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All about mms

  1. 1. How Jim Humble Discovered MMSAs a career aerospace research engineer, Jim Humble seems an unlikelycandidate for creating one of the most controversial health supplementsavailable today. During a prospecting trip in South America he stumbled uponwhat he now calls the Miracle Mineral Solution, an orally ingested liquidcompound he believes holds the cure to malaria as well as a plethora of majorailments including cancer.Humbles revolutionary creation hasnt come without its share of skepticismand warnings. In June of 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued aformal warning about the product stating that it posed extreme health riskswhen used as directed. Humble continues to dispute those risks citinghundreds of thousands of people he believes were saved by his Miracle MineralSolution.How Humble Discovered MMSIt all began on a trip in search for gold and Humble struck it, only in aslightly different liquid form. While trudging through mines in SouthAmerica, Humble was well aware of the often unsanitary water conditions thatbore parasites and brought illness. In preparation he brought along waterpurification pills to ensure that whatever water he ingested was safe andfree of disease. With malaria so rampant, causing the deaths of many aroundhim, he took no chances.However, he felt a need to try and help those who were suffering. He came upwith a striking idea. If the water purification pills, containing chlorinedioxide, could successfully kill all harmful bacteria in the water he wasdrinking without poisoning the water itself, why couldnt the same be truefor harmful bacteria in the human body, which is over seventy percent water?Humble decided then to create a chlorine dioxide compound that could beingested orally without being permanently harmful to the human body. Thatcompound is now known as the Miracle Mineral Solution. A miracle, he claims,because it not only simply works to kill diseases in the human body, butbecause it does so at such a rapid speed. Humble claims to have personallycured over 2,000 people of malaria and helped others learn how to cure almostone hundred thousand more cases, most fully recovering from their symptoms inless than four hours.Though he does not dispute the fact that his compound does produce chlorinedioxide, the bleach compound that most of the world has grown up viewing as ahighly dangerous compound, Humble does stand by the fact that ingesting it inthe amount and method directed by the Miracle Mineral Solution is notharmful.Humble has written numerous books and gives a lecture series on the basicscience behind chemical reactions and how MMS, though feared by some becauseof its revolutionary and unconventional contents, can save the lives ofmillions around the world who are faced with diseases and ailments that haveno known cure. He has claimed to have cured AIDS, cancer, malaria incountries plagued by the illnesses and believes that MMS will find its placein the United States as more and more people begin to learn about the powerof the Miracle Mineral Solution.MMS and Malaria
  2. 2. With millions of people dying of malaria around the world, the medicalcommunity is constantly searching for a way to effectively treat and preventthe disease from wiping out and crippling entire regions. One man, JimHumble, believes hes found the solution. He calls his discovery the MiracleMineral Solution and his revolutionary, and controversial, cure has createdquite the chemical stir.The Miracle Mineral Solution is a liquid compound that when used as directedcreates a chlorine dioxide formula. This solution, meant to be orallyingested, supposedly acts like chlorine would in water, killing all harmfuldiseases in the human body. In essence, MMS is chlorine for the body. Thispurification system, Humble claims, has allowed him to personally cure over2,000 cases of malaria. He is said to have trained numerous others to createthe compound, a solution he modeled after water purification pills, and as aresult nearly one hundred thousand more cases were cured in a matter ofhours.Suggesting that people ingest any amount of chlorine dioxide has, of course,raised a few eyebrows in the medical and scientific community. The U.S. Foodand Drug Administration, the FDA, has even issued a formal warning againstthe use of the Miracle Mineral Solution suggesting that if used as directed,MMS could cause health problems and recommends that those who are taking itstop its use immediately.Despite the skepticism and criticism that Jim Humble and the Miracle MineralSolution are facing in the United States, Humble continues to encourage itsuse around the globe, standing by his beliefs that the solution can and doescure malaria and could potentially save the lives of millions around theworld and eradicate the crippling disease forever. Humble has written severalbooks on the subject and has, what