davey’sparents, and told him what a dick he was being. He said that he can never accept it, buthe’ll do his best to tolerate it. So I guess that means he’s not going to like yourrelationship, but he’s not going to bitch at you about it..” Brian told us.“Well I guess that’s the best we’re gonna get, so we should be happy.” I told Daveylaughing slightly.“Oh yea, Grandma sent me out here to tell you guys that dinner’s ready , and you’ve beensitting on that damn porch all day, and she wants to see you a little more before you haveto leave.” Davey and I stood up and followed Brian into the house. I could tell Davey wasnervous, I grabbed his hand lacing our fingers together as we walked into the diningroom.“There’s my babies.” Mt grandma said when she saw us. I was starting to get worried, Ihadn’t seen you since this morning.” She said pulling Davey and I into a tight hug. “Whatwhere you doing all day?”“Well actually we fell asleep.” I told her sitting down next to Davey.“Umm, Davey?” Bob said after a few minutes. Davey looked up but didn’t say anything.“Uhh... I’m really sorry about what I said to you before. Hell I don’t even know why Isaid it. And umm while I’ll never accept your relationship, it’s just my beliefs, I hope youunderstand.” Davey nodded his head slightly. “I’m going to do my best to try andunderstand it, and I’m definitely going to think beofre I open my damn mouth again.Ok?”“It’s alright, at least you’re trying.” Davey said softly.“Thank you so much, Davey. You’re such a great person. I would have knocked the shitout of him.” I whispered in his ear.“Oh believe me, there is nothing I’d like to do more.” He whispered back. “But the rest ofyour family is great, and I don’t want to ruin their evening.”“I love you.” I said leaning in to kiss him quickly. I pulled back and saw my grandmasmiling brightly at us, and I saw Bob staring at us looking like he was trying to keep his
  • 80. mouth shut. I felt Davey run his hand up my thigh. I pushed his hand away, and acted likeI was listening to whatever my mom and Brian were talking about. I felt him run his handslowly up my thigh again. I looked over at Davey and he was staring at me with lust inhis eyes. It was all too much for me and I knew we had to get out of there fast. “UmmDavey and I are going to go upstairs and watch TV.” I said gasping loudly as Daveygrabbed me through my jeans. I did wait for them to answer. I got up and pulled Daveyup the stairs quickly. As soon as we got in the room, I pushed Davey up against the doorkissing him roughly.“Jade, please. I need you.” Davey moaned loudly looking deep into my eyes.“Are you sure you’re ready, baby?” I asked rubbing his cheek softly.“Yes, I’m sure. I love you.” He said kissing me quickly running his tongue along mybottom lip. I pulled back and looked for any signs of hesitance in his eyes. Finding none Igrabbed his hand gently and led him over to the bed.Chapter 23I pushed Davey back on the bed and straddled his hips kissing him gently. I pulled backand slid Davey’s shirt over his head. Davey slides his hands under my shirt, rubbing myback softly and pulling me back into a soft kiss. He pulls my shirt over my head andlooks deep into my eyes. “Are you sure?” I ask rubbing his stomach gently.“I’m sure.” He says running his hands down my chest. I slowly unbutton Davey’s pants,and slide them down his hips. I kiss my way down his chest as I start to rub his erectionthrough his boxers. Davey grabs my hand and pulls me back up to his lips, kissing meroughly. “I need you now. Please?” He moans into my mouth. Davey slides his boxersdown, and starts to unbutton my jeans.“I love you.” I whisper as I pull my pants and boxers off. I push Davey back on the bed,and straddled his hips. I kissed Davey gently sliding my tongue into his mouth as I partedhis legs slightly. I moved to suck his neck gently as I pushed a finger into him.“Jade...I love you” Davey whispered in my ear“Love you too angel.” I said as I slid another finger into him. He whimpered softly as Istarted to stretch him. “I promise I’ll go slow.” I said as I leaned in and kissed him softly.I wrap Davey’s legs around my waist and look into his eyes. “This is your last chance tochange your mind. Are you sure?” I ask rubbing his thigh gently.“You don’t know how beautiful you are. I’ll remember this forever, no matter whathappens you’ll always be there. Always a part of me.” He says quietly squeezing myhand gently. “Please Jade.”I looked into his eyes and slowly started to push into him. Davey bit down on his lip to
  • 81. keep from crying out in pain as a tear slid down his cheek. I stopped moving, and reachedmy hand up to wipe the tear away. “Shh it’ll be ok baby.” I said.“Just don’t stop.” Davey said grabbing my hand and lacing our fingers together. Daveywhimpers loudly as I push all the way into him. “Shit Jade.” Davey moans loudly as Istart to thrust into him. I pushed further into him, and Davey pulled me into a rough kiss.“Oh god, Davey.” I moan loudly as he starts to push back into me. I pushed into himharder as he threw his head back moaning loudly. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” Iwhispered softly. Davey picks his head up looking deep into my eyes. I slow down andstart to thrust deeper into him.“I love you, Jade...Oh god, I love you.” Davey moans loudly never taking his eyes offmine. I keep pushing into him slowly. Davey is panting quietly, and his mouth is slightlyopen. His eyes slide shut and he starts to moan my name over and over. I have never seenanything as beautiful as he looks right now. I run my hand down his chest and grab hiserection. His back arches up as I start to stroke him in time with my thrusts. “Fuck...soclose.” Davey moans softly“Oh god...I fuckin love much.” I moan loudly leaning in to kiss him softly. Heslides his tongue against mine as I continue to thrust into him. He moans my name onemore time before he comes all over my hand and our stomachs. “Davey...Uh fuck...Loveyou.” I moan pushing into him one last time before I came spilling deep inside him. Icollapse on top of Davey. I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes, he wraps hisarms around me tightly kissing me gently on my forehead.“I love you baby.” Davey says still panting softly. I can tell he’s smiling though.“I love you too my angel.” I place a soft kiss on his neck. I look up at Davey, he’slooking down at me with tears in his eyes and a small smile on his lips. “What’s wronglove?”“You’re so perfect, and I love you more than I’ll ever find a way to tell you. I feel likeI’m the luckiest person in the world, but I know I don’t deserve someone like you.” I leanin and kiss him quickly, and I tilt his chin up so he’s looking straight into my eyes.“Listen to me, you deserve so much better than me, but I’m not letting you go...never” Ikiss him gently. “You deserve the whole world.” I tell him laying back down next to him,wrapping him tightly in my arms. “And you’re wrong, I am the luckiest.”-Chapter 24-“Jade sweetie, are you guys coming back downstairs?” My grandma yelled through thedoor.“Yea, we’ll be down in a couple minutes.” I yelled back.
  • 82. “Aww, do I have to get up?” Davey asked wrapping his arms around me.“Yes, you do.” I said kissing him on the top of his head. “And don’t whine, it’s veryunflattering.”“Bitch.” Davey said laughing quietly“Love you too. Now get up.” I said starting to get dressed. Davey got up a few secondslater mumbling something.“Thank you.” Davey said wrapping his arms around my waist.“For what?” I asked pulling him closer.“For everything.” He said kissing me gently. “I love you.”“Love you too, angel. Come on, we better get back downstairs.” I said grabbing his handand pulling him downstairs.“I was just coming to get you two.” My mom said when we came into the living room.“We’re getting ready to leave.”“Come here sweetie.” My grandma says pulling me into a tight hug. “Be good, ok?”“I will, don’t worry.” I said laughing softly. “Love you grandma.”“Love you too honey.” She said letting go of me and pulling Davey into a tight hug. “Itwas great meeting you, and no matter what anyone else says, I’m proud of you both.”“Your grandma has to be one of the greatest people in the world.” Davey said as wewhere walking to the car.“Yea, she is. She almost makes up for my asshole uncle.” I said wrapping my arm aroundhis shoulders. I climbed into the car and pulled Davey into my lap.
  • 83. “Jade, baby we’re home, wake up.” Davey whispered quietly. I opened my eyes and sawwe where parked in front of my house.“How long have I been asleep?” I asked.“Umm since we got in the car. We’ve been home for like ten minutes already, but I didn’twant to wake you up.” I got out of the car and pushed Davey up against the side of thecar kissing him gently. Davey wrapped his arm around my neck deepening the kiss. Ipulled back when I heard someone walking up the driveway.“Shit mom. What are you doing here?” Davey asked as she stopped in front of us.“I realized what a horrible mother I have been to you, and I wanted to make it up to you.”She said quietly“What about Bill, and New York and everything?” Davey asked.“Bill’s still in New York, and I have no intention of ever going back. I have no idea whyI stayed with him that long. I’m so sorry about the way I treated you, and I’ll understandif you tell me to fuck off, but I really want us to be a family again.”“And Bill’s never coming back?” Davey says squeezing my hand gently.“Never. So, will you come home with me? I promise I’ll make it up to you for how bad Itreated you.” She said with tears in her eyes.“What do you think, Jade?” Davey asked me.“It’s completely up to you, baby.” I said wrapping my arms around him. “It’ll be ok, andif something goes wrong, I’m always here for you.” I whispered to him.“Thank you, Jade. I love you.” He said kissing me quickly. “Umm I guess I should go getmy things.”“Can I talk to you for a second, Jade?” She asks me after Davey left. “I want to thank youfor taking care of him while I was gone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so happy. Ipromise things are going to be better.”“I hope so.” I said simply. I wanted to believe her, but I still wasn’t sure. Davey cameback a few minutes later.“Ready to go?” she asked Davey.
  • 84. “Yea, so I’ll see you tomorrow?” Davey asks me“I’ll be there in the morning on the way to school. Ok?”“Ok. I love you.” He said wrapping his arms around me tightly.“Love you too angel.” I said kissing him gently. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”“Hey, where’s Davey going?” My mom asked when I came back into the house.“His mom’s back. He went home with her.”“Do you think that’s a good idea?” She asked sounding concerned.“There was nothing I could do. I’m going to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.”I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night. I got up early and got dressed for school quickly.“Isn’t it kind of early to be going to school, Jade?” My dad asked when I camedownstairs.“Gotta go pick up Davey.” I told him. I practically ran the whole way to his house.“Morning honey.” Davey’s mom said when she answered the door. “Davey’s gettingdressed, he’ll be down in a minute. Can I get you anything?”“No, that’s ok. Thank you though.” Davey came downstairs a few minutes later.“Morning, baby.” Davey said“Morning, love.” I said leaning in to kiss him quickly.“You look like shit, are you ok?” Davey asked wrapping his arms around me.“Thank you so much.” I said leaning my head on his shoulder. He pulled me closer tohim. “Just tired, that’s all. I didn’t really sleep last night.”
  • 85. “Yea, I didn’t either. I missed you.”“Missed you too.” I said leaning in to kiss him. Davey pushed me back on the couchstraddling my hips. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip causing him to moan softly.“I love you so much, Jade.” He said laying his head on my chest.***It’s been almost a month since Davey moved back in with his mother. He’s been happierthan I’ve seen him in a long time. I still miss having him around all the time, and I have ahard time falling asleep without him here.So here I am, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m still wide awake. I’m working on a newsong for Davey when I hear a quiet knock at the door. I wasn’t sure I even hear anythingit was so soft. I was on my way downstairs when I heard it again, a little louder this time.“I’m coming.” I yell. I open the front door, and see Davey standing on the porch lookingterrified.Chapter 25“Shit, Davey are you alright?” He looked like he was in complete shock, I’m not sure heeven knew where he was. “Come inside and tell me what happened.” I reached out totouch his shoulder gently. He looked up at me with a mixture of pain, fear and anger inhis eyes.“Why can’t I ever just be happy? Why does everything have to get fucked up?” Daveysaid quietly“What happened baby?” I asked wrapping my arm around his shoulder.“She’s gone.” He said laying his head on my shoulder. He had tears in his eyes, he lookedlike he was about to break down.“Who’s gone?”“My mom.” He said as a tear slid down his cheek. “Fuck, I know Bill had something todo with it.”
  • 86. “Shit, was he there?” I asked leading Davey into the house. I sat on the couch and Daveycollapsed into my arms.“I think so. I went to the store, and when I came back...” Davey started to cry harder.“It’s ok, baby. Take your time.” I said rubbing his back gently. He took a few deepbreaths before he started talking again.“I came back in, and everything was a mess, things were broken, and I looked around,nothing was missing. But she was gone.” He curled himself up in my arms and started torock gently. “I’m so scared Jade”“I know, baby. It’ll be ok I promise.” I told him wrapping my arms around him. “Did youcall anyone?”“First I called my grandma to see if my mom had told her anything. She told me that thelast time she talked to my mom was when she first came back. She also said my momtold her Bill was abusing her, he almost killed her, that’s why she left. After that I calledthe police.”“What did they say?” I asked“They told me to leave the house, and go somewhere safe. I think they’re coming here toget some information in the morning. Is that alright?”“Of course it is. Do you want to go up and get some sleep?” I asked squeezing his handgently.“I think I’m just going to stay here for a while.”“Ok, then I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.” I said standing up and walking towardsthe stairs.“Jade.” Davey called after me“What’s wrong angel?” I asked turning back around.
  • 87. “Will you stay with me tonight? I really don’t want to be alone.”“Of course, I just thought you might want to be alone. I’m sorry baby.” I said sitting nextto him on the couch.“Thank you.” He said pulling himself closer to me. “I’m scared Jade.”“I know you are, but I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I promise.” I squeezedhis hand gently. “I’m going to make sure it gets better.”“I’ve cause you so much trouble already. I don’t know why you...”Davey said quietly“You aren’t causing me any trouble at all. I’m not doing anything that I don’t want to do.Trust me you aren’t forcing me to do anything.” I told him.“But I don’t want anything to happen to you. It would be easier if I just went somewhereelse.” He said softly.“You aren’t going anywhere. So just drop it.” I said pulling him closer to me.“but...”“Get some sleep, baby.”“but Jade I...”“I’m not going to listen. So just give up.” I wrapped my arms around him. He sighed indefeat and laid his head on my shoulder.“I love you Jade.”
