Coal mine methane gas flow measurement - practical exercise 01


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Practical exercise #01 – Calculating realtime gas flow using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, & 4-20mA DP Sensor.

Using open-source electronics prototyping platforms based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software to read a Differential Pressure from a 4-20mA sensor in a classroom environment.

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Coal mine methane gas flow measurement - practical exercise 01

  1. 1. Coal Mine Methane Gas FlowMeasurementPractical exercise #01 – Calculatingrealtime gas flow using a Raspberry Pi,Arduino, & 4-20mA DP Sensor
  2. 2. Session OutcomeBy the end of the session participants should beable to:“Use open-source electronics prototypingplatforms based on flexible, easy-to-usehardware and software to read a DifferentialPressure from a 4-20mA sensor in a classroomenvironment.”
  3. 3. Class Equipment Required• Raspberry Pi• Powered USB Hub• USB WiFi dongle• Arduino• Breadboard• Zener diode, resistors and jumper wires• Power Adapter 24V DC output• 24v DC/DC Converter• 4-20mA DP Sensor
  4. 4. Raspberry Pi with Powered USB Huband Wifi dongle
  5. 5. Arduino and 4-20mA DP Sensor
  6. 6. Power Adapter 24V DC output with24v DC/DC Converter
  7. 7. How to get started with theRaspberry Pi• Selecting the Distribution• Imaging the SD Card• Configuring Raspbian• Configure Raspberry Pi forRemote Shell, VNC, and FTP• Renaming the Raspberry Picomputer• Setup a Raspberry Pi with ahidden WiFi network• Working with DHCP• Simplified Setup for Arduinoon Raspberry Pi
  8. 8. 4-20ma and loop powered• 24v DC Power source• 4-20mA Signal• Voltage dropped acrossthe 250 ohm resistor
  9. 9. Arduino I/O Protection• Every I/O pin is to beprotected by a 5.1Vzener diode and 220ohm 30mA PTC(resettable fuse).• The equivalent circuit
  10. 10. Arduino IDE• Initial test sketch• Uploading• Serial Monitor• Testing
  11. 11. Arduino simple ModBus slave• Programming theArduino as a simpleModBus slave• Serial communications9600 8N1
  12. 12. Symbolic Linking COM Ports• sudo ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS3
  13. 13. Qt• sudo apt-get installqtcreator
  14. 14. ModBus Master• Compiling code in QtCreator• Testing with ModBusslave devices
  15. 15. QModBus• Modifying make files• Compiling code in QtCreator• Testing with ModBusslave devices
  16. 16. DP Sensor• 4-20mA signal• 220 ohm resister• ADC (0 – 1023)equivalent to 0 to 5 VDC
  17. 17. Apache Tomcat & Java DevelopmentKit (JDK)• Installation of JDK• Installation of ApacheTomcat• Apache Tomcat WebApplication Manager
  18. 18. ScadaBR• Installing WAR file inApache Tomcat• Configuring ScadaBR• Creating Data Sources• Using Watch Lists• Creating a simpleGraphic view
  19. 19. Xively• Creating a DevelopmentDevice• Adding Channels• API Key, Feed ID, andDevice ID (aka Channel)• Configuring Publishersin ScadaBR
  20. 20. Raspberry Pi Online Resources
  21. 21. Arduino Online Resources
  22. 22. M2M Mango•••
  23. 23. •
  24. 24. Hartowijaya® is a provider of technical, project, drilling services and operational support for coalseam gas development projects in Australia and Indonesia.PO Box 11763, Mackay Caneland, Queensland 4740,