he says, scientific proof that MMS curesmalaria but that it does so at rapid speeds and at an extremely low cost. TheFDA argues that there remains no empirical evidence that the Miracle MineralSolution can effectively cure malaria or any other diseases it claims tocure.Questions remain as to whether or not MMS is a true effort to contribute tomedical discourse and offer a solution for a debilitating disease plaguingthe most poverty stricken parts of the world, or if it is merely a scam thatprays on those in the most desperate need for hope, who are willing to takeany risk for the faint prospect of health. Many argue that if such a simplesolution did exist for curing malaria, why didnt the premiere scientists andphysicians in the world ever come to a similar solution? Others hark back tothe fact that some of the most life-changing discoveries have been made byaccident, by people with little or no training in that particular field ofstudy in which they changed the course of understanding.With such a hot button issue like malaria, it is unlikely to be long before adefinitive answer can be made on the Miracle Mineral Solution and its trueabilities to cure malaria.MMS and Parasite ControlJim Humble stumbled upon his idea for the Miracle Mineral Solution whenprospecting for gold in South America. Entrenched in the mines, he broughtwith him water purification pills to ensure that the water he was drinkingwas free of parasite causing diseases that plagued many in the general SouthAmerican community. Poor water sanitation and a lack of effective parasiticcontrol made for the easy spread of crippling diseases like malaria that
  3. 3. often wiped out entire communities of people. Humble wasnt about to addhimself to the list of casualties. His precautionary measures, namely hiswater purification pills may very well have saved his life but he claims thatthese pills can save the lives of millions around the globe.A chemical compound that when used as directed takes the form of chlorinedioxide, the Miracle Mineral Solution supposedly works in the human body likechlorine does in a water supply. Most people are familiar with chlorinedioxide as an extremely strong chemical that is used for industrial watertreatment and the idea of ingesting it directly seems like a dangerousdecision. These skeptics are not alone. The U.S. Food and DrugAdministration, the FDA, feels strongly that the Miracle Mineral Solution isdangerous when used as directed and that ingesting chlorine dioxide in theamount suggested can prove to be harmful. The FDA issued a statementrecommending that those who use MMS stop doing so immediately.This however, has not stopped Jim Humble from writing numerous books andlecture series on the effectiveness of his discovery. He believes that MMShas no harmful effects on the human body and can actually serve as a cure forillnesses like the common cold to debilitating disease like malaria and evencancer.Because of the ability for chlorine dioxide to kill parasites in water soeffectively while leaving the water safe to drink, Humble says MMS can do thesame in the human body which is over seventy percent water itself. Hebelieves that science has yet to truly understand the power of chlorinedioxide and its ability to cure parasites that plague the human body. Hisdiscovery, the Miracle Mineral Solution, is his proof that chlorine dioxidecan work just as well when ingested orally as it does when placed in watersupplies. If it can be used to kill anthrax, why cant it be used to killcancer, Humble suggests.Though Humble claims to have evidence that the Miracle Mineral Solution doesin fact work in killing harmful parasites in the human body without doingharm to the body itself, a cloud of skepticism remains as to the validity ofhis work. The FDA claims no such evidence exists that proves Humbles claimsto be true and that the known chemical nature of the compound, when used asdirected, can in fact be harmful. With so little quantitative scientificevidence available on the product and the subject itself, it is of vitalimportance that the public be wary of any unsubstantiated claims and do ampleamount of research before committing to their use.How MMS Works Within the BodyThe Miracle Mineral Solution introduced by Jim Humble claims to be a trulyrevolutionary yet relatively scientifically simple cure for some of theworlds most debilitating and deadly diseases such as malaria and cancer.These claims have raised a lot of skepticism and have even resulted in theU.S. Food and Drug Administration releasing an official and jarring warningagainst the use of MMS due to its chemical make-up.The Miracle Mineral Solution uses chlorine dioxide, not to be mistaken forchlorine itself. Though chlorine dioxide is different to chlorine, it remainsa highly volatile and potentially dangerous compound. Chlorine dioxide is sostrong that it is used for industrial water treatment as well as forstripping textiles.
  4. 4. When used as directed and added to an acidic beverage, the Miracle MineralSolution and the acid create the volatile chlorine dioxide solution that isthen ingested orally into the human body. Jim Humble claims that when thesolution enters the bloodstream, the energized nature of the substanceattracts electrons whenever it comes across diseased cells. This essentiallyoxidizes the diseases cells, curing the body of whatever ailments they mayhave been causing.Humble claims that because red blood cells cannot differentiate betweenoxygen and chlorine dioxide, they pick up the chlorine dioxide as they wouldpick up oxygen. They carry this solution with them until encountering adiseased cell. Diseased cells that have a positive ionic charge are thenneutralized when the energized chlorine dioxide attracts the electrons fromthe diseased cell. This destroys the diseased cell and supposedly thechlorine dioxide with it. It essentially sets itself off like a little bombwhen it encounters a trigger. In this case a diseased cell serves as achemical trigger. If the red blood cell carrying the chlorine dioxide doesnot encounter a diseased cell to destroy and thus be destroyed itself, itwill undergo the bodys normal process of fighting off poison and willeffectively be destroyed thereby eliminating the risk of any harm coming tothe body from its ingestion.Say the chlorine dioxide never reaches a point where it may face destruction;then what? Humble suggests that this may in fact be the most beneficial stageof the Miracle Mineral Solution. If the chlorine dioxide is faced with anatural destabilization of its electrons, it will take a form easily combinedwith an immune system substance responsible for the creation of hypochlorousacid which is a killer of some of the most dangerous pathogens, includingcancerous cells. By taking MMS, Humble believes the increase in hypochlorousacid production can prove to cure cancer.It is important to note that though in theory the idea may seem plausible tosome, there exists no substantiated evidence of the impact this particularsolution has on the human body. Many scientists and physicians argue thedangers of ingesting such levels of chlorine dioxide and the FDA specificallywarns against the use of the Miracle Mineral Solution due to its potentialdangers. The information represented above is based on the claims made by JimHumble and the Miracle Mineral Solution. All information requires properscientific analysis.What is the Miracle Mineral Supplement Protocol?Jim Humbles miracle product, the Miracle Mineral Supplement, comes with avery specific protocol for use. The orally ingested chlorine dioxide solutionis said to only work when specific directions are followed. Please be awarethat the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has issued a warningregarding MMS saying that when used as directed, it can in fact be harmful toyour health. However, Humble stands by his product and suggests that whenfollowing MMS protocol, the product poses no immediate harm to the humanbody.Humble instructs a person to always activate Miracle Mineral Supplement dropswith an acidic liquid such as lemon juice drops or lime juice drops. It isimportant that the ratio of the acidic liquid and the MMS be 5:1 or fivedrops of acidic liquid for every one drop of the Miracle Mineral Supplement.Once a person has mixed these two substances in an empty and dry vessel theymust wait three minutes for a chemical reaction to occur. After these three
  5. 5. minutes have passed, they then add one-third to two-thirds of water or juice.Then, and only then is the Miracle Mineral Supplement ready to drink.MMS protocol does warn against the extreme use of MMS when first starting touse the supplement. It advises that individuals start with only one or twodrops of MMS. Those who are facing serious illness or are particularlysensitive should only start with one half a drop.If you are able to handle the dosage, and not feel nauseated by the amounttaken in your first dose, you may increase the number of drops by one foryour next dose of the Miracle Mineral Supplement. The protocol allows for twodoses of the supplement to be taken a day, one in the morning and one atnight, and also allows for an increase of MMS drops for each new dose.The Miracle Mineral Supplement protocol notes that diarrhea and vomiting mayoccur; however, these side effects are not a bad sign. Diarrhea and vomitingmay actually mean the body is simply successfully ridding itself of toxins.MMS protocol suggests that such side effects will disappear just as fast asthey arrived so there is little cause for concern.The protocol also notes that individuals with better diets will more easilyabsorb nutrients from the foods they are eating as a result of taking theMiracle Mineral Supplement.All bottles of MMS should be kept out of sunlight and remain tightly sealedto ensure their effectiveness.As for further information on the use of the product, MMS protocol refersusers to Jim Humbles numerous books on the subject.Like any medication or supplement used in hopes of benefiting ones health,it is important that consumers do ample research on the validity andeffectiveness of the product, particularly those that face ample skepticismor that have been issued official warnings.