New NAB Report Shows Australians Spent $11 Billion for Online Purchases in 2012


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Digital marketing company Oracle Digital improves its roster of products and services to help clients have better sales.

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New NAB Report Shows Australians Spent $11 Billion for Online Purchases in 2012

  1. 1. New NAB Report Shows Australians Spent $11 Billion for Online Purchases in 2012©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Digital marketing company Oracle Digital improves its roster ofproducts and services to help clients have better sales.Oracle Digital, considered as one of the top SEO specialists in Perth, has honed itsinventory of products and services to cater to the ongoing popularity of the online world asa business platform.This move of the company is in relation to recent findings showing that online sales havebeen steadily growing, as well as the corresponding claims by experts that retailers mustseriously consider using virtual schemes in order to make more sales in the long run.In the latest Online Retail Sales Index released by National Australia Bank (NAB), it wasshown that online sales for the year 2012 (ending in April 2012), has grown at aconsiderable rate – with the sector having a growth rate of around 15% or a total value of$11.1 Billion for the year.The NAB sales index also showed that 73% of online sales are being enjoyed by domesticretailers, while sales from international online companies have likewise been gainingground, with a respective increase of 13%.According to NAB, most of the sales made by online retailers are from those belonging inthe 30s and 40s age bracket. This is in relation to studies showing that buyers under their30s usually opt to make their purchases from international retailers instead.The report further showed that metropolitan residents take up around 72% of the totalonline purchases made for the year. But, in another note, the report also showed thatsince 2011, regional spending has been gaining more compared to metropolitanspending.Among the different parts of the country, Western Australia was found with the highestgrowth rate of 32%, which is the twice the national average.According to business experts and analysts, these figures are reflective of the changingbusiness environment, consumer preferences – and the need for retailers to adaptaccordingly, with the use of online tools and different multi-channel business approaches.This view is shared by Clint Maher, Director of Operations of Oracle Digital. Maher says,“With the ever-changing business climate and the constant changes that takes place inconsumer spending – retailers must seriously consider using online procedures in order toadapt to them accordingly. After all, not only does it provide a wider market, but it will alsoprovide more options for a business as well.”©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. In another note, Maher explains that having just a plain website will not be enough for anonline endeavour to be successful. He says, “If you want to succeed using the onlineapproach, you must make use of the proper SEO techniques. Why? Because withoutSEO, you will not be able to efficiently spread your message across, regardless of howgood your site looks, or how excellent your products may be.”Indeed, if one wants to take advantage of the seeming indispensability of the onlineplatform, using the right online strategies and procedures must be undertaken. OracleDigital can provide this assistance.Oracle Digital is the leading SEO provider for clients from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne,Perth, Sydney and other parts of the country. For more information about the companyand its services, please call 1300 899 851 or visit©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3