Revenue Cycle Management:
    What Matters Now
    Our experts share their advice on how to discover flaws and
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Revenue Cycle Management

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RCM Series: View the videos at

  1. 1. Revenue Cycle Management: What Matters Now Our experts share their advice on how to discover flaws and improve your revenue cycle performance Start Here. ALN knows what the best RCM practices of today are, and we know what is expected to come in the future. Our experts will walk you through the different areas of your revenue cycle where you can make simple adjustments that will lead to maximum performance. Change comes quickly and can cause much confusion. Are you still spending time analyzing and building your own reports? Are claims being written off that should have been appealed? Are coding and documentation requirements changing faster than your staff can educate? Revenue Cycle Management has evolved enormously over the past 10 years. Best practices of today now give you invaluable knowledge right at your fingertips. Are you keeping up and staying on track for future adjustments? ALNs 6-part RCM Education Series will help show you where your holes are. There is always room for improvement. Our team of experts will show you where you can make changes that can signifi- cantly improve your practice’s revenue cycle. Control your destiny - don’t let poor revenue cycle performance get in the way of your success and independence. 6-part Series - Revenue Cycle Management: What Matters Now Each of the 6-part series below contain a Podcast, Slide Deck, and Additional Resources. ** Note: Clicking on the links below will prompt you to log in as a user to ALN secure pages. As a user, you have full access to any secure pages throughout the ALN website.** Part 1: Why RCM Performance is More Important Than Ever Part 4: The Future of Coding and Compliance Guest: Marnie Iorio, VP of Business Development Guest: Gina Lyons, Director of Coding and Compliance Key Topics: Key Topics: • Physician financial challenges • Insight into HIPAA 5010 • Big challenges that CFO’s face • What to expect with ICD-10 • Data reports that every practice should monitor • How practice operations will be affected • The role of automation in RCM • What is the RAC program • How to maximize reimbursement and overall RCM performance • RAC audits and over-payments Part 2: Managing Day to Day RCM Performance with Data Part 5: RCM Reporting: What to Watch, When to Watch Guest: Julie Huffman,VP of Operations Guest Lisa Maqueira, VP of Client Management Key Topics: Key Topics: • Metrics that practices should be using but aren’t • Weekly, monthly, and annual reports • The importance of denial code classifications • How and why a practice should effectively monitor A/R • Ways to improve patient collections • The importance of denials management • The reporting capabilities that practices need to be aware of • The importance of individual provider performance • The most important billing metric and how to use it to improve • Capabilities that lead to good ad hoc reporting workflow Part 6: Interoperability: The Coming Merger of Clinical Part 3: Technology Enhanced RCM and Financial Data Guest: Tim Griffin, COO Guest: Eliot Payson, CIO Key Topics: Key Topics: • The secret to a high performing revenue cycle • The importance of clinical information exchange • The best areas in the RCM process to leverage technology • Who are the large exchange vendors • Preventing rejects and denials • Where is information exchange headed • Best practices for keeping A/R to a minimum • New information that clinics must report on •Where RCM is headed in the future • New software certification requirements 1.866.611.5132