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Telenor Traxion Sales Presentation Email
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Telenor Traxion Sales Presentation Email


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Sales and Markeitng Presentation

Sales and Markeitng Presentation

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  • WelcomeThank you for finding the time to see me and allowing me to explain the Telenor Traxion managed service solution for Global real-time tracking and monitoring of multi-modal and rail freight assets
  • Build Up SlideTell the story by reading out the grey boxed text as it builds up stopping to emphasis the relevant items outside the boxes I aim to demonstrate the Managed Service Solution to you and describe how our customers are achieving real benefits and improvements as we go through the presentation
  • Build up slideEmphasis on the first slide element the different components and suppliers that have to be pulled together, sourced, tested ,designed , built, developed.The argument you get when it goes wrong and Air time provider says it’s a hardware issue and the hardware supplier says it’s a connectivity issueClick on Explain Telenor Traxion does this all for you and provide an on going managed service where you get data and information to act upon. No management of multiple suppliers, no extended projects, tying up resources, time and money, worrying about compliance, certification and compatibilityWe do it all, One Stop Shop
  • Build Up SlideYou move product from A to B, either to customers or as internal stock movements, it might be from Sweden to Serbia or USA to China, anywhere in the world.ClickYou will move product in different types of freight assets, either you operate yourself or you contract it from an operator, it could be rail wagons, ISO Tanks or BoxesClickTelenor Traxion fit a box we call a DCTU to these freight assetsClickThe DCTU is normally hibernating to preserve its battery powerClickEither through a scheduled time, or by sensing movement the DCTU wakes up ClickClickThe DCTU, using the Global Positioning Satellite network finds its position to within x metres anywhere on the planet.ClickIt then connects to a mobile GSM network using a built in modem and SIM card and transmits the position data and potentially other information such as temperature back to Telenor Traxion Service Platform.Click ClickThe Service Platform then process this data and displays it intelligently on a secure web based application for you to either view or have imported into to your ERP system to provide status, position etc.ClickYou can also configure the system to alarm you or your customers by email or text its status, if it is late, off route etc.
  • Installation examples, we have not found a freight asset we cannot fit our DCTU to.The unit is EN xxxxx certified for the rail network and we can provide a ATX certified version if required.
  • System has ability to define own reports, and send them as alarms when certain events occur, e.g. asset reaches a specified point, , does not reach a specified point, is moved from a specified point etc. Alarms can be sent as emails or SMS test messages
  • The systems comes with some standard reports but it is easy to define and design your own reports, or down load data via MS Excel to use in your own reports
  • Talk through bullet points, key points no licence fees, or limits on the number of users, you can provide even occasional use to customers service team and it won’t cost you anymore, not just the transport team.The mapping includes full satellite view, with detailed rail network
  • Opportunity to explain some of the additional services, some have been demonstrated already
  • Introduce the concept of benefits Relate back to some of the comments made during the demo from the customerThe Benefits are backed with real live case studies and proven benefits by existing customers
  • Explain that the saving estimates are based on Hard / tangible savings and not account has been taken of the Soft / Intangible benefits.The big benefit of offering your customer the confidence and auditability of the supply chain because they can track there inbound load, a bit like a DHL delivery is worth a lot in terms of customer confidenceThe potential to take the time and place when a take was heavily shocked can give a strong indication as to who damaged that tank and allow you to address this with that supplier.
  • IMPORTANT SLIDETake the customer through each of the 4 sections slowly , expanding on the bullets/boxes. Summarize by finishing on the Telenor Invests/ Telenor Provides / Telenor Operates.
  • Opportunity to talk about the elements of the offering. The basics should have been covered in the demo. Basics are included in the base offering.The advanced services are add-ons that can be configured by solution to enhance the information, accuracy and monitoring capability of the solution.Project services such as Project Management, training, Installation and on going service and maintenance can all be supplied and will be discussed as part of any further discussions.
  • BUILD UP SLIDE(This is a summary slide were you bring all the components together)We have 5 simple components to the model to be decided upon to get the solution up and running for you. Everybody gets the Basic service, including the DCTU and the Service Platform some training. Next we need to agree if you require any of the additional add-on services such as Standing Still Detection and Product temperature monitoring, and add these to the solution.How many assets are required to be monitored?Where in the world will the equipment be traveling and where do you want real-time visibility will define the coverage required, this is selectable by region.Finally we need to agree the length of time for the Managed Service ContractClickWe then calculate a fixed monthly fee per unit, once agree this is the only figure on an on-going basis that you will pay, no other hidden licence fees, maintenance cost etc.ClickWe repeat the exercise for different elements of the fleet that may want different additional services or different coverage and we complete for different types of freight assets.ClickDuring the life of the contract you require to add different services in to the package or we develop new functionality this can simply be added into the contractClickProject services during start up can be agreed and charged on a one-off basis
  • “Hopefully we have succeeded in explaining the Telenor Traxion Managed Service Solution, you have seen it, we have given you examples of why it would benefit your business and we have detailed the comprehensive managed service solution.So in summary Telenor Traxion delivers …… (read through the slide
  • Transcript

