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zAppDev by CLMS


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zAppDev: An environment for developing enterprise applications of any size and complexity - fast

zAppDev: An environment for developing enterprise applications of any size and complexity - fast

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  • 1. Enterprise Applications Developed & Maintained with Unrivalled Efficiency
  • 2. An environment for developing enterprise applications of any size and complexity - fast 2 zAppDev® by CLMS A ll businesses need software. From simple applications to full ERP sys- tems and everything in-between. This software needs to be efficient – to build, maintain and update. Most importantly, enterprise applications must be fit for purpose – the business activity should dictate the software you build, not the other way round. All too often, a company’s processes are amended to suit the not-quite-perfect software that has been built or purchased. Short term, this is the quickest, cheapest fix. Longer term, it can be damaging and expensive. zAppDev was designed to meet these requirements. APPLICATIONS ALWAYS MEET BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS FULL STAKEHOLDER COLLABORATION ZERO ON-GOING COMMITMENT x HIGH-QUALITY CONSISTENT CODE FUTURE PROOF APPLICATIONS FAST DELIVERY - ON SCHEDULE & ON BUDGET
  • 3. 3zAppDev® by CLMS Usage and Benefits E verything flows from these models, the low level code is automatically com- piled by zAppDev. Aside from increased speed when compared to manual cod- ing, this also means no “translation loss” as vital specifications are not passed from document to document, person to person. Of course, we don’t ask you to entrust everything to the machine – all code is accessible and open to edit and amend. Automation continues throughout the process – all documentation is generated automatically, testing is also automated. zAppDev is also a collaboration tool - all users from business and IT operate together at the same time, in the same environment - even clients are involved and can give feedback much earlier in the process. Activity is monitored, changes are tracked, versions are automatically recorded. All this means that development is fast, code is consistent, you reduce reliance on individuals as knowledge is captured across your organisa- tion. Most importantly, the application that you build is exactly what your business needs, in the shortest possible time. zAppDev® allows enterprises to build applications from the ground up with automation, driven by their business processes. These are turned into models, designed with visual editors to accurately capture critical business information in terms of data, logic, processes and UI elements. Business leaders, analysts, coders and clients work together in a collaborative environment – client input is earlier, cycles complete faster. , Generated applications are “fully portable” – they don’t need zAppDev to run. This means no on- going commitment. x zAppDev efficiencies are magnified during maintenance and upgrade – make changes to the models, don’t rewrite the code. h Narrows the gap between your business model and the completed code with no “translation loss”.i Automatic code means fast and consistent code. Code can be manually edited if desired. This reduces reliance on any individual coders. @ Coders are freed up to concentrate on higher level work across a larger number of projects.N zAppDev® is an environment to design and build an application, not necessarily to run it. This means there is no on-going commitment. The generated application is yours to take away – the code can run online, from any server. You can bring it back to zAppDev® for maintenance and upgrade if you wish – where you will see even greater, cumulative efficiencies than you saw at initial build.
  • 4. Development Task Without zAppDev® Efficiencies with zAppDev® Design & Build Inputs - Business Requirements Functional & Technical Specification Documents Captured in non specific format, in de- scriptive terms, handed down through stages – Business Leaders, Business Analysts, Architects, Coders – at every stage there is a risk of translation loss -Time consuming -The final application is rarely what the business originally demanded Captured into the environment with visual editors – everything flows from the design, including the functional & technical specification documents which are generated automatically +Quicker +The final application is exactly what the business demands Architecture Manual assembly of components -Time consuming -Varying quality Automatic assembly of components +Instant +Consistent quality every time Coding Manual -Time consuming -Varying quality -Risk of knowledge loss through last minute changes -Dependency on individuals Automatically compiled, with ability to access and manually edit if required +Instant +Consistent quality every time +No loss of knowledge - full control over the code + No dependency on individuals Bug Fixing Manual -Time consuming -Varying quality Automated +Quick testing cycles +Consistent quality every time Client Testing Manual deployment to test environment -Time consuming -Requires strict version control -Client input delayed Single environment throughout. Testing takes place alongside development +Saves time +No risk of version control +Client input earlier Document & Maintain Technical Documentation Manual -Time consuming -Varying quality -Sometimes omitted Automated +Instant +Consistent quality every time +Generated in a single click Maintenance, version upgrades & tech changes Manual amendments to all stages, with focus on coding -Time consuming -Varying quality -Disruptive to business Changes made to the models automat- ically filter through to all stages +Rapid changes +Consistent quality +Seamless adjustment to changing requirements 4 zAppDev® by CLMS Comparison Chart
  • 5. 5zAppDev® by CLMS Requirements to use zAppDev in-house { No installation required - full functionality via a web browser { Only basic database fluency and object orientated design proficiency required Training & Support { Online training available { Online knowledge base { Additional tutoring available, face-to-face or online { Support by phone, email or live chat { On-site support available { Consulting services available On-boarding Novice to advanced user achieved in only 30 hours
  • 6. 6 zAppDev® by CLMS Our specialists can use zAppDev® on your behalf Receive the same, unique collection of benefits that zAppDev provides, without the need to on-board, and enjoy: { Outsourced business modeling and application development using zAppDev. { Clients benefit from zAppDev efficiencies at build, maintenance and upgrade. • Client testing an input from the earliest stages, not just at the end of iterations. • Fitness for purpose. • Speed – billing for fewer development hours and receiving benefits of use sooner. { CLMS can provide hosting, maintenance and upgrades. { All functions can be transferred to the client as in-house capacity grows. OutsourcetoCLMSServices
  • 7. 7zAppDev® by CLMS Clients zAppDev has been used to build numerous business applications, right up to and including full ERP systems, across multiple industries, such as logistics, the maritime industry, security, transport, banking and finance. We have worked with the full range of organisations, from SMEs to large multinationals and governments. We train companies to run zAppDev themselves, and use zAppDev as an outsourced provider on behalf of other enterprises – all receive the same, unique collection of benefits that zAppDev provides. We provide interaction as they demand, from telephone support to global, onsite, one on one tuition. Many of our clients are development firms, who pass on zAppDev’s unique benefits to their own clients. They are able to involve their clients in testing earlier, meaning that completed applications meet expectations exactly. They can develop software faster and with fewer man-hours, meaning not only that their prices are more competitive, but they can also take on more projects.
  • 8. 8 zAppDev® by CLMS About Us O riginally the brainchild of academics, we have spent years of research in developing innovative technology and software solutions and services that help organisations turn their business models to modern software components. T his history is key – zAppDev’s origins in change management, means that busi- ness needs have always been our priori- ty. Of course our own business develops also - zAppDev itself is continually evolving and regularly updated. CLMS (UK) LIMITED was established in 1998 with a vision to simplify business change management, with specific focus on IT Systems.
  • 9. Contact us UK KD207 Knowledge Dock 4-6 University Way | E162RD London Tel. +44 (0) 208 223 6397 GREECE Andrea Papandreou 19 Maroussi | 15124 Athens Tel. +30 210 6199058