SEO Tip – Use Content and Inbound Marketing to Your Advantage


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There are a lot of ways for your SEO campaign. Make use of content and inbound marketing as one of your strategy for your online business to succeed. Read on.

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SEO Tip – Use Content and Inbound Marketing to Your Advantage

  1. 1. SEO Tip – Use Content and Inbound Marketing to Your Advantage©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Instead of cold calling, why not look for an effective way to get the customerscoming to you for a change?Outbound online marketing strategies aren’t exactly obsolete but online inboundmarketing techniques certainly are much easier to succeed with — if you do it right.Inbound marketing helps you do marketing and SEO together.Instead of doing the online equivalent of cold calling and banging on doors,inbound marketing helps people find you. Instead of banging on other doors,people could be knocking on your door. SEO can help you substantially, especiallyif you do it with strong marketing techniques built in to your optimisation approach.And the great news is that a bit of effort can pay off repeatedly.Offer InformationA big part of succeeding with inbound marketing involves sharing informationonline. Making information available to potential customers is the way to go in theinformation age where consumers use the information that they find online to helpthem make their purchasing choices.There are many ways to use information to help your site get found. Much of theworld of SEO is built on the basic concept of content marketing. By creating andoffering content, you’ve got an opportunity to market to interested people and builda relationship with them. Content can be shared via your site and via many web 2.0properties. It can also be syndicated so that it can be spread far and wide —increasing the eyes that will land on it.Press releases, SEO articles for content sites, and blog posting are all goodapproaches to take. Provide information and then work to get the visitor to yourwebsite through your byline. Don’t forget keyword rich anchor text to help youincrease your page rank.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Tip: Make the Info Keyword RichKeyword richness that is done carefully online can be very beneficial. But there’s afine line to walk between keyword rich and keyword stuffed so don’t make keywordoptimisation your primary objective when working on inbound marketing. The bestapproach to take is to be informative first and think SEO second.Keyword integration into the title, the headers, the text, and optimisation of varioustags on the page can all help your article get found. Making it rich with good andinformative content will also help the content get acted upon and shared withothers. Strategic positioning of content is also important.Strive for Opt-In InfoWhen people do find you via your optimised inbound marketing efforts, make sureyou don’t lose out on the opportunity. Strive to get people to opt in to receivingfuture communication from you. You can do this multiple ways, such as by offeringsomething in exchange for a reader’s opt-in to your newsletter.Then you’ll have the opportunity to drip-feed future info to that potential customerthat could either gradually bring someone closer to a sale or that could evenconvert them to a buyer over and over again.Analyse ResultsIf results are great, lather, rinse, and repeat. If not, tweak, test out, and analyseagain. You may opt to change your SEO strategy or to do more of the same butanother big benefit of inbound marketing techniques is that they’re easy tomeasure, especially when compared to 20 th century marketing that took a long timeto plan and execute and an even longer amount of time to measure.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. When doing inbound marketing efforts as part of your SEO strategy, a carefulapproach is smart. Carefully crafted purposeful content placed in the right onlineplaces could do great things for the success of your website. If you need helpcrafting an SEO approach that will work and help you get people queuing up to dobusiness with you, Oracle Digital would be happy to help. We can help you creategreat informative content and we can position it online in places and in ways thatwill help you get found. Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4