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B2B Social Media - Getting started (April 2012)
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B2B Social Media - Getting started (April 2012)


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B2B Social Media - Getting started (April 2012). Put the building blocks in place. …

B2B Social Media - Getting started (April 2012). Put the building blocks in place.
Get practical - Measure & report along the way. Find and work with influencers, discover insights!

Published in: Social Media, Business

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  • 1. www.Socialmediajedi.infoB2B Social Media Getting Started By Clive Roach April 2012
  • 2. Clive Roach Twitter @jedi_roach Google+ Blog http://www.socialmediajedi.info2
  • 3. Put thebuilding blocks B2B Social Mediain place. - Getting startedGet practical - AGENDAMeasure &report alongthe way.Find and work withinfluencers,discover insights! 3
  • 4. Put thebuilding blocksin place first4
  • 5. Social Media groundworkDevelop a social media policy for your staff and agenciesCreate a social media strategy and tactical approach. Youcan adopt an existing methodology like the Forrester POSTsystem.Benchmark social media adoption in your industry.Create a process to share good practice and early proofpoints across the company.Set up governance to manage multiple accounts andcontracts. Develop dashboards to track success.Conduct evaluations with internal stakeholders after the firstfew projects. 5
  • 6. Make your Social channels sticky Source: Forrester Research, Inc., “BT Social Technographics® 2011: Age Matters” , August 2011
  • 7. Deliver relevant content Source: Forrester Research, Inc., “BT Social Technographics® 2011: Age Matters” , August 2011
  • 8. RoadmappingSource: Forrester Research, Inc., “Accelerating Your Social Maturity”, June 2011
  • 9. RoadmappingVideo about Social Maturity
  • 10. Get practical -Measure & reportalong the way. 10
  • 11. “The goal is not to be great at Social Media. The goal is to be good or better at business because of Social Media”11
  • 12. Where do you start?
  • 13. Start by finding out which channel is used by your stakeholders
  • 14. Define a timeline for implementation Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 . Step 1 Step 2 Final ResultsMap how the channels should be connected to eachother and your other digital online and offlinechannels and processes.
  • 15. Manage your Social media communication flow AmplifyPrepare Sustain Paid Activity (campaign) Teasers & Seeding to Fans Shareable Content Follow up Community Engagement Interaction Increased sCRM database Influencer Engagement Social Ads15
  • 16. Manage your Social media communication flow YouTube videoThe SXSW event had finished 19 days before the 6th April 2012. Thereach of the tweets containing the #SXSW hashtag was still 273,547accounts in a random selected 3 hour time period on the 6th April.16
  • 17. Pinterest – Keep an eye on new channels!17
  • 18. Pinterest interaction Track your campaign Effectiveness in Pinterest By using Pinerly18
  • 19. LinkedIn Interaction19
  • 20. Google+ interaction Interaction path20
  • 21. Twitter Interaction Twitalyzer, the leading tool for Twitter metrics 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 021
  • 22. YouTube interaction22
  • 23. Social media listening tools Leverage tools to help you understand what is being said in your key markets, and you can also measure the sentiment that goes with it. In this example – Oxyme.com23
  • 24. Find andwork withinfluencers,discoverinsights! 24
  • 25. Uncovering influencersRadian6 influencer widget Hootsuite and CotweetThis gives you the ability to set Find and interact with the peoplethe factors of influence that are who have high Klout scores thatmost relevant to you. are already in your network.
  • 26. Facebook influencer discoverySocialbakers Analytics PRO. It provides you with a list ofFacebook users ranked by the number of posts orcomments they have made.
  • 27. Linkedin influencer discovery Customer A made a recommendation 1,228 impressions , 0.33% engagement (The percentage of time members engaged (clicked, liked, commented or shared) with this recommendation organically. Customer B makes a recommendation 83 impressions 14.46% engagement27
  • 28. Twitter influencer discovery SocialBro can also help you to find the stars of your Twitter community
  • 29. Pinterest influencer discovery Influential followers identified with Pinreach… And Curalate29
  • 30. Influencer discoveryWith Adobe SocialAnalytics, you can connect social conversations tobusiness results. Now we can answer this question;What is social media’s impact on my business?
  • 31. Clive Roach Twitter @jedi_roach Google+ Blog http://www.socialmediajedi.info31
  • 32.