Smartphones & Mobile Internet


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Smartphones & Mobile Internet

  1. 1. Attracting new Patients in theMobile Internet Market Preparing your Practice for the Smartphone Generation Your Logo Presentation TOG Seminar Sep 2011
  2. 2. Content1 Smartphone & Table penetration 2010-20112 Who uses smartphones? How to apply this to your marketing3 Reaching your patients using mobile technology4 Social Media –to use or not to use?5 Quick quiz on mobile use6 Connecting with TOG with your Mobile/Tablet
  3. 3. Smartphone & Table penetration 2010-2011 87% of mobiles can potentially connect to the internet 46% of mobile owners use the internet on their mobile 20% listen to the radio on their mobile every day 18% of smartphone owners watch videos content on their mobile every day 16% of mobile owners clicked a mobile advert recently Source: Mobile Ireland 2011Source@ Mindshare Ireland/Sponge It survey 2010
  4. 4. Who is using Smartphones? (Irl)Facts from the Irish Experience What are we doing with our Smartphones? How to apply this information to your Practice 1. Do I have a website/blog/facebook 1. The most popular use of smartphones in profile? Ireland, as performed by 46% of users on a 2. Do I email my customers regularly? daily basis, is searching online. 3. Do my patients have a social media 2. The second most popular task is checking (e.g. twitter, facebook) presence? email (39%), 4. Do I regularly provide editorial/blog 3. thirdly social networking (also 39%), content of a newsworthy nature? 4. and lastly consuming news (36%). 5. Am I contacting my patients at a time when they are likely to be online? These popular activities predominately occur between six and ten in the evening, and in conjunction with other forms of media Make sure your internet presence is consumption like watching television. working for you by knowing who your patient is and when and how s/he is using their mobile device.Source@ Mindshare Ireland/Sponge It survey 2010
  5. 5. Who is using Smartphones? (Irl)Facts from the Irish Experience Ireland-Facts about Smartphone usage How to apply this information to your Practice 1. Who is your “typical” patient? 1. Men aged between 18-34 years are 2. Can you group patients easily by twice as likely to use their smartphone age/gender etc? as their female counterparts. 3. Ask your patients what is the best way 2. Social networking is most popular on to contact them-get them to opt in. smartphones for women aged 18-34 years, 3. Email is most popular for those aged over 50 years. Choose the messaging tool that best applies to your patientsSource@ Mindshare Ireland/Sponge It survey 2010
  6. 6. A warning: The Phone might be Smart….Know HOW your patient uses his/her phone Before spending a lot of time/energy... •People are triggered to search, post a facebook status or seek more information about your practice/services by what they hear /see or read in traditional media. • Smartphones give consumers immediate access to brands /services when they want to find out more whenever or wherever they are. •Over half of mobile phone owners don’t use the internet on their handsets:!!! •More basic services, such as texting, should be integrated with your mobile strategy.Source@ Mindshare Ireland/Sponge It survey 2010
  7. 7. Garlic Bread-It’s the futurePreparing a basic mobile strategySmartphones are here to stay:- How to apply this information to your Practice now and in the future 1. Use SMS texting to communicate with 1. 90% of the population owns a mobile your patients. phone* 2. Have a web presence-even if its just a 2. 98% of mobile phones have SMS free website or facebook page. texting* 3. Make sure you can be easily found 3. SMS texting is the easiest, cheapest online-and that the information on your and most effective way to reach your website/facebook profile meets the patient/customer. needs of your patient/potential 4. 86% of mobile phones can connect to patients. the internet but only 50% (and 4. Use email and social media to connect growing) phones are used this way. with your patients and potential 5. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other patients by posting/sending relevant social media are growing as a way of messages. communication via mobile devices but 5. Think about how YOU use your Email is still the most commonly used smartphone/Tablet(iPad). internet application on smartphones. 6. Patients use their mobile internet most in the evenings 7. Tablets/iPads: Don’t ignore them- Use the mobile phone/internet with your they’re here to stay patients and potential patients in mind.*
  8. 8. Quiz! Measure your use of Mobile PhonesMy mobile use-Self Check My patients-some questions… 1 How often do you text messages on your mobile? 2 tHow often do I send text A:____________________ messages to my patients? ___________________ What for? Could I use sms texting more to encourage Do you use your mobile to better communications? browse the web? (Y/N) If Y: When?/What? Do my patients use my website? What is my A:____________________ website/facebook profile _____________________ for? Can I improve it? Do you use email on your Do I email patients? Could I mobile phone? (Y/N) use email more instead of SMS texting? If yes,when/how frequently? A:____________________ How can I use ______________________ twitter/facebook to build my practice? Do you use social media? (Y/N) If Yes, which ones? For what? YourA:____________________ own footer ______________________ _
  9. 9. TOG Orthotics & t’Internet, Mobile etcConnect with TOG-it’s all good and all FREE!!•New look website•Subscribe to RSS feed here:•Follow us on twitter:•“Like” us on Facebook!/pages/TOG-Orthotics-International/147707749303•Check out our video content on•Talk to us FREE on Skype (you’ll need to download skype first though!!!) (our handle is tog-orthotics)•Follow Paul’s blog on and tell us what contentyou would like to see! Source@ Mindshare Ireland/Sponge It suvey 2010 Your Logo
  10. 10. THANK YOU!