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The Promises and Pitfalls of Marketing a Private Practice Online in the 21st Century
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The Promises and Pitfalls of Marketing a Private Practice Online in the 21st Century


Published on

Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling Directory at presents on the promises and pitfalls of online marketing for therapists.

Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling Directory at presents on the promises and pitfalls of online marketing for therapists.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • -preamble: like the evening to be interactive and please interrupt with your questions to make the evening dynamic and interesting -don’t want to do a 2 hour download -introduce myself and my history -tonight is a brief overview of online marketing – give you a flavour of what’s possible -I’ll be giving you more resources at the end of the presentation if you want more help with this
  • -yes! -discuss importance of niche- can have 2 or 3 -position yourself as an expert -Google works when you work with a dedicated population -marketing easier- 1 newsletter, 1 social media strategy
  • -copy is focused on client‘s pain and suffering Easy to navigate and find the pages -copy is compelling- written in client‘s language -use effective headlines: 80% read headline and 20% continue reading -web useability studies- clients speed read, use heading, subheadings, short paragraphs, 1 idea per paragraph, short sentences -call to action- what is it -research shows that people do take more action Websites: Recommend WordPress as a reasonably easy CMS
  • -CLEAR NAVIGATION -branding through use of logo and picture- makes it personal -multi-media- use video and audio- words are no longer enough- web visitors are savvy -my call to action is to get my free report and sign up for newsletter- capture the website visitor- then use content marketing to build relationship -continue to offer valuable information over time to build relationship 10 MISTAKES THERAPISTS MAKE on their website Therapist has NO website- absolutely essential today Website is all about them and their experience and qualifiications Website looks unprofessional, homemade or like a home-study poroject Website is generalist in nature- trying to capture every possible client Navigation menu is unclear- (anytime a reader is lost, they will leave!) Therapist uses therapy terms and psychobabble and reader doesn’t understand No calls to action on the pages The website is impersonal in nature- looks like a corporate clinic with no human element The website is not optimised for keyword sin their niche Website has different coloured fonts of different sizes- aesthically displeasing and hard on eyes
  • -Facebook- build your authority in your niche -provide ongoing valuable content that people come back for more and more -send traffic to your website, promote your article Twitter -in public forum- you follow people, they follow you I’ve connected with many colleagues worldwide -opened up opportunities like presenting at Therapist Leadership Conference for last 2 years -great for networking Google+ -new kid on block -like twitter, use circles-much easier to deliniate who gets your messages Visual and content -not as many people
  • 10 TIPS FOR FACEBOOK SUCCESS Use images for impact Share inspirational quotes Be humorous and entertaining! Share articles related to your niche Self-promote using the 80/20 rule Respond to your comments Be engaging and inspire engagement Ask questions to promote interaction Discuss topical and current events Post no more than 3-4 times a day with at least 3 hours between posts
  • -when you have a group, workshop, product, higher conversion rate -ethical way to do email marketing -email marketing still one of the most powerful forms of email marketing
  • Content marketing is connecting with prospective clients through offering valuable information and content over time -build relationship, much more likely they come a clients later on -I have clients that have said I’ve been reading your newsletter for 2 years and now want to come in -low cost, creative, builds your authority in your niche Most people not ready to be client immediately Need to KNOW LIKE TRUST you Create a blog on your website Write foundational articles that are helpful and provide value -make offers ‘if you need support for this’ Sell your health-related products over time- ebooks, e-courses, online groups, audios
  • -coffee shop rule -
  • Session #1: Developing an effective website that attracts your ideal clients with the problems you do your best work with. The importance of defining your niche (no wonder your phone is not ringing) The best Content Management Systems to make creating and managing your own website a breeze The most important elements of a therapy website that converts visitors into paying clients What NOT to do on your website (and SO many therapists make these mistakes) Session #2: Copywriting basics: Help people understand your services and how you can help them in THEIR language An overview of copywriting basics and the most important features of effective copywriting How to structure your Home page so that clients take action The essential pages for your copy that every website needs How to write in a way that you build relationships and your subscribers read your content Session #3: Harnessing the power of blogging to build your authority and expertise in your community Why you need a blog and how it helps your business The benefits of blogging for your business AND your clients Blogging fundamentals: how to blog so that visitors keep coming back for more Effective content marketing strategies for broadcasting your message Session #4: Website SEO: How to build your website so you receive search engine love An overview of search engine optimisation; what it is, how it works, why you should care How to structure your website to improve your organic search rankings The most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them The power of guest blogging to increase traffic to your site Session #5: Social media: 850 million people can’t be wrong, so don’t miss the boat! The most important social media platforms to consider in your marketing strategy How being social online increases your website traffic and your authority A brief overview of social media decorum: what to do and what to avoid How to effectively share your content with social media Session #6: List-building, email marketing and newsletters The importance of a list and why you need to start one How to unleash the power of email marketing How your newsletter grows your audience and brings you clients An overview of the best email marketing software and autoresponders
  • Transcript

    • 1. THE PROMISES AND PITFALLS OFMARKETING A PRIVATE PRACTICEONLINE IN THE 21STCENTURYwith Clinton Power, Developer and Founder PowerCoaching and ConsultingOnline marketing and social media consultant for health careprofessionals and small business ownersAustralia Counselling& Consulting Pty 61 412 241 © 2012
    • 2. DOES ONLINE MARKETING FORTHERAPISTS WORK?•YES! But…you need to consider a niche•Search engines favour niches•Clients are looking for ‘experts’•Marketing is easier and more streamlinedAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 3. THERAPIST WEBSITES: WHAT WORKS•Client focused•Clear and easy navigation•Compelling copy•Clear calls to actionAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 4. FEATURES OF WEBSITES THATATTRACT CLIENTSAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA FOF THERAPISTS:CAN IT GET YOU CLIENTS?•Facebook: 850 million members•Twitter: 300 million members•LinkedIn: 120 million members•Google+: 100 million membersAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 6. FACEBOOKAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 7. •Why build a list?•The ethical bribe•How a list brings you business over time•The power of email marketingAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012THE IMPORTANCE OF LIST-BUILDING AND EMAIL MARKETING
    • 8. BUILD A LIST OF PEOPLE INTERESTEDIN YOUR CONTENTAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 9. CONTENT MARKETING•What is content marketing?•Why content marketing works•How to get started with content marketingAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 10. ETHICAL ISSUES RELATED TO ONLINEMARKETING AND THE USE OF SOCIALMEDIA•Can you be ethical and use socialmedia?•The importance of a social media policyAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 11. IF YOU WANT SOME HELP WITH THIS…Membership with•On first page of Google for numerous keywords•Easy to search via location, area of practice or approach•Access to premium content: PD talks and marketing tutorials•Membership is for all Australian mental health professionals whobelong to a professional associationIndividual Coaching, Consulting & Copywriting with Clinton•Contact me for more information Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 12. Q AND AAustralia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012
    • 13. CONTACT CLINTON Australia Counselling & Consulting Pty LtdCopyright © 2012Website: /SydneyTherapistFacebook: /ClintonPowerCoachingConsulting