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Presentation to Douglas College science faculty on OER and the BC Open Textbook initiative.

Presentation to Douglas College science faculty on OER and the BC Open Textbook initiative.



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    OER & Open Textbooks OER & Open Textbooks Presentation Transcript

    • Douglas CollegeFaculty of ScienceApril 29, 2013Clint Lalondeclalonde@bccampus.caThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
    • BCcampusMission:Connect the expertise,programs, and resources of allBC post-secondary institutionsunder a collaborative servicedelivery framework
    • CollaborateConnectBCcampus RoleInnovate
    • BCcampusLines of business: Student Services and Data Exchange Collaborative Programs and Shared Services Curriculum Development andAcademic Growth
    • 2003-2012•$9 million invested•153 grants awarded•100% participation across PS system•83% partnerships•47 credentials developed in whole or part via OPDF•355 courses, 12 workshops, 19 web sites/tools and 396course components (learning objects, labs, textbooks,manuals, videos)100% licensed for open free sharing & reuse by all BCpost-secondaryOPDF
    • Repositories: SOLRsolr.bccampus.ca
    • Remote Science LabsBC-Integrated Lab Network (BC-ILN)bciln.caSOLR: http://solr.bccampus.ca:8001/bcc/items/5ab2d290-8f05-8679-251b-b65662f92230/1/
    • Overview• What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?• Why open textbooks?• Finding textbooks• BC Open Textbook Project
    • “OER are teaching, learning, and researchresources that reside in the public domain or havebeen released under an intellectual property licensethat permits their free use and re-purposing byothers.”What are OER?William & Flora Hewlett Foundationhttp://www.hewlett.org/programs/education-program/open-educational-resources
    • What are OER?“Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any typeof educational materials that are in the publicdomain or introduced with an open license. Thenature of these open materials means that anyonecan legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-sharethem.”UNESCOhttp://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/access-to-knowledge/open-educational-resources/what-are-open-educational-resources-oers/
    • What are OER?• Educational resources (text, images, simulations, multimedia,textbooks)• Accessible by anyone (usually via internet)• Free• Can be modified & adapted
    • What are OER?• Educational resources (text, images, simulations, multimedia,textbooks)• Accessible by anyone (usually via internet)• Free• Can be modified & adaptedTechnical – can a PDF really be open?
    • Open Textbooks“A textbook licensed under an open copyrightlicense, and made available online to be freely usedby students, teachers and members of the public.They are available for free as online versions, andas low-cost printed versions, should students optfor these.”BCcampushttp://open.bccampus.ca/open-textbooks/open-textbook-faq/#1
    • BC Open TextbooksVisual notes of John Yap announcement, Giulia Forsythe http://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/8094691691/Used under Creative Commons attribution share-alike licenseGoal: 40 free and opentextbooks available forthe highest enrolled 1st&2ndyear post-secondarysubjects in BC.
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel
    • Leverage the commons
    • BC Open Textbooks• Available in many formats – choice & remix– HTML, ePub, PDF and print– Mobile & Accessibility• Released with open licenses & openly available– Allow faculty freedom for adaption– Publicly funded should be open licensed &available• High quality material– Peer-review (faculty)– System wide engagement & collaboration
    • Why Open Textbooks?1. Reduce cost for students2. Improve learning3. Greater faculty flexibility
    • Why Open Textbooks?1. Reduce cost for students2. Improve learning3. Greater faculty flexibilityImage: Frustration by Bev Sykes used under Creative Commons Attribution licensehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/basykes/490907537/
    • Reduce student cost• Students spend $1200/yr on textbooks• 4x rate of inflation over past 20 years• 70% students have not purchased textbook for acourse because of price
    • What students think of textbooks“The price of textbooks has influenced my decision to take classes. When the same classis offered by three different instructors, I check which book is the cheapest, and eventhough the professor might not be good, I’m forced to take that class because thetextbook is the cheapest.”“For my ‘Intro to Stats’ class, the usual cost of the textbook is like $120. But then I got acopy from India for like $29. And it’s the exact same copy.”“I was in lab one day and the guy sitting next to me had the PDF version of the bookopened on his computer. And I was like, Oh, can I have a copy? And he sent it over tome.”“I have a friend who actually didn’t spend any money last year for books because hewent to the library at the beginning of the quarter, borrowed books, scanned everything,and had the PDF file.”“My most expensive class was clinical psych, because she writes the textbook herself,and it has a new edition every semester or something ridiculous. So it was like almost$200. And the thing is that you can’t use the previous edition, because she changes itherself because she knows the textbooks sell well. It’s like so manipulative.”Students Get Savvier about Textbook Buying,The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2013http://chronicle.com/article/Students-Get-Savvier-About/136827
    • Reduce student cost - TextbooksSource: OpenStax College http://openstaxcollege.org/June 2012160 school adoptions$2.3 million savings
    • Improve learning• Virginia State University School of Business• 1 year pilot (2010/11)• OTB in 9 courses (Flat World Knowledge FWK)Sources: Open Textbooks and Increased Student Access and Outcomes, EURODL“Students in courses that used FWK textbooks tended to havehigher grades and lower failing and withdrawal rates than thosein courses that did not use FWK texts.”
    • Improve LearningUtah Open Textbook Project1 year pilot10 high school science teachers adapt CK12 textbooks2000 studentsCost US $4.99/book printed & delivered (US $80)Result: 5.9% gain in standardized test scores
    • Improve Learning
    • Improve learning“My textbook is on back-order/in the mail/out ofstock”“I can’t get my textbooks until my student loanarrives”“I’ve got an old edition”Does this resonate with you?
    • Faculty flexibility“adapt & re-share”“repurpose”
    • Faculty flexibility©
    • The 4 R’s
    • Creative Commons
    • Creative CommonsImage from Copyright in Education & Internet in South African Lawhttp://education-copyright.org/creative-commons/Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa license
    • I’m sold. Where can I find open textbooks?
    • Repositories: MerlotMerlot.orgPeer reviewed & user comments
    • Repositories: Merlottaste.merlot.org/opentextbooks2200+ open textbooks1074 Science & Technology326 Math & Stats
    • Repositories: Connexionscnx.orgEndorsement Lenseshttp://cnx.org/lenses
    • Repositories: ConnexionsRemix & authoring
    • Open TextbooksWikibooksWikimedia Foundation projectHuman Physiology: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Human_Physiology
    • Open TextbooksUniversity of Minnesotaopen.umn.edu•Referatory•Some faculty reviews•User friendlyNatural & Physical Sciences https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/SearchResults.aspx?subjectAreaId=8
    • Open TextbooksOpen Staxopenstax.org
    • Open TextbooksOpen Staxopenstax.orgAvailable nowAlgebra-Based PhysicsIntroduction to SociologyGeneral Biology for MajorsConcepts of BiologyComing soonHuman Anatomy and Physiology: May 15, 2013Elementary Statistics: September 30, 2013Pre-Calculus: February 2014Principles of Economics: February 2014Introductory Psychology: October 2014General Chemistry: about July 2014
    • OpenStax College
    • Open TextbooksAmerican Institute of Mathaimath.org/textbooks•Editorial review board•Evaluation criteria
    • American Institute of MathEvaluation criteria includes:•must be able to serve as the primary text in amainstream mathematics course at the undergraduatelevel in U.S. colleges and universities.•They must have exercises.•Class-tested.Watch licenses
    • Open TextbooksCollege Open Textbookscollegeopentextbooks.org28 educational organizations200 US colleges150+ peer reviews of OTBFaculty success stories: http://www.collegeopentextbooks.org/success-stories-
    • Open TextbooksCollege Open Textbooks Communitycollegeopentextbooks.ning.comAdoption: http://collegeopentextbooks.ning.com/page/adoptions-of-open-textbooks
    • Open TextbooksCommunity College Consortium for OpenEducational Resources (CCCOER)Oerconsortium.org750 open textbooksAdoption resources & webinars
    • OTB: What we have been doingOTB Sub-Committee18 membersFaculty, administrators (Thor Borgford, Douglas College), Teaching &learning centres, Libraries, Bookstores, Students, BCCAT, MAEITThe sub-committee advises on:• Identification and prioritization of the 40 subjects• Selection criteria for candidate texts and supplementary resources• Call for proposals processes• Identification of additional consultation and engagement opportunities• Quality assurance and updating processes for resources41 applicants from across BC post-sec
    • OTB: What we have been doingTop 40 subjects basedon course registrationsSource: BC CDW & BC Research InstitutionsFull list: bccampus.ca/top-40-courses
    • OTB: What we have been doingOpen Textbook SummitMarch 2013BCcampusBC AEITCreative CommonseCampus AlbertaAlberta Enterprise & Advanced EducationThe 20 Million Minds FoundationWashington Open Course LibraryUniversity of Minnesota Open Textbook CatalogueLumen LearningSiyavulaOpen Courseware ConsortiumOpenStax/ConnexionsStudent Public Interest Research GroupsRight to Research CoalitionCanadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)
    • OTB Project UpdatePhase 1: Call for Reviews of existing (until May 24)Phase 2: Call for modifications (Fall, 2013)Phase 3: Call for creation (Spring 2014)
    • Phase 1: Faculty Reviews• Seeded 10 open textbooks• $250 faculty review• 4 reviews per textbook• May 24thbccampus.ca/open-textbooks-phase-1-call-for-reviewers/
    • BC Open Textbooksopen.bccampus.ca
    • OTB: Next steps• BCCAT articulation meetings• Library engagement• Authoring platform evaluation• Pressbooks• Connexions/OERPub• Faculty Support• CoP for authors?• Seed more textbooks• Adoption/Adaption Workshops
    • You don’t have to wait for us!
    • Questions?Thank youopen.bccampus.caClint Lalondeclalonde@bccampus.caBCcampus.ca