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  • The following are in the student folder: JSP 534 – Tri Service Resettlement Manual – the ‘bible’ for resettlement. Should be in regular use by all resettlement staff JSP 575 – Early Service Leavers Guide – gives guidance on ESL to supplement the policy in JSP 534 Army Resettlement AGAI – currently in draft. Supplements JSPs to give specific Army instructions on first line resettlement. D/DPS(A)/33 PS4(A) dated 17 Jun 08 – Coordination of Welfare and Resettlement in the Lead up to Discharge – Army policy on the relationship between different staff during resettlement and discharge. ‘ Transition to Civilian Life – A Welfare Guide’ (Army Code AC 64408). To be given by the unit to every Service Leaver. Downloadable from the DPS(A) intranet site.
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  • Travel Warrants and eligibility explaination
  • Note that individuals can normally access resettlement entitlements 2 years before leaving, but those over 50 or with over 30 years service can commence their resettlement early. Special provisions on entitlements for those being medically discharged are in Section 6 of JSP 534. Further details on travel and subsistence entitlements are in JSP 752 – Tri-Service Regulations on allowances. Where any cases are complex, consult the IERO
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    1. 1. Initial Training Course 51 AEC Gp Gutersloh 3 Sep 13 Resettlement Information Staff
    2. 2. Introductions • Directing Staff: • Resettlement Information Staff • Name • Unit • ‘Day’ job • Resettlement role(s) Module 1-1Intro, Admin & Overview
    3. 3. Administration • Nominal Roll • Domestics • Emergencies • Toilets • Smoking • Phones • Refreshments • Lunch • Evaluation Form Module 1-2Intro, Admin & Overview
    4. 4. Course Materials • Student folder • Flags • Post-it notes • Folder & Blank Forms • Handouts Module 1-3Intro, Admin & Overview
    5. 5. Background • Directorate of Educational Capability (D Ed Cap) is the Army lead for resettlement and has responsibility for this course • AGAI, Vol 3 Chap 93 directs COs to appoint Resettlement Information Staff (RIS) • HQ Army Mandatory Training Programme to prevent: • Carelessness and lack of attention to detail (especially in administration) • Deliberate obstruction of process (e.g. by those trying to retain a soldier) • Failure to understand the processes • Poor processing of paperwork • Lack of duty of care Module 1-4Intro, Admin & Overview
    6. 6. Jails 'hold 8,500 ex-servicemen' Record numbers of ex- soldiers in UK jails as combat trauma blamed Falklands war veterans have high suicide rate Warning on ex-services homeless To help avoid… Jail for drug dealing ex-soldier Module 1-5Intro, Admin & Overview
    7. 7. Course Aim To prepare you for your resettlement role in order that you may make an effective and efficient contribution to the resettlement of Service Leavers Module 1-6Intro, Admin & Overview
    8. 8. Course Structure • Day 1 – Overview of Resettlement, the Resettlement Team and their Roles and the Resettlement Processes. • Day 2 – Resettlement Forms, Funding, JPA, Medical Discharges (MD) and Early Service Leavers (ESL). Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-7
    9. 9. Resettlement Information Staff Objectives By the end of the 2-days, you will be able to: • Provide basic resettlement information • Carry out resettlement administration: • At the start of SL’s resettlement • During resettlement • On an ongoing basis • For less common cases • Communicate resettlement issues with other stakeholders • Support Service Leavers in their transition to civilian life Module 1-8Intro, Admin & Overview
    10. 10. Overview of Resettlement To set the context of Army Resettlement in order to provide a foundation for the remainder of the course. Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-9
    11. 11. Lesson Objectives • Identify key sources of information on resettlement • Identify where to find the names and contact details of 2nd and 3rd line resettlement staff • Acquire knowledge of the type of issues that affect those who are leaving or have left the Army • Define the purpose and principles of Service Resettlement • Demonstrate knowledge of the reasons why effective resettlement is important • Describe the overall resettlement process Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-10
    12. 12. Purpose of Resettlement “To enable Service Leavers in making a successful transition from a military to a civilian life “ JSP 534 - The Tri-Service Resettlement Manual Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-11
    13. 13. Key References for Resettlement Staff • JSP 534 – Tri Service Resettlement Manual • JSP 575 – Guidance Notes for Early Service Leavers Resettlement Staff • AGAI 93 – Army First Line Resettlement Provision • D/DPS(A)/33 PS4(A) dated 06 Aug 09 – Coordinating Welfare and Resettlement support needs identified during the transition to Civilian life and beyond • Transition to Civilian Life – A Welfare Guide for the Service Leaver • JPA Business Process Guides Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-12
    14. 14. Further Information • Organisations, including: • Career Transition Partnership (CTP) • Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) • Ex-Service Charities • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) • Universal Jobmatch • Department of Education and Learning Northern Ireland (DELNI) • Note: Further references in the Annex G to AGAI 93 including a full list of web sites Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-13
    15. 15. Tri-Service Resettlement Policy Look in JSP 534 to identify the 7 principles of Service resettlement at para 0101 QUICK EXERCISE Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-14
    16. 16. Seven Principles of Tri-Service Resettlement Tri-Service Resettlement Policy is underpinned by the following principles: • To provide all Armed Forces personnel with access to timely and accurate resettlement information and advice. • To provide Service leavers (SL) with access to resettlement provision based on best practice, which meets individual needs. • To provide resettlement assistance on a graduated basis, both in terms of provision and time available, according to length of service. Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-15
    17. 17. • To provide contracted resettlement services, which include advice, workshops, training and job finding, which are flexible, responsive and effective so that they meet the individual needs of Service personnel, both in terms of accessibility and content. • To provide resettlement assistance to all SL. • To make available appropriate resettlement allowances to assist SL. • To ensure that resettlement training, as long as it meets the appropriate training outcomes, is undertaken local to SL home base or available Service accommodation in order to reduce expenditure on T&S budgets. Seven Principles of Tri-Service Resettlement JSP 534 para 0101 Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-16
    18. 18. Exercise 1 (Student Workbook) Introduction to Resettlement Intro, Admin & Overview Module 1-17
    19. 19. The Resettlement Team To identify those involved in supporting the SL through the resettlement process and outline their roles. Module 2-1The Resettlement Team
    20. 20. Lesson Objectives The purpose of this lesson is to: • Identify personnel within the unit who can assist SL during the resettlement process • Improve understanding of the CoC responsibilities for resettlement • Define the resettlement roles and responsibilities of first line staff • Identify the roles and locations of local 2nd and 3rd line resettlement staff • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirement to operate as part of the ‘Resettlement Team’ of 1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line and other agencies • Demonstrate knowledge of how resettlement is delivered in the Armed Forces The Resettlement Team Module 2-2
    21. 21. List those in the unit who may have a role in, or responsibility for, assisting in the resettlement of service leavers QUICK EXERCISE Module 2-3The Resettlement Team First Line Resettlement Staff
    22. 22. First Line Responsibilities • CO • RIS • C of C/Line Manager • SL • RAO & Unit HR Admin staff • RCMO • UWO • Others eg Med staff Responsibilities laid down in: • JSP 534 • AGAI 93 • JSP 575 • DPS(A) letter • JPA BPGs The Resettlement Team Module 2-4
    23. 23. CO What am I responsible for? It’s all in the AGAI……. Appointing unit resettlement staff (URO, URC, ESL UIO, ESL UBO) Ensuring resettlement roles are filled or covered at all times…. …..and there are effective handover/ takeovers And Chain of Command support to resettlement Effective and timely unit resettlement support The Resettlement Team Module 2-5
    24. 24. Chain of Command And what are they responsible for? Ensuring a sensible balance between retention and resettlement Notifying unit resettlement staff when soldiers sign off Taking an interest in soldiers’ resettlement plansEncouraging soldiers to prepare in plenty of time Promoting and enabling effective resettlement, by…. The Resettlement Team Module 2-6
    25. 25. Soldier And what is he responsible for? Thinking about employment, qualifications, housing, finance, welfare, family, health…… …..and doing something about them Preparing himself for leaving the Army…. The Resettlement Team Module 2-7
    26. 26. The Resettlement Journey • Step 1 – First Line - Unit • Step 2 – Second Line - IERO • Step 3 – Third Line – Regional Resettlement Centre (RRC) • Step 4 – Resettlement Preparation • Step 5 – Terminal leave • Step 6 – Discharge Outline The Resettlement Team Module 2-8
    27. 27. • Step 1 – Individual & Unit: • Individual’s JPA Notification • RIS: • Termination Forecast • Initial Administration • Basic Resettlement Information Interview • Refer to IERO The Resettlement Journey The Resettlement Team Module 2-9
    28. 28. • Step 2 – Second Line • IERO at AEC • Resettlement Advice Briefing (RAB) • Resettlement Interview • Advice • Administration The Resettlement Journey The Resettlement Team Module 2-10
    29. 29. The Resettlement Journey • Step 3 – Third Line • CTP – RRC • Career Transition Workshop (CTW) • Career Consultant Interview • Personal Resettlement Plan (PRP) • Financial Aspects of Resettlement (FAR) • Housing Briefing The Resettlement Team Module 2-11
    30. 30. The Resettlement Journey • Step 4 – Resettlement Preparation • Third Line external provision • Additional workshops • Resettlement Training • Civilian Work Attachment (CWA) • Civilian Training Attachment (CTA) • Employment Fairs • Industry Days • SL – Individual Resettlement Preparation (IRP) • Job Hunting • Interviews • House Hunting Module 2-12
    31. 31. The Resettlement Journey • Step 5 - Terminal leave • Service Leaver • Final Administration (hand in ID card, submit resettlement claims) • SPVA - Pen Form 1 • Move out of Service accommodation if not already vacated • May start new employment Module 2-13The Resettlement Team
    32. 32. The Resettlement Journey • Step 6 • Individual/Unit • Final Discharge • Transition into Civilian life The Resettlement Team Module 2-14
    33. 33. Summary • The process of resettlement is a key part of a Service person’s life • It is important that resettlement is carried out effectively, so that the Service Leaver is able to make as smooth a transition as possible to civilian life • Those who are leaving the Army need to consider a wide range of issues from employment and housing to finance, welfare, lifestyle and dependants’ needs • Activities related to resettlement may need to begin early in a Service person’s career (eg saving for a house or studying for a particular qualification). They become increasingly important in the last 2 years of service. • A number of references underpin the delivery of resettlement services. These provide the key sources of resettlement information. The Resettlement Team Module 2-15
    34. 34. Questions? The Resettlement Team Module 2-16
    35. 35. Formal Unit Resettlement Roles • Unit Resettlement Officer (URO) • Unit Resettlement Clerk (URC) • Early Service Leaver Unit Briefing Officer (UBO) • Early Service Leaver Unit Interviewing Officer (UIO) The Resettlement Team Module 2-17
    36. 36. • Roles and responsibilities for RIS are divided between URO and URC resettlement admin staff • The exact allocation of responsibilities will vary from unit to unit • Responsibilities laid down in: • JSP 534 • AGAI 93 • JSP 575 • DPS(A) letter • JPA BPGs Responsibilities The Resettlement Team Module 2-18
    37. 37. • Look at the responsibilities listed in AGAI 93 for: • URO • URC • RCMO • UWO • RAO/Admin Staff QUICK EXERCISE The Resettlement Team Module 2-19
    38. 38. First Line Responsibilities URO • Primarily responsible for the provision of accurate, timely and comprehensive Resettlement information. URC • Primarily responsible for the provision of accurate, timely and comprehensive Resettlement administration. RCMO • Information on transfer and other Armed Forces Career opportunities (eg FTRS) • Information on personal and professional development UWO • SL with Welfare issues (medical, family etc) RAO and admin staff • Admin • JPA Terminations Forecast • Finance support and signposting The Resettlement Team Module 2-20
    39. 39. Resettlement Information Staff Responsibilities • Provide information on basic resettlement entitlements • Carry out resettlement administration • At the start of Service Leavers resettlement • During resettlement • On an ongoing basis • For less common cases • Communicate resettlement issues with other stakeholders • Identify potentially vulnerable Service Leavers (URO) • Support Service Leavers in their transition to civilian life The Resettlement Team Module 2-21
    40. 40. In addition to RIS responsibilities, Unit Admin Staff are responsible for • Administering travel warrants • Administering advances and refunds of IRTC • Administering and paying authorized resettlement travel and subsistence claims reflected on: • MOD Form 1746 and 1748 • Ensuring the input of claims on JPA Unit Actions - Resettlement Claims This is in accordance with JSP 534 Sections 4&5 and JSP 752 (Tri- Service Regulations for Allowances) The Resettlement Team Module 2-22
    41. 41. QUICK EXERCISE • In groups discuss how, in your unit, you identify when people are entering the resettlement zone • Is there any ‘best practice’ you can identify? The Resettlement Team Module 2-23
    42. 42. Maintaining a Nominal Roll • Vital for keeping a track of Service Leavers and ensuring that they get started on the resettlement process in a timely manner • Recommended procedure outlined in AGAI 93 • Created and updated from JPA Terminations Forecast • Should list: • All personnel in the unit who are in the zone for resettlement • Personal details (Number, rank, name, • Capbadge, sub-unit, discharge date) The Resettlement Team Module 2-24
    43. 43. Nominal Roll – Possible Approach • On a monthly basis, obtain terminations forecast from JPA • Export (eg into Excel) for manipulation • Cross check forecast against existing nominal roll and amend accordingly • Get sub-units to check JPA forecast and resettlement nominal rolls for accuracy and amend both where there are inaccuracies • Put in place unit procedure for authorising officers to notify URO/URC that individual has signed off The Resettlement Team Module 2-25
    44. 44. • Prompt the SL to contact the SRA (IERO)/Resettlement Clk to arrange a Resettlement Advice Brief (RAB) ASAP but within 3 months of entering the final 2 years of service • Prompt the SL to contact the SRA (IERO)/Resettlement Clk to arrange a Resettlement Advice Brief (RAB) ASAP but within 1 month of submitting Notice to Terminate (NTT) • Advise SL to take along their JPA login and post-discharge details (if not already entered) Booking Resettlement Interview Timeliness is Key…… The Resettlement Team Module 2-26
    45. 45. Second Line Second Line Service Resettlement Advisers = IERO Individual Education and Resettlement Officers (IERO) Others could include: • Admin Support Clerk • Other Education Staff • SO2 ETS Retention and Resettlement AEC Learning Development Officer (LDO) The Resettlement Team Module 2-27
    46. 46. Second Line - Responsibilities • Inform SL about resettlement entitlements, training and employment opportunities • Provide advice and guidance on the resettlement package that will best suit the individual SL • Second Line administration • Advice throughout the career on skills, experience and qualifications The Resettlement Team Module 2-28
    47. 47. Third Line = MoD (TESRR) + Commercial Partner (currently Right Management) Third Line Career Transition Partnership The Resettlement Team Module 2-29
    48. 48. Rosyth RRC Herford Aldergrove Catterick Cottesmore Plymouth Portsmouth Tidworth London Aldershot Third Line Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) (x10) •Centre Manager •Admin Staff •Career Consultants •Regional Employment and Training Manager Resettlement Training Centre (RTC), Aldershot The Resettlement Team Module 2-30
    49. 49. CTP Provision * Not deductable against GRT ^Can be attended at any stage of service • Workshops: • Career Transition Workshop* • Business Start Up • CV Writing • Management Consultancy • Interview Techniques • Job Finding • New Horizons in Retirement • Self Employment • Allocated Career Consultant • Employment Fairs and Industry Awareness Days • Resettlement Briefings*^ • FAR • Housing The Resettlement Team Module 2-31
    50. 50. In House CTP Training Courses • Accounting • Basic Electrics • Bricklaying • Certified Security Consultant • Computer Maintenance • ECDL • Log & Tpt Diploma • Marketing and Selling • NEBOSH • PAT Testing • Plumbing • Potential Bursars • PRINCE 2 • Property Maintenance • Tiling and Texturing Full list on CTP web site The Resettlement Team Module 2-32
    51. 51. Other Support Organisations Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Service Leavers’ Pack Termination Administration Pensions, War Pensions, Compensation Focus for Veterans Post discharge Pre discharge The Resettlement Team Module 2-33
    52. 52. SPVA Veterans UK Web Site Module 2-34The Resettlement Team
    53. 53. • Many, including: • Royal British Legion (RBL) • Poppy Scotland • SSAFA – Forces Help • ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity • Combat Stress • Regimental Associations • BLESMA • Blind Veterans UK • Royal Commonwealth Ex- Services League • Forces Pension Society Other Welfare Support Organisations Ex-Service Charities Module 2-35The Resettlement Team
    54. 54. Name and Unit Other Welfare Support Organisations Employment Department for Work and Pensions Gov.uk – Job search Royal British Legion ‘Civvystreet’ Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) & Officers’ Association Module 2-36The Resettlement Team
    55. 55. Other Welfare Support Organisations Housing • Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) • Local Authorities • Housing Associations • Single Persons - SPACES Mike Jackson House, Aldershot The Beacon, Catterick Module 2-37The Resettlement Team
    56. 56. Who else? First Line Units Second Line Service Resettlement Advisers = IERO Third Line Career Transition Partnership DPS(A) D Ed Cap(A) Army Welfare Army Resettlement TESRR (Tri-Service Resettlement Policy) Implementation P O L I C Y SPVA Discharge and Veterans Service Charities (eg SSAFA, RBL) National and Local Govt Bodies (eg DWP, NHS local authority housing office) Post dischargePre-discharge The ‘Resettlement Team’ The Resettlement Team Module 2-38
    57. 57. The Resettlement Team Key Message There are lots of people and organisations out there whose aim it is to help the SL make a successful transition to civilian life Module 2-39The Resettlement Team
    58. 58. Transition to Civilian Life – A Welfare Guide On which pages would you find: • The Resettlement Timeline • Information about: • Full contact details for the Royal British Legion • Retaining Service families Accommodation • How to Register with a doctor • Career Transition Support QUICK EXERCISE Module 2-40The Resettlement Team
    59. 59. RIS Responsibilities - Summary • Provide basic resettlement information • Carry out resettlement administration • Communicate resettlement issues with other stakeholders • Support SL in their transition to civilian life Module 2-41The Resettlement Team
    60. 60. Questions? Module 2-42The Resettlement Team
    61. 61. Exercise 2 (Student Workbook) Resettlement Journey Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-1
    62. 62. The Service Leaver’s Resettlement Journey Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-2
    63. 63. Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Detailing the categories and entitlements available to SLs Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-3
    64. 64. Lesson Objectives By the end of the lesson, you will be able to: • Identify categories of Service Leavers • Explain Entitlements • Understand the importance of the Service Leaver’s Pack Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-4
    65. 65. Categories and Entitlements of SL • Early Service Leaver (ESL)(< 4 years or compulsorily discharged) • Lose right to formal resettlement • Unit briefing, interview and support • Normal Service Leaver with 4-6 years • Employment Support Programme (ESP) - (2nd line + Career and Employment Consultant) • Normal Service Leaver with over 6 years • Full Resettlement Programme (FRP) • Medical Discharge (including Mobilised Reservists) • Full Resettlement Programme Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-5
    66. 66. Employment Support Programme (ESP) 4-6 Years Service • Must register with IERO (JPA form 1173) • An interview, with a Career Consultant (travel warrant allowable), during which the SL: • Prepares PRP with Consultant • Receives regional employment advice • Access to the CTP for 2 years post discharge • Access to the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)/Officers Association (OA) throughout their working life Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-6
    67. 67. 4-6 Years Service • Receives RAB from 2nd line (IERO) • May also attend: • Financial and housing briefings • Employment fairs • May apply to attend CTP in-house training • On payment • On a standby basis • Using annual or terminal leave • Providing places are available Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-7
    68. 68. Resettlement Entitlements FRP >6 years or MD Time • GRT Up to 35 Days Financial Support • IRTC Grant and Travel Warrants Advice • Personal Career Consultant Allocated • Personal Resettlement Plan (PRP) Devised • Regional Employment Training Manager (RETM) Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-8
    69. 69. Resettlement Entitlements Briefs • Mandatory IERO Brief • CTW (3 Days) • Retirement Options • Future Employment Options • Self Employment Awareness • Small Business Start Up • CV Writing • Interview Skills • FAR and Housing Brief Module 3-9
    70. 70. Resettlement Entitlements Vocational Training • Access to Over 50 various resettlement training courses Post Discharge Support • Access to Consultant (up to 2 years) • RFEA and OA support for life Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-10
    71. 71. • Length of Service = Discharge Date - Enlistment Date (less any Broken Service) • Look up basic resettlement entitlements in JSP 534 Calculating Basic Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Entitlements QUICK EXERCISE Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-11
    72. 72. Entitlement Table – JSP 534 Para 0312 Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-12 Years Service Normal Discharge Medical Discharge CTP GRT IRTC Warrants CTP GRT IRTC Warrants <1 No 0 No 0 FRP 10 Yes 4 1+ No 0 No 0 FRP 30 Yes 6 4+ ESP 0 No 0 FRP 30 Yes 6 6+ FRP 20 Yes 4 FRP 30 Yes 6 8+ FRP 25 Yes 5 FRP 30 Yes 6 12+ FRP 30 Yes 6 FRP 30 Yes 6 16+ FRP 35 Yes 7 FRP 35 Yes 7
    73. 73. Resettlement Entitlements • Individual Resettlement Training Cost (IRTC) • Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) • Individual Resettlement Preparation (IRP) • Civilian Work Attachment (CWA) • Civilian Training Attachment (CTA) Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-13
    74. 74. Resettlement Entitlements Individual Resettlement Training Cost (IRTC) Grant • £534 to help meet the costs of any type of resettlement training • 80% advance of this up to a maximum of £427.20 on MOD Form 1746. Claim the rest back after completing the course using MOD Form 1748 • IRTC is claimed on JPA (Refer to Allowances section on JPA website) Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-14
    75. 75. Resettlement Entitlements Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) Can be used for the following: • CTA: With CTP or External Provider Travel & Subsistence claimable • CWA: ‘Trial Attachments’ - ‘Work Experience’ Travel & Subsistence claimable • IRP: House Hunting, Job Interviews, schools etc Travel claimable; no Subsistence. Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-15
    76. 76. Resettlement Entitlements Travel and Subsistence • GRT days attract subsistence in certain circumstances • JSP 534 para 0413 states: • Resettlement training through external training providers should, where possible, be undertaken locally (ie within 50 miles road or 90mins by public transport) to the SL’s unit SLA, other available SLA or home accommodation Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-16
    77. 77. Resettlement Training and Accommodation Rules • JSP 534 para 0413 – para 0415 • Resettlement training, as long as it meets the appropriate training outcomes, is to be undertaken local to SL home base or available Service accommodation in order to reduce expenditure on T&S budgets • Non-local or overseas training should only be agreed as an exception and to meet training outcomes not available locally in the UK • Where they meet the appropriate training outcomes, CTP courses should be considered as courses of first choice Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-17
    78. 78. Resettlement Training and Accommodation Rules • SL are to be provided with Service accommodation, under unit arrangement, if it is available in the area of the CWA or CTA • Or it may must be booked through the Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS) • Tied accommodation may be offered by the training provider under residential course arrangements or where an arrangement has been agreed to reduce overall costs to the department. All tied accommodation must meet the minimum standard detailed on JSP 534 Para 0415. NEEDS REVISING Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-18
    79. 79. Unit Retention of Documentation • Minimum period of 6 years to comply with HMRC audit regulations. • Must ensure retained resettlement documentation is readily retrievable. Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-19
    80. 80. Resettlement Entitlements • Questions to ask SL: • Why do you want to conduct the course overseas? • Could it be done in the UK and at less cost? • If the SL still wishes to go overseas instruct them to: • Speak to IERO at the earliest opportunity. Civilian Work and Training Attachments Overseas Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-20
    81. 81. Resettlement Entitlements If authority for overseas activity is approved: • 8 weeks’ notice is required for processing applications! • MOD obtains political clearance. • MOD authorises trip - not unit. • Unit applies for security clearance. Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-21
