Has Google Penguin Rendered SEO Pointless?


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Google is at it again! With the Google penguin update, some websites have seen a big drop in traffic. If your site was considered spammy, Google may have knocked you down a few (or many) pegs on the search engine results pages.

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Has Google Penguin Rendered SEO Pointless?

  1. 1. Has Google Penguin Rendered SEO Pointless?©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Worried About Over-Optimising Penalties due to Google Penguin? Heed ThisAdviceGoogle is at it again! With the Google penguin update, some websites have seen abig drop in traffic. If your site was considered spammy, Google may have knockedyou down a few (or many) pegs on the search engine results pages.No matter what happened with this SEO update it’s important for you to realisesomething. Google will probably never stop tweaking and adjusting theiralgorithms. Your job with SEO is never ever going to be done (NEVER! Cue: evillaugh…)Continually tweaking the algorithms is Google’s concerted effort to operate withcontinuous improvement principles. It’s how they hope they’ll hang on to the lion’sshare of the internet search market by staying ahead of evil SEO super villains whofind ways to fake their way to the top.What does this mean to you, the company who isnt trying to game the system andwho just wants to do the right thing so that you can attract customers to your siteand provide them with an honest-to-goodness product or service? It means you’llwant to continually watch your back, for one thing!Should you just forget SEO and leave things to chance since Google seems like itis constantly trying to stop people from succeeding at it? No. The right strategyfor SEO is more important than ever. The right strategy should encompass doingyour very best to please your customers and to make quality a top priority.  Don’t get as hung up on keyword density.  Don’t be as concerned about link juice and linking strategies  Do get really in tune with what your customers want.  Do put quality at the top of the priority list and keep it there.Sure, keywords, tags, and other SEO elements are still important. But searchengines look at obvious attempts to game the system. They also look at yourconversion rate to see if you’re doing a good job of servicing the traffic they sendyou. When the search engines measure your site, they want to know if you’re doingthings in a way that is bringing you converting traffic. If they send you 10000©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. visitors today and 0 of them convert, search engines will re-assess whether or notyou deserve that traffic.By the same token, if you’re on the bottom of page 1 and are getting more positiveresults than your competitors in spots 1 and 2, search engines will take notice andyou’ll inch your way up those ranks.SEO isn’t Pointless!If you’ve lost rankings you might be thinking that SEO is pointless. But it’s not. It’simportant to do things so that your customers can find you. The right SEOstrategies also include smart on-page optimisation strategies that logically walk thevisitor through the site. The best SEO results happen when you know yourcustomers, know your industry, understand how search engines work, avoidduplicate content, avoid common SEO mistakes, etcetera.SEO isn’t the be-all and end-all. Make sure you employ diverse online marketingstrategies. Content marketing, social media, pay per click, email marketing, andother marketing methods can all help you, too. Develop multiple streams of trafficand a solid customer relationship management strategy so that you don’t have tocontinually chase after new traffic as your only source of income. Your existingcustomers can keep buying and can be a great source of word of mouth referrals,too!Need some help navigating the complex world of Google SEO? Oracle Digital canmake the penguin look more like Chilly Willy rather than the evil penguin fromBatman! Talk to us. We can help you whether you’re new to SEO or are trying torecover from lost rankings from penguins or pandas!http://www.oracledigital.com.auOracle Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3