  • 88. “Love you too angel.” I kissed him on top of his head.I woke up the next morning when I heard someone knocking on the door. I looked downand saw Davey still asleep in my arms. I got up carefully so I wouldn’t wake him up. Iopened the door and there was a police officer smiling brightly at me.“Good morning! I’m officer Martin. You must be Davey we spoke on the phone lastnight.” He said reaching out to shake my hand.“Actually he’s inside. Come with me, I’ll get him.” He followed me into the living roomwhere Davey was still asleep on the couch. I kneeled down next to him and grabbed hishand. “Davey, baby wake up.” I whispered to him quietly. “Officer Martin is here, hewants to talk to you.”“Good morning, Davey!” He said cheerfully. “How are you today?”“Uhh, I’m ok.” Davey said sounding nervous.“There’s no need to be nervous, I just have a couple questions , ok?” Davey nodded hishead quickly. “Alright great! First I’ll need to know where you’ll be if I need to contactyou . Will you be staying here?”“Yea, I’m staying with Jade.” Davey said grabbing my hand and lacing our fingerstogether.“Ok, great, and is Jade a family member?” Officer Martin asked, taking out a notebookand writing something down.“Uhh not exactly. He’s boyfriend.” Davey said quickly.“Oh, ok. And umm does Bill know situation?”“What do you mean my situation? That I’m a fuckin fag? Yea, he knows. That’s thereason he used to treat me like shit. It’s the reason he almost fuckin killed my mom, andit’s the fuckin reason that he ki...” Davey yelled angrily. His hand started to shake.“Shh, it’s ok calm down, angel.” I whispered running my thumb along the top of his handtrying to calm him down.
  • 89. “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant.” Officer Martin apologized quickly. “but if that’s thecase, do you think it’s safe for you to st...”“He’s staying with me.” I said interrupting him.“That’s fine. It’s completely up to you both. Ok, Davey I want you to tell me everythingthat happened.” Davey took a deep breath and his hand started to shake again.“Just take your time, baby.” I said squeezing his hand softly.“Ok, umm.. well my mom came back from New York, and I moved back in with her.”Davey started to tell him.“Where were you living while she was in New York?” Officer Martin asked still writingthings down.“Here, with Jade.” Davey told him.“I see, and why didn’t you go to New York with your mother?”“Because she was moving in with Bill, and he treated me like shit. My mother gave methe option of going with her and being miserable, or staying here and being happy.”Davey said defensively.“Alright, and then what happened when your mom moved back?”“Well I moved back in with her, and everything was going great. It was back to normaland everything. So umm she told me that she left Bill, and he was still in New York. So Ilived with her again for like a month. Then one night I went to the store to pick up dinnerfor us. When I came back the door was open, and there was shit broken all over theplace.”“So, you think someone broke in?” Officer Martin asked him.“Yea, sort of, but nothing was missing. Things were just broken, like there was a fight.So I looked around, and my mom wasn’t there, but her car and all her shit was stillthere.”
  • 90. “And you think Bill did this?”“Yea. He broke in here once before. Then I called my grandma to see if she heard fromher, and she told me that my mom said the real reason she left was Bill was abusing her,he almost killed her.”“Well it’s a definite possibility, that it was Bill who did this. Do you think you coulddescribe Bill for me?”“Yea, he’s old and fat and bald.” Davey laughed softly, but he still had a look of terrorand anger on his face.“I guess that’s a start. What about his car?” Officer Martin asked scribbling downDavey’s description“It’s blue, and rusty, and it’s got a white roof. Basically a piece of shit. Fuck, I’m sorry Ican’t help more.” Davey said burring his face in his hands.“Well it’s not much, but it’s a start. Do you have a picture of your mother?”“Umm yea. I think so.” He reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet out. He dugthrough it for a second before he pulled put a beat up picture. He stared at it with a sadsmile on his face. I looked over his shoulder and saw a picture on Penny with her armaround two boys. One of the boys was Davey, he has short blond hair at the time. Theother boy was a few years younger than Davey. The three people in the picture had hugesmiles on their faces, they looked so happy. Until you looked into Davey’s eyes, his eyesheld a look of fear as he stared at something over the cameraman’s shoulder.“My brother.” Davey said quietly pointing to the boy in the picture. “I still rememberwhen it was taken, about a month before they got divorced. They had just had a hugefight. It was the first time I ever saw him hit her. I was watching him leave.” He saidrunning his thumb along the outline of the two other people in the picture. “It was the lastpicture where we were actually a family.” He went to hand the picture to Officer Martin,but he hesitated for a second. “Am I going to get this back, it’s kind of important to me.”
  • 91. “I’ll tell you what I’m going to go back to the station and make a copy of this picture, andthen I’ll bring it right back, ok?” He said putting the picture carefully in his pocket.“Thank you so much.” Davey said as Officer Martin stood up.“No problem. I’ll make sure to keep you boys updated on any new information.” OfficerMartin said before he turned and left.“Thank you for helping me through this. I don’t know if I could have done it withoutyou.” Davey said sitting back on the couch.“I didn’t do anything. You’re the one who did it all.” I told him sitting next to him.“You were here with me, that’s all I needed. So thank you.” He said softly giving me aquick kiss.“I’m always going to be with you, love. You don’t have to worry about that.” I told him.“Do you want to do anything today, or do you just want to stay here?”“Will you stay here with me?” Davey asked laying his head in my lap.“I’m not going anywhere.” I told him absently running my fingers through his hair.I’m not sure how long we sat together on the couch in silence. A knock on the front doorbrought us both out of our daydreams. Davey and I both got up and went to the door.Officer Martin was at the door he didnt look as cheerful as he looked when we first methim.“I umm brought your picture back.” He said handing Davey his picture.“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.” Davey said stuffing the picture back into hiswallet.“Actually, that’s not it.” Officer Martin said quietly. “I kind of have some potentially badnews to tell you.”“What do you mean potentially?” Davey asked with fear in his voice.“Well, I’m not sure of all the details yet, but when I was on my way over here I got a callfrom the police station. They told me that a car that matched your description smashedinto a building a few miles past the airport.” Davey squeezed my hand tightly as OfficerMartin continued talking. “I was told that the car had a New York license plate. I’mgoing to call the station and see if they got any more information.” He said pulling aphone out of his pocket. Davey turned and went back into the living room. I turned tofollow him but Officer Martin stopped me. “Hang on one second Jade.”
  • 92. “What’s wrong?” I asked turning to face him.“Well, I didn’t want to say this in front of Davey, didn’t want to worry him for no reason.Well I was told that the car was going almost one hundred miles per hour when it hit thebuilding, so if Davey’s mom was in the car the chances are very small that she wouldsurvi...” He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.“Shit, this will kill him, he’s already been through so much.” I said interrupting him.“I’ll come tell you when I find anything out.”“Ok, thank you for all your help.” I turned to go find Davey. I found him sitting on thecouch staring absently at his picture. He has tears in his eyes and he looks terrified. Idon’t think he saw me come into the room. He keeps staring down at the picture and hestarts to cry softly.“Jade...” Davey calls softly he sounds terrified.“I’m here, baby.” I said running over to his side.“Shit, I didn’t know you where here.” Davey said wiping his eyes. “I was just...”“It’s ok for you to be scared, you don’t have to hide it from me.” I said wrapping myarms around him.“I’m so scared Jade.” He said starting to cry again. He lays his head on my shoulder. “I’msorry, I just really can’t talk about this now.”“It’s ok, but I’m here whenever you want to talk.” I said rubbing his back gently“I know, thank you baby.” Davey grabbed my hand. I sat holding him close to me, oursilence only being broken by Davey’s quiet sobs. Officer Martin came in to the room afew minutes later. He had a sad smile on his face.“I just got off the phone with the police station.” He said“And? Is she alright? Is she still alive? Fuck, please let her be ok.” Davey said quickly.“When the police got to the car, there was no one inside it anymore so...”
  • 93. “What the fuck does that mean?” Davey said sounding impatient.“That means that whoever was in the car walked away. They did find identification in thecar that said it was Bill’s car.“Does that mean she’s still alive?” Davey asked anxiously“I really can’t tell you, all I know is whoever was in the car at the time of the accident,wasn’t at the scene of the accident when the police arrived.” Officer Martin explained.“I’m going to head back to the station and see if they’ve found anything more out. I’malso going to check nearby hospitals to see if I can find out anything else. I’ll let youknow as soon as I hear anything.” Davey stood up and wrapped his arms around OfficerMartin hugging him tightly.“Thank you so much for everything.” Davey said.“I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I hear anything.” He said before he left. Davey laiddon on the couch with his head in my lap. I ran my fingers absently through his hair untilI noticed his picture laying on the ground. I picked it up and handed it to him.“You never told me you had a brother.” I said softly.“Yea, I don’t really like to talk about it.” He said quietly“You don’t have to.” I told him. He leaned in and kissed me quickly.“I don’t like to, but I will.” Davey takes a deep breath and grabs my hand squeezing itgently.“Take your time, angel.”“Ok, umm this picture was taken like a few months before we moved here. And that’s mybrother.” He pointed to the boy in the picture. “His name’s Mike, he’s two years youngerthan us so shit. he’d be 15 now. He was basically my best friend, we did everythingtogether.” He laughed bitterly “The day the picture was taken was basically the last dayhe talked to me. After that day my mom and dad started to fight more. He started hittingher. So when he found out they were getting divorced he decided to stay with my dad. Atthat point I was just coming to terms with the fact that I was gay. I figured I could tellhim, and he’d be ok with it.” Davey stopped an wiped a tear from his eye.“It’s ok, you don’t have to finish.” I told him“No, it’s ok. So I told him, and he said at first he was upset that I was moving away, butnow he was happy I was leaving cause I’m a disgusting fag. He said he never wanted tosee me again. The was pretty much the last real conversation we had. The last couple
  • 94. weeks me and my mom were living there he ignored me pretty much. So the last thingmy brother ever said to me was that I am disgusting and he never wants to see me again.”Davey finished quietly.“Shit I had no idea, I’m so sorry.” I said pulling him into my lap. I heard a knock at thedoor. I opened the door to find that Officer Martin was back. “Hey Dave, come here.” Icalled.“I’ve got some news for you two.” He said as Davey came around the corner. “I foundout the Bill has been admitted to a hospital not to far from here. From what I understandhe’s in pretty bad shape.”“Yea, that’s really too bad.” Davey said quickly. “What about my mom?”“I checked most of the hospitals, and no one has seen her. I can drive you down to thehospital where Bill is, so you can talk to him, if you’d like.”“Yea, that’d be great. Thank you.” Davey said. “Will you come with me baby?” Daveyasked turning to me.“Of course, love. Let’s go.” I said following Davey out to Officer Martin’s car. Wearrived at the hospital within fifteen minutes. Davey jumped out of the car as soon as wepulled up. “Thanks again.” I said getting out of the car.“No problem, I’ll be waiting here for you.” Officer Martin said. Davey and I ran throughthe hospital until we found Bill’s room. Bill was hooked up to all these machines andtubes. He looked like he was barely alive. I would have felt bad, it he didn’t fuckindeserve it.“What the fuck are you two doing here?” Bill asked when he saw us.“Is my mom ok?” Davey asked sounding nervous“How the fuck would I know, I haven’t seen her for months.” Bill said sounding angry“What do you mean? Wasn’t she in the car with you when you crashed ?”“She left me and came back here. I hadn’t seen her since.”
  • 95. “If she wasn’t with you, then why were you here?” Davey asked“I came back to apologize for being an asshole. When I got to your house no one wasthere, but it looked like someone had broken in. There was broken shit everywhere.” Billsaid sounding more irritated every minute we where in the room. “Now can you pleaseget the fuck out. I’m really not in the mood to be harassed by a couple fags today.”“Fuck! If she’s not with you then where is she?” Davey said losing his patience with Bill.“Listen, Dave. I haven’t seen you mother in months. Which means I don’t know whereshe is now. I can’t help you, not that I’d want to. So please just get the fuck out!”“Shit Jade, what am I going to do now?” Davey asked“I don’t know, baby. Let’s get out of here though. I’ll figure something out.” I saidwrapping my arm around his shoulder.“Yea, get out of here. I thought I’d gotten rid of you stupid fags. Christ you two make mesick.”“Come on, angel.” I said pulling him towards the door.“One second.” He said turning to make sure Bill was watching before he pulled me into adeep kiss. He pulled back a little so Bill could see his tongue slide into my mouth. Hemoaned softly and pulled away. I turned to see Bill staring at us with a disgusted look onhis face. “Ok, now we can go.” Davey said sweetly grabbing my hand and pulling me outthe door.“How’d it go?” Officer Martin asked as we climbed back into the car.“Not good.” Davey said simply “Do you think we can stop at my house? I want to see ifthere is anything that will help me figure out where she is.” Officer Martin dropped us offin front of Davey’s house.“Ok, Ill be out here when you’re done.” he said“I’m not sure how long we’ll be. I don’t want you wasting your time waiting for us. Wecan walk home when we’re done.” Davey explained
  • 96. “Oh, alright. I’ll let you know if I find anything new.”“Ok, thank you again.” Davey said before running into the house. I followed him into thehouse. He kneeled in the corner and started going through a big pile. “I was sure she waswith Bill, so I didn’t even bother going through any of the stuff that was laying aroundthe day she disappeared.” Davey picked up a broken picture frame and a torn up picturethat I recognized as the same picture that he carries with him. Davey dropped the brokenframe and stared at the torn picture sadly. I wrapped my arms around him gently.“It’ll be ok baby.” I said holding him tightly. I heard a loud bang from behind us. Daveyspun around quickly to see where the noise came from.“Shit,” Davey said looking angry and scared. “What the fuck are you doing here?”Chapter 27“Dad, what are you doing here?” Davey asked again pulling away from me quickly“Jesus Christ, Dave, what the hell happened to you?”“Why are you here?” Davey asked.“I got help. I cleaned myself up, and your mother and I are getting back together.”“You mean she’s been with you this whole fucking time?” Davey asked sounding angry“Don’t you talk to me like that, son. I’m still your father. And yes, she’s been with me,but we needed some time to sort everything out. Everything is fine now, so I want you tocome home with us.”“But...” Davey started to argue“Your mother told me you’ve been staying with a friend from school, since everythinghappened with Bill. You’re safe living with me, so there is no need to continue stayingwith this boy. I’m sure he’ll be happy to get rid of you for a while anyway.” asshole .“Are you the one he’s been staying with?” He asked turning towards me.“Yea this is my bo...umm my friend Jade.” Davey said quickly
  • 97. “Well I want to thank you for taking care of him.”“It was really no problem at all.” I said quietly“I want to stay here Dad.” Davey said“You’re coming with me, and that final. Now get your shit and let’s go, I’ll be outside,Hurry up.”As soon as he left the room, Davey fell back into a chair crying softly. I kneeled in frontof him and grabbed his hand. He started to cry harder.“Don’t worry Angel. It’ll be ok.” I said squeezing his hand gently.“It won’t be alright, you won’t understand.” He said pulling me to my feet and wrappinghis arms around me. “If my dad ever found out about us...” He moved his hand up to mycheek. “...I’m sorry Jade, we can’t be together anymore.” I started to say something butDavey stopped me. “Please don’t Jade, this is hard enough already.” Davey slid the ring Igave him off his finger and handed it to me.“Keep it.” I said softly, handing it back to him.“I can’t.” He said shoving in into my hand gently. I slid the one Davey gave me off myfinger. I looked down at it and saw the word ‘forever’ carved on the inside. A tear sliddown my cheek as I gave the ring back to him. “I’ll always love you, Jade.” He saidkissing me gently. He squeezed my hand gently before he turned and walked towards thedoor. he stopped and turned to face me. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered and walked out thedoor. I stood there staring at the door, hoping he’d come back, that he’d tell me it was alla joke, that he still wanted to be with me. The longer I stood there, the more I realizedthat he wasn’t coming back, that it was over.I was in complete shock. I don’t know how i got from Davey’s house back to my house.My mom said something to me as I walked past, but I didn’t answer. I didn’t trust myselfto open my mouth. I knew I’d say something that I’d regret. I sat on my bed and pulledthe ring from my pocket.“Jade, honey.” My mom yelled through the door.” Time for dinner.”“Ok, I’m coming.” I said softly. My voice came out as a small squeak. I put the ring init’s box and sat it on my dresser.“Jade, sweetie are you alright?” My mom said when I came into the room
  • 98. “Yea, fine.” I said quietly“What did you do today?” My dad asked“Nothing.” I said“Where’s Davey today?” My mom asked.“Umm you know what, Im not really hungry. I think Im going to go to bed.” I said. Iwent upstairs, and started to clean up Davey’s things. I put them into a pile on the end ofmy desk. I saw the notebook Davey was writing in this morning sitting open on my desk.I was about to close it and add it to the pile when I saw my name. I started to read it andfelt tears sting at my eyes.‘JadeI’ve been working on this for a long time, and I’m sure I’ll never get the courage to showyou. I wrote you this song to tell you how much I love you. You’re the best thing that’sever happened to me, and I know Im the luckiest person in the world when I wake upnext to you. I love you more than anything, and I know we’re going to be togetherforever. So anyway this song is called This Celluloid DreamCalling tears from deep inside, oh, you’re so exquisite.And in the mirror, all midnight eyes. Oh, if I could remain,but it’s just a visit. All midnight eyes read “vacancy.”Twisted, twisting. To the lovely dancing lights, I begged,“May I cut in?” but they never stopped playing “their song.”of a joyous song they sing, I’ve heard whispers.On a freezing note, I resonate. Just like romantic verses,just like a joyous end, just like a memory, it twists me.You land as lightly as the new snow, Cinematic,onto the melting boy and melt away.You light as gently, you’re so Cinematic.Bathed in your radiance, I melt.In the glitter, in the dark, sunk into velvet praying this will never end.In the shadow of a star, in static pallor, I realized I never began.All the colors upon leaving will turn to gray.I had tears running down my face as I finished reading. I closed his notebook and sat it on
  • 99. the top of the pile. I started to get changed for bed. I pulled my shirt over my head, andstarted to cry harder when I saw Davey’s name tattooed over my heart. I got into bed stillcrying softly, and tried to keep my mind offo of Davey long enough that I could fallasleep.“Jade, you’re going to be late.” My mom said waking me up the next morning. “Will youplease tell me what’s wrong?” She said sitting on the edge of my bed.“I’m fine mom.” I lied. I felt like shit. I had barely slept the whole night.“You look terrible, Jade. I wish you’d just talk to me about it.” She said, and got up andleft the room. I got up and began to get ready for school. I pulled on the same shirt I hadon yesterday. I went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I really did lookterrible. My eyes were red and swollen from being up all night, and I had faint blacktrails of eyeliner running down my cheeks. I washed my face off the best I could, but Icouldn’t be bothered to put more make-up on. I went downstairs and heard my mom anddad talking about me.“I’m just so worried about him, he hasn’t been like this for a while.” My mom saidsounding pretty upset.“I think it’s pretty easy to figure out, Dear. Davey and Jade have been basicallyinseparable, and Davey hasn’t been around since Jade had been so worked up.” My dadsaid.“I never even thought of that. I sure hope that isn’t true. Jade loves him so much.”“I’m leaving now.” I said coming into the room. “Love you.” I said to them.“Love you Jade.” My mom said getting up and hugging me tightly.I walked slowly to school. I wasn’t in a hurry to see anyone. “Hey Jade.” I heardsomeone call me. I turned and saw Adam and Hunter running towards me.“Hey guys.” I said quietly.“Where’s Davey at?” Adam asked“I really don’t know.” I told him truthfully.“Really? You don’t know? Aren’t you two like attached at the hip or something?” Huntersaid.“I really don’t want to talk about it now. I’m sorry.” I said“Oh ok. I hope everything’s alright. Well see you later.” Hunter said soundingconcerned. Hunter and Adam hugged me quickly before turned and went to their classes.I turned to get my books from my locker. I wasn’t really looking forward to first period, I
  • 100. knew Davey was going to be there.“Hey, fag.” Nick yelled coming up next to me“Hey, where’s you little fag boyfriend?” Will said“Fuck off. I’m really not in the mood to deal with you assholes today.” I said slammingmy locker and walking towards my first class.“No, you’re not getting away with that you little fag.” I heard one of them yell. I felt twohands connect with my back, and I fell to the ground. Will’s foot connected with mystomach. I rolled to my side as they continued to kick me. I heard someone yellsomething at them, and they stopped kicking me. A few seconds later Hunter and Adamcame over and helped me to my feet.“Shit, are you alright?” Adam asked.“I’m gonna kick the shit out of those assholes.” Hunter said sounding angry. Adam and Ilaughed softly at his sudden outburst.“Maybe later Hunt. Help me get Jade down to the nurse now.” Adam wrapped his armaround my shoulder and turned me towards the nurses office. I looked up and saw Daveystanding at the end of the hall watching me. He turned his attention to the ground as hesaw me watching him before he turned and disappeared into his classroom.Chapter 28“What happened with you two?” Adam asked gently“Umm I’m not really sure. His dad came back, and then Davey said we couldn’t betogether anymore.” I said quietly.“He could have at least fuckin seen if you were ok. After everything you fuckin did forhim” Hunter said.“Don’t worry about it.” I said. “Why don’t you two go to class. I don’t want you to get introuble, I can make it from here.”“Are you sure?” Adam asked“Yea, it doesn’t hurt that bad.” I lied. I tried to hide the wince of pain as I took my bagback from Hunter.“Ok, we’ll stop by and check on you later.” Adam said. He pulled me into a quick hug.“If you’re feeling up to it, we’re going to take you out after school, to take you mind offof all this shit.” Hunter said hugging me carefully.
  • 101. “Thanks, guys.” I said weakly and continued walking down to the nurses office. By thetime I got down to the nurses office, I was completely out of breath and my chest wasburning from the pain.“Well, Jade, I haven’t seen you down here for a while. What seems to be the problemtoday?” She asked“Some assholes attacked me in the hall.” I said trying to catch my breath.“And what’s hurting you?” She asked“My stomach and my ribs.”“Alright follow me.” She said walking into one of the rooms in the back. “I think it’sprobably best if you went home, and then saw a doctor for some x-rays. You might havea broken rib.” She said after checking me. “There’s nothing I can really do for you here.”“Well my mom’s at work, so I really don’t have a way home.” I told her.“Ok, I want you to rest here for the rest of the day, and I want you to promise me you’llsee a doctor as soon as possible.”“I will.” I told her laying back on the bed. I had fallen asleep when I heard someone openthe door.“Jade?” Someone said quietly. I opened my eyes and saw Davey standing in the doorlooking nervous. “I had a few minutes between classes, so I wanted to see how you weredoing.”“It hurts.” I told him“Yea they hit you pretty hard, they could’ve cracked a rib or something.”“I wasn’t talking about my ribs.” I said softly“Oh.” Davey said quietly, staring down at the floor. “Umm I’d better get back to class.”
  • 102. He said, and left the room.“Dave?” I called after him“Yea.” He said coming back into the room.“I have some of your things at my house, you can go get them if you want.” I said withmore anger and hurt in my voice than I intended.“Oh, alright.” He said sounding disappointed. “I’ll stop by and get them later.”He looked really sad as he left the room. I felt bad. As much as I wanted to be mad athim, in my heart I knew I still loved him. I heard the final bell ring. I picked up my thingsand was about to go find Hunter and Adam when they came bursting into the room.“What the hell are you doing?” Hunter asked grabbing my bag from my hands“Christ, I’m not broken, I can carry my own bag.” I said trying to take it back from him.Hunter threw the bag over his shoulder and walked out of the nurses office.“So are you feeling up to doing anything, or do you just want to go home?” Adam askedas we walked towards my house“Well, I’m pretty tired, so I think I’ll just go home.” I said. They both looked kind ofdisappointed. “But you could come with me, I could always use the company.” I saidsmiling weakly. I really wanted to be by myself but I didn’t want to upset themHunter reached down and grabbed Adam’s hand, and looked over at me. “Shit, I’msorry.” He said quietly and let go of Adams hand. We got to my house. and found mymom sitting on the couch.“Hey sweetie, how was school today.” My mom asked standing up to hug my tightly.“It was fine.” I said fighting back a groan of pain as she squeezed my ribs. “This is Adamand Hunter.”“Nice to meet you both.” She said.“You too.” They said.We went up to my room and I collapsed onto my bed. My ribs were killing me. Adamand Hunter sat on the floor next to my bed. Adam wrapped his arm around Huntersshoulders. “Sorry” He said and moved his arm.“Don’t be.” I said. “Please don’t act different around me just because of what happened
  • 103. with Davey.”“Well, it’s getting late, wed better go.” Adam said a few hours later.“Remember if you need anything at all, feel free to call us.” Hunter said leaning down tohug me gently.Someone knocked on my door. “Yea?” I called. Davey opened the door, he stood therelooking nervous.“Umm your mom let me in. I hope that’s ok.” He said quietly, not making eye contactwith any of us.“Yea, we were just leaving any way.” Adam said. He leaned down and hugged mequickly. “If you need anything at all. You can call us anytime.” He whispered in my ear.He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. “Take care, Jade.” Him and Hunter turned toleave the room.“Oh, bye Dave.” Hunter said dully, and pulled the door shut.I looked over at Davey waiting for him to move, or at least say something. “Umm I justcame by to pick up my stuff.”“On the desk.” I said, pointing in the direction of my desk. I laid on my side facing awayfrom Davey.“Listen, Jade I’m really sorry about everything. But you deserve to be in a relationshipwhere you don’t have to hide from anyone.” Davey said after a few minutes.“That’s fucking bullshit and you know it.” I said turning to face him. He looked terrible.He looked like he hadn’t slept for days and his eyes were red and swollen. I felt terrible, Inever even considered how he was probably feeling. I knew I wouldn’t be able to staymad at him. “Dave, I love you more than anything, and I’m willing to do whatever ittakes to be with you. Even if that means hiding it from everyone.”“I can’t take the risk of someone finding out. You should find someone else, someoneyou can openly be with, you deserve someone so much better than me.”“I’m not going to find anyone I want to be with more than you. You have to understand
  • 104. I’m not going to be able to forget about you, and move on to someone else, I care aboutyou too much.” I said trying to hold back tears. He picked up his pile of things. He ran hisfingers over the cover of the notebook.“You read it, didn’t you?” He asked sadly.“It would have been beautiful, too. If it wasn’t complete bullshit.” I said starting to getangry again.“I meant every word of it, Jade.” Davey said with tears in his eyes.“If you really meant it, if you really love me as much as you said you did, you’d bewilling to work around the problems.” I said sounding frustrated.“I did Jade. I meant every word.” Davey said crying softly“Then why can’t we try and make it work? I’m willing to do whatever it takes, if thatmeans hiding from everyone, I’ll do it.” I said starting to cry softly. “I love you, Davey.”“I loved you more than anything, Jade. I really did.” Davey said quietly.“Loved?” I asked softly.Davey started to cry harder. “I’m so sorry.” He said and walked out of the room.I felt completely empty. I laid there all night just staring at the ceiling. I feel like everyemotion has been drained from my body. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t be upset, I couldn’teven be mad at him. All I could do was lay there, broken and incomplete.I haven’t left my house in over a week, I’ve barely even left my room. Hunter and Adamstop over everyday, but I hardly even acknowledge them when they are here. I have toremember to thank them for being so patient with me. My mom brings me in some food.“Please eat something, Jade.” she says sitting the plate on my desk“Not hungry.” I said weakly“Jade, you haven’t eaten anything in almost two weeks. You’re going to starve, do youwant that?” She asked softly“No, not fast enough.” I said“Please don’t talk like that.” She said sadly. She sighed in defeat. “Just remember that Ilove you.” she said and left the room.Adam and Hunter came in a few minutes later. Adam was carrying a stack of books.“Hey we can’t stay long today. I brought some of your work from school, the teachers areworried about you.” Adam said sitting the pile of books next to my bed. I tried to say
  • 105. something, but I couldn’t get the words out.“We’ve got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Hunter said. He leaned down and hugged metightly.“Thank you.” I said weakly.“It’s ok. We were coming here anyway, so why not bring you your stuff.” Adam said“No I meant for coming here everyday, and putting up with me.” I said“Oh, it was nothing.” He told me“Well, it meant a lot to me.” I said “So thank you.”“You’re welcome sweetie.” Adam said kissing me on top of my head.“Anytime Jade.” Hunter said hugging me again.I felt a little better after they left, so I decided that I would go for a walk, it might help meclear my head.“Where are you gong, Jade?” My dad asked when I came downstairs“Just for a walk.” I told him.“How are you feeling, any better?” He asked“No, I still feel like shit.”“You’re going to have to get over him soon, Jade. You need to get on with your life.” Mydad said gently“That’s easy for you to say, but you have no idea what I’m going through. Do you knowwhat it feels like to have the person you love basically tell you to fuck off, that they don’tlove you anymore?” I said starting to get angry.“Well no, but...” He started to say.“Then until you do, stay the fuck out of it.” I yelled and stormed out the door. I washalfway down the street when I started to feel really bad for what I did. I had to makesure I apologized when I got home. I started to walk around absently. I didn’t knowwhere I was going, but I knew I had to get away from everyone for a whileAfter walking around for a few hours I found myself in front of Davey’s house. I sawDavey and the rest of his family sitting together in the living room. They all looked so
  • 106. happy, even Davey. Whenever we were together, no matter how happy he seemed healways had a look of fear and anxiety in his eyes. Now it was gone. Seeing him sittingthere made me realize that maybe he did the right thing. He deserved to be happy. Daveylooked up a second later and saw me watching him. I was about to turn and leave whenDavey got up and ran to the door.“Wait a second Jade.” He said running over to me. “Are you ok?” He asked reaching hishand up to my cheek.“Fine.” I answer dully pulling away from him.“You look like shit. I feel terrible.” He said, the happiness fading from his eyes.“You shouldn’t feel terrible, you were right, you deserve to be happy. You weren’t whenyou were with me so you made the right choice.” I said“That’s bullshit, you know you made me happy, Jade.”“Never as happy as you deserve to be. That’s why you need to go back in there and forgetabout me.” I said gently. He walks towards the house, he turns around and walks backover to me pulling me into a tight hug. He lays his head on my shoulder, and I hear himstart to cry.“I do love you Jade.” he said looking into my eyes“I’ll always love you, that’s why you need forget about me. Move on and be happy.” Iturn and start to walk away.~~~Sorry it took me so long to update. Hopefully the next chapter will be done sooner. Wellthis chapter almost caused me to fail my physics final so I hope you enjoy it ;) Im kind ofstuck right now so if you have any suggestions for the next chapters Id love to hear em.Anyway review and tell me what you thought. Sorry it was short.Chapter 30“Jade wait.” Davey yelled a few seconds later. I stopped and waited as he ran over to me.“How could you just walk away, tell me to move on, when I just said I love you?”“Yea, it hurts doesn’t it?” I said coldly“Jade don’t...”
  • 107. “Don’t what Dave? Don’t act like you didn’t break my fucking heart, is that it? Don’tpretend that I didn’t want to fuckin’ die when you said you didn’t love me?” I yelled“I know, Jade, and I’m sorry.” He started to cry. “I’m so sorry.” He said, almost pleadingwith me.“I still love you Davey, I always will. Nothing can change that. I’ll never be able to findanyone that will replace the feelings I have for you, you were too important to me. Youbroke my heart Dave, and there’s a part of me that will always feel empty without you,but I just can’t take the pain of you leaving again. I can’t fool myself into believing youlove me just to have you turn around and walk out again. I just can’t go through thatagain. I’m sorry.” I said and turned to leave“Jade please.” He yelled after me. I didn’t stop walking or look back. “I need you Jade,please don’t leave me.” He yelled louder. The pain in his voice almost made me run backto him, but I couldn’t. I wanted to go back to him, and hold him in my arms and tell himeverything would be ok. But I knew it was a lie, nothing would ever be the same, and itwould end up hurting us both a lot more than me leaving.I collapsed on a bench and tried to calm down. All at once the reality of what justhappened hit me and I started to cry. I could still faintly hear Daveys strangled cries fromdown the street, and I felt horrible for doing that to him. I looked back, and I saw Hunterand Adam walking down the street. When they saw Davey they ran over to him, andHunter pulled him into a tight hug. I watched them try to calm Davey down, and I heardhis cries get louder. Adam saw me and came running over.“What the fuck happened?” He asked, sitting down next to me. I opened my mouth to saysomething, but I ended up crying harder. “Shh it’s ok, come here angel.” Adam saidpulling me into his arms. He held onto me gently rubbing my back until I stopped crying.“You ready to tell me?”The whole story came pouring out. “I’m such an asshole.” I said with a few tears runningdown my face as I finished telling him. “How could I say something like that to him? Ijust wish he knew how sorry I am for what I said.”“Then tell him.” Adam said softly.“I can’t, not after they way I treated him.” I said sadly. Hunter came over a few secondslater and sat down next to us. “How is he?” I asked quickly“How do you think he is, Jade?” He said
  • 108. “Fuck, I’m such an asshole.” I said burring my face in my hands.“Yea you are.” Hunter said. “But then again so is he. So you see you’re perfect for eachother.” I knew he was joking, but I also knew he was right. I started to cry again.Adam pulled me into his arms. “He’s not in the mood for your jokes, Hunt.” Adam saidgently“I’m sorry, Jade.” Hunter said hugging me gently“No, you’re right.” I said.“Then go tell him.” Hunter and Adam said at the same time“I can’t, he’s better off without me. He’ll be much happier once he forgets about me, andall I want is for him to be happy.”“Will you ever be able to forget about him?” Adam asked“Never.” I said quietly“Then what makes you think he’ll ever forget about you?” Hunter asked. “You didn’t seehim before, he was a wreck. No matter what he tells you, he loves you more thananything. He’s never going to be happy unless he’s with you, Jade. Don’t youunderstand? Even with all the bad shit he was happy, cause he was going through it withyou.”“I just can’t.” I said quietly“What about you, Jade?” Adam asked“I honestly don’t care about me. I just want what’s best for him.” I said standing up. “andeven if he doesn’t know it yet, I am doing the right thing. I’m going to go now. I needsome time to think.”“Ok, we’ll see you tomorrow?” Adam asked. I nodded my head quickly and they pulledme into a tight hug. “You know we love you right Jade?”“Yea, I love you guys too.” I said and started to walk home slowly. I passed Davey’s
  • 109. house and looked inside. Davey was sitting inside he looked awful, and he was stillcrying. His mom came in the room and put her hand gently on his shoulder. She saidsomething to him and he started to cry harder. I felt guilty for putting him through this,but I knew in the end it would be better for him.I got back home and my parents weren’t there. My mom left a note saying that they wentout for dinner. I was kind of relieved, I really just wanted to be alone. I went upstairs andcollapsed onto my bed, the events of the day running through my mind. If I was so sure Iwas doing the right thing, why did I feel like shit?Chapter 31Hunter and Adam stopped by the next morning. I was still in bed when they came in.“Good morning Sunshine.” Hunter said cheerfully. “It’s time to get your ass out of bed.”He said laughing as he pulled the blanket off me. I groaned quietly as Adam opened thecurtains, and light poured into my room.I sat up and stretched. “Did you see Davey today?”“Yea, we just came from his house.” Adam said throwing a shirt and a pair of pants atme.“How is he?” I asked anxiously, pulling the shirt over my head.“He’s doing great. He actually seemed happy.” Hunter said. “Now get dressed we’regoing out.” Hunter said excitedly.“You know what, I think I’m just going to stay here. You guys go, have a good time.” Isaid climbing back into bed.“No, you’re coming with us.” Adam said pulling me back up“Yea, and you’re going to have a good time.” Hunter said“Yea, but...” I started to argue“No, Jade. We’re tuning out your self pity today. So you might as well get your ass out ofbed and have a good time.” Hunter said pulling me out of bed, and pushing me towardsthe bathroom. “Now hurry up and get ready.”I stopped at the door, and turned to face them again. I started to say something but Adamstopped me. “He’s happy, Jade. That’s what you wanted. So just leave him alone. Let himget on with his life.” He said gently.
  • 110. “Yea, but I love him.” I said. Hunter sighed with frustration.“Jesus Christ, Jade! You’re a seventeen year old kid in high school, what the fuck do youknow about love anyway?” Hunter said, his voice rising in anger. “You’ve know him for,what, like six months? It’s not the end of the world, Jade. Everybody gets their heartbroken at least once, but you know what? Yea, they’re upset for a few days, but they geton with their fuckin lives.” He yelled louder.“Hunter, stop.” Adam warned him, putting his hand on his shoulder gently. Hunter pullsaway and keeps talking.“First, he said that you couldn’t be together anymore, and you were upset. You saidyou’d do anything to get him back. Then he fuckin comes to you and says he still lovesyou, and what do you do? You tell him to fuck off. To fuckin forget about you. Andwhen he does start to move on, you want to go back to him. You can’t stand the fact thathe’s actually happy without you. You said you wanted him to be happy, but since he’snot fighting to get you back, since you aren’t the center of his attention, you can’t fuckintake it. You’re ruining his life, just fuckin let him go.” By the time he was finished hewas almost screaming at me.“You fucking asshole! You don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. Youdon’t know what it’s like to love someone so much it hurts.” I yelled.“Get over yourself, Jade, neither do you.” Hunter said. He wasn’t yelling anymore, butyou could still hear the anger in his voice.“Calm down, both of you.” Adam said gently “I’m sure you’ll both feel better once weget out of the house. C’mon Jade finish getting ready, so we can go.”“Just get the fuck out, I don’t need your fuckin pity.” I yelled, sitting down on the edge ofmy bed.“Jade, you know he didn’t mean it.” Adam said calmly.“Get the fuck out!” I yelled.“C’mon Adam, let’s just go.” Hunter said pulling him towards the door. Adam whisperedsomething to him. “Christ Adam, he obviously doesn’t want to be helped. So just let itgo. Let him mope in peace.”“You know, I never asked for your help. So don’t do me any fuckin favors.” I yelled.Hunter stood there staring at me with a look of disgust and anger in his eyes. “Well whatare you waiting for? Do you want me to thank you, for giving up your time, to try andhelp someone you obviously don’t give a shit about? Is that it? Or maybe you want an
  • 111. apology. Do you want me to say I’m sorry, Hunter? I’m sorry that a worthless piece ofshit like me could take up the time of someone as wonderful as you.” I screamed. Ilooked at Adam, he looked like he was in complete shock at what was happening. Then Ilooked over to Hunter, and he was staring at me with what could only be described ashate in his eyes.“Fuck you, Jade.” Hunter said quietly. He grabbed Adam’s hand and stormed out of theroom.Chapter 32I woke up the next morning, and decided I had to get out of the house. I got up andquickly got dressed. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. My mom and dad weresitting at the table eating breakfast.“Jade, sweetie where are you going?” My mom asked with a huge smile on her face.“Well I was thinking about going back to school.”“Oh, Jade I’m so proud of you.” She said running over to me and hugging me.“It’s really no big deal, Mom.” I said laughing softly. I turned to my dad. “Uhh Dad, I’mreally sorry about yesterday, I just...”“It’s ok, I know you didn’t mean it.” He said cutting me off.“Thanks Dad.” I said softly. I kissed my mom on the cheek, and walked slowly to school.I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen when I got to school.I walked towards my locker and saw Hunter and Adam standing there. Hunter looked upand saw me, he still looked angry, and he grabbed Adams hand and stormed away. “HeyJade.” Davey said quietly, coming up behind me. “Adam told me what happened, I’mreally sorry.”“Don’t worry about it. It was just a stupid fight, everything will be alright.” I told him,even though I wasn’t really sure of it myself. “How are you doing?”“Actually I’m doing pretty good, my brother’s back. Everythings been going great.” He
  • 112. said smiling happily.“I’m really glad, you’re doing so great.” I said trying to hide my disappointment. “I’vegot to get to class, I’ll talk to you later.” I went in to my class and sat down, Hunter andAdam came in a few minutes later.“Hey, Jade how are you?” Adam asked.“C’mon Adam we’re already late.” Hunter said pulling him past me.That was the last time I talked to Hunter or Adam. Shortly after that Davey’s parents senthim away to school. They said the stress became too much for him, I haven’t seen himsince they sent him away.So here I am two years later, finishing up my first year Berkeley, studying for a degree insociology.“Hey Jade wait a second.” My roommate Mike yells running towards me. “Do you wantto go out and do something tonight? C’mon all you did this year was go to class andstudy. You need to actually get out for once.” He said before I could answer him.“Alright alright, you’ve convinced me.” I said laughing. “Where are we going?”“Well my friend Mark’s band is playing tonight. We can go if you want.”I went home and got changed. I put on a black button-down shirt, and a pink tie. I fixedmy eyeliner and I was ready to go. When we got to the club, the band had already started.The stage was dark, so I couldnt see anyone in the band clearly. They were actuallypretty good. The lead singer has a great voice. They finished the song, and the lightscame back on. The singer had his back facing the crowd. He was wearing tight vinylpants, and a black fishnet shirt.“Holy shit.” I said as I noticed the wings he had tattooed on his back. He turned aroundand I realized that it was Davey.“Yea, he’s beautiful isn’t he?” Mike said catching me staring at Davey.“Umm, this next song is really important to me.” Davey said quietly. “It’s called ThisCelluloid Dream.” My eyes filled with tears as he started singing. I noticed Davey hadtears in his eyes too as he finished singing. I didn’t take my eyes off of him for the rest ofthe concert.“My god, you’re totally in love with him.” Mike said laughing quietly after the concertwas over.“What? No I’m not.” I said quickly“Oh come on you didn’t take your eyes off of him all night.” He said. I laughed softly
  • 113. realizing what he meant. “I can get you backstage if you want, since I know Mark andeverything.”“No, that’s alright.” I said quickly“Let’s go.” He said pulling me towards the stage.“Hey Mike, I didn’t know you were here.” Someone, who I’m assuming is Mark said,pulling Mike into a hug.“Yea, you guys were awesome. This is my friend Jade.” Mike said“Nice to meet you.” Mark said shaking my hand. “Let me introduce you to the rest of theguys, come on.”I followed Mark backstage, into a little room. “Holy shit, Jade.” Someone yelled. I turnedand saw Adam standing in the door. He grabbed me, hugging me tightly. “I haven’t seenyou, in like forever.” I noticed Hunter standing in the corner.“Hey, Jade.” He said quietly.“Oh, come on. Get your ass over here.” I said. Hunter smiled happily as I pulled him intoa hug.“It’s great to see you again. Davey’s going to be so happy to see you.” Hunter said. “He’sgetting changed right now. He should be in, in a few minutes.” I guess he noticed thereluctant look on my face. “It was years ago Jade, everything’s going to be fine now.” Iheard the door open, I looked over and saw Davey standing there. He had his hair pulledup, and a towel wrapped around his neck. I smiled when I realized he was wearing theJoy Division shirt I bought him.“Shit.” He said quietly as he noticed me for the first time.Chapter 33“Jade...what are you...I mean’s just...can’t believe...really great.” I laughedquietly.“It’s great to see you too, Dave.” I said smiling happily.“Wait you two know each other?” Mark said looking over at me.“Yea we knew each other in high school.” Davey said sadly, collapsing onto the couch.“but I haven’t seen him since I tired...umm my mom sent me away to school.”
  • 114. “Oh shit, this is Jade?” Mark said looking at Davey with a sad smile on his face. Daveynodded quickly. “I didn’t even make the connection.” He said more to himself than toanyone else.I looked over at Davey, he looked so fragile and delicate. I could tell that I was makinghim uncomfortable, so I decided that I should leave. “It was great seeing you all again,but I think I’m going to go.”“No, Jade.” Davey said quickly. “I want you to stay.”“Yea, we were about to go out and get something to eat. You guys should come with us.”Hunter said turning to me and Mike.“Is that ok with all of you.” I said to Davey more than anyone else.“I want you to come Jade.” Davey said. He sounded sincere.“Alright, we’ll come.” I said smiling at Davey. “Mike drove, so we’ll meet you there?”“So, what was that all about?” Mike asked as we got in his car“What do you mean?”“With Davey.”“Oh, it was nothing really. Like he said we were friends in high school, and I haven’tseen him since.” I told him. I didn’t really want to talk about it, I’d managed to pusheverything that had happened to the back of my mind, and I didn’t feel like revisiting it.“I’m not stupid, Jade. I can tell it was more than that.”
  • 115. I sighed, giving in. “Fine. I don’t really like talking about it though.” I took a deep breathand the whole story came pouring out.“Wow.” He said quietly when I finished. “Why did you just let him go?”“Fuck, I’m not having this conversation again.” I buried my face in my hands. “Ok, I lethim go, because I didn’t trust myself. I couldn’t stand seeing that I had hurt him, and Iwas scared I’d do it again.”“I’m really sorry, man.” Mike said squeezing my shoulder gently.We got to the restaurant, and saw Hunter and Adam sitting at a booth. “Hey, where’sDavey?” I asked sitting down“Him and Mark aren’t here yet.” Adam said absently running his fingers up Hunters arm.“Oh, are they...” I started to say.“No, he hasn’t been with anyone since you.” Hunter told me.“Oh,“ I said quietly. “Is he doing ok, though?” I asked“Yea, now he is.” Adam said. He took a deep breath. “Ok, I guess I should fill you in oneverything. You deserve to know.” He looked like he was having a hard time getting outwhat he was trying to say.“Is everything alright?” I asked. I was really worried.“Yea, like I said it is now. Shit, I’m not sure how to say this.” Adam said“His mom didn’t send him away to school.” Hunter said suddenly“What? Then where was he?” I asked. I was afraid of what he was going to say.“He was in the hospital.” Hunter said gently.“What...what...for what?” I asked. I felt completely numb.“He...umm...he tried to kill himself.” Hunter said. A tear slid down my cheek. I knew thatwas what he was going to say, but actually hearing it made it so much worse.“Oh, god.” I mumbled quietly and buried my face in my hands.“Hey, guys.” I heard Davey say. “What’s wrong with Jade? Shit you didn’t tell him didyou?”
  • 116. “He had every right to know, Dave.” Hunter saidI felt the seat dip down as Davey sat next to me. I felt him touch my shoulder gently.“Jade, I’m so sorry” I looked up at him, and felt so bad for everything. I wrapped myarms around him.“No, I’m sorry Davey.” Davey wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me closer. “I’mso sorry Dave.” Davey pulled away and smiled at me.“Everything is ok now, so you don’t have to worry.” Davey said.A few minutes later Marks phone rang. “ I’m out at a restaurant with theguys...can’t it wait...fine I’ll be right there.” He sighed and hung up the phone. “That wasMichele. I have to go. We have to...uhh...I just have to go.” He said and got up and left.Hunter started to laugh uncontrollably“Damn, straight people.” He said causing us all to laugh harder.“Well we should probably go.” Adam said a few hours later. They stood up, and pulledeach of us into a hug.“Jade, do you think you guys could give me a ride home?” Davey asked nervously.We pulled up in front of Davey’s house. “If you ever need anything you can call meanytime, ok?” I told him.“Alright thanks, Jade.” He said squeezing my hand gently. I turned his hand over andlooked down at the scars on his wrist. I looked into his eyes and brought his wrist to mylips and placed a light kiss on each scar. “Good night Jade.” He said and walked up to hishouse. He turned around and smiled at me as he disappeared in his house.I couldn’t stop thinking about Davey all night. He looked so beautiful and peaceful whenhe was singing tonight. I felt terrible knowing about everything he had to go through.Knowing he probably had to go through it alone. I still love him. I love him so much.Fuck, why do I have to feel this way? He’s moved on, he’s happy, why can’t I forgetabout him?“Jade, telephone.” Mike said throwing the phone to me.“Hello?” I said. There was no answer, just the sound of quiet breathing. “Who was it,Mike?” I asked, confused.“I think it was Davey, but I don’t know.”
  • 117. “Fuck.” I mumbled under my breath. “Are you there, Dave?” I asked, there was still noanswer. “C’mon Davey, is everything alright?”“I’m sorry, Jade.” He said quietly I almost didn’t hear him. “I shouldn’t have called, itwasn’t important.”“It’s ok, Davey really. What do you need?” I heard him hang up. “Davey? Dave? Shit!” Iyelled slamming the phone down. Mike sat down next to me, and hugged me.“It’s alright. I’m sure he’s fine.” Mike said rubbing small circles in my back.“I love him, Mike.” I said resting my head on his shoulder. “Why do I love him somuch?”“I know you do, angel.” He said hugging me tighter. “And he loves you too.”“No, he doesn’t. I was such an asshole. There is no way he could still care about me.”“I know what I saw Jade. It’s obvious. I mean he hasn’t been with anyone since youbroke up, and he was talking about how important the song he wrote for you was. If hedidn’t love you anymore would he even play it let alone get so emotional during it?”“I’m sorry I just can’t...I mean how could he possibly love me after what I did?”“Every relationship has problems Jade. There’s always going to be the petty fights, andeven temporary moments of hatred, but if you love each other enough, and I know youdo, you can work through it. It’s late, so you should probably get some sleep.”
  • 118. “Yea, but I still don’t know, Mike.” I started to protest as he stood up“Well you heard my opinion the rest is up to you. I’m not discussing this any moretonight.” He said and leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. “Night, Jade.”“Thanks, Mike.” I said getting into bed.“Any time, sweetie.” He said pulling the door shut.I laid down thinking about everything Mike said. I do still love Davey, but aftereverything he’s been through, I don’t want to put any more stress on him. I pulled thesmall silver chain that I kept Davey’s ring on out from under my shirt. I keep the ringaround my neck all the time, I guess it’s kind of a reminder. I smiled at the thought ofeverything Davey and I have been through. Almost every memory was good. MaybeMike was right. Maybe we could work everything out. I put the ring back under my shirt,and drifted off into the first peaceful sleep I’ve had in a long time.The sound of the phone woke me up the next morning. I groaned and reluctantly sat up.The phone was still ringing so I figured Mike must still be asleep. I looked around for thephone, and finally located it on the floor next to my bed. “Hello?” I said hoping whoeverit was didn’t hang up. At first there was only silence on the other end.“Jade?” Davey said quietly “I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up did I?”“No, it’s ok. Please don’t hang up again.” I said quickly. Davey didn’t say anything else.“You still there, Dave?”“Yea, I’m here.”“Good, is everything alright?” I asked. I was glad he was actually talking to me this time,but I was worried that something was wrong.“Not really.” He said. I heard him sigh miserably. “It’s just that...” He paused again“It’s alright I’m here. You can talk to me.”
  • 119. “God, Jade I fucked everything up again” He said sounding upset. “I just need someoneto talk to, can I come over?”“Yea, of course. I’ll be here.” I told him“Thanks Jade.” He said and hung up the phone.Chapter 35Davey got to my house about twenty minutes later. I opened the door to let him in. Helooked angry and kind of disappointed.“What’s wrong, Dave?” I asked. He followed me into the living room, and sat on thecouch with his head in his hands. He didn’t say anything at first.“I’m so fucking stupid.” He said suddenly.“No, you aren’t Dave.” I said sitting next to him. “What did you do?”“Mark.” He said quietly. “I Mark’s pissed at me.”“What happened?” I asked calmly, trying to settle him down.“Well he came over to get ready for the show we’re playing tonight. He came in rightwhen I was calling you. He said that talking to you would get me too worked up for theshow, and he told me to hang up. He got really mad when I said I wouldn’t. That’s why Ididn’t stay on the phone, sorry.”“It’s ok. I’m sure you’ll be able to work everything out with him.”“Shit, no that’s not it. I told him that all I wanted was to work things out with you, so it’snot so awkward. And he just got really pissed, and said he couldn’t stand the way I wasacting, and just fuckin stormed out. Shit, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He saidfalling back against the couch.
  • 120. “I’m sure he’ll be fine in a few days.” I said squeezing his hand.“I know he will, but we have a fuckin show tonight. Hunter and Adam are going to be sopissed. What am I going to do Jade?”I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me. “It’ll be fine, Im sure you’llthink of something.” He sighed and laid his head on my shoulder.“I know it’s last minute, but do you think you could fill in, just for tonight?” he askedeagerly. “I have the music for our songs with me. Please Jade?” he pulled a few pieces ofpaper out of his pocket and handed them to me.“I’ll do my best.” I said getting up at get my guitar. I sat back down and looked over thesongs scribbled on the paper.“Hey you still have it.” Davey said absently running his fingers over the guitar. “I calledHunter an Adam to come over I hope that’s ok. I figured we should at least tell them.”“It’s fine.” I said, starting to practice the songs. I heard Adam and Hunter come in, Mikemust have let them in.“What’s the problem?” Adam asked as they came in the room. I was concentrating on themusic so I didn’t answer.“Is everything ok guys?” Hunter asked “Some one answer me.” He said soundingfrustrated. “Dude man dude is anyone paying attention?”“What do you want Hunter?” Davey and I yelled at the same time.“That’s what I’m trying to figure out?” he said in disgust.“Keep playing, Jade. I’ll explain.” Davey said.A few hours later I was standing backstage, getting ready to perform. My hands wereshaking, as I was desperately trying to remember the songs I learned. Davey came upbehind me and put his hand on my shoulder.“Don’t be nervous, I was listening to you before you were incredible.” He went over thelist of songs we were going to play. “I think we’re going to close with This CelluloidDream, if that’s ok?” I nodded quickly. Davey smiled happily and hugged me. “Yousaved my ass tonight Jade. Thanks.”
  • 121. “The night’s not over, Dave. I wouldn’t thank me yet.”I walked out on stage, and looked out, there were about 150 people in the audience, Ididn’t think I’d make it. Somehow I managed to remember everything during the show.A few times Davey came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. His voice wasincredible, he had so much emotion in his voice. The show was almost over, I hoped I’dget through the rest. Davey walked over and whispered something to Hunter and Adam,they both nodded, and began playing the opening notes of This Celluloid Dream. Daveywas walking around the stage, it seemed like he was avoiding me. I heard Adam andHunter stop playing. I looked over to see if there was a problem “keep going” Adammouthed. I was confused, but I continued playing. Davey walked over to me and kneeledin front of me, looking into my eyes as he kept singing. He reached up and grabbed myhand, stopping me from playing.He had tears in his eyes as he continued the song by himself. The audience wascompletely silent, they didn’t know what was happening. To be honest neither did I. Ilooked deep into Davey’s eyes and realized that he was singing for me. I forgot abouteveryone else as I reached my hand out and helped him to his feet. Davey finished thesong and a tear slid down my cheek. He leaned in towards me, his eyes searching minebefore pressing his lips uncertainly against mine.Chapter 36Davey pulled back and looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry Jade I shouldn’t...”“Shut up, Dave.” I murmured quietly, and crashed my lips into his. The kiss was slowand delicate, but full of passion, making up for two lost years. I forgot where we were,about the audience we are standing in front of, most of which were most likely still there,waiting to see what would happen next. None of that mattered to me right now. Daveypulled back, and I laced our fingers together and pressed my forehead against his, notwanting to lose the contact with him.Davey smiled. “God, Jade I’m just so sorry ab...”“I know, me too, but that’s over now ok?” Davey nodded. “Good.” I said quietly, andleaned in to kiss him again. I heard a few cheers come from the audience. I looked up,
  • 122. there were still about fifty people watching us. I noticed Mike standing towards the frontwatching with a goofy grin on his face. He gave me a thumbs up when he saw melooking at him. I looked back at Davey. he laughed uncomfortably. “I guess we shouldgo.” I said, taking his hand and pulling him off the stage. I heard the crowd erupt inapplause.“That was fuckin amazing.” Hunter said as Davey and I came into the back. I collapsedonto the couch, and pulled Davey into my arms. “I’m serious, when Davey first told me Iwas thinking ‘man what the fuck are we gonna do now?’ Then I was gonna go kickMark’s ass, and then you came and totally saved our asses. Cause I was just gonna...”Hunter contined, rambling.“Calm down, Hunter.” I said laughing. “It was no big deal really.”“You really were amazing, Jade.” Davey said. I bent down and kissed him on the top ofhis head.A few minutes later Mark cam storming in the room. “What the fuck was that?” Heyelled glaring at me.“It was Jade helping us out, because you fucking abandoned us tonight.” Davey yelled.“Well I was there for you little display at the end. What the fuck were you two thinking?”“It’s none of your fucking business what we do, Mark.” Davey said calmly.“It is my business if you’re going to start making out with your boyfriend, or whoever thefuck he is, in the middle of my bands fucking concert.”“Your band? The last time I checked you stormed out, and fuckin deserted OUR band.”Hunter yelled.“Yes, my fucking band. Even if I’m not there, it does not give you the right to prancearound the stage like a bunch of fuckin fags.” I squeezed Davey’s trying to calm himdown.“Well Mark that was probably the stupidest things you could have said considering thatthree quarters of our band are fuckin fags.” Adam said coolly.“And four out of five people in this room are fuckin fags.” Hunter finished.“I think you should leave, Mark.” Davey said quietly
  • 123. “If I leave now, I’m not fuckin coming back.” Mark said, you could hear the tension inhis voice.“What makes you think we want you back?” Adam asked.“Get the fuck out.” Hunter said getting up and holding the door open. Mark turned toglare at me again before he stormed out of the door. Everyone was quiet, I don’t thinkthey knew what to say.“Well I guess you’ve got a job, if you want it Jade.” Davey said quietly. “Can you takeme home Jade?”After saying goodbye to Hunter and Adam, I grabbed Davey’s hand, and walked out tomy car. “Don’t let this bother you Dave.” I said running my thumb along the back of hishand. “I’m sure if you give him some time everything will be ok.”“It’s not that, I want it to be you in the band, don’t think that’s what I mean. I just can’tbelieve he said that, you know? I mean you have yourself convinced that someone’s agood person, and then they turn around and do something like that. I’m just shocked. ButI don’t need him, I’ve still got Hunter and Adam, and I’ve got you.” He wrapped his armaround my waist. “So fuck him.”I leaned in and kissed him quickly before I got into the car. We rode the rest of the wayhome in silence. Davey held onto my hand tightly the whole way, almost like he wasafraid to let go. We pulled up in font of Davey’s house. I turned to him, and pushed a fewstrands of hair out of his eyes. I dipped my head down and brushed my lips against his.Davey tangled his fingers in my hair deepening the kiss. I felt his teeth gently close overmy bottom lip. My tongue darted out and rubbed against Davey’s. He whimpered quietlyas I pulled away.“Stay with me tonight?” Davey asked stroking my cheek lightly“Do you think that’s a good idea?”“No, but I don’t care.” He said kissing me quickly before he got out of the car. I shut thecar off and followed Davey to his house.“Davey, is that you?” His mom yelled. “How was the show tonight sweetie?” She asked
  • 124. walking in the room. “Jade, honey it’s so good to see you again. How have you been?”She asked wrapping me in a tight hug .“I’m great.” I said.“Does that mean that you two are...” Davey smiled and nodded happily. “I’m so happy.”She said and hugged us both. Davey grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs.“Davey?” I head someone call as we walked past an open door.“Come on, you’ve got to meet Mikey.” Davey said and pulled me into the room. I saw aboy laying on the bed. He looked like he was about sixteen. He jumped up excitedlywhen he saw Davey in the door.“Davey! How was the show tonight? Mark was here before he looked pretty angry. Iseverything alright?” Mikey said in one breath. Davey chuckled quietly.“The show was great. Yea, Mark and I got into a fight. This is my friend Jade, he’s goingto fill in for Mark.” Mikey looked down at our hands, and smiled. Davey was stillholding onto me tightly.“Nice to meet you, Jade.” He said reaching out to shake my free hand.“You too, Mikey.” I said. Davey leaned down and kissed Mikey on the forehead, andpulled me into his room. “Your brother seems really great.” I said as Davey pulled myshirt over my head, and dropped it on the floor on top of his.“Yea, everything’s great now.” Davey said happily. Davey got into bed and pulled medown with him. I laid on my back, and Davey crawled on top of me kissing me deeply.He slid both his hands under my back with his head on my chest. I pushed his hair out ofhis face and ran my fingers down his face, gently stroking his cheek. “Jade?”“Yea?” I said as he picked his head up to look into my eyes.“Tell me you still love me.”“I never stopped, Dave. There wasn’t a day out of those two years that I didn’t thinkabout you. That I didn’t hate myself for letting you get away. Of course I love you.”Davey smiled and laced our fingers together, resting both of our hands over my heart.“Jade?” Davey said quietly.“Hmm?” I mumbled sleepily“Promise me that this time it’s forever. That you aren’t going to leave me.”