    82. 82. • Personnel can start resettlement early if over 50 or with over 30 years service • Special provisions for medical discharge - JSP 534, Section 6 • Travel and subsistence entitlement details in JSP 534, but authority is JSP 752 – Tri-Service Regulations on Allowances • Where any cases are complex, always consult the IERO Basic Resettlement Entitlements Summary Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-22
    83. 83. • Checking and explaining entitlements – key points: • Resettlement entitlements are laid down in JSP 534 • JPA will calculate the SL’s basic resettlement entitlements based on length of service, calculated from enlistment and discharge dates • JPA calculations can be incorrect if there are inaccuracies in SL record. The engagement and discharge dates and entitlements should therefore be checked by the RIS Resettlement Entitlements Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-23
    84. 84. • There are additional rules that cover • Those who re-engage • Those on Versatile Engagement (VEng)/Open Engagement • Those who re-enlist • Those who transfer to another service • Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) • Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) • Those on additional maternity leave who decide not to return to work Resettlement processes Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-24
    85. 85. Service Leavers’ Pack and Pension slides • Sent to SL automatically by SPVA • Triggered by JPA record, so record must be accurate (discharge date; current address) • RIS should ensure SL is aware of the importance of the pension form • RIS should ensure SL is aware of the SPVA Service Leavers Pack and should check that the pack has been received • If not, pack is downloadable from SPVA website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications service-leavers-pack • Or by accessing JPA portal Login Page, selecting SPVA Home from options at the top screen, selecting services and then Service leavers pack from the drop down menu. Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-25
    86. 86. Service Leavers’ Pack Contains: • Service Leavers’ Guide • Pension Application Form • Charities Consent Form • Termination Timeline Checklist Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-26
    87. 87. Service Leavers’ Pack Contains useful information on: • The Termination Process • Resettlement, Jobs and Housing • Pay, Pensions and Other Benefits • Help from Service and Ex-Service Organisations • Service with Reserve Forces Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-27
    88. 88. The Pension Form • Pension Form (AFPS Pens Form 1) must be filled in for pension and immediate benefits to be paid • Completing and returning it is a LEGAL requirement • Further information is in the SPVA Service Leavers’ Pack • Form is complex, so seek assistance from admin office if there is any uncertainty • Should be completed on JPA if at all possible Module 3-28
    89. 89. PENSION FORM Pension Form Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-29
    90. 90. Summary Unit has key role in successful resettlement, especially getting SL started • First tasks are: • Assisting with JPA admin processes • Giving SL information on basic entitlements • Refer any complex cases to Second Line • There are many organisations involved in the SL’s resettlement • All have an important role to play in the SL’s return to civilian life • It is key that all work well together in order to make the SL’s resettlement as effective as possible Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-30
    91. 91. • Initial tasks completed by RIS: • RIS have a critical role to play in the successful resettlement of Service Leavers, getting people to think early about life after the Army and working closely with 2nd and 3rd Line • Obtain copy of Unit Termination Forecast (monthly) • Check entitlement in JSP 534 based on SL’s length of service, check correct on JPA and if incorrect or uncertain check with Unit HR staff or IERO. • Explain entitlements to SL, overall process and issue current resettlement guidance material • Arrange resettlement briefing/interviews with 2nd line • Initiate a file to maintain a record of resettlement activity • Ensure SL is aware of the importance of the pension form • Ensure SL is aware of the SPVA Service Leavers’ Pack Resettlement Processes Resettlement Processes & Entitlements Module 3-31
    92. 92. End of Day 1 Revision Exercise Wash Up Module 3-32
    93. 93. Questions? Wash Up Module 3-33