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Auto con 2012 final 1 Auto con 2012 final 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Did You Hire Them Deador Kill Them After You Got Them? By Craig Lockerd CEO AutoMax Recruiting And Training
  • LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURN• Stage #1: Addition Of More Salespeople• Stage #2: Input = Output• Stage #3: Additional Salespeople Decrease Production• Most Dealerships Have No Idea Where Stage 3 Is For Their Dealership• It’s Not About The “Flooding” The Floor
  • IS MORE BETTER?• How much time do salespeople have to create more business when they’re at the dealership bell to bell?• Did the dealership sell more cars when it had more sales staff?• Some rural dealers are selling 5 to 10 times more cars than dealers in major metro areas. • Dealers need better recruited and trained salespeople.
  • HOW TO RECRUIT• The Way Dealerships Hire Salespeople Is Broken • Candidates will call but when transferred, they go to a manager’s voice mail. These calls may or may not get returned. • Candidates walk in, but the manager is busy, so they are told to wait……and wait……and wait….and then….the candidate leaves. • Candidates walk in and leave a resume. They never get called back because the resume was buried or there was no procedure where resumes should be placed.• Does This Sound Familiar?
  • TAPPING INTO THE MARKETPLACE• What Are The Benefits Of Working At Your Dealership?• There Are Superstars In Every Market• Dealership Offer An Outstanding Career Opportunity• Revise Your HR Practices, Invest in Training, And Retention
  • Quality/Quantity Of Applicants• How To Write An Effective Help Wanted Ad• Where To Post The Help Wanted Ad For Maximum Result• Does Your Dealership Have A Career Tab• Job Aggregators –,, etc…• Online Vet• Scheduling Interviews Applicant Tracking System ( ATS)
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED IN 50 YEARS What Managers Think Employees Want1. Good Wages2. Job Security3. Promotion/growth opportunities4. Good working conditions5. Interesting work6. Personal loyalty to workers7. Tactful discipline8. Full appreciation for work done9. Sympathetic help with personal problems10.Feeling “in” on things
  • WHAT HASN’T CHANGED IN 50 YEARS What Employees Want1. Full appreciation for work done2. Feeling “in” on things3. Sympathetic help on personal problems4. Job security5. Good wages6. Interesting work7. Promotion/growth opportunities8. Personal loyalty to workers9. Good working conditions10.Tactful discipline
  • THE INTERVIEW• What Does The Interview Process Look Like? • “So what makes you think you can sell cars?” • “Why did you leave your last job?” • “Can you handle 60-hour workweeks?” • “How do you feel about working with a bunch of men hitting on you everyday?” • “Sell me this pen.”• Dealerships Need To Rethink The Interview Process
  • SCREENING• Use A Predictive Index Or Screening Tool • Wunderlick • D.I.S.C • The Car Sales Simulator by Hire the Winners
  • WHAT ARE WE SELLING?• Spencer Johnson, M.D. “People don’t buy our products, services or ideas; they buy how they imagine using them will make them feel!”• Dealership Training Must Focus On Emotions And Feelings • Avoid Pain • Seek Pleasure • Train Staff To Direct Conversations Towards These Feelings
  • KEEPING THE TEAM MOTIVATED• Salespeople Will NOT Be Motivated If Management Doesn’t Understand Their Real “Why” • Why Is A Must Instead Of A Should• Take The Time To Find Out The Why Each Month • Encourage Salespeople To Express What They Want • Write It Down • Obtain The Feeling • Write It Down • Keep A Copy And Give A Copy To The Salesperson
  • RETHINKING TRAINING FREQUENCY• Training Must Happen Daily!• Salesperson Lead Training • Be A Facilitator • Ask The Sales Team About The Situations Their Having Trouble With • Ask Sales Team About Solutions • The Facilitator Can Share Their Solution • Creates Engagement
  • TRAINING• Invest In A Strong Training Program • In-House • Outsource (Online or Live Workshop)• Typical Scenario After Limited Training – Story Time!• Five Car Fred’s Make 4 Car Franks• Lets Get Real: Did You Hire Them Dead Or Kill Them After You Got Them?
  • Q&A•• Office: 800-878-5090 x 5• Cell: 609-517-1152•