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  • Michelle
  • Michelle
  • Michelle On 4/2 1 clcik and only 8 impressions for day
  • Grace
  • GRace
  • Grace
  • Clicks - Avg CTR – Avg CPC - Top Keywords - Negative Keywords –
  • Grace Specialized ad groups like this are low risk because they attract a low number of impressions and won’t lower the overall CTR, but should be of high interest if some is searching the targeted kw. History of Greenville SC The negative kw words accidentally added in broad match, which likely in interfered with some of the traffic for this group. SC Lesson Plans – too much competition with national Lesson Plans campaign Gamecocks – Five clicks on an ad that was run for a short amount time, shows that there is some interest in this collection. With proper timing, maybe football season, the use of very selective keywords, and an abundance of negative keywords, this ad group may have potential.
  • Anna Search Engine Traffic increased by 97.55%
  • Anna This should be 784 to correspond to the number of clicks, unless over 200 clicks were from repeat clickers??
  • Anna
  • Grace Develop more specific campaigns and ad Groups EX.Civil War could be an entire campaign with the following ad groups: 1. Civil War letters 2 Civil war battle maps, Civil War documents Civil war prints Civil war cartoons But to do this, more effective landing pages are needed. Each of these items do exist, but users do not want to sift through thousands of images to get to these items. Clarify Page Headings “ Teaching Resources” may be a little vague and could possible turn off users who were trying to search by topic.
  • Anna
  • Michelle The share box comes from the University of Washington Digital Libraries which also uses the Contentdm software. Share box WSU Libraries Digital Collections University of Louisville Digital Collections
  • Anna
  • Gomc2011 presentation

    1. 1. Google Online Marketing Challenge: South Carolina Digital Library J787 SPRING 2011 Grace Barth Michelle Cloer Michael Lawing Christiana Scott Anna Zacherl
    2. 2. South CarolinaDigital Library(SCDL)www.scmemory.orgDirector:Kate Boyd, DigitalCollections LibrarianAssistant Directors:Emily GoreLisa HartmanJohn WhiteProject Consultant:Christopher VinsonWeb Developer:Tyler Mobley
    3. 3. Campaign Overview CTR All time Clicks 784 Impressions 32,162 CTR 2.44% Avg. CPC $0.25 CPC Avg. CPM $6.21 Total Cost $199.57
    4. 4. Campaigns• Lesson Plans • Total Clicks - 194 • Total Spent - $67.55• Metadata • Total Clicks - 87 • Total Spent - $17.22• Photo/Collections • Total Clicks - 496 • Total Spent - $111.33• SC History • Total Clicks - 7 • Total Spent - $3.47
    5. 5. Daily Campaign Clicks
    6. 6. Daily Campaign Budgets
    7. 7. Daily Campaign CPC
    8. 8. Daily Campaign CTR
    9. 9. Lesson PlansTop Ads:History Lesson Plans{keyword:Free Lesson Plan Formats}Activities, Primary Sources, + MoreSCDL South Carolina Digital Libraryscmemory.org/educationClicks: 92Impressions: 1,730Avg CTR: 5.32%Avg CPC: $0.26Poetry Lesson Plans{keyword:Free Poetry Lesson Plan}Activities, Primary Sources, + MoreFor High School English Classesscmemory.org/educationClicks: 14Impressions: 217Avg CTR: 6.45%Avg CPC: $0.25
    10. 10. MetadataTop Ad:Digital Libraries{keyword:SC Digital Library}Browse Online Primary Resources byTimeline, Topic, Media Type or Name www.scmemory.org/digitallibraryClicks: 62Impressions: 1,022Avg CTR: 6.07%Avg CPC: $0.19
    11. 11. Photo/CollectionsTop Ads:Charleston EarthquakePhotos{keyword:SC Earthquake}Free Photos of What HappenedIn the Charleston Quake of 1886!www.scmemory.org/EarthquakeClicks: 14Impressions: 471Avg CTR: 2.97%Avg CPC: $0.22Civil War{keyword:Civil War Information}Unique Images, Letters, Maps, Etc.Free Downloads for Your Projectwww.scmemory.org/CivilWarClicks: 42Impressions: 456Avg CTR: 9.21%Avg CPC: $0.18
    12. 12. Photo/CollectionsTop Ads:Earth Day{keyword:Natural History Images}Library Natural History CollectionsSee Birds, Plants + Trees Herewww.scmemory.org/NaturalHistoryClicks: 30Impressions: 427Avg CTR: 7.03%Avg CPC: $0.22Railroads{keyword:Old Railroad Photos}Historical Railroad CollectionDownload Free Imageswww.scmemory.org/RailroadClicks: 30Impressions: 427Avg CTR: 7.03%Avg CPC: $0.22
    13. 13. SC HistoryTop Ads:History of Greenville SCHistory of Greenville SCView Pictures of Historical SitesSee Significant People and Placeswww.scmemory.org/Clicks: 1Impressions: 28Avg CTR: 3.57%Avg CPC: $0.12Gamecocks*Ad Group deleted due to high CPC & lowCTRGamecocks Fan? 1923-2011See How It All Started!Browse Football Program Covers Freewww.scmemory.org/GamecocksClicks: 5Impressions: 981Avg CTR: .51%Avg CPC: $0.59
    14. 14. Traffic Source ComparisonPre-Campaign, March 14-27 GOMC, March 28-April 10
    15. 15. Visits During GOMC Total visitors from ads: 784 Compared to previous 3 weeks:
    16. 16. Post Challenge Visitors
    17. 17. Future Recommendations SCDL & AdWords• Campaigns & Ad Groups • Focus on affordable keywords • Develop more specific campaigns and Ad Groups• Seasonal Collection Promotion • Black History Month http://www.leadformix.com/martoons/?cat=3&paged=2 • Women’s History Month • Significant Anniversaries
    18. 18. Future Recommendations SCDL & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Changes to Site • Diverse Landing pages • Clarify Page Headings • HTML Metadata tags• Incoming Links • K-12 Schools, Libraries, Universities • Historical Societies • Blogs
    19. 19. Future Recommendations:SCDL & Networking• Sharing • Facebook • Twitter• YouTube• Flickr• iPhone/MobileApps
    20. 20. Conclusion