Organizational Politics - A Survival Guide


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You're smart. You deliver. What else could your company want from you? Why don’t they come to you for the big decisions? Why won’t they listen to your proposals? It seems like everyone has an agenda and they’re doing everything they can to kill your great ideas. To be effective leader we must bring more than our academic pedigrees to an organization. This session attempts to explain the complex nature of organizational politics and how to survive in a dynamic and often chaotic environment.

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  • Organizational Politics - A Survival Guide

    1. Organizational Politics Clint Edmonson A Survival Guide
    2. Disclaimer
    3. Part 1: The Nature of Politics
    4. Responsibility Authority Power Influence
    5. The Purpose Driven Social System
    6. Chaos Theory Point Attractors Cycle Attractors Strange Attractors
    7. Life is like high school
    8. Part 2: Who’s Got An Agenda?
    9. Who’s Got An Agenda? Everybody’s got an agenda!
    10. Your CEO’s Agenda
    11. Economics In One Slide Profit = Revenue - Costs We live in a growth economy.
    12. “ I need to grow the company”
    13. Your CIO’s Agenda
    14. Is the CIO a technologist who understands the business? or a business person who understands technology?
    15. “ I need to add value to the business”
    16. Your Director’s Agenda
    17. “ I need to get the right people working on the right projects”
    18. Your Manager’s Agenda
    19. “ I need to make sure everyone is happy”
    20. Your Coworkers’ Agenda
    21. “ We want to work with great people who carry their own weight”
    22. Your Agenda
    23. “ I need to choose technologies with a future”
    24. “ I need to focus on adding business value and project success – not necessarily efficiency”
    25. Part 3: Survival Tips
    26. Dress +1
    27. Learn the art of small talk
    28. Learn how to read a room
    29. Plug into your company’s information pipeline
    30. Seek out a mentor
    31. Have a best friend at work
    32. Learn the art of public speaking
    33. Evangelize
    34. Build an network of like-minded people
    35. Build coalitions
    36. Learn to the right way to gripe
    37. Keep an eye on the sharks
    38. Be prepared to have the “hard” conversations
    39. Always maintain your composure
    40. Master your political tools Compromise (win-win) Arbitration Escalation
    41. Know your boundaries and limitations
    42. Be a positive force
    43. Learn to read the winds of change
    44. Politics are always more interesting when discussed over a beer
    45. References Systems Thinking – Gharajedaghi What the CEO Want’s You To Know – Charan CIO Wisdom – Lane, et. al. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey How to Win Friends & Influence People – Carnegie Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Cialdini Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming – O’Conner & Seymour
    46. Clint Edmonson Blog: Email: [email_address] Twitter: @clinted