An Overview Of Silverlight 2
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An Overview Of Silverlight 2






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An Overview Of Silverlight 2 An Overview Of Silverlight 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Clint Edmonson Architect Evangelist [email_address] blog: twitter: @clinted Silverlight 2
  • What is Silverlight?
  • Code-named “WPF/e” View slide
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  • Cross-browser
  • Cross-platform
  • Why was Silverlight created?
  • UX
  • Design is inevitable “ Questions about whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point: design is inevitable . The alternative to good design is bad design , not no design at all.” Douglas Martin designer
  • A metaphor
  • “ It just works!”
  • Another metaphor
  • Developers and designers exist in two different time-space continuums
  • How does Silverlight address this problem?
  • Designer/developer experience
      • designers & developers:
      • Speak the same language
    designers design
      • designers & developers:
      • Speak different languages
    developers add business logic The new way for designers and developers to work together designer developer
  • Declarative & Programming Development
    • Easily toolable, declarative markup
    • Code and content are separate
    • Can be rendered in the browser / standalone application
    <Button Width=&quot;100&quot;> OK <Button.Background> LightBlue </Button.Background> </Button> XAML Button b1 = new Button(); b1.Content = &quot;OK&quot;; b1.Background = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue); b1.Width = 100; C# Dim b1 As New Button b1.Content = &quot;OK&quot; b1.Background = New _ SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightBlue) b1.Width = 100 VB.NET
  • What Features Are In Silverlight?
  • - Subset of the .NET runtime on client - VB.NET | C# | JavaScript | Iron Python | Iron Ruby - Subset of the WPF UI framework - Rich control library - Core controls and panels - Microsoft and partners - Support for services via WCF - Adaptive streaming - Isolated storage - “Deep Zoom”
  • When should I use Silverlight?
  • You absolutely MUST be cross-platform
  • You need a low barrier to entry
  • You need a central place for deployment
  • Security is an issue (i.e. Sandbox)
  • You want to take advantage of ‘browser’ knowledge
  • You won’t have access or control over the machines your audience will use
  • Who’s using Silverlight?
  • How Do I Build Silverlight Applications?
  • Demo: A Walk Through Silverlight Development in Expression Blend 2 and Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Designer for Silverlight Coming in Visual Studio 2010!
  • Whether you are designing rich standards-based websites, ultimate experiences on the desktop, or managing digital assets and content, Expression professional design tools give you the flexibility and freedom to bring your vision to reality.
  • Expression Web
    • New Era, New Tool
      • Modern standards based web design with full support for XHTML, CSS, XML, and XSLT
      • Drag and drop ASP.NET 2.0
      • Collaborate with developers using Visual Studio for maximum power and flexibility designing and developing web solutions
    • Beautiful Inside and Out
      • Professional user interface delivers precise control over page layout and formatting
      • Visual designers and specialized task panes for CSS styles
    • Passionate About Standards
      • Build superior quality, dynamic, interactive pages that harness the full power of the web
      • Full support for standards, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility
  • Expression Blend
    • Your Sandbox Just Got Bigger
      • Design stunning Windows applications that blend the best of the web and desktop
      • Collaborate with developers using Visual Studio for a new level of designer-developer productivity
    • Art, Meet Science
      • Mix a full spectrum of design elements including vector art, pixel images, high quality text, video, and real 3D content
      • Full toolbox of advanced controls and containers for building compelling user interfaces
    • Go Beyond the Browser
      • Harness the full power of Windows Vista, from desktop to the browser
      • Deliver the ultimate user experiences with rich graphics, animation, and interactive UI
  • Expression Design
    • Expand Your Portfolio
      • Design UI elements for Windows applications
      • The perfect companion for Expression Blend
    • Designed for Design
      • Modern UI built from the ground up with the professional designer in mind
      • Powerful vector drawing tools and non-destructive effects
    • Your Vision, Uncompromised
      • Ensure design integrity thanks to end-to-end XAML workflow
      • Export your visual designs as XAML code, ready to use in interface design and control skinning
  • Expression Media
    • Tame Your Media
      • Manage all of your media assets in one place with extensive annotations, metadata, search, and browsing (even while offline)
      • Support for over 100 different media formats and file types, including images, fonts, and video
    • Your Workflow, Enhanced
      • Rename, convert, tag, and batch process files quickly, and use powerful search to find and retrieve the files you need
      • Edit images and keep track of changes with version control and folder watching
    • Presentation is Everything
      • Export files to multiple formats, build slide shows and videos, or create professional Web galleries
      • Includes Expression Media Encoder , for conversion, enhancement, and compression of rich Web video
  • Expression Media Encoder
    • Tame your Video Compression Workflow
      • Batch import WMV, AVI, MPEG, QT, and more via plug-ins.
      • Integrate easily into existing workfow
      • Powerful command-line encoder for application and server-based integration
    • Enhance Effortlessly
      • Trim, crop, resize, add bumpers, markers, overlays, and more to your video
      • Professional effects and alpha compositing support
      • Extensible metadata management for asset tracking
    • Publish for the Web and beyond
      • Stunning quality with Emmy® Award winning Windows Media & SMPTE VC-1 compression
      • Customizable publishing profiles for desktop, Web, and devices.
      • Template-based “WPF/E” publishing for cross-platform, cross-browser playback
    a feature of Expression Media
  • Where Can I Learn More?
  • design expression Where to learn more
  • Where to learn more
  • Where to learn more
  • Where to learn more
  • Try It!
  • Everything You Need Is At:
  • Clint Edmonson Architect Evangelist [email_address] blog: twitter: @clinted Silverlight 2