Online Video Trends For Digital Marketing And Communications


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Online Video Trends For Digital Marketing And Communications

  1. 1. Online Video Trends for Digital Marketing and Communications By: Mercury Multimedia
  2. 2. Hosted By: Christine McCarty christinemccarty
  3. 3. Hosted By: Justin Clerc justinclerc
  4. 4. If you have a question feel free to ask via Twitter. Use the hash tag #mercweb and we will be happy to answer your questions at the end of the webinar.
  5. 5. Why Online Video? • Brand Engagement • Reach • Reputation Management
  6. 6. Brand Engagement • 93% of people online expect to see some type of video when checking out a web site. • Emotional ads are the most effective ad
  7. 7. Reach & Rankings • With YouTube accounting for 99% of its video views, Google raked in more than 10 billion video views in August — an increase of more than a billion views in just one month. • 158 million U.S. Internet users -- or 80% of the nation's online population -- watched online video in July 2009. A total of 21.4 billion videos were viewed during the month. • The duration of the average online video was 3.7 minutes, while the average online video viewer watched about 500 minutes of video, or 8.3 hours • Videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. U.S. video views have surpassed searches—there were 12.7 billion video views in November 2008 and 12.3 billion searches.
  8. 8. Reputation Management • Monitoring and managing your reputation online 24/7 is essential. • Not paying attention to what’s going on with your brand, especially with online video, can give you more than just bad PR; in some cases, it can also cause huge financial losses. • For example, “United Breaks Guitars” YouTube video.
  9. 9. Video = The Customer Connection Your You Story Video Your Customer
  10. 10. - Industry Snapshot - Retail • One company – – added 100 videos that show how a shoe looks on a model’s foot and boosted conversion rates on those products by 40%. • Another company PetsUnited has over 1,200 videos across three web sites. CEO Alex Tabibi claims that product videos improve the sale of a product about 50%. They plan to add 100 videos a month on their web sites including
  11. 11. - Industry Snapshot - Retail • The number of online shoppers who watch retail videos grew 40% in a year. • To respond to this growing demand, retailers’ top priority is adding video to their web site.
  12. 12. - Industry Snapshot - Healthcare • In the past 12 months, 100 million Americans looked for healthcare information online. • Companies engaged in social media channels on average grew company revenues by 18% over the last 12 months, while the least engaged companies saw revenues sink 6% on average over the same time period.
  13. 13. - Industry Snapshot - Healthcare • In August 2009, the VIEW main index for the Top 20 Healthcare Web Sites was 30-80-20, which indicates that 30% of the companies had video on their home page, 80% had video on their site, and 20% didn't use any video on their Web site. • Video uses: 70% of the surveyed Healthcare web sites use video for promotional purposes, 25% use it for informational purposes 15% use it for demonstrative purposes, 5% use it for entertainment purposes.
  14. 14. Your Company Wants A Now What?
  15. 15. • Brand Channel • Webisodes • Brand Video • Viral Video Online Video Campaigns
  16. 16. More than 1 MILLION channel views Brand Channel
  17. 17. Brand Channel
  18. 18. Video = Emotional Engagement
  19. 19. Ability to search relevant cancer stories that relate to you Ability to created own video story or edit existing content and send to friends Ability to join the cause and donate on the spot
  20. 20. Video Stories from Around the World
  21. 21. • Episodes and live cams comprise a great video library and reason for people to visit, enjoy and come back to the San Diego Zoo web site. • With a content management system on the back end, the Zoo can easily create, manage and customize video as well as allow fans to easily share content. Brand Channel
  22. 22. Brand Channel Benefits
  23. 23. • Attract and retain viewers • Hold customer attention Webisodes
  24. 24. Webisodes
  25. 25. Short web episodes Contains a plot line Ranging from 4-16 minutes in length
  26. 26. Webisodes
  27. 27. No product placement in videos User generated comment section Prominent on web site homepage
  28. 28. Brand Video • A Diffusion Group study projects that by 2013, long-form video will represent almost 70% of online-video ad revenue, up from just over 40% today.
  29. 29. EA Battlefield • EA Battlefield is a multi-player video game that uses video demos, trailers and episodes • Keeps fans updated and attracts new players. Brand Video
  30. 30. • While only about 50% of the top 20 marketing and advertising companies use video on their web sites, McGowan Crain decided it was time to use video as a launching pad for their site. • An insurance company wanted to use video for a direct mail DVD piece and online. With one finished video, they scored $1 million in business from the direct mail DVD and it is the most watched asset on their web site. Not bad for a $20,000 investment in a branding video. Brand Video
  31. 31. More than 10 MILLION YouTube views Viral Video
  32. 32. NOTHING So why is it funny?
  33. 33. Who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly baby??
  34. 34. What Do You Do With Your Video Last but not least...
  35. 35. WEBSITE
  36. 36. Multimedia Release • A 2009 Online Newsroom Survey reveals that the desire for video by media has increased substantially over the previous year, with more than 80 percent of journalists now wanting to see video files.
  37. 37. Measurement • Video SEO • Google Analytics • Nielsen • YouTube
  38. 38. November Webinar • You can go to the link on screen to register for our next webinar“Whose Line is it, Anyway – Marketing or HR?” • register/685699011
  39. 39. Hosted By: Christine McCarty & Justin Clerc in/justinclerc christinemccarty
  40. 40. Online Video Trends for Digital Marketing and Communications By: Mercury Multimedia