Your customers + clk clk = new sales


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Your customers + clk clk = new sales

  1. 1. our customers + Loyalty program = new sales Why Clk Clk? Clk Clk Harnesses the Power of Word-of-Mouth Through Social Media How good is the solution?Clk Clk was the recipient of the 2012 FTA Hospitality Industry Award for best new technology!
  2. 2. Marketing Challenges Ask Yourself… How do I increase sales? How do I acquire new customers? How do I increase repeat customers? How do I do all these things without raising marketing costs?
  3. 3. The Solution – clkclk Everything you need to market to your customers in ONE application. A customizable Customer Relationship Management System. Email and mobile technologies. Cutting edge loyalty programs that are integrated with social media.
  4. 4. How it WorksBy simply using existing card numbers, clkclk is the perfect compliment to wrap aroundexisting loyalty programs to make them social. Brand Advocacy ReputationCustomer Loyalty Management The process repeats itself! Customer Acquisition Social Amplification
  5. 5. Customer LoyaltyStep 1• First, a customer joins a business’ loyalty program. (It works as a card or card-less solution with any mobile phone.)• Then the customer makes a transaction and both the customer and the merchant immediately receive an email receipt.• The customer also earns merchant loyalty dollars for spending cash!• This program can wrap around a current loyalty program and make it social.
  6. 6. Brand AdvocacyStep 2•The customer is incentivized in the email to review his/her purchase and invite their friends, thus becoming a brand ambassador.•Customers earn rewards by rating their experience overall and based on five criteria. They are also able to make comments.•Then customers can also earn rewards for referring their friends via email.
  7. 7. Reputation ManagementStep 3•The merchant immediately receives all the reviews, and the positive reviews can be automatically posted to the business’ social media pages.•The merchant can respond privately to the reviews and work to retain any dissatisfied customers.•Merchants can see how long the customer has been a member, their lifetime spend, and the cashier/clerk/server, in addition to the ratings and comments.
  8. 8. Social AmplificationStep 4•The customer is incented even more loyalty dollars for becoming a brand ambassador by simply inviting their friends on Facebook and Twitter.•They can also Tweet or Like individual products, thus amplifying their satisfaction to all of their friends and followers via social media.
  9. 9. Customer AcquisitionStep 5•Those referral friends receive a promotional voucher, which drives them to visit the merchant and make a purchase.•When a voucher is redeemed, the referrer gets even more rewards!•The process is 100% trackable, which gives businesses a way to measure the program’s ROI.
  10. 10. Transactional MarketingMimis Cafe credits Transactionsdrive the marketing E-Enrollment 10 Credits* E-Receipt 1 Credit*engine of our new E-Review 10 Credits*social based loyalty E-Referral E-Voucher 10 Credits* 10 Credits*program. Tools 5 Emails 1 Credit* 1 Mobile SMS 1 Credit* * 1 Credit = $0.05
  11. 11. Customer RegistrationCustomerstartsregistration.
  12. 12. Customer RegistrationCustomerenters indetails.
  13. 13. Customer RegistrationCustomercan referfriends.
  14. 14. Customer RegistrationCustomerregistrationis complete.
  15. 15. The ER Suite : E-EnrollmentCustomer andMimis Cafe receivesconfirmation email. E-Enrollment: 10 Credits
  16. 16. The ER Suite : E-Receipt 1 of 2Customer makespurchase andreceives an emailedreceipt. E-Receipt : 1 Credit
  17. 17. The ER Suite : E-Receipt 2 of 2Customer can viewupcoming eventsand invite friends. E-Receipt : 1 Credit
  18. 18. The ER Suite : E-Review 1 of 2Customer reviewstheir experience atMimis Cafe E-Review : 10 Credits
  19. 19. The ER Suite : E-Review 2 of 2Customer can referfriends and share theirexperiences throughsocial media. E-Review : 10 Credits
  20. 20. The ER Suite: E-Review NoticeManagement reviewscustomer’s commentsand may choose torespond. E-Review : 10 Credits
  21. 21. The ER Suite: E-ReferralReferral receivesinvitation with optionalvoucher attached toredeem at Mimis Cafelocation. E-Referral : 10 Credits E-Voucher : 10 Credits
  22. 22. Mimis goes social with loyalty Sample Facebook PostsCustomer becomes aMimis Cafe brandadvocate and shares withhis/her friends andfollowers on multiplesocial networks.
  23. 23. The power of Word of Mouth using clk clkYou can expect $10 Average Customer Transaction 1,000 eReceipts = $10,000 Loyalty Revenueresults out of 310 Vouchers Redeemed = $ 3,100 Loyalty Revenue 340 Referrals = $ 3,400 Loyalty Revenueyour loyalty Total $16,500 Loyalty Revenue clkclk price= $ 430 Loyalty Costprogram. Profit $16,070 Loyalty Profit •You’ll connect with 110 more customers through instant feedback reviews that will help you improve operations and automatically post to your own social media sites. •You’ll increase sales by selling more food through 310 vouchers generated by customer loyalty. •You’ll increase your customer base by 340 from your current customers’ referrals. •A $430 monthly investment will increase your traffic, move more product, increase your goodwill, improve your reputation, and reduce current marketing efforts and costs. Clkclk runs 24/7. That’s about 59 cents per hour! * Case Study from a high volume multiple location merchant.
  24. 24. The WorldCard : Overview