  • 125. “I’m not going anywhere.” I said running my fingers through his hair. “Anything foryou ,baby.” I said. I felt him smile against my skin. I closed my eyes and drifted off into apeaceful sleep.Chapter 37I wake up and Davey’s still in my arms, looking up at me. He smiles when he sees I’mawake.“Morning, beautiful.” He says happily. He leans up and kisses me on the nose, gigglingquietly as he lays his head back on my chest.“You’re in a good mood this morning.” I said running my fingers through his hair.“I missed this.” he said rubbing his hand over my stomach. He ran his fingers up to mytattoo. “You kept it.” He whispered quietly, placing a light kiss on the tattoo. “Wait herea second.” He said getting up and pulling something out of his drawer. He walks backover and straddles my waist. Davey grabbed my hand and leaned in brushing his lipsagainst mine. “I love you.” he whispered, and I felt him slide my ring back on my finger.I looked down at my hand and smiled. I reached up and cupped Daveys cheek, pullinghim into a deep kiss.“I love you too baby.” I unhooked the chain from around my neck and slid Davey’s ringoff. I looked into his eyes and slid the ring on his finger. “I want to promise you thatwhatever happens, I’m not going to let anything come between us. I’ll always love youno matter what happens.”Davey presses himself closer to me. He looks up and smiles at me before pressing his lipslightly against mine. I slide my hands under his shirt, gently rubbing his back. Daveymoans quietly, I feel his tongue slide against my closed lips. My lips part, allowingDavey’s tongue to slowly enter my mouth. I moan loudly as Davey pulls back and looksinto my eyes, breathing heavily.I pulled Davey’s shirt over his head, and let it fall to the floor next to his bed. Daveysighed and brushed a few strands of hair out of my eyes. I reach my arm up to behindDavey’s neck and pull him back down into a deep kiss. He moaned as I bit down on hislip ring. Davey moves down and starts kissing my neck. I can feel Davey’s erectionpressing against my thigh. I thrust my hips up, causing Davey to gasp. Davey grabbed myhands and held them above my head, kissing me roughly.Davey trails soft kisses down my chest, stopping at the top of my boxers. He looks up atme and squeezes my hand before slowly sliding my boxers down, placing gentle kissesover every inch of my newly exposed skin. I flip Davey over so he’s laying on his back,
  • 126. and quickly slide his boxers off. I press my lips softly against his, and Davey began tothrust his hips into mine.“Slow.” I whisper, and hold his hips down. Davey whimpers quietly. “We’ve got all day.There’s no need to rush, ok?” Davey nods and pulls me down into a deep kiss. I gentlyspread his legs, rubbing small circles on his stomach as I slid a finger into him, gentlystretching him. “You ok?” I asked.“Just do it. Please Jade?” I hold onto his hand tightly, and slowly start to push into him. Alook of pain comes over Davey’s face, and he bites his bottom lip to keep from crying outin pain. I stop moving and give him a second to adjust. “Keep going.” I lean in and kisshim deeply, my tongue slowly entering his mouth as I start to push into him again. I stopmoving and keep my eyes on him, waiting until he tells me it’s ok. He nods slowly and Ihook one of his legs over my shoulder.“You’re beautiful, Dave.” I start to thrust into him slowly. Davey wraps his other legaround my waist causing me to go deeper.“Oh god too, Jade. Fuckin’ beautiful.” He moans letting his head roll back ontothe pillow behind him. “M...more.” He mumbles rubbing his hands up my chest, andsliding them around to my back, pulling me closer.“Uhhh...god Dave...I...shit.” I moan loudly, letting my eyes fall shut. Hearing Daveymoan my name made me thrust into him harder.“Jade...fuck I...almost.” I reach down and begin stroking him at the same time as mythrusts .“Fuck Dave...god baby...I love you.” I moan. Davey’s eyes are squeezed shut and he’spanting softly. I push into him one last time, spilling inside him, moaning loudly. Icollapse with my head on his shoulder.“Jade...I love you. God, I fuckin love you.” He moans in my ear as he comes all over myhand and our stomachs. Davey rests his head on my shoulder. “God Jade that wasperfect.” He says, still slightly out of breath. A few minutes later Davey stands up andpulls me to my feet. “Come on.”“Where are we going?”“Shower.” He says and pulls me into the bathroom, locking the door behind us. He turnson the water and the room fills up with steam. We both get in the shower. I run myfingers through Davey’s wet hair, kissing him deeply. “Thank you, Jade.” He saysquietly.
  • 127. Davey and I got out of the shower, and Davey wraps a towel around me. He places lightkisses on my neck as he dries me off. “I love you Jade.” Davey says and pushes meagainst the bathroom wall, kissing me roughly. Someone knocks on the bathroom door.“Shit.” He mutters under his breath, pulling away from me quickly.“Dave are you in there?” they yelled from the other side of the door.Chapter 38“Just a second, Dad.” Davey said looking panicked. “Shit, what are we going to donow?” Davey whispered.“Hurry up. I have to get ready for work.” Davey’s dad said, and we heard his footstepsdisappear down the hall.“He won’t notice if we go now.” I said and opened the bathroom door quietly. I lookedaround and I didn’t see his dad. “Come on, let’s go.” I said quietly, and pulled him intothe hall.“What’s going on?” Davey’s dad yelled as he came back in the hall. “Who the hell isthis?”“This is Jade, and we were uhh...I was, I mean...”“I was helping him dye his hair.” I said calmly. Davey’s dad looked at us suspiciously.“I don’t have time for this.” He mumbled under his breath, and disappeared into thebathroom, slamming the door behind him. Davey let out the breath he was holding, as heheard the shower turn on.“Wow that was close.” Davey said looking relieved. “You’re brilliant, Baby.” Daveygrabbed my hand and pulled my downstairs with him.“Morning, boys.” Penny said and sat a plate a waffles in front of us. Davey laid his headon my shoulder. “What are you boys up to today?”“Hunter and Adam are going to come over to work on some stuff with the band.” Daveysaid. A knock on the door interrupts him. Davey got up to answer the door and a fewminutes later I heard yelling coming from the hall. I got up to find Davey standing at thedoor looking angry. “Fucking asshole!” Davey yelled and slammed the door.
  • 128. “What’s wrong baby?” I asked, wrapping my arms around him.“Fucking Mark,” Davey said. “got pissed when I told him he wasn’t in the bandanymore.”“Dave, I don’t want to cause any problems, maybe you should...”“You aren’t the one who’s causing the problems.” He said, pulling me closer. Daveysighed and rested his head on my shoulder. A few minutes later we heard another knockon the door.“You two look happy today.” Davey said to Adam and Hunter.Adam smiled happily, and grabbed Hunter’s hand. “Five years.” He said excitedly.“Oh my god, congratulations.” Davey said hugging them both tightly. “We’re going outto celebrate tonight.”“A straight edge vegan celebration? How exciting.” Hunter said, laughing. Adam kissedhim on the top of his head“Be good, Hunt.”“Oh yea, I forgot to tell you,” Hunter said as he sat on the couch, pulling Adam into hislap. “I booked us a show tomorrow night, and I heard that there’s going to berepresentatives for a few record labels there. You never know, this could be it.” He saidhopefully.I looked over at Davey, and he looked so happy. “Are you ready for it, Jade?” He askedme“I did ok yesterday. It’ll be fine.” I said.“Davey, your father has the car, can you go pick up Mikey?” Penny asked.“If he’s got the car, how am I supposed to get there?”
  • 129. “Just walk down and meet him. I already called and said you were coming. He’ll bewaiting, so you should get going.”“You can take my car.” I told him, and handed him my keys.“Thanks, baby. I’ll be back in like fifteen minutes.” He kissed me quickly. “Love you.”He said and wrapped his arm around my neck, kissing me deeply.“Christ Dave, you’ll be gone for ten minutes. You’re acting like you’ll never see himagain.” Hunter said throwing a pillow at him.“Alright, alright I’m going.” Davey said laughing.It’s been about an hour, and they weren’t back yet. I was really worried. A few minuteslater Mikey came in the house, he was out of breath and he looked angry.“Where is he?” He yelled“What’s wrong sweetie?” Penny asked, sounding worried“Davey, he didn’t fuckin show up. I stood there for a half hour, before I had to walkhome. So where is the asshole?”“Honey, Davey left an hour ago to get you. Please tell me that this is some kind of joke?”Penny said with a panicked tone in her voice.All the color drained from Mikey’s face. “Shit.” He mumbled under his breath. “I’mserious, Mom he wasn’t there.”No one said anything, everyone was in shock. I kept getting up to check and see if he wascoming. The phone rang, and Penny answered it quickly.“Davey?” Her face fell in disappointment. “I’m sorry, I thought...yes this is her.” Tearsfilled her eyes as she listened to whoever was on the other line. “Oh my god...yes ofcourse, thank you.” She said vacantly, and hung up the phone. The phone fell from herhand, she had a look of shock on her face. I got up and put my hand on her shoulder. Shelooked up at me with tears in her eyes.“What’s wrong?” I asked softly. I was afraid of what she was going to say. Pennywrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my neck , sobbing loudly.
  • 130. Chapter 39“There was an accident.” She whispered softly.“Is he...” I couldn’t actually say it. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and I wasterrified of what she was going to say.“He’s at the hospital.” I let out a sigh of relief. “I don’t think he’s doing too good though.they want me to get there as fast as I can.” She said, and started to cry again.“Ok, let’s go. I’ll come with you.”“We have to wait until Paul gets home. I’ll call him, he should get here in less than a halfhour.”“I can’t wait that long. I’ll meet you there.” I said, and left the room.“Jade wait” She called. “How are you going to get there? Davey had your car.”“I’ll walk. It’s not that far.”“It’s freezing, Jade.”“I don’t care. What if something happens?” I told her, and started walking towards thehospital.It was about a thirty minute walk from Davey’s house to the hospital. I ran most of theway, so it only took me a little over twenty minutes. I got to the reception area, and therewas an old lady sitting behind the desk on the phone.“I’ll be right with you, Honey.” She told me. “Ok, what can I do for you sweetie?” Shesaid a few minutes later.“I need to know what room Davey Havok’s in.” I told her impatiently“Are you family?”
  • 131. “Actually I’m...yea I’m family.” I didn’t feel like arguing with her. I needed to get toDavey as fast as I could.“Are you his brother?” She asked. She was beginning to irritate me.“Yea something like that. Please ma’am I need to see him?” I said, almost pleading withher.“I understand how hard it can be to see someone you care about hurt.” She said. She wasmoving very slowly, and I was getting impatient.“With all due respect, ma’am. You’ve got no idea.”“Room 336.” She said quickly, a hint of anger in her voice.“Thank you so much.” I said politely, and ran down the hall towards Davey’s room. Istopped as I almost ran into a doctor leaving Davey’s room.“Are you here for Mr. Havok?” He asked. I nodded quickly, out of breath. “Are you afamily member?”“I’, I’m not, but I really need to see him. Please?”“Calm down. You can see him. I just wanted to ask you some questions.”“Is he going to be ok?” I asked quickly.“He’s in pretty bad shape right now, so I really can’t say for sure right now.” I took adeep breath and wiped the tears from my eyes. I nodded my head to let him know that hecould keep going. “Alright, I’m sure you already know that Davey was in a car accidenttoday. I need to know if you think that there was any alcohol involved in the accident?”“Not Davey. He never drinks.” I said quickly. I could hear the beeping machines comingfrom Davey’s room.“Yes, but do you think that...”
