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10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
10 Realizations About Prayer
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10 Realizations About Prayer


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10 Realizations About Prayer …

10 Realizations About Prayer
From the writings of Charles Fillmore.

Blessings, Clive deLaporte
Spiritual Director
Licensed Unity Minister

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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. PRAYER 10 Realizations About Prayer From the teachings of Charles Fillmore prepared by Clive deLaporte SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR Licensed Unity Minister
  • 2. OPENING AFFIRMATION For the Divine Truth realizing in me, Demonstrating through me, And manifesting in my life With ease and grace today. I am so thankful, I am so blessed.
  • 3. “In true prayer we take with us words of Truth … an affirmation, and turn our attention within to the very center of our being … We affirm these words of Truth and meditate on them, then get very still and wait in the silence for God to make them real to us.” Charles Fillmore True Prayer
  • 4. “Prayer is an affirmation of that which is in Being. [We pray] In order that the creative law of the word may be fulfilled, we must pray. All things are in God as potentialities. It is man's share in the creative process to bring the unmanifest to manifestation.” Charles Fillmore Affirmation
  • 5. “It is necessary to pray believing that we have received because God is all that we desire. The good always exists in Divine Mind as ideas, and we bring it into manifestation through the prayer of faith, affirmation, praise, and acknowledgment.” Charles Fillmore Faith
  • 6. “It is the only way to cleanse and perfect the consciousness” Charles Fillmore “Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until man's consciousness synchronizes with the Christ Mind.” Charles Fillmore Consciousness
  • 7. First, RELAXATION. Second, CONCENTRATION. Third, MEDITATION. Forth, SILENCE. Fifth, THANKSGIVING. Unity Prayer Practice
  • 8. “Do not supplicate or beg God to give you what you need, but get still and think about the inexhaustible resources of infinite Mind, its presence in all its fullness, and its constant readiness to manifest itself for you when its laws are complied with.” Charles Fillmore Infinite Mind
  • 9. “The inner chamber is the "secret place of the Most High" (Psalms 91:1). It is the very depths of a man's consciousness. To enter it is to turn the attention from the without to the within. To "shut thy door" is to still the senses and close the mind against every disturbing exterior thought.” Charles Fillmore Temple
  • 10. “We should "pray without ceasing." We should continue "steadfastly in prayer." We should acquire in prayer a facility in asking equal to the expert mathematician's swiftness in handling numbers; having done that, we shall get responses in like proportion.” Charles Fillmore Mathematics
  • 11. “When man silently asks for the intervention of Spirit in restoring health, he is calling into increased activity the natural forces of the body. Through prayer the mind is renewed and the body transformed.” Charles Fillmore Transformation
  • 12. “We give our children what we consider good gifts, from our limited and transitory store, but when the gifts of God are put into our mind we have possessions that are eternal, that will go on producing for all time.” Charles Fillmore Eternal Good
  • 13. PRAYER FOR PROTECTION The Light of God surrounds me; The Love of God enfolds me; The Power of God protects me, The Presence of God watches over me; Wherever I AM, God is, and all is well.