    • 1. International real-time monitoring of rail and intermodalfreight assetsTelenor Traxion – your managed service Presentation to ABC Ltd – 1st February 2012
    • 2. Telenor Traxion delivers… Global real-time tracking and monitoring • Intermodal assets – tank containers, box containers etc. of unpowered freight • Rail assets – all sorts of wagons, locomotives etc. assets… ...leading to • Improved asset planning and maintenance significantly improved • Improved inventory management supply chain, inventory • Improved sales and operation planning and asset visibility… ...enabling cost • Productivity and efficiency reductions, productivity • Quality and service • Security • Customer service improvements. Visibility – Optimization – Savings –
    • 3. What is a Managed Service Solution? Typical Solution ComponentsEnd user servicesEnabling services Single supplier managing completeConnectivity solution provisionDevices and sensor networks One Stop Shop – Plug and Play. No interface or relationship issues between suppliers or
    • 4. How Telenor Traxion’s solution work Time GPS XMLMovement DCTU Telenor Traxion Service WWW Platform Alarm SMS GSM/GPRS A B Position Status Through a comprehensive and connected value adding Managed Service
    • 5. Installation examples Container Wagon Flat Tank wagon Conventional/covered wagon Tank
    • 6. Alarms - examples Flexible and configurable alarms via SMS and/or email
    • 7. Reports - examples Assets standing still Mileage rolling stock • Exact track- Tank containers abroad • Standing still length mileage for >12 hours information • Location • Full European anywhere SO2 • Carrying coverage Liquid • 2 days back • Data • Located outside presented in Sweden logical intervals days • Last 7 Flexible and configurable automatic reports via e-mail with Excel-file
    • 8. All services via intuitive web interface• No limits to number of users, no licencing model• Access via standard web browser, encrypted and secure• Clear customizable table based format• Professional mapping• Data export to Excel• Customizable views by user• Self administration of users and services• Multiple languages• History minimum of 12 months A single, easy to use, comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI)
    • 9. Remote product temperature monitoring• Integrated into your service package(s) as an add-on service• We provide all necessary technology• Up to two PT1000 sensors can be connected to the DCTU, e.g. one in top of tank (dip tube) and one low (bottom behind insulation)• In total three temp parameters: • Sensor 1 °C • Sensor 2 °C • Outside °
    • 10. We add value to your business Productivity Security & Efficiency Safety Benefits Control Maintenance Visibility
    • 11. Typical Benefits Lease cost savings Customer offering and service • Reduced leased cost due to improved • Ability to provide accurate real-time productivity of fleet resulting in the information on where the load is, when ability to do the same with less tanks it is likely to arrive, adding to security allowing to off hire surplus. and quality. Customer can even view system themselves. Depot management Transport supplier management • Ability to drive and manage depot Hard - Tangible Soft - Intangible accurately and reduce asset “off the • Ability to proactively manage hauliers, road” time, increasing productivity when rail operators, shipping lines, barge being cleaned, prepared, maintained and operators, with accurate real time repaired. information, not reliant on their manual tracking progress. Insurance savings Asset damage claims • Discount on premium due to traceability of tank and reduction to fewer tanks • Shock sensor recording impacts to needing to be insured. asset. Easier to alert to potential damage and make timely claim from Staffing responsible operator. • Reduced staffing costs due to improved Inventory reduction productivity of people throughout supply chain through improved access to real • Ability to operate a leaner / tighter time information and automated supply chain resulting in reduced reporting and alerts. product inventory in transit. Soft / Intangible benefits are difficult to quantify but will add huge value to
    • 12. Key features of our Managed Service Solution More No own resource required to Telenor Invests Fixed Monthly implement Fee, all inclusive No CAPEX for units, Predictive cost IT or system over contract life Telenor Provides Financials Hardware, functionality, data and One stop shop – servers, hosting, Telenor Operates information tailored for your industry Managed licences, applications, Service upgrades… Technology Operations Personnel monitoring and Future proof and managing systems, guaranteed for life of Rapid contract applications and installations Spend your deployment time on your immediate Global service core business benefits Support by phone coverage and
    • 13. Basic Additional Prof. Service portfolio overview Service Services ServicesAll technology – hardware, sensors, platform, content, licenses etc. √Automatic observations of assets (time or movement based) √Web browser based graphical user interface (GUI) √Professional GIS-services (geo data, satellite maps etc.) √Alarms & Reports, data export and printing √Service operations and support via telephone and e-mail √European or Global geographical service coverage √ √My Area (personalized map tagging) √Standing still detection (automatic identification of idle or lost assets) √Mileage calculation (track-length mileage for maintenance planning) √Product temperature monitoring (sensors for temp. sensitive goods) √Shock detection (collision and damage monitoring) √ATEX (hardware certified acc. to “Directive 94/9/EC”) √SOAP API (ERP System Integration) √Project Management √Training √Installation √Service and maintenance √
    • 14. We make it easy for you Basic Service Time or Movement based? Multiple fleets No. of observations? and/or asset types Package C Addition Services Which ones? Package B Package A Number of Fixed Monthly installations Fee per asset Geographical service coverage New services or packages Simply add them in Term Length of Agreement NB: Project and installation services not included in Fixed Monthly
    • 15. Telenor Traxion delivers… …via an easily and rapidly deployable Managed Service Solution… real-time tracking and monitoring of unpowered freight assets… ...leading to significantly improved supply chain and asset visibility… ...enabling cost reductions, productivity and service
    • 16.