  • 132. “He hasn’t been out of my sight for two days. He wasn’t fucking drunk.” I yelled. I justwanted to be with Davey. Every time I heard on of the machines, it reminded me that Icould lose him at any second. Davey needed to know that I was here, that I wasn’t goinganywhere without him. I couldn’t stand in this hall anymore.“I’m sorry, it’s just that all the evidence shows...”“I don’t care about the fucking evidence. I know Davey, he wasn’t drunk.” I said. A fewtears fell from my eyes. “Please let me go? He...he’s dying in there. Please?” I pleadedsoftly. He moved to let me into the room.“Just to let you know, we’re doing everything to make sure he comes out of this, ok?”“Thank you.” I whisper.I walk into the room and I see Davey laying motionless on the bed. His skin is so pale,and he looks so fragile and weak. He’s got so many wires and machines attached to him,that I can barely recognize him. His face is all cut up, and his one eye is swollen almostcompletely shut. I sit in the chair next to his bed, and carefully take his limp lifeless handin my own. I feel an empty pain in my chest as I look up at his pale bruised face.“I’m here, Davey.” I said letting out a shaky breath. “I know you probably can’t evenhear me, but it’s nice to think you can understand every word I’m saying, maybe even getto see your beautiful smile.” I smiled remembering how happy he looked this morning. “Iwant you to know, that I’m not leaving your side. I’m not going to leave this hospitalwithout you, ok?” I was trying not to cry. I felt like I had to be strong for Davey. Icouldn’t break down in front of him, whether he’d know or not. “God Dave I love you somuch. You can’t leave me now, not after everything we’ve been through. It can’t end likethis.” I brought his hand up to my lips, and kissed it gently, crying softly. “I can’t livewithout you.”Chapter 40I heard the door open, and I turned to see Mark enter the room. He was walking with kindof a limp, and he had a look of concern on his face. He stopped suddenly when he sawme, and the expression on his face changed to one I couldn’t quite read.“Hey Jade.” He said, almost in disbelief. “I just came from Davey’s house, and Mikeytold me he was here. Is he ok?” I looked over at Davey, first at the IV in his hand, then upto the wires and machines he was attached to, and finally up to his face, which was
  • 133. completely colorless except for the dark bruises and deep gashes.“He’s never been better.” I said coldly.“Is he going to be ok? What happened?”“He was in a car accident. Some one hit him, and left him there to fuckin’ die.” I saidbitterly. “And no, they don’t know if he’s even going to wake up.”“A car accident?” Mark says tensely. “I should get going. I have to...umm...if he wakesup tell him...I have to go.” He quickly left the room. When he turned to leave I noticed hehad a large bruise on his left cheek. I didn’t really think anything of it. He probably justpissed the wrong person off.Davey’s parents came in a few minutes later. Penny’s eyes filled with tears as she sawDavey for the first time. She walked over to the other side of his bed, and brushed thehair out of his face, revealing more dried blood and bandaged cuts. Paul stood in thedoorway, seemingly oblivious to everything around him.“Jade sweetie, the nurse said Davey’s only allowed two visitors at a time. Adam andHunter are in the waiting room, they’ll take you home.”I carefully let go of Davey’s hand and stood up. I leaned in and kissed Davey on thecheek. “I’m not going anywhere.” I whispered against his cold skin. I walked over andhugged Penny. “Everything’s going to be ok.” I told her and left the room, Paul lookingat me suspiciously the whole time.Hunter jumped up when he saw me and enveloped me in a tight hug. “How’s he doing?”“Not good. He’s...” I couldn’t finish. It was too hard to talk about.“Sweetie, Davey’s strong. He’s been through worse than this. And he’ll get through this.”Adam said placing a comforting hand on my back. “C’mon let’s go. You need sleep.”“I’m not going anywhere.”
  • 134. “Jade, they aren’t going to let you back in tonight.” Hunter told me, trying to lead metowards the door.“Yea, go home and get some sleep. We’ll bring you back first thing in the morning.”Adam added.“I’m not going. What if something happens tonight. I’ll sleep out here.” I said and sat inone of the hard, uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room. “See it’s not that bad.” I toldthem, wiggling around, trying to get more comfortable. After a few more minutes ofarguing, Hunter and Adam agreed to leave me. I saw Davey’s parents leave the room.Penny looked completely drainer, her face was streaked with tears. Paul had a few tearsin his eyes, but he still looked completely oblivious to everything around him. Luckilyneither of them saw me. I walked back down the hall to Davey’s room.“Sorry visiting hours are over.” The nurse who was checking on Davey told me. “You’llhave to come back tomorrow.”“I just wanted to say goodnight.” I said feeling kind of foolish. “I’ll only be a minute.”“It’s fine with me, but if anyone else comes in you’ll have to leave.”“Thank you.” I said, and walked over to the chair next to Davy’s bed. I carefully takeDavey’s hand again, careful not to bump the IV. I notice a dark purple bruise is startingto form around the needle. I felt sick to my stomach as I looked at it, knowing all the painhe must be in. I had to look away. I looked up at his face, smiling sadly as I rememberhow happy he’d been lately, how beautiful his smile was, the way the corners of his eyeswrinkled when he laughed. “God, Dave this is so hard.” I whispered. “I’m not goinganywhere, ok?” I asked, and paused for a second like I actually expected an answer. “Ialmost expect you to jump up any minute, tell me this was all a joke.” I paused again, andlet out a deep sigh. “I’ll be back first thing in the morning, as soon as they’ll let me seeyou.” I carefully laid his hand on his chest, and pulled his blankets up around him. “I loveyou.” I whisper and lay a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. “Good night, my angel.” Iturned to see the nurse still standing there. I mumbled a quick apology under my breath.She grabs my shoulder, stopping me from leaving the room.“I’ll let you know if anything happens.” She tells me. I nod, and leave the room quickly,trying to hold back tears.
  • 135. I make my way back out to the waiting room, and try and make myself comfortable onthe cold plastic chairs. I look around, the waiting room is almost deserted. On one side ofthe room there is a young girl with a broken foot crying, and hugging a stuffed bear in herarms, sitting with her mother. On the other side was a middle aged man clutching anobviously broken wrist to his chest. I rested my head on my arm, trying to block out thesound of the girls cries, and the uneasy feeling hospitals always gave me. I knew I’dnever be able to sleep. I looked around, and noticed the waiting room was completelydeserted. I must have been sitting here longer that I thought. I got up and looked around,noticing no doctors or nurses I decided to sneak in and see Davey. The halls seemedunusually quiet as I carefully made my way to Davey’s room. I walked into the room andstopped suddenly when I realized Davey was sitting up in the bed.“Davey, you’re awake?” I said uncertainly. His lips twisted in a smile as he nodded hishead happily.“Come here, baby.” He said patting the spot next to him on the bed.I sat next to him, and Davey turned to face me, taking both my hands in his own. “I can’tbelieve you’re awake. Everything will be ok now. You’re going to get bet...” Davey put afinger up to my lips, silencing me.“Shh.” He whispered, and used his tight grip on my hands to pull me closer to him, gentlybrushing his lips against mine. Davey laid back on the bed, and pulled me down withhim. He took one of my hands and placed it over his heart. I could feel it beating againsthis chest. Davey looked deep into my eyes, and a tear slid down his cheek. “Good byeJade.” Davey’s grip on my hands loosened. I pulled him closer and felt his last breathghost across my lips. I placed a soft kiss on Davey’s cold lips, and I heard the monitorslow down into one steady beep. And just like that, he was gone.My head shot up, and my heart was racing. I was covered in sweat. I looked around to seethe sun rising through the curtains of the empty waiting room. It took a few minutes foreverything to come back to me. My back was stiff from sleeping in the waiting room allnight...sleeping all night?It was only a dream.Chapter 41Only a dream. The words kept repeating in my head. The dream felt so real, and I wasterrified that something was wrong.“Good morning.” The hospital’s janitor said cheerfully, pulling me from my thoughts. “Isaw you sleeping out here all night. Is everything alright?” She asked, sitting in the chairnext to me.“I’m fine.” I said absently. I could still see the vivid images from my dream. I swear Icould feel Davey’s cold body laying next to me, and I could still hear the horrid sound ofthe heart monitor ringing in my ears.
  • 136. “The look on your face right now says anything but fine.”“I’m just waiting until I can visit my friend.”A look of understanding came over her face. “Lord, I’ve been there before.” She said,drifting off into her own thoughts. “Feel completely worthless don’t ya? You watch themlaying there, knowing you can’t do a thing. Only thought runnin through your mind, ishow you’d give up anything for them to wake up. Tryin’ to piece together some kind oftruth from all the stories those doctors are feeding you.”“It’s a horrible feeling.” I told her. She reached down and squeezed my hand. “How doyou...”“Cherish every second you get with him, sugar. No matter how bad the circumstances,cause you never know how quickly it can end. And this feeling,” She laid her free handover her heart. “it never goes away.” I looked down at her hand and realized she waswearing a engagement ring, but no wedding band. She looked up at me and nodded sadly,a frown coming over her face. “It was about thirty years ago, motorcycle accident. I neverleft his side.” She laughed bitterly. “Oh, they tried to get rid of me. Told me I had tofollow the rules, that he’d be here in the morning. Well I’ll tell you what, sugar. He diedin my arms that night. Just goes to show ya, every second is precious. Don’t let anyonetell you otherwise.”“I don’t even know what to say.”She shook her head. “You don’t need to say anything. As long as it sunk in here.” Shetapped the side of my head. “And you can feel it in here,” She covered my heart. “thenthat’s all I could ask for.”
  • 137. “Thanks a lot...”“Judy.” She told me. “Come on I’ll walk you to your friends room.”I turned to her when we got to Davey’s room. “Thanks again Judy.”“Just remember what I told you, sugar.” She squeezed my shoulder and walked down thehall. She stopped at the end of the hall, and turned to face me. “You know where to findme. Don’t be a stranger.” I waved and walked into Davey’s room. I let out a sigh of reliefwhen I saw everything was the way it was when I left. I took my place in the chair next toDavey’s bed and thought about everything Judy said.I took Davey’s hand and squeezed it carefully. “I’m so scared.” I admitted quietly. Thenurse came in a few minutes later.“You know visiting hours don’t start for an hour and a half?”“I know. I’m sorry I just wanted to...”“And you could have been in trouble if I would have saw you.” She told me, smiling asshe checked Davey blood pressure.“Thank you.” I said. I watched as she wrote something down. “How’s he doing? I wantthe truth, no bullshit answers, please?” I turned quickly as she took a tube of blood fromDavy’s arm. I turned back to find her smirking at me. “I hate needles. How’s he doing?” Iasked again.“He’s strong. I’ve definitely seen improvement, but he lost a lot of blood in the accident.”I felt relieved. “What does that mean?”
  • 138. “It means he might need a blood donation. “ Davey’s parents came in sometime while wewere talking. “I didn’t see three of you in here, but again if another doctor comes in,someone will have to leave.” She said turning to face them.Her words kept ringing in my head. “I’ll do it.” I said suddenly. They turned to me,confused. “I’ll give blood. Davey needs blood, I have blood, it’s a simple solution.” I toldthem quickly. The nurse chuckled quietly.“It’s not really that simple, Jade. You need to have the same blood type.”“Take it anyway. Someone will be able to use it.” I said. I knew I wasn’t beingreasonable, but I also knew that I could possibly save Davey’s life. That’s all that reallymattered.“If you’re sure. Let’s go.” I followed her down the hall into a small room. “Sit.” She saidpointing t a chair in the corner of the room. She washed her hands, and put a pair ofrubber gloves on.“It’s for Davey.” I mumbled under my breath. I squeezed my eyes shut as she tied therubber band around my arm. “Too tight.”“If you hold still it will be over faster. Ready?” She asked. I held onto the arm of thechair tightly as I felt the sting of the needle.“That wasn’t so bad.” I said, and opened my eyes. I looked down and felt kind ofnauseous when I saw my blood flowing through the plastic tube. I focused my attentionon the peeling wallpaper. “You aren’t taking it all are you?” I asked a few minutes later.I heard her sigh impatiently. “No Jade. But let me ask you, if he needed it all would yougive it to him?”“Probably. I’d give him my damn kidney if he needed it, but he doesn’t. So let’s not dothe what if’s, ok?” I winced as she slid the needle from my arm. I heard her laugh.“This part doesn’t even hurt, Jade. You’re all done.” She told me. “And when Daveywakes up you can tell him how brave you were.” I smiled at the thought. I stood up andfelt dizzy. “Oh yea, you probably want to eat something.”I slowly made my way back to Davey’s room. Paul was sitting on the chair farthest away
  • 139. from Davey’s bed reading a magazine. “Where’s Penny?” I asked“Went to get lunch.” He grunted, not looking up from the magazine. I sat next to Davey’sbed, and held his hand carefully. Paul looked up suspiciously from his magazine, butdidn’t say anything. We sat in silence, I could feel Paul’s eyes on us every few minutes.“Why’d you do it?” He asked suddenly“Do what?”“The blood. You just dropped everything when they weren’t even sure he needs it.Why?”“I’d do anything to make sure he gets better. I love him.” Paul still didn’t look up, but Isaw his expression change. “He’s like a brother to me. I just want him to get better.” Iadded quickly. I could tell he didn’t believe me, but he didn’t ask me anymore questions.“Sorry.” I whispered to Davey.Penny came back a little while later. “Jade, you look terrible. You really should go home,and get some sleep.”“I don’t want to leave him.” I said stubbornly.“We’re going to be here. We’ll let you know if anything happens.” I didn’t move. “Jadeyou can’t stay here all day. I appreciate your concern, but you need to sleep, eat an actualmeal.” I started to argue, but Penny stopped me. “I’m not asking you to stay away. Justgo home and sleep for a while, and then come back tonight .”I knew she wasn’t going to drop it, so I stood up to leave. I kissed Davey on the corner ofhis mouth. “I promise I’ll be back. I love you.” I whispered. I walked towards the door. Ithought I heard something so I turned back into the room. No one said anything, so Ifigured I must be hearing things. I was about to leave when I heard it again. It was astrained voice, barely above a whisper.“Jade?”Chapter 42I looked over and saw Davey struggling to sit up. Penny immediately ran to his side.
  • 140. “You need to rest.” She told him, gently pushing him back on the bed. She pushed thehair out of Davey’s face, and I noticed she had tears in her eyes. “I thought I’dnever...I’m just so happy.” She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.“How are you feeling, son?” Paul asked, briefly looking up from his magazine.“Couldn’t be better.” Davey said. His voice sounded strained. Paul grunted in response,and went back to reading.I got over the initial shock of Davey waking up, and ran over to his side. “How are youfeeling, angel?”“Better now.” He said squeezing my hand. I could tell he wanted to say something.“Mom, I’m kind of hungry. Could you go get me something?” Davey asked. He glancedfrom his mother back to me quickly.Penny looked confused for a second. “Alright, honey.” She said, a look of understandingcoming across her face. “Come with me, Paul. I don’t want to drive alone.” Paulcomplained under his breath as he followed her out of the room.“Come here, baby.” Davey said. I moved to sit next to him on the bed.“Fuck, Dave I was so scared. I’m just hap...” Davey brings a finger up to my lips tosilence me.“Shh” He whispers, and leans in closer to me. I tense up, remembering my dream lastnight. “What’s wrong, Jade?” Davey pulled back a little, and looked into my eyes.“It’s nothing. I just...It’s nothing really.” I shake my head, trying to forget about thedream. I lean in and brush my lips carefully against Davey’s.“I’m not broken, Jade.” He whispers and pulls me into a deep kiss. I can feel Daveygetting tired, so I pulled back. “Love you.” He whispered and pulled me back, so I’mlaying next to him on the bed. “You know, it doesn’t even hurt that bad.” I laugh quietly.“Yea, the nurse gave you some kind of pain killer right before you woke up.” Davey laidhis head on my chest.“It was on purpose.” He said quietly.“What do you mean?”“The accident. They followed me from the moment I left my house. I didn’t see who itwas.” Davey sighed and pulled himself closer to me. He didn’t say anything for a fewminutes, I assumed he fell asleep.
  • 141. “You know, they say when you’re dying your whole life flashes before your eyes.” Hesaid suddenly. “But you know what?”“What’s that?”“The whole time I was laying there, I was sure I was dying.” I winced hearing him talkabout it. “All I could think about was you.”“Really?” I didn’t know how to respond“Mm hmm.” Davey said absently. “Do you remember the first time we kissed?”I laugh, remembering that day. “Of course I remember. I was so nervous.”“More like terrified.” Davey added. “I was so disappointed when you left. I thought youweren’t going to do it.”“And I thought you were going to beat the shit out of me if I did.” He laughed quietly. “Itwas perfect.” I smiled remembering the feel of his lips on mine, the shocked look on hisface, and the tiny gasp he let out.“Amazing.” He said. He smiled as he ran his fingers down my arm. “And do youremember the first time I said ‘I love you’?”I went back to that day in my mind. “I wanted to tell you so many times before, but I wasafraid it was too soon.”
  • 142. “That was the best day of my life.” Davey leaned up and kissed me. I saw him wince inpain. “Thank you.” He whispered.“For what?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair.“Everything.” He said simply. “Thinking back on everything made me realize how luckyI am. And for being here for me this whole time.” I could tell he was exhausted and in alot of pain.“You should really rest, baby.” I told him, and tried to get up. Davey groaned when Itried to stand up. “I’m not going anywhere.” I told him. “I love you.” I leaned in andkissed him gently. I knew he was in pain and I didn’t want to hurt him.Davey grabbed my hand, and laced our fingers together. “Love you too.” He mumbled,sleepily. Davey rested his cheek on our hands, and within a few minutes he was asleepChapter 43I must have fallen asleep, my head jerked up quickly as Davey’s terrified screams filledthe room.“No! Please stop it! Leave me alone!” I looked over to Davey. He was thrashing aroundon the bed, he was covered in sweat, and his hair was stuck to his face.Penny rushed over to his side. She placed her hand gently on his chest, trying to hold himstill. “Dave, sweetie it was just a dream. Wake up.” His eyes flew open. He lookedaround the room, breathing heavily. Penny reached up to brush the hair out of Davey’sface. “It’s alri...”“Don’t touch me!” He pulled away from her. He reached a trembling hand up to push hishair out of his eyes before he broke down in tears.“Davey honey, it’ll be ok. Calm down.” She said in a gentle voice.“Please don’t. Not right now. Just leave me alone.” He said. He struggled to get out ofbed, and stumbled towards the bathroom, clutching his side in pain.“At least let me help you.” Penny called after him.“I can fuckin do it myself! Just leave me alone.” Davey yelled and disappeared into thebathroom.A nurse came into the room. “I heard yelling, is everything ok?”
  • 143. “Yea, he just had a nightmare. I think everything that happened is finally caught up withhim. He’s just frustrated.” Penny told her.“Jade?” I heard Davey call from the bathroom. As soon as the door closed behind me,Davey broke down again. “I can’t fuckin do it, Jade. I just can’t. I need help.” He told metimidly.“You don’t have to be afraid to ask for help, Dave.” I told him, reaching out to touch hisshoulder. He quickly pulled out of my reach.“Sorry, Jade. Just don’t right now.” He sat down on the edge of the shower, and buriedhis face in his hands.“Don’t be. Take your time with it. No one’s rushing you. I’ll be right back.”“How’s he doing?” Penny asked.“He’s alright. He just needs some time to deal with everything.” I told them, pulling someclean clothes out of the bag next to Davey’s bed. I walked back into the bathroom. Daveylooked like he had calmed down. “I don’t want to hurt you. Will you tell me if I dosomething that bothers you?”I pulled the hospital gown over his head, I noticed that it had a few blood stains on it so, Iquickly threw it in the garbage can. I didn’t want to scare Davey more than he alreadywas. I got a towel out of the cupboard, and wet it in the sink. I sat next to Davey. I put myhand on his shoulder and waited for his reaction. I felt him tense up for a second, but hedidn’t pull away. “Alright?” I asked. He just nodded.I reach my hand up, and gently start to clean around his cuts. Davey’s eyes fall shut andhe lets out a deep sigh. I set the towel down and move my hand up to his cheek. Daveylooks into my eyes, but he doesn’t pull away. “Dave, is it ok if...”He nodded his head quickly, and leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. I kept myhands in my lap. I wanted him to take everything at his own pace. I felt Daveys handreach down and cover my own. A few seconds later he made a quiet whimpering noiseand pulled away. “Sorry” He said awkwardly.“Don’t be.”
  • 144. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this?”“You’ve been through a lot in the last few days. It’s going to take a while until you feellike yourself.” I told him. I turned on the shower for him. “I brought you clean clothes.I’ll be out in the room if you need me.”“No.” He said quickly. “I don’t want to be by myself. Please don’t leave me.” I leanedagainst the door, and waited for Davey to finish in the shower. The water turned off a fewminutes later. I handed him a towel, and turned to give him privacy as he dried off. Iheard Davey groan in frustration. I turned to see him struggling with his shirt. “Fuck.” Hemumbled, and threw the shirt on the floor.“Don’t get frustrated, Dave.” I said gently. I noticed that he had a series of deep purplebruises along his ribs. I picked up his shirt and helped him slide it over his head. “Thenurse said, after all you’ve been through this is completely normal.”“I heard them talking when they thought I was asleep. She said I could be pretty messedup from this for a long time.” He said, looking away from me. I could tell he wasembarrassed .“You’ll get through this, Davey. And I’ll be here for you if you need help.” I turn to leavethe room.“Jade?”“Yea?” I asked stopping in the doorway“I love you.” He said nervously.I laughed softly. “I know you do, Dave. I love you too.” I said, and left the room.Davey came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, he looked like he has calmed down.He offered his mom a weak smile as he climbed back into the bed.“Davey, you mom told me about what happened before.” The nurse started hesitantly.“And I think it would help you to go talk to one of our doctors.”
  • 145. “I don’t want...I mean...I’m alright, I don’t need to talk to anyone.” Davey told her.“Davey, honey I really think this will help you. You should go.” Penny saidsympathetically.“But...”“You’re going, Dave.” Paul added sternly from his chair in the corner of the room.I leaned in closer to Davey. “If you cooperate, they’ll let you go home sooner,” Iwhispered“I don’t need a fucking therapist. There’s nothing wrong with me.” Davey said quietly“I know there isn’t, Love. But if you play along they’ll leave you alone.”“Come with me?“Of course.”“I’ll go if Jade can go with me.” Davey told the nurse stubbornly“He’s probably going to ask you some pretty personal questions. Are you sure that’s ok?”Davey nodded his head quickly. “Jade knows everything about me, it’s fine.”“Alright, then you two follow me.” She said and left the room.I wasn’t sure if Davey would need help, but I didn’t want to upset him so I let him get upby himself. Davey looked back at me and took a deep breath before he grabbed my hand.“Dave, you don’t have to...”“I know.” He said smiling. Davey pulled me down the narrow hall. The nurse wasstanding in the door of a small room. We followed her inside. Sitting behind the desk was
  • 146. a man, who looked like he was in his mid forties.“Dr. Stevens, this is Davey and his friend Jade.” The nurse told us. “Good luck, Dave.”She said and left the room.“Sit down, boys.” Dr. Stevens said cheerfully. We sat down and Davey scooted himselfcloser to me, still holding my hand tightly. I could tell he was nervous. “There is no needto be nervous I just want to talk to you.” Davey just nodded. “Your mother told me youwere having a little problem this morning. Tell me about what happened.”“I just got tired of everyone treating me like I need help with everything.”“She told me you wouldn’t let anyone near you. What happened there?”“I really don’t know” Davey said staring down at the floor. “I just had this dream, andwhen I woke up I was so scared. I just didn’t want anyone near me.” Davey admittedmiserably.“I see.” He said, writing something down. “Can you tell me about this dream?”“I can’t.” Davey said quietly. He leaned his head on my shoulder. I moved my hand upand rubbed his back comfortingly.“It’s alright, baby. You don’t have to talk about it.” I whispered.“I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” Davey said, and quickly ran from the room. I apologized toDr. Stevens and followed Davey into the hall.I found him crouched in a corner with his face buried in his hands. I put my hand on hisshoulder. “Dave?” He looked up at me with tears in his eyes.“I can’t do this anymore. Please make it stop?”“Tell me what you want me to do, Davey.” I sat next to him on the floor and pulled himinto my arms.
  • 147. “Just make me feel better, Jade.”Chapter 44“Tell me how.” I whispered as Davey curled himself closer to me. Davey remained stillfor a few minutes. He leaned back and looked into my eyes. Davey moved his hand up tomy cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb. I reached up to cover Davey’s hand. He letout a content sigh before his eyes fell shut, and he pressed his lips to mine. I let Daveymove at the speed he wanted. I didn’t want to do anything that would make himuncomfortable. He moved his hands up to tangle them in my hair. Davey moaned quietlyas he deepened the kiss. He moved to trail light kisses along my jaw. He rested his headon my shoulder, but he didn’t say anything. I was worried that things moved too fast, andI had upset him.“You know what scares me most?” He said out of nowhere. “That I have no idea who didthis. You know, they could be waiting to finish me off, and I wouldn’t even realize.” Heturned to look into my eyes. I could tell he was terrified.“I know, love, but I’m going to be with you. I’d never let anyone hurt you.”“How can you be so damn positive all the time? You mean if someone’s coming afterme, you’d risk your life to save me?” Davey asked. He still sounded scared.“I have before, remember?”“Yeah.” He smiles, and places a quick kiss on my lips.I stand up and help Davey to his feet. “We should get back.”“No.” Davey said quickly.“We’re just going back to your room. I promise there is no one in that room who wouldever hurt you, ok?” Davey nods his head and we walk slowly down the hall towards hisroom. I slide my arm around his tiny waist. “Promise me you’ll eat something when weget back.”“But hospital food is gross.” Davey protested.“Dave...” I started“Fine.” He said, giving in.
  • 148. We got back to the room, and Mark was waiting for us. He jumped up when we came in.“Dave, how are you doing, man?” He said, placing his hand on Davey’s shoulder.“No!” Davey whimpered, and pulled away. “Get away.” He yelled. He turned andwrapped his arms around me, burring his face in my shirt.“Dave it’s ok.” I said, rubbing his back gently. “It’s just Mark, he’s not going to hurtyou.” I said trying to calm him down. Mark had backed away, and was now sitting on theend of Davey bed. I could see he wasn’t getting better, so I pulled him into the bathroom.I sat him down on the edge of the shower. He was breathing heavily, and he had tearsrunning down his face. I got a towel and wet it with cold water, and began to wipe thetears from his eyes. I held the towel on his forehead, until his breathing began to slowdown. I pulled him into my arms, and held him until I felt like he had calmed down.“What happened?” I asked gently.“I don’t know.” He said. I could tell he was frustrated. “I just got this weird feeling. Idon’t know.” He said again.“It was just Mark, baby. I know he was mad at you, but he wouldn’t ever hurt you.” Itilted his chin up so he was looking at me. “I promise. You ready to go back?”“Yea, I’m ok now.” He said confidently. We came back into the room, and the nurse waswaiting for Davey. I looked and saw Mark was sitting in a chair in the corner of the roomfarthest away from Davey. I helped Davey get back into bed, and I took his hand as I satnext to him.“Dave, how did it go with Dr. Stevens?” the nurse asked him.“Great.” Davey said with a fake smile. “It turns out that I’m not crazy. I was just, youknow, in a fuckin car accident.” He told he cheerfully.“Davey, watch your mouth.” Penny warned.Davey laughed, ignoring Penny. “Yea, he said that this was a normal reaction aftersomeone tried to kill you.” Davey said. Mark laughed uncomfortably.“No one ever said you were crazy, Dave.” The nurse explained calmly.“No you never said I was crazy. You sent me to a fuckin psychiatrist that’s all.” Daveylaughed again. “So, when do I get to go home?”“Well, you are making progress, and normally I’d say you could be released today, but...”
  • 149. “Come on, this fucking place isn’t helping me.”“Davey!” Penny warned again.“Sorry. Seriously though, staying here is making it worse. I’d do much better at home.Please?” Davey asked smiling sweetly.She turned to Penny. “Do you think he’s ready to go home?”“I am worried about him, but I think he would do better at home. I’ll make sure someoneis always around to help if he needs it.”She turned back to Davey. “Alright, get your things ready. I’ll send a wheelchair up foryou.”“I don’t need a fuckin wheelchair.” Davey yelled after her.“Davey shut up.” I whispered. “If you keep complaining she’s not going to let youleave.”She came back ten minutes later with a wheelchair. Davey climbed into the chair withoutsaying a word. As soon as he was settled he turned to me with a big smile on his face.“See, I didn’t complain once.”I shook my head. “I’m very proud of you, baby.” I said, and leaned down to kiss him ontoof his head.“You know I’m not riding in this thing. “He whispered to me.“I know”“Ok, Dave I want you to promise me that if you notice things feeling worse you’ll comeback. It’s important, ok?” Davey nodded. “Good. Jade, can you take him down to the car.
  • 150. I need to talk to Penny. Just some things she needs to watch out for.” She said when shesaw Davey looking nervous. “I didn’t want to worry you.”As soon as we were out of their sight Davey tried to get out of the chair. “Come on, Jade.“Davey whined. “Everyone’s staring at me. Let me up.”“You’re in a hospital, Dave. They’re used to it.” I told him, and wheeled him down thehall towards the elevators.“Watch out!” He yelled as we turned the corner. “Be careful.” He warned.“You’re lucky you’re so damn cute.” I said laughing. “Or I’d leave you here.” I told himas we got in the elevator.“Yea, I know. “Davey laughed. He reached up to squeeze my hand. His face turnedserious. “I love you. I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”I leaned down and kissed his cheek. “Love you too.” I whispered in his earPenny came out a few minutes later. “Ready to go?” She asked as she piled Davey’s bagin the trunk.I sat in the back seat with Davey. I looked over and noticed he had fallen asleep with hishead on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer to me.“Is he going to be ok?” I asked Penny.“Yes, she thinks he’s going to back to normal in no time. She just wanted me to watchout changes in his behavior.”I felt Davey start to shake, and try to twist out of my grip. “Stop! No!” He yelledI put my hand on his shoulder. “Dave, it’s ok. It’s just a dream.” His eyes flew open, andhe was breathing heavy. “Was it the same as before?” I asked. Davey looked away andnodded his head uncomfortably.Davey stayed quiet the rest of the way home. “Stay with me tonight?” Davey asked as wepulled up in front of his house.“You really need to rest. I’ll be over first thing in the morning though.” I told him as wewalked slowly up to his house.“Are you sure you can’t stay.”
  • 151. “You need to sleep, baby. And besides I haven’t talked to Mike since the show. I’m surehe’s worried.”“Alright. You promise you’ll be over tomorrow morning?”“I promise.” I said, and pulled him into my arms. “I love you.”“I love you too.” He said and placed a soft kiss on my lips.I made sure Davey got into the house ok before I walked the short distance back to myapartment.