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Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
Adape   Listening
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Adape Listening


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Are You Listening?
    Building Relationships
    Through Social Media Intelligence
  • 2. Get Ready To Listen!
    “Listening is something that is done on an individual staff level, but for it to become an organisational process leaders need to build a culture of listening.”
    • Martin Kearns
    Source: Beth Kanter, Listening Literacy
  • 3. Everyone’s Saying Something
    Photo via Associated Press
  • 4. Turn YourMegaphone Around
    Photo via altermark:
  • 5. Use Your EarsBut Don’t Forget toOpen Your Mouth
    Photo via floridapfe:
  • 6. Watch Your Brand Vigilantly
    Photo via mattimattila:
  • 7. How Will Listening Work For You?
    Who will be doing the listening?
    • Do you have the resources?
    Are you agreed on what you will be listening for?
    Who will respond?
    How much time will it take?
    How will you measure the results?
    Source: Beth Kanter, Listening Literacy
  • 8. What Should You Be Listening For?
    Keywords you use on your website or in your analytics
    Mentions of your organization
    Products you sell
    Your executive director or a figurehead’s name
    Special events you’re running
    Causes you support
    Campaigns you’re managing
    Competition or others in your industry
    Source: NetWitsThinkTank
  • 9. Where Should You Be Listening?
    Twitter Search
    Social Media Fire
    Google Alerts
    Google Blog Search
    TechnoratiBlog Search
  • 10. Your Social Media Listening Dashboard
  • 11. After Listening
    Ask Questions
    Provide Feedback
    Give Insights
    Share Stories
    Open Up
  • 12. How Should You Respond?
    What did they say well?
    What did they miss?
    Answer questions
    What are other people saying?
    How does it apply to you?
    Look forward
    Look backward
    Source: Beth Kanter, Listening Literacy
  • 13. Measure It!
    Google Analytics
    Facebook Insights
    Flickr Pro Account
    YouTube Insight
    Photo via pinksherbet:
  • 14. What Next?
    Do we have to respond to EVERY brand mention?
    How much time does it take each day to do this?
    What’s the best way to handle negative comments? Ignore or engage?
    How does one person manage all of that information?
    How do we keep track of what happens after someone responds?
    Who should respond to brand mentions? What should they say?
    How will we know if all of this is making a lick of difference?
    Source: NetWitsThinkTank
  • 15. Next:
    Refine your listening skills
    Make it clear you are listening
    Talk with people
    Promote your followers, friends, supporters & donors
    Share relevant information
    Source: NetWitsThinkTank
  • 16. Let’s Get Started!
    Photo via hryckowian: