Pre-Emptive Reputation Management – Brand Protection in Tough Times


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Oracle Digital our experts in the art of online reputation management offering both pre-emptive and reactive services to our clients. We offer a personalised, confidential service to business owners right across Australia.

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Pre-Emptive Reputation Management – Brand Protection in Tough Times

  1. 1. Pre-Emptive ReputationManagement – Brand Protection in Tough Times
  2. 2. Oracle Digital this week was given its largest reputation management assignment ever. To formulate astrategy to counteract some negative online information that is gaining traction in both Google and onthe popular social networking platform Facebook. Considering that we deal with reputationmanagement enquiries on a regular basis, what makes this situation so special?Well the client in question (kept confidential for obvious reasons) has over a quarter of a billion dollarsworth of products in the marketplace and you better believe that the type of consumers which would beinterested in purchasing his products will be researching both his company and the products in greatlength before making a decision to do business together. We discussed his deep regret in the fact thathe had simply overlooked the need to engage in pre-emptive reputation management for hisbusiness.As a direct result of this negative online exposure, the clients offline and online reputation is sufferingbadly which of course is having a terrifying impact on his revenue.Revenue and Reputation – The two edged sword onlineIt is obviously a very well known fact that businesses allacross Australia and around the world are flocking to theinternet like moths to a light bulb to market their productsand services. While many companies are facing dailyoperational challenges just to stay alive, Oracle Digitaland companies of the like are thriving due to the internetrapidly becoming for some, the one and only place tomarket their business. A well oiled digital marketingstrategy is sure to increase the revenue for any businesswhether you are strictly an online, or even a bricks andmortar business.But what happens when it all goes horribly wrong?Let me guess, you have been running an amazingly profitable and successful business for many yearsoffering a first class product or service to businesses or consumers? As the age old adage suggests,the customer is always right – but as we know all too well, there is always one customer that you justcannot keep happy!In the age of internet marketing, the chances are that if your business exists in an industry niche that ishighly profitable then the competition amongst the search terms your wanting to rank your business for
  3. 3. will be highly sought after, except for one search term, your brand name! 99 out of 100 business areleft exposed and helpless to protect themselves against this unwanted and often unfounded exposure.When a disgruntled customer decides to take their dissatisfaction to the next level there are manyways that they can make a serious impact online; Reporting to government regulatory bodies like the ACCC resulting in punitive measures. Posting to online forums & review websites Use of a dedicated website to attack your brand (or you trademarked?)Enter the need for Pre-Emptive Reputation ManagementIn a rapidly changing business landscape, where holding on to loyal customers can be the differencebetween swimming or sinking for your business, you need to be thinking about the real value ofinvesting in pre-emptive online reputation management for your business. Don’t wait until it is all toolate, because reputation management SEO is not an overnight fix.Very few businesses are established enough to ride out the possible effects of an online reputationdisaster. Investing in pre-emptive reputation management is much more cost effective than reactivereputation management when something goes wrong!What businesses are most at risk?Obviously there are certain business models that are not forced to suddenly rush out and embark ona pre-emptive reputation management campaign. Business owners can usually form an understandingof as to whether reputation management may be needed for their business based upon their previoushistory of customer complaints, and the financial implications of making a complaint go away. Some ofthe key indicators that your business needs pre-emptive reputation management as listed below; Big Marketing Budgets – Does your company have a large marketing budget that as a result sees your customers being driven online to search for your company brand name? Trades of Craftsmanship – Are you in the trades industry and rely heavily upon managing your customers’ expectations of your craftsmanship? Complex Intellectual Property – Do you exist in the technology industry that may require a deep level of understanding and knowledge about your product to keep a customer happy? Celebrities or Authority Figures – Are you a person in the media or public spotlight that often finds your comments or actions coming under scrutiny?
  4. 4. If reading this article has brought upon the need to protect your online reputation, then contact ustoday! Oracle Digital, our experts in the art of online reputation management offering both pre-emptiveand reactive services to our clients. We offer a personalised, confidential service to business ownersright